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Geoscientist (CFD, seismology, tsunami). ❤️ @marthemor. Norgesvenn, Internationalist, European. Nor/Eng. Works for NGI but views here strictly mine.
Jun 23 20 tweets 10 min read
New #OpenAccess paper in @SeismoSocietyAm "The Seismic Record": The 27 February 2022 Lop Nor Earthquake: Detectability, Location, and Discrimination. How forensic #seismology can demonstrate that a seismic disturbance near a #nuclear test-site is natural. doi.org/10.1785/032022… I wish to thank my co-authors, Esteban J Chaves and Mark Fisk, for their amazing help, cooperation, and enthusiasm! The paper is quite compact as the journal's philosophy demands, but here is a little TL-DR for anybody who is curious about forensic seismology.