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Truth shall set us free. Focus on what is unseen-determines what's seen! I respect freewill &body autonomy I believe in Jesus Christ Prayer & faith r weapons.
10 Dec 20
Anyone who exposes cults but sells anything is merely marketing their business. real sex cult victims always prioritize healing of their body, soul, mind & spirit-never $. U wont use your experience to make money, gain fame or campaign to be a president. U wont even need awards
People fall for cults because of lust, hunger for power,money &fame. Once they r broken & exploited victims become hardened like their abusers. They get out but use victimhood to get power,money & fame WITHOUT working on habits that led them to become victims in the first place.
I like when ex cult members share their testimonies BUT they use testimonies for selfish reasons. They hold on to victimhood &use it to sell books, lead online cults & have power over people. Most r still broken, spirits infested& lack self control but put themselves out as gurus
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10 Dec 20
Depression in marriages happens to both men & women. While they r many abusive men, women perpetrators r common. Women r controlling, dictate & wear pants in marriages. Some even using love portions to take away husband's freewill r common. Women think it's normal to dominate men
Women groups r full of women who confess on doing strange things to control husbands. If you go to Sekuru Banda's shrine u see many young women looking for ways to attract & keep men under their control. Most often wn these things expire all hell breaks loose. Women play victims
Pastors have destroy families-encourage women to lead husbands &some even forcing them to attend church. Men's God given role is to lead &wife must submit unconditionally.That means husband becomes 1st ministry &even if he is unsaved Bible says to put yourself under his authority
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10 Dec 20
As I was jogging last night, passing a top hotel a man ran to me frantically asking for my phone so he could access Bible.The man was well dressed, in a exclusive suit but the shirt was dirty. There were many people but he wanted only me. How did he know I had Bible on my phone?
Occult is real.Over the years I encountered many such people. I first rule out madness.This man was very young, coherent & could accurately see the spiritual realm. He even knew the right language to address me.He could answer questions I thought like it was a normal conversation
Out of desperation for a good life many young people get involved in occult. Most live comfortable but wn their time is up they desperately search for help.Churches r run by occult so they fail to get help there. It may be easy to join but getting out is not so easy-they r bound.
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9 Dec 20
Some people who were drunkards, prostitutes & drug addicts who "repented" & started serving as pastors, ministers &prayer warriors didn't really repent. They just changed physical places they operated from. They still carried their ways into church &exploiting unsuspecting people
Wives of pastors look worse than prostitutes. The way they paint faces, wear fake hair &occult clothes, rings exposes that they r not serving Jesus Christ. Bible warns against fake beauty, sexualising themselves &cursed objects yet they wear weaves that is offered to Hindu idols.
Some claim they were victims of sex trafficking, prostitution rings &sex cults.They still carry themselves like sex objects, posting semi nude photos on social media.Did they leave sex cults or they just expanded their platforms to target Christians?R they free or r deceiving us?
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22 Nov 20
U r a spirit in a human body. With body u use 5 senses. With your spirit, u r in touch with spiritual realm. Spiritual realm determines what manifests physically.That's real where spiritualists, satanists & cults operate from.That's why satanists want u to be spiritually ignorant
Satanists &cults don't want u to understand spiritual realm.They use your ignorance to steal destroy your destiny.Satanists &cults use stolen life /stars from blessed people.U get a glimpse of what goes on thru dreams &visions.Your gut feeling is more accurate than your 5 senses
Gut feeling,instincts, 6th sense r your spirit&soul revealing to u what u can't physically perceive.That's why u sense something is wrong before u physically know or confirm. Never dismiss what your spirit says because your 5 senses can be manipulated. Your soul & spirit r right.
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22 Nov 20
Some people defending Genius Kadungure are merely defending what they practice. There are many among us who use cults & satanic rituals to make money. materialism & greed have made many to do anything to have access. They get close to strangers because families know their secret
U will see satanists &cults manifesting on this thread. Wn they r exposed they will try to call e names to try to silence me. People defending Genius Kadungure r defending the cult &satanic practices. They pretend to be ignorant,I dont use 5 senses to discern so they wont prevail
Never make a mistake of using your 5 senses to prove or disprove kuromba, satanists & cults. Satanists &cults r like black widows.During the day they do any good things to make u disregard your gut feelings. They understand power of PR & operate like black widows. Don't be fooled
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22 Nov 20
They came forward confessing abt underworld crimes they committed with Genius Kadungure. This woman here is a satanist &led a network of such people in #Zimbabwe.A person who abandons his blood relatives & start calling strangers sisters is no hero! #Cult
They lied that Genius was a businessman who was into gas.They presented a maid &business manager to confirm. Their fake testimonies instead of convincing woke people,they exposed there was no business. Business manager looked more like a witch doctor than anyone managing business
Like most countries (South Africa &countries in West Africa) that have a unit that investigates cult & satanism. We have #Zimbabweans who join cults to run churches, shrines, crimes, politics &businesses. This is confirmed by many in jails for satanism.
