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Blocked? You're probably a moron.
7 Apr
HEJAS EJ HYPA STRETCH - You want me to release the entire log of this do you?

Trying to set me up as some kind of groomer?
@trez_silverwolf Check this out.

You guys and Hypa, really want to be destroyed... don't you?
So when you get caught SIMPIN' for a Doxer... And called out by not only me, but Skull Kid too... You send your doxing friend Stretch (who doxed @trez_silverwolf) out to want to set me up (someone who brought down a pedo with @Undoomed) as some kind of groomer?
Meet the true HEJAS people.

More to come, I'm sure @PurePoliceCams is going to have some fun now.
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20 Feb
You know... if you are doing illegal things... scamming... selling artwork that is not your own... talking to moths... pretending you are a ghost hunter but are a fraud... and you know you are doing illegal things...

Worst thing to do is false flag a channel like mine.
I will make it my personal mission to expose every last bit of dirt you have to hide.

I asked you Mark Andrew Davies (public information) from Ghost Adventures of Cornwall to retract your Fake Flag.

You chose this path.
Suit Yourself, cunt. ;)
And that includes you too Haley. *waves*
I haven't forgotten you, nor the liar Eileen.

Some of us are not afraid to stand up to bullies like Mark Andrew Davies. :)
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20 Feb
oof @newsmax do you even vet your adverts? First the CleanPC scammer and now Operationsmile scan?


We haven't even spoken about the Golo advert which has paid all their supposed weight losers...
Newsmax wants to guard you against liberal news but what about their adverts?

CleanPC scam advert...

Operationsmile donation advert scam...

Golo advert where they pay their own weight losers to say what they want said...
You got some splaning to do @newsmax

What do you think @EpochTimes @OANN @news_ntd ?
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