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14 May
Active Measures, Censorship &&& Propaganda Minister @Google
But you are hard to identify just from the way you look—which is good, because someday soon dark forces may try to track you down. 🤣🤣🤣
You know that a clash between good and evil cannot be avoided, and you yearn for the Great Awakening that is coming. And so you must be on guard at all times. You must shield your ears from the scorn of the ignorant.
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6 May
From the historical avant-garde, through #Detroit #techno and #science fiction, to Nick Land and the #Cybernetic Cultures #Research Unit (CCRU), Benjamin Noys reveals the ideological fantasies of #speed.
>>> don’t get me wrong but #techno, third wave and #Toffler are about #futurism, #accelerationism >>> this is political stuff ~~~ if you only see #drugs and #synths you’re real shitty person 🖤🏴
,,, go far, go deep and go negative to get real.
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3 May
Gossip vs ((Intel)) Push >>> “push is not accomplished solely by posting intelligence products on a web page.” ~~~
Dancing 💃 Nurses @tiktok_us ~~~ “While medical personnel cannot be assigned ISR tasks due to their Geneva Convention category status, medical personnel who gain information through casual observation of activities in plain view ...
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2 May
This meant no content about drugs, gay people or popular music. 🤔
In addition to claims that alien abductions are real and the drug epidemic was engineered by the “deep state,” the channel pushes the QAnon conspiracy theory, which falsely posits that the same “Spygate” cabal is a front for a global pedophile ring being taken down by Trump. Image
“””Where can you get real news that doesn't push any hidden agendas?””” Image
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29 Apr
CEO of Surveillance Firm Banjo Once Helped KKK Leader Shoot Up a Synagogue by Matt Stroud in @ozm onezero.medium.com/ceo-of-surveil…
Since then, I have tried and failed to completely accept and come to terms with how I, a child of Jewish heritage, became part of such a hateful, racist group. One thing I have done, through therapy and outreach, I have learned to forgive that 15 year old boy who,,,
,,,despite the absence of ideological hate, was lured into a dark and evil world. For all of those I have hurt, and that this revelation will hurt, I’m sorry. No apology will undo what I have done. 😂😂😂 this nigga is a fraud <<< he hates is own bloods
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29 Apr
@Facebook this is your shit bro <<< disgusting #facebook #coronavirus #madness Image
@Facebook #HumanRights >>> #facebook #coronavirus <<< wat this shit bro ?!? Image
@Twitter u technically wrong Image
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27 Apr
^^^ hybridization strategies, i.e. the strategic combination of organizational features and activities inspired by different political cultures, institutional party politics, and non-institutional contentious actions. Image
Its particular communication style builds on simplified messages and agitprop campaigns, meeting the mass media demand for sensationalistic and entertaining stories. Image
This hybrid communication repertoire allowed X’s fringe narratives to become part of mainstream public debates and media coverage. Image
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21 Apr
... By space bugs which have been “weaponized,” no doubt, by Vladimir Putin, who, if you read the media, weaponizes everything in some secret Siberian laboratory, including, drumroll please, “jokes.” 😂😂😂
lol >>> The Integrity Initiative claims it focuses on Russian hybrid disinformation warfare, a form of irregular warfare they claim Russia is conducting. <<~
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16 Apr
posts.gle/d6Udu SMASH ❌
SHOT ... SHORTLY AFTER WE SPOKE TO HIS OFFICE, @mattgaetz tweeted this at 1:06 p.m. Thursday: "@politico is writing a smear piece on me as shills for the @SenatorBurr camp. (Probably in exchange for some other intel story.) ~~~ Image
It concluded that U.S. intelligence agencies had “invaded individual privacy and violated the rights of lawful assembly and political expression.” Surveillance programs by the NSA, targeting “domestic terrorist and foreign radical” suspects, +++ eminent Americans,,, Image
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12 Apr
❌ - stefano patarnello on Google >>> posts.google.com/share/iCGv3iMK…
>>> War Ina Babylon >>>
The thing is, the white murder rate is going to skyrocket, when white people get put under severe pressure, they can snap and end up killing family members or themselves.

We just had a recent situation of a (probably white) man killing the new boyfriend of his ex-girlfriend.
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7 Apr
SPX >>> bit.ly/spx20 ❌((( imagery +++ memes >>> tofflermusic [.] com }}} ⁉️‼️▪️ Image
"Trolls aspire to violence, to the level of trouble they can cause in an environment. They want it to kick off. They want to promote antipathetic emotions of disgust and outrage, which morbidly gives them a sense of pleasure." Image
At the moment, criminal organizations have one major advantage: distracted leaders consumed by the immediate health risks of the outbreak.

“For now, organized crime is not among the [European] Commission priorities,” said Pignedoli.
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5 Mar
At least 53 cases of COVID-19 have been confirmed in California as of March 4.
Under the state of emergency, policies will be put in place to prevent price gouging, allow health care workers from out of state to assist at California health care facilities, and increase the number of labs testing for the virus.
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3 Mar
This is how authoritarianism looks today. Our original study documents all term-limit-evasion strategies worldwide since the year 2000. We found that presidential-term-limit evasion is exceedingly common:::
four basic strategies for evading term limits, none of which violates a constitution outright: adding constitutional amendments, rewriting the constitution, using the courts to reinterpret the constitution, and appointing a placeholder president.
“blank slate” strategy: when a leader creates an entirely new constitution, essentially nullifying the old term limits.
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3 Mar
Exclusive: Newly obtained documents show #Huawei #China role in shipping ... #Italy reut.rs/2VB0voz
documents, reported here for the first time, provide the strongest documentary evidence to date of Huawei’s involvement in alleged trade sanctions violations.
The United States is trying to persuade allies to avoid using Huawei equipment in their next-generation mobile telecommunications systems, known as 5G.
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3 Mar
#Twitter tells employees to work from home as tech firms react to #coronavirusus #coronavirus latimes.com/business/techn…
Large tech companies such as #Google, #Facebook and #Apple have said that they are restricting travel to and from #China. Google’s restriction includes #Japan, South Korea, #Iran and #Italy. #Amazon and #Salesforce have both frozen all non-essential business travel indefinitely.
Here in the U.S., several large tech conferences have been canceled out of an abundance of caution, including #Facebook’s annual F8 event and the video game industry’s major #Game Developers #Conference.
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3 Mar
Perhaps this is because we don’t know what to think: Most of us have never grappled with a swift-moving, incurable disease, even one that is not very lethal.
Part of the problem is that the danger cannot be seen: “A pestilence does not have human dimensions, so people tell themselves that it is unreal, that it is a bad dream that will end,” Albert Camus wrote in The Plague.
But invisibility also creates uncertainty, and uncertainty can be manipulated so that it serves other ends.
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2 Mar
>>> viruses can also transmit through the eyes and tiny viral particles, known as aerosols, can still penetrate masks.
!!! it is possible to be infected with shorter interactions or even by picking the virus up from contaminated surfaces,,,
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2 Mar
To be top gun on foreign affairs, Borrell says EU must buy weapons politico.eu/article/pacifi…
He advocates that the EU abandon its largely pacifist diplomatic posture in favor of recognizing that a fist can only be answered with a fist, and that self-defense is unavoidable on the path to peace.
"You will not attract investment and you will not build a country without security, and security requires strength, and strength requires arms," Borrell said. "And I think the European Union is not a military union, it is not there to do the war...
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29 Jan
#firefighters are really hero >>> wat are u doin #france ?! Are u #Communists #nation ?!
WE RESPECT ONLY THE FIREFIGHTERS #Communism #state #france
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28 Jan
Cuz #china is trying to kill me and my race it’s time they start paying all my bills and not only
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26 Jan
TMG-Toffler Music Group LLC on Google: >>> out March 2020 SPX £ 🔊SPACO 🚀🌌🛰 posts.gle/VfmtQ
In the widening realms of uncovered European Outsider Art and maligned musical enigmas, the composer most commonly known as A.R. Luciani continues to exist on the extreme outer limits. Image
‘Byzantine Private CIA’,,, daring to grasp the nettle of US geopolitics, hijacking imagery and text from a plethora of news articles, books and government publications, and using them to adorn and title his all-instrumental productions. Image
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