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23 Feb
Good Morning. It's Coffee-Time! ☕️☕️☕️ May you have an awesomely blessed Sunday!

Thought for Today: Looking around and see many fear success as much as failure. I wrote an article on that a couple years ago. Time to share it here...

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4 May 19
Taking Control of Your Life, Part 2, by Vicki Hinze

#Life 101
1/ Answer this question:

What do you want?
2/ No one can have everything they want, but they can focus intently to gain what they want most. What do you want most?
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4 May 19
Taking Control of Your Life, Part 1, by Vicki Hinze

#Life 101
Tonight the door closes on today. For some, it’s been a good day. For others, the best they can say is soon it will be over. For the majority of us, today was a mix of good and bad.
2/ How we view the day largely depends on how we view its events or what events dominated our thoughts and time (more so than the actual events themselves) and the impact those events had on our lives.
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16 Mar 19
Special Preorder Savings series-wide!
3/3 Please also pray for 22 Christian missionary families sentenced to be executed. Please pass this on as soon as you can so that many will pray.

A Ben and June Request. #PrayerWarriors
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26 Oct 18
Get a #free copy of Her Deepest Fear here:
Hopefully the Amazon glitch will be fixed soon!
#books #reading #suspense
There's an #Amazon glitch. @Regan Black's final book in the Breakdown series WHAT SHE KNEW and her short read, TRUST NO ONE and my Her Deepest Fear were caught up in it and can't be bought so I'm giving away Her Deepest Fear to hold readers over. #reading
@PeggyWebbAuthor 's Just One Look is snagged up in the glitch also! Hold tight, readers. They're working on it! #kindle #amazon
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19 May 18
1) Yesterday, from her hospital bed, FLOTUS posted a message in response to a school shooting:
2) An individual responded:
3) Many replies showed up on my Time Line. How I was included remains a mystery, but I was. My reply to Sherry was:
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26 Apr 18
Attempts to Cancel My AOL Accounts
A new thread...
1. Many use separate email accounts for specific purposes. If you do, and AOL is one such account, are you aware they’ve just changed their “Privacy Policy” terms of service?
2. In the new policy, you waive your right to a class-action lawsuit and more. Here’s a link from Jenkins Law Library you might find of interest on this:
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22 Jan 18
No victory laps @marcorubio and @SenBillNelson .Schumer got $500K to advocate for illegals and he did. He chose them over Americans. Get a budget and we won't have this nonsense--and #ReleasetheMemo! Apparently, we got stuck paying for it and we want to see it. Tired of antics.
So the shutdown happened. I wanted to share some photos with you from the commissary (grocery store) on a local Air Force Base in NW FL--your turf. This is just a tiny bit of the fallout from the shutdown:
These shelves should have been filled with chicken.
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