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25 Mar
Cathie Woods, Kevin O'Leary, & Jan Van Eck Exchange Perspectives Summary

Paradigm shift in financial markets happening:
-start of global fin. crisis, central banks supporting fin. markets with stimulus
-with Fiscal Spending GDP growth expected to go up 6-9% 2021

🌎GDP growth like this not seen since 1950s
-direct impact is 10-year high interest rates
-many people afraid H2 will be higher interest rates from most recent stimulus
-fixed income will be challenged

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@kevinolearytv is changing his portfolio for the next 2 years
🧐 from 50% fixed income and 50% equity to 30%/70%🧐 assets to own during inflation are quality co.s, profitable, & sustainable ROI
🧐 some industries permanently damaged due to tech ex: airplanes v. $zm

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27 Feb
Ark Invests NEW Video summary

monetary policy:
-Jerome Powell stated no increase in interest rates, showing the Fed is still very supportive
-Powell is focused on full employment and inflation above 2% consistently, no indication the Fed is tightening
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-commodity prices increasing rapidly, especially Copper
- dollar is going down
-housing prices increasing at a double digit rate
-strong asset market prices and volatile $btc
- market usually leads Fed, so these indicators imply the Fed will do something soon
Fiscal policy
- probably will get $1.7-9 Trillion package, $3-4T infrastructure package in works (which includes $15 per hour)
- US will have to pay for this but we believe the economy can grow fast enough with innovation to get out of it

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16 Jan
Ark Invests January Market update Webinar Highlights:

(more in replies)
1. Economy- Cathy sees explosive ER for 2021 bc lower inflationary risks & higher commodity prices - in 2019 $140 eps for S & P; 2021 should be $200 eps- make up for lost time (confirms V shaped recovery)
#arkk #investing Here's the link for the webinar: please listen carefully ASAP. It's chalk full of great info:…
2. Cathy- valuations may go down as interest rates go up but eventually the market will understand higher interest rates mean the market is starting to work again

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