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22 Nov 20
I can't stand that woman. She is evil. Only people who r spiritually blind can praise &think she is a hero. This woman is no hero. She is an enabler who is very greedy & will do anything for money. Most times she uses her foundation to sensationalise issues &get money for herself
Satan's agents exposing themselves.Who is Tsitsi Dangarembga?Why is she getting awards &why BBC, CNN cameras shine on her more than others.Why was her mother allowed to have a degree wn most didn't have basic rights?Why is she replaying her mother's script?
Fadzayi Mahere.Why is she with dictators & even secretly groomed? Why is she replaying her mother-Sheila Mahere's life? Why is everything she is doing the same as what Sheila did? Why is she pushing for #NWO?Fadzayi is working against u &wants u chipped & tracked. She is MK slave
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20 Nov 20
Child abuse investigations set up to cover up satanic ritual abuse of children.Children came forward revealing how they were sexually abused at school by satanic cult led by their biological father.Failure to protect these children shows govts r involved

Children gave compelling account of the abuse this mad did. BBC &media decided to cover up the abuse.Their lame video with this satanist only confirmed that he is guilty. Media bosses &elites use Satanic ritual abuse to groom children & satanic sacrifices
Boys in a state orphanage were flown out to many places to be sexually exploited by rich elites. Many boys gave statements & they were threatened to change their testimonies. Sadly they complied after realizing the abusers controlled govts systems & media

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28 Sep 20
I was #vaccine injured, was in pain &affected my soul &spirit.I felt like I was drowning especially wn falling asleep. I was numb &cldn't feel my soul.I lost passion of life,felt excruciating brain pain but brain CT was fine.#Vaccines r to get total mind control &destroy freewill
They failed to control minds using education,camps &media,realised a soul is difficult to control.They devised a way to induce a sensation to nervous system targeting body,brain &nervous system so that individual responds with the"correct" response. #Vaccines 4 total mind control
Evil people deliberately using neurotoxins because they want to control human beings like animals. They want to take away consciousness & freewill. Ask anyone who suffered serious vaccine injury. U struggle with control of soul &freewill. U feel like giving up on life! Its clear!
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28 Sep 20
Witchcraft have bn normalised in churches. You find old men & women calling a young couple "Papa & Mama". These older people become The "prophet" uses fear to control minds of members, get $ & override members' freewill. They create unnatural dependency. That's serious witchcraft
Prophets in Zimbabwe have broken families but have not offered solutions. Victims become slaves of prophets who demand sacrifices in order to get deliverances.Some hate their relatives who work harder &manage to overcome through hardwork &less sleep.Dont be paralysed by prophets
In Zim there r many victims of Prophets & spiritualists. They tell you relatives r the problem so that they can easily control u & loved ones can't help u. Victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) r broken by isolation. It's a strategy used in SRA to break victim & bypass freewill.
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28 Sep 20
A US family came back from holiday & started experiencing supernatural events. They sought help &was told their nieces had opened doors wn they used occult to talk to the spirit of husband.The wife said they were close to late husband. Problem was solved bt no send back to sender
Portal was closed. If it was an African family the "prophet" would have spent time telling family the nieces r witches, then they wld send back to sender. Prophet would sell oils, stickers to family but leave the spiritual door/ portal open. Black people need to change mindset.
US experiences many exorcism (casting out devils). In contrast to Africa, US demonologists &priests identify spiritual doors/ portals & empower the family to deal with spirits & help them. In Africa they don't identify doors but identify witches,create dependency & exploit family
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27 Sep 20
Are you a christian who lives in fear of witches, cultists & satanists? Do you allow fear to make you hate, alienate & avoid family members because they are in witchcraft? A witch or satanist is a human being who is enslaved by spirits & can't harm you unless you are compromised.
Are you attending services where pastor preaches to you that you have generational curses, are a victim of witchcraft &pray for your enemies to die. Your pastor is a witch/ cultist.He is sowing fear into u &making u hate.Christ says we must love & pray for our "enemies" &forgive
We overcome evil with good. The best witch/ satanist can never harm a person who is righteous, loves & forgives. Wn u do good to one who harms u, you make them lose power over u. A curse without a cause can never stick. Dont let evil overcome you. Forgive & love all God's people!
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27 Sep 20
I know Elisha Goodman, ZAOGA, UFIC, PHD, AFM, Catholic, SDA, Celebration, SCOAN, Mountain of fire ministries and many others are cults. They r businesses to make $ while exploiting poor people. In additions they enslave people by following laws &not grace. Why member suffer a lot
I had experience & revelations on why all these & other churches are cults. I have first hand experience & will reveal to you proof that these are cults. After I share you too will start to see everything wrong with these churches & name examples. Half truths are worse than lies
Churches brag they cast out devils.Regularly churches give more airtime to demons than they give to preaching.Did u know in America alone there r possessed people who r freed from possessions by demonologists &catholic priests but done by Lord's prayer with faith &they r set free
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27 Sep 20
Obsession with man made prayer points or bullets is leading christians astray. Too many enterpreneurs making a living from selling easy & quick prayerpoints for busy people that dont have time to seek the Lord & read his word. Elisha Goodman is a #FalseTeacher & a conman making $
Every christian who owns a guest house &charges people for 1 on 1 consultations is a fraud &cultist.God's healing is never for sale but even in days of Jesus Christ there were money changers who used temples.Jesus Christ threw them out & today we have same people running shrines!
Bought books by Olukuya of Mountain of fire ministries. As I read realised he knows a lot abt witchcraft but his prayerpoints arer not Biblical. Then I met members from his church. They r in serious bondage & can't sleep peacefully. They experience strange supernatural presence.
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26 Sep 20
Are you a victim of witchcraft/ occult. Don't use prayers like "I send back to sender" because that fighting fire with fire. Remember,there is a reason why witchcraft on you worked in the first place & wn it comes back it's stronger. Overcome by praying for those targeting you.
Ezekiel 33:11 says,"Say to them: 'As surely as I live, declares the Lord GOD, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that the wicked should turn from their ways and live. Turn! Turn from your evil ways! For why should you die, O house of Israel?'"
You have power to overcome evil with love.
Matthew 5:44-But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,that you may be sons of your Father in heaven.He causes His sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous"
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24 Sep 20
Don't be deceived by false teachers.U were set free from all Mosaic Laws wn Jesus Christ died &ressurected. He became the ultimate sacrifice for your salvation &u were delivered from all curses &laws.Don't be taken back to law by tithe, sacrifice &sabath.U open yourself to curses
Jesus Christ became took the curse to free u wn he was hanged on a tree
He became the ultimate priest & lives in u
Tithes were to build the temple, feed the poor &care for levites. Now u r the temple.Jesus Christ lives in u.Freely give the poor &needy. That's how u give to Christ
Read your Bible &understand that u r free. U need to read, believe the Bible & word will set u free. You r freed but your pastors r cultists taking u back to Egypt so they can exploit you while u live under curses. They r soul hunters & put u in bondage if u r ignorant of Bible
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23 Sep 20
Sexual promiscuity,abortion,murder,breaking a marriage &injustices to the weak open more evil doors.
Sex defiles God's temple &soul ties
Abortion-shedding blood of weak &innocent
Breaking a marriage-destroying of lives esp of children
Sexual promiscuity is accompanied by all sins
People engaged in sexual promiscuity defile their bodies & Holy spirit leaves opening them to all demons/spirits.Why wn 1 engages in wreckless sex, this leads them to abortion /breaking marriages.Tears of the weak (spouse &children) are a big prayer to God. God fight for the weak
God jealously guards against marriages because he ordains them.Breaking marriage is associated with curses.Many men &women uder serious demonic attacks & spiritual problems opened doors by defiling marriages.Most in bondage also did abortions thereby opening doors to evil spirits
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22 Sep 20
U were conditioned to believe occultists evil people r ugly, poor &not successful.Most successful people r in cults with rooms that have idols & evil spirits that give them wealth. They spend time on their appearances, PR & easily seduce people into their beds for money rituals. ImageImageImageImage
Occultists use intimidation, hypnosis &contact objects to control victims. No matter how much you expose cultists followers r already brainwashed to believe that any exposure is persecution.Most victims r poor &can easily be manipulated & paid off.U need system to destroy cults ImageImageImageImage
Cultists know it's easier to be accepted if u deceive people using the Bible.Many r fooled to think that Cultists can's speak the name Jesus Christ.False prophets can call the name of Jesus Christ,Bible confirms that.#Falseprophets use deception to steal stars,virtues &destinies!
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21 Sep 20
Meet cultist Walter Magaya who runs mega "church" in #Zimbabwe.He raped several girls &women. Every month he scouts for virgin girls to send to university &in exchange rapes them for rituals.He gained supernatural powers & scaming skills after a trip to West Africa
#falseprophets ImageImageImage
Magaya has been exposed for raping women. Together with his team,police & political connections in #Zimbabwe Magaya silences his victims. Some women are paid off in exchange for their silence. For some he uses witchcraft & threats. It's cult, bribes &scams
Exposing false prophets doesnt bring curses.I have done it for a decade &Im abundantly blessed.They threaten u with curses,truth is they have no real powers.Ask yourself why Im healthy& doing well after I exposed your "papa"? They r empty threats to stop people from exposing them
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21 Sep 20
I prayed for cultists to lose their bewitchment powers. Only positive #lockdown did was stop them & their shrine connections:
TB Joshua
The heat is becoming too much for these money changers destroying lives
Vakatyora mhiko &they r weak!
As lockdown is lifted all cultist "pastors" will fly out to their shrines because they have to visit their source of powers every 6 months. They will need serious rituals to stop these powers from backfiring.Their members r sacrificed, explains sudden deaths &serious afflcitions!
Shingirai Chirume aka Makandiwa is very dangerous. If u have his photos, stickers, oils calendars u r connected to his demonic altar & suffer scary dreams, nightmares, stagnation & rejection. Throw away his objects &by faith close portals in your house &life.Reclaim your destiny!
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