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Can I get some candy over here? 🍭 Facts over feelings! Marilyn Manson is Innocent and Johnny Depp is a survivor ❤️
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🧵 THREAD: I’ve been looking much more closely at Evan Rachel Wood’s Phoenix Act as a charitable organization and there are a lot of red flags.

Let’s discuss!!

(1/?) Image To start -- my professional background includes over 10 years in the field of nonprofits and development.

Upon reviewing Evan Rachel Wood's Phoenix Act credentials, fundraising tactics and public records I have suspicions about the authenticity of them as an organization.
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BACKGROUND: Ashley Illma Gore alleged that she was “punched” in the face by a Trump supporter in LA. But was she? Who would honestly recognize Illma Gore - especially a Trump supporter. They don’t seem that hip on the art crowd.

Perhaps this was a - hoax - for PR?? Let’s see how it worked for her: