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16 Sep
The Congress party is upset about losing the opportunity to mint money on hearing that Modi ji has obtained a loan of Rs 9,202 from China?
They think Modi Ji is betraying and Rs 9,202 is the cost of our soldier's life. Such ill-minded people are the face of the Congress party.
AIIB has its headquarters in Bejing, which does not make it a wholly-owned Chinese Bank.
There are 82 countries as a member of AIIB and Sameer Kumar KHARE is one of the directors in the bank with D.J Pandian as the Vice President of South Asia
Why is the loan Rs 9,202 taken?
As per Vice President Pandian “Our support to India also aims to ensure economic resilience to prevent long-term damage to the productive capacity, including human capital, of India’s economy.”

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10 Aug
Rahul Gandhi is alleging about the draft Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) 2020, brought up by Modi Government, will harm the Environment. These allegations are baseless as it is just another excuse for them to oppose on each and every decision made by the Govt.
Read this thread to understand what is the major change that has been incorporated in the Draft notification and why was that required to be incorporated.
#EIADraft2020 #EIA2020 #EIAForGreenIndia #EIANotification
In a layman's words EIA, is a process to evaluate the environmental impact of a proposed project (be it railways, bridge, roads, buildings). A decision making tool whereby people’s views are taken into consideration for granting approval to any developmental project or activity
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30 Jul
Read this if you want to know what and why Congress makes baseless and false accusation over the Rafale Deal.

Rahul Gandhi question:

a) Why was bankrupt Anil Ambani given a ₹30,000 Crores contract instead of Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
#RafaleInIndia #RafaleJets
Back in 31 Jan 2012 Ministry of Defence announced Dassault Rafale had won the bid to supply 126 Rafales,the first 18 aircraft were to be supplied by Dassault Aviation fully built & the remaining 108 were to be manufactured under license by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
HAL (Indian company) was suppose to manufacture the reaming 108 with a transfer of technology from Dassault (the French company)
This happened during the Congress era.
#RafaleInIndia #RafaleJets #Rafale
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11 Jul
Modi ji inorgaqted the LARGEST SOLAR POWER PLANT in ASIA yesterday in REWA and CONGRESS is claiming it to be incorrect as per @srivatsayb PAVAGADA is the Largest SOLAR POWER PARK in KARNATAKA.

Lets prove who is right and who is feku.

Read this thread to understand
Solar PARK and Solar PLANTS are different.


REWA is a SOLAR PLANT and NOT SOLAR PARK which has 3 Solar plants (250 MW) each=(750MW)
PAVAGADA, a SOLAR PARK which has many SOLAR PLANTS (max is 200 MW each) which is smaller than 750 MW of REWA
The REWA SOLAR project is Asia's largest SINGLE-SITED SOLAR PLANT with a total solar installed capacity of 750 megawatts.



PAVGADA the world largest SOLAR PARK WHICH constitutes several small POWER PLANTS

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9 Jul
Two incidents happened today;
a) Wasim Bari, BJP leader brut@lly k!lled today
b) #VikasDubey, the Gangster who k!illed 8 policeman

One was a Muslim and other was a Hindu.

Let see how some people reacted to it.
#VikashDubeyArrested #WasimBari

1) Rana Ayyub This so called eminent Journalist has not uttered a single word for #WasimBari who though being Muslim was k!illed in #kashmir.

On the contrary on she wrote an article on WA Post claiming that CRPF had k!illed Bashir Ahmed last week in Kashmir
She wrote articles on releasing #safoorazargar, wrote against Section 370, wrote for Anti- CAA, wrote articles on destruction of Indian Judicial independence

If she is so concerend abt #Kashmir WHY cant she write about #WasimBari ?WHY?

Because he was a BJP leader.
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23 Jun
#Safoora_Zargar a pregnant a Student activist leader of Jamia Millia Islamia, best known for her role in the Citizenship Amendment Act protests. She was booked under UAPA for inciting riots and was denied bail earlier.
Her die heart supporters were angry and felt judiciary has failed because law denied bail to a pregnant woman. The question arises why were they only protesting for #Safoora_Zargar. Is she the only pregnant lady in the HISTORY of INDIA to be JAILED?
#Safoora_Zargar was arrested on April 2020 on conspiracy charges over the riots that broke out in February during protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act and under an anti-terror law in a case related to the Delhi violence.
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15 Jun
There are several questions raised on PM CARES Fund by opposition on its transparency.
Congress is quick to ask why there’s a special trust when there’s already PMNRF (Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund’) existing.
Congress party has said the new fund lacks transparency, and it has questioned why it was created and why it could not be merged with the older fund, the Prime Minister's National Relief Fund, which was set up in 1948 and has a balance of 38 billion rupees?
People are questioning why the #PMCaresFund is being audited by a private chartered accountant and not CAG, they did not question when Prime Minister National Relief Fund was audited by Thakur Vaidyanath Aiyar & Co?
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7 Jun
A thread.
A new article written by Rana Ayub in favour and support of her HERO STUDENT ACTIVISTS Safoora Zargar which she compares to the innocent elephant killed in Kerala that had ACCIDENTALLY consumed a pineapple with firecrackers in it.
#safoorazargar #Safoora

First of all the elephant did not ACCIDENTALLY eat the pineapple but the reports says the COCONUT was stuffed with fire crackers was deliberately fed to her by Riyazuddin and Abdul Kareem (absconding) and Wilson (arrested) to her
Anyways lets move ahead with something more.

@RanaAyyub pounces on Ratan Tataji for pouring his shock and anger on social media over the death of a pregnant animal and claims he kept silent on Safoora?
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