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5 Jul
Disney World is a child trafficking hub... they were NOT saving any children! #GhislaineMaxwell #Disney Image
#Disney and Ghislaine ImageImage
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8 Nov 19
HARD TO LOOK AT? This is Ian Gramowski. This is what the newborn dose of the Hepatitis B vaccine did to him. He lived 46 days in torture, and his parents were compensated for his death by the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. #VDX2 #peoplestruth
Did his case lead to any change in admin of the birth dose of the HepB vax? No. Nothing ever will. Because if they screen out these kids, that means that they will lose $35 dollars a child. This is an industry that is more than happy to kill a newborn baby to make $35 dollars.…
This is who are you entrusting your children to, defending, and expect me to entrust my children to again, after fifteen years of watching their unrepentant child sacrifice.

This is my testimony to you, as your sister. Ginger Taylor. Abridged
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14 Oct 19
Thousands of premature infants were saved from certain death by being part of a Coney Island entertainment sideshow.

At the time premature babies were considered genetically inferior, and were simply left to fend for themselves and ultimately die.
Dr Couney offered parents a solution that was as expensive as it was experimental & came up with a unusual way of covering the costs.
Coney Island in the early 1900’s. ” was an entirely different exhibit: rows of tiny, premature human babies living in glass incubators.
Behind the gaudy facade, premature babies were fighting for their lives, attended by a team of medical professionals. o see them, punters paid 25c.The public funding paid for the expensive care, which cost about $15 a day in 1903 (the equivalent of $405 today) per incubator.
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21 Aug 19
"Another example of obstruction of research by the medical establishment occurred when a professor at Otago University in NZ applied for permission to study changes in the blood after vaccination. The research required a heel-prick to take a blood sample from each baby soon ...
... after birth and then another heel-prick sample to be taken months later. Permission was denied on the grounds that it would be too invasive" Really? Too invasive? #areyouawakeyet? #WWG1WGