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9 Oct 18
ok so these thoughts have been on my mind for a long time about our country and what’s going to be required to save it and for #28daysofaction i decided it’s time for me to share these thoughts aloud
TODAY’S #28DaysofAction / #5minutesofresistance comes from @KamalaHarris.

we’ve got a chance to take 8 seats from the NRA and make a concrete move towards fun reform

even if you can only give a dollar, it can go a really long way!…
today’s #28DaysofAction / #5minutesofresistance

go to and take 2 minutes to find out who and what you should vote for on november 6th!

all you have to do is put in your address and it creates your personalized ballot!
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8 Aug 18
I’ve had to cancel some fall events due to health and book 2, so next time I hit the road will be in october for the @fiercereads fall tour!

To celebrate, I've teamed up with my fellow tour buddies to give away signed copies of all of our books! One lucky winner will get (1/?)
personalized and signed copies of:
- Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi
- The Boneless Mercies by April Genevieve Tucholke
- Check Please by Ngozi Ukazu
- Black Wings Beating by Alexander London
- Renegades by Marissa Meyer
1. Follow me on Instagram.
2. Like this post.
3. Tag a friend in the comments of this post who you think would also like the chance to win.
4. Follow the other authors! Click on the image to see who I’ve tagged and then head over to their Instagram profile. (3/?)
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19 Jun 18
When I was in sixth grade I had to testify in immigration court for my mom. I sat there on the stand—11 years old—trying to explain to a judge why I needed my mom to stay. When I realized the judge might actually take her away, I cried so hard I could no longer speak (1/?)
It was single handedly the worst experience of my life and in the end we were lucky.

She got to stay.

There are absolutely no words for the unspeakably horror trump and this government are inflicting on innocent immigrants and refugees. Families are being ripped apart. (2/?)
Children are being forced into cages and being put on suicide watch.

The kidlit community is coming together with a hope of raising $42k to fight this. Let’s get these families the legal help they need and fight to keep these innocent and young lives from being destroyed. (3/?)
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