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20 Nov 20
1) Hi All, lots of info out there I am going to try to link it all together.. I am writing this multi-tweet tweet so I can share with friends and family. I looks like this all started back in 2018 with the following exec order :…
2) Then, right after election night, when things went sideways for @realDonaldTrump I saw this link, and I thought, well it makes sense, since it is easy to watch internet traffic in real time, NSA does it all the time..

3) but look, that was so soon after and made a lot of bold claims.. and I thought it was a rumor, but just today, we get verification of this from @SidneyPowell1 "there were people who were "in the control room" and how they "watched how the votes" were flipped in real time. "
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