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20 Sep
1/ "Clergy Sexual Abuse as a Betrayal Trauma: Institutional Betrayal & A Call for Courageous Response"

~Lori Anne Thompson (2020)

a thread with quotes from the paper…
2/ "Only 3% of all known clergy sexual abuse incidents (as investigated by the second John Jay College Report) were ever reported to law enforcement, suggesting a dark figure for the prevalence of clergy sexual abuse (Terry et al., 2011)"

~Thompson, L. A. (2020)

#ADarkFigure =(
3/ "Sex offenders self-report that Christian communities are some of the safest places for sexual predation. Most Christians tend to naively believe the best about others, providing easy access to victims for offenders (Salter, 2003; Vieth, 2020)."

~Thompson, L. A. (2020)
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19 Sep
1/ Live tweeting the Saturday evening "worship" service @willowCreekCC @willowcreekNS @WillowCreekCL @willowsouthlake @WillowWheaton @WillowChicago @WillowHuntley @willowcasadeluz

8th straight week with no @fatai in the worship set. Has she quit?
2/ The sound production for the worship set is WAY off. I wonder if the weekend production manager quit or something? They sound ... just so off.
3/ It's actually physically painful to listen to. I'm not a sound guy, so I don't know what's wrong. But it's so wrong I want to remove my headphones.
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18 Sep
1/ "DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim & Offender roles) describes how perpetrators of interpersonal violence deflect blame & responsibility when confronted for their abusive behavior"
Harsey & Freyd, "(DARVO): What Is the Influence on Perceived Perpetrator & Victim Credibility?
2/ "When used, a perpetrator denies or minimizes the harms of any wrongdoing, attacks the victim’s credibility, & reverses victim and offender roles such that the perpetrator assumes a victimized position and declares the victim to be the true perpetrator."

Harsey & Freyd (2020)
3/ "This research also discovered a relationship between the perpetrators’ use of DARVO & victims’ feelings of self-blame: the more DARVO that the perpetrator used during the confrontation, the more victims reported feeling blameworthy for the wrongdoing."

Harsey & Freyd, (2020)
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16 Sep
1/ 6 quotations from: Brianna C. Delker, Carly P. Smith, Marina N. Rosenthal, Rosemary E. Bernstein & Jennifer J. Freyd, “When Home Is Where the Harm Is: Family Betrayal and Posttraumatic Outcomes in Young Adulthood”…

A thread
2/ 1. “Echoing the devastation of individuals let down by institutions that they thought would protect them, survivors of child abuse have described unsupportive family reactions to abuse as 'worse than the abuse itself' (Itzin, 2005, p. 125)”

3/ 2. “In the present investigation-an extension of betrayal trauma theory beyond the dyadic victim-perpetrator relationship-we account for why victims’ family members may witness but not truly “see” child abuse. In some cases, the social and psychological costs of awareness ...
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2 Sep
1/ We remain blind to betrayal in order to protect ourselves. We fear risking the status quo, & thus our security, by actually knowing too much. At the same time, there are costs to our ignorance."

~Dr. @jjfreydcourage & Dr. Pamela Birrell, "Blind to Betrayal", Preface
2/ "The best way to keep a secret is not to know it in the first place; unawareness is a powerful survival technique when information is too dangerous to know."

~Dr. Jennifer Freyd & Dr. Pamela Birrell, "Blind to Betrayal", Preface
3/ "Knowledge of betrayal is always destabilizing. Whether we are the betrayers, the observers, or the betrayed, to know about betrayal is likely to provoke actions that disturb the status quo & threaten our security.

~Dr. J. Freyd & Dr. P. Birrell, "Blind to Betrayal", Preface
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13 Mar
1/ @GLSAus publicly says of Bill "Weinstein" Hybels: "sexual harassment, sexual abuse of power, this conduct is reprehensible"…

Things @GLNsummit, @GLNUKI, @GLSCanada, @trdevries have never once said.

This thread will unpack "sexual abuse of power"
2/ @MichalRaphael unpacks "sexual abuse of power" in her seminal paper, based on her doctoral thesis. You can read the whole paper at

@WillowCreekCC @GLNsummit @trdevries this is the behaviour of founder Bill Hybels which you refuse to publicly name.
3/ "People in various professional and institutional settings endure many forms of unwanted sexual acts that are perpetrated against them by people in positions of power"

~Michal Buchhandler-Raphael

@WillowCreekCC @GLNsummit @trdevries re: Bill Hybels
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16 Feb
1/ Just found a Bill "Weinstein" Hybels book I haven't tweeted yet which I'm going to have to tweet--entitled "Honest to God". Here's the table of contents. This is gonna be crazy. Image
2/ "I've often spent time with people who simply talked or wrote about Christianity. I'd much rather spend time with people who actually live it. That's what this book is about...Being authentic Christians."

~Bill "Weinstein" Hybels, Introduction, "Honest to God"
3/ "Too often we Christians settle for inauthentic Christianity. We experience only partially the changes God can produce in our lives, and go through the motions that keep our faith lukewarm at best and make our Christian lifestyle mostly a vicarious experience."

~BWH, "H2G"
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16 Feb
Downloading @willowcreekcc's Saturday livestream so I can listen at 4X playback speed, as youtube's 2X playback speed no longer fast enough for me.

Like swallowing the poison as frickin' fast as possible.
@WillowCreekCC 2/ "It just hit me like a ton of bricks. I just started to weep."

~James Paek, doing DARVO live on the mainstage @willowcreekcc Saturday evening.
@WillowCreekCC 3/ I wonder how much Willow pays Mr. James Paek. However much it is, it's with extreme obviousness not enough, and nothing compared to the $2.5million the payed Predator Bill "Weinstein" Hybels in 2019.
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2 Feb
1/ Opening words from the @willowcreekcc Saturday evening service South Barrington:

"Good evening everyone. It's been another tough week here at Willow."

"Worship is not distracting ourselves nor escapism"

It seems appropriate the opening song is from @hillsongworship
@WillowCreekCC @hillsongworship 2/ To be clear, the leader of @hillsong is currently under police investigation for covering up child sexual abuse perpetrated by his pastor father.

I confess these @willowcreekcc vocalists, musicians, producers, are consummate professionals. Absolutely top-notch performance.
@WillowCreekCC @hillsongworship @Hillsong 3/ Words from @mattlundgren's prayer: "forgiveness, surrender, every good and perfect gift, peace, comfort, healing, wisdom, mercy, forgiveness, grace, direction, open eyes, open ears, open ears, open hearts."

"There are some germs going around--don't shake anyone's hand."
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31 Jan
1/ @willowcreekcc elder Jeff Mason, baldly lying to victim of clergy sex abuse at his church. Well either Mason is lying, or @steveryancarter is lying. I know which I believe.…
@WillowCreekCC @steveryancarter 2/ "One of those fake apologies that Willow likes to do"

"Maybe to do damage control"

"When I told him it was a recorded line, he got off as fast as he could."
@WillowCreekCC @steveryancarter 3/ @AnnLindberg5 is a hero. She making me weep with her astonishing courage and strength. Thank you Ann.
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30 Jan
1/ Image Repair/Impression Management/DARVO from
@pastorgillen and the whole team @willowcreekcc

Start at 8:44. Transcription to follow

@pastorgillen @WillowCreekCC 2/ 29 January 2020 "Pastor" Steve Gillen
@willowcreekcc Transcription:

"Well welcome everyone. If you can go ahead and grab your seats. If we haven’t met, my name’s Steve and I want to thank you for being here tonight. In this service we’re gonna have a chance to sing ...
3/ "...songs--we’re gonna have a chance to celebrate communion. We’ve got a wonderful guest teacher with us--yet again Gary Burge is here--can we say ‘thank you’ to him? Yeah. [cheering, clapping].

And ahhhh the other reason I wanted I wanted to be here is as some of you ...
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12 Nov 19
1/ Look what arrived by mail today. Watch for a ritual burning at the end of this thread.

A thread tweeting quotes from "The Power of a Whisper" (TPOAW), by unrepentant sexual predator, bully, and con-man Bill Hybels, who is still being protected by @GLNsummit & @WillowCreekCC
@GLNsummit @WillowCreekCC 2/ Dedication Page: "To @DickDeVos & Betsy, & Ron & Sharon VanderPol--Only on the other side will the four of you know how much your friendship & support have meant to the Hybels family & to the global Willow family"

~Bill Hybels, "The Power of a Whisper", 2010
3/ I note that @glnsummit board chairman billionaire Dick Devos, to whom Bill dedicated this book, has overseen Global Leadership Network's ongoing cover-up of Bill Hybels' sexual crimes since 2014.

tweeting quotes from "The Power of a Whisper", Bill Hybels, 2010
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14 Jul 19
1/ "note the use of the phrase “modern times” in the title of chapter 1. This time frame is an imposed restriction since the suspicion or occurrence of clergy malfeasance is no new note in the history of deviance & criminality."

~Anson Shupe, "Spoils of the Kingdom", Preface
2/ "I coined the term clergy merge religion & criminological concepts. Clergy is generally meant to be synonymous with cleric (by which any religious functionary with formal or delegated or self-delegated authority, ...). ...
3/ "Malfeasance can be construed as a religious leader’s malpractice...or cruel treatment or actions contrary to official (fiduciary) obligations to safeguard the interests and persons of lay persons, parishioners, or disciples. ...
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16 May 19
1/ Here begins my Image Repair Analysis of all public communication from @trdevries & @GLNSummit about the abuses revealed publicly on 23 March 2018--One Year of Image Repair. I learned this method from Drs. @jdahlmd, @MelFisher13, + thanks to Dr. @wad3mullen
2/ Content Analysis for One Year of Image Repair continues

If you want to analyse it, here's the full text of all their public communication about it over the past year:….

Link included in these 4 slides: @NancyLBeach's blog post:
3/ Totals for 17 May Letter reflect final totals for year (slides 79-80), & also reflect Dr. Fisher's thesis findings, where Reducing Offensiveness & Denial are the first and second most used major Image Repair Strategies. See Dr. Fisher's thesis here:
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9 May 19
1/ A question for you, @jdahlmd and @DianeLangberg (as you know more about it): Is Bill Hybels a Psychopath?

A look at some texts:

In the 1998 update of his book “Too Busy Not to Pray”, Bill Hybels wrote the following about his first ever interaction with Pat Baranowski.
2/ (It’s important to remember, when reading this, that Bill selected Pat, groomed her, sexually harassed & assaulted her, then systematically destroyed her reputation & fired her.)

"Private Promptings:

A few years ago, after a particularly exhausting meeting, I got into my ..
3/ "car and drove out of the church parking lot onto the exit road. As I started down the road, out of the corner of my eye, I saw someone walking toward the parking area. In that fraction of a second I received what I thought was a leading from God--to go offer some form of ...
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28 Apr 19
1/ "The ordinary response to atrocities is to banish them from consciousness. Certain violations of the social compact are too terrible to utter aloud: this is the meaning of the word 'unspeakable'."

~Dr Judith Herman, "Trauma & Recovery", opening sentences.
2/ "Remembering and telling the truth about terrible events are prerequisites both for the restoration of the social order and for the healing of individual victims."

~Dr. Judith Herman, "Trauma & Recovery"

3/ "The conflict between the will to deny horrible events & the will to proclaim them aloud is the central dialectic of psychological trauma ... Witnesses as well as victims are subject to the dialectic of trauma."

~Dr. Judith Herman, "Trauma and Recovery"
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21 Apr 19
1/ "The Department of Justice estimates that on average, there is 1 child molester per square mile in the United States"

~Gavin de Becker, in his forward to ~Anna Salter's "Predators"
2/ "the average child molester victimises between 50 and 150 children before he is ever arrested (and many more after he is arrested)"

~Gavin de Becker, in his forward to ~Anna Salter's "Predators"
3/ "What we learn from Anna Salter is that the sexual offender is also in denial, that he is a criminal who chooses to stay on the road he is on even when it's clear where it will carry him."

~Gavin de Becker, in his forward to ~Anna Salter's "Predators"
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14 Apr 19
1/ "This research was concerned with image-threatening events faced by evangelical organizations & impression management strategies utilized ... In response to that threat, organizations might choose to prioritize managing their image over managing the problem."

2/ "The three organizations selected on the basis of these criteria include Bob Jones University, Sovereign Grace Ministries, and Mars Hill Church."

~@wad3mullen's PhD Dissertation…

@byJimHenderson have you read this?
3/ "As of March 9, 2018, this researcher had collected 143 media reports of pastors of Protestant evangelical churches charged with a crime in the USA during the year 2016 and 144 media reports during the year 2017. (See Appendix A ...)

~@wad3mullen's Dissertation
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3 Mar 19
1/ Here begins my image repair analysis of the IAG report IAG of @WillowCreekCC & @GLNSummit. I learned this method from @jdahlmd, based on Benoit's image repair theory & Melody Fisher's doctoral thesis. Here's @jdahlmd's description of the 4 nonChristian image repair categories
2/ There are also 2 Christian image repair categories: Corrective Action and Mortification. I'll post Julia's description of those further down. Here's slide 1. There's a kind of profound shame that this "Independent" Advisory Group is doing image repair for these abusive orgs.
3/ Image repair analysis of the report from the "Independent" Advisory Group for @WillowCreekCC & @GLNSummit continues. Brief CV's for the members of this group can be seen here:…

To be continued
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1 Feb 19
1/ "Only limited studies have been done concerning adultery among Christians. But initial findings have been shocking."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex-Crazed Culture", 1989, at least 4 years into his sexual assault & harassment of multiple parishioners and employees
2/ " 'The Myth of the Greener Grass' answered many of the questions I had been struggling to answer on the subject of adultery: What causes affairs?"

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex-Crazed Culture", 1989
3/ "In fact in the Old Testament, under Mosaic Law, anyone caught in adultery received the death penalty."

~Bill Hybels, "Christians in a Sex-Crazed Culture", 1989

*actually, this worked out to only the women getting executed. #bicbw
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5 Jan 19
1/ "Many years ago, after an especially rigorous season of ministry ..."

~Bill Hybels, opening of chapter 1, "Who You Are When No One's Looking"
2/ "I remember thinking about what a terrible trip it would have been had we neglected to locate the root issue that was holding us back"

@wcagls @GLSAus @trdevries ~your founder Bill Hybels, chapter 1, "Who You Are When No One's Looking"
3/ "I don't know what barnacles encrust your prop today."

~Bill Hybels, "Who You Are When No One's Looking"
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