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He/him. 🏳️‍🌈 Hearing. PhD candidate. Justice-oriented health education, mixed methods, theory, healthcare access, DHH & disability health. Views own.
6 Apr
I am a Social Media Ambassador for @SOPHEtweets 2021 Annual Meeting. This afternoon and for the rest of the week, I'll be live-tweeting information from #SOPHE2021dX. I'll try to include everything in threads.
Apr. 6: 1/SOPHE All Member Business Meeting: On the docket is to receive updates from SOPHE leadership on the highlights from the past year, updates on the Health Equity & Anti-Racism (HEAR) Task Force, and the new SOPHE Strategic Plan.
2/ SOPHE CEO @MEAuld provides an update on SOPHE’s accompl. the past year: (1) first virtual conference after COVID spread last year, (2) 2021 conference with over 650 registered, (3) 3rd Digital Summit, and (4) continued providing CEs - 40 webinars and 28 self-studies.
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3 Jan
1/ I have a few thoughts about this. Let’s do a brief 🧵. This is really personal to me, so it I come off a little jaded - I am.
2/ First, let’s not presume that the issue of inaccessibility in higher education is made difficult only by abled professors, colleagues, students, administrators, etc. I know of too many disabled instructors and administrators who have also made the system more difficult.
3/ Accommodations are hard to get. Most students who need them don’t get them. It took me until 2019 to get accommodations, by that point I’d been in college classes for over 7 years. Even as I started the process of gathering medical documentation, I had internalized stigma.
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5 Sep 20
2/ A lot of us have heard an iceberg analogy for research, particularly when discussing quant and qual methods. But, an iceberg has a start and an end. Research is expansive, and forever growing (?). Image of an iceberg taken by the National Ocean Service of t
3/ A better example, that captures the expansive nature of research is space. A black image with visuals of galaxies and bright stars.
4/ OUT OF THE IVORY TOWER: In astrophotog, there's a lot of discussion of light pollution. Getting into an area with less light pollution can yield better data (for the image). In research, this speaks of getting out of our comfy university offices and getting into the community
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