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#UlcerativeColitis #Crohns #Anemia = battles for Beloved. She/Her. Bi 🏳️‍🌈, #ADHD, Anti-racism. Seek to learn, don’t demand to be taught. #UCC
Dec 19, 2021 62 tweets 9 min read
The following is a work of fiction I started. Some of the characters are from the novel I am working on, but it’s…mostly fiction.

Certain events are based on true ones, however. “When you have a Christmas pageant with children you cannot expect perfection."
This was the first thing out of Miss Westmacott’s mouth when Aimee expressed excitement about her first Christmas pageant as a pastor.
Oct 22, 2019 5 tweets 1 min read
So apparently I can’t see my doctor right now because patient accounts has locked my account because we have a past due balance (we’re paying it down.) I literally saw him for something different a couple weeks ago. We’re paying the balance down. This is how finance controls medicine: My doctors office cannot access my medical files. Finance has locked them out.

This is fucked up.
Mar 5, 2019 45 tweets 12 min read
I'm continuing my #BlackHistoryMonth focus of #FundBlackWomen into March. March is #WomensHistoryMonth& I'm going to keep the focus on Black Women. I had a plan for this week & scrapped it when I saw @blackgirlinmain and @DebbyIrving in Portsmouth on Sunday (it'll be next week.) This past Sunday @BlackHeritageNH had one of their Tea Talks. It was the first one I was able to attend, and I was so glad I did! Over 200 people were at Temple Israel in Portsmouth.