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27 May 20
Huge bombshell news in the last few days, exposing some alt-media figures as total LARPers

Nice review from @holliday_jolly , thanks 🙏
There's plenty of evidence the Discord logs were faked. So your position is that they were real, and you were in them pretending to be "turdbo"? Microchip created Q and now JB is lying that it was all a LARP? It really WAS a LARP, but not the way JB says now, the way you do?
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19 May 20
@petrsvab wrote a good article in Epoch Aug 2019. It somehow misses out that the guy funding the GCCS "Conservative Think Tank" is 90-something Howard Brembreck, founder of Chore-Time Brock - a biofuels company owned by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway…
Looks like pig and chicken farms, feedstock is their core business

And is the name Brock a coincidence? #PodestaPigFarm
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16 May 20
1. Very interesting coming from the editorial director of the Rocky Mountain Institute.

I started a company in the early Naughties to focus on large scale energy efficiency. Renewable generation was part of the plan, as was demand reduction through Internet of Things...
2. We changed the name to Urbanise & focused on "Smart Cities", a global mega-trend.

In search of Product/Market fit, we ended up with facilities management. It turns out building owners care way more about the guys with mops than they do about turning off lights in empty floors
3. Urbanisation is happening, but how to profit from it? The intersection between tech & real estate is a collision of time scales. Large real estate projects take decades. Most tech companies don't survive that long.💰comes at the end, but decisions need to be made at the start
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15 May 20

Sheldon Adelson was Ed Butowsky's biggest client, according to TS

Ed = Seth Rich, Ellen Ratner

Ed = ShadowBox, 🦊, Defango, TF

= George Webb, Jason Goodman


= Guccifer 2.0

#LARPwars #Pandemic #govLARP

Shadowcrew, shadow brokers, ShadowBox...Ai Yai yai
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9 May 20
1. Annabelle is one of my students at the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship. She took my advice to do a Kickstarter & hit her goal in 3 hours. She's now smashed all her stretch goals too. Please help her launch her YouTube channel with a sub...…
2. Here's a link to her Kickstarter. It's for an innovative 2D/3D magnetic tile system for role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. She's an unapologetic nerd, her enthusiasm & authenticity are appealing.

With 4 days left, she's achieved 16x her goal…
3. Thanks for supporting a young lady with talent and great ideas to make her dreams come true 🙏

Please follow her here on Twitter @Modular_Realms

Facebook #modularrealms

Instagram #themodularrealms…
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7 May 20
@M2Madness I count 56 transcripts! 🎉🍾🥂
@M2Madness He was paid by "Corsy" but doesn't know what that is 🧐 Image
@M2Madness Pretty weak job on the redactions there! ImageImage
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1 May 20
🤣🤣🤣 does he have anyone left?

7.5 billion social engineers in the world, plus Jason Goodman
"I have no issues with anybody" - yeah dude, that's why you're the defendant in all those lawsuits
...question answered. That's who he's got left.
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27 Apr 20
George Webb exposed by CNN

Will he be used as poster child for a truther crackdown?

Was this the purpose of his #govLARP all along?

Is his new anonymous source "Deep Corona" another Fed?

Now Donie should cover his sidekick Goodman's hospital invasions…
George's response. Let me predict: he's an innocent patsy, set up by intel sources 3 years ago, falling for the same trap again now. Nefarious actors determined to stop their "truth" being "crowdsourced"🥱

Why nothing on his channel? Did he get a strike?
Let's see if my comment stays up

Here's the video "Queen Tut spills the beans"

He was arrested then for DUI, not LARPing as he's now spinning it.

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26 Apr 20
Was looking into "Noble Committee", since Trump loves to troll with double-speak. Found on NIH website

"Committee on Growth - Noble Experiment"

In the wake of WW2 "COG" was set up to avoid conflicts of interest in medical R & D

This created the modern system of cancer research
I will post a link to the full PDF in the next tweet

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26 Apr 20
George considers this "good PR"

One way to tell "truthers" who are actually gaslighters is they disable auto-captions on YouTube, so you can't screenshot their words

Around 4 minutes George says that he went to jail for the Port of Charleston LARP. In fact he was found asleep in his car after drinking.
Latest National Review story:…
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22 Apr 20
@qoition I don't view the Universe as a zero-sum game. Animals can win, and also humans can win.
@qoition That's cool to have easy access to the WikiLeaks files. The link you shared only goes up to C, here's the full list:
@qoition 🤔 Image
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21 Apr 20
She has an event called "Devil's Heaven" on a satanic holiday.

People are just so ignorant to think there could be anything satanic about that. Don't they appreciate art? Buy Microsoft products now.
Here she is standing with Lord Rothschild for a photo in front of a painting called "Satan summoning his legions"

How can all these stupid people associate her with satanism? It makes no sense. Next they'll be saying Hillary Clinton is a witch!
She admits it even while denying it…
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21 Apr 20
@GucciferInfinit @_whitneywebb Conrad Black is Matthew Doull’s uncle…
@GucciferInfinit @_whitneywebb Baron Black bought NY Daily News off Maxwell…
@GucciferInfinit @_whitneywebb Owned Jerusalem Post. Pardoned by Trump.…
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21 Apr 20
@clanegan1 @mysticinthemoon @bdglfr24 @99freemind @va_shiva @SloanBella @OutoftheG8TE I'll take that as a no. Well, thanks for confirming that you're lying about me, making stuff up, and white knighting for Fiona but couldn't be bothered to even read her work.

Compare that to everything I did for her.

I welcome criticism, if it's based on facts & to my face.
@clanegan1 @mysticinthemoon @bdglfr24 @99freemind @va_shiva @SloanBella @OutoftheG8TE This guy is living in a dream world.

For the record, I've never reported any of his tweets.

Funny that he blocked me & then posted this.

I was looking forward to his Chris Cornell documentary. Hope he gets it out, seems like some personal issues may be impeding productivity... ImageImage
@clanegan1 @mysticinthemoon @bdglfr24 @99freemind @va_shiva @SloanBella @OutoftheG8TE I tell him "I have no financial interest in 5G"

He posts it as "look at him admitting he has financial interest in 5G"

Defango-level gaslighting

I don't have my own crypto exchange, more fake news

Why does homeboy keep posting my photo? Got a crush or something? Image
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20 Apr 20
@mysticinthemoon @clanegan1 @bdglfr24 @99freemind @va_shiva @SloanBella @OutoftheG8TE This is completely false. He's just making stuff up.

That's why he doesn't post evidence. Because there is none, it's just lies.

People are really dying from this, and the death rate is still growing exponentially. I'm sorry that Alessandro doesn't believe it. #DYOR Image
@mysticinthemoon @clanegan1 @bdglfr24 @99freemind @va_shiva @SloanBella @OutoftheG8TE Lies again. I found evidence that Michael Aquino was stationed at a military psyop unit in Ft McArthur near McMartin til 79. All I said was I couldn't prove he was in LA at abuse time (83), he was at Presidio SF by then. I did prove Jim Channon was in LA:… Image
@mysticinthemoon @clanegan1 @bdglfr24 @99freemind @va_shiva @SloanBella @OutoftheG8TE Another falsehood. I dropped #Kappy research because people confided things in me that would jeopardize their family's safety if they were disclosed.

Why does Alessandro insist on lying behind my back? Why no citations?

I explained it clearly in this vid… Image
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20 Apr 20
@Dark2Light17 @rexxurection @themarketswork @GeorgePapa19 @HansMahncke Downer is from an old-school political family. His father was a Knight, Freeman of the City & member of the Inner Temple. Downer's loyalty is to the Crown and the CFR Globalists

Great thread here on #AlexanderDowner from fellow Aussie @Jesse_onya_m8

@Dark2Light17 @rexxurection @themarketswork @GeorgePapa19 @HansMahncke @Jesse_onya_m8 @themarketswork mentioned Terrence Dudley. His LinkedIn profile proudly shares that he is also a Freeman of the City of London - member of the Worshipful Company of Coachmakers & Coach Harness Makers

Seems like Dudley would have Big Tech ties

Note his Antarctica experience ImageImage
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18 Apr 20
@9ei8ht7 Some interesting data here, you can see on a map who owns what, where…
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17 Apr 20
This book looks very interesting. You can buy it for $1269, or borrow it for free for 2 weeks from the Internet archive…
The 26 largest individual landowners on earth
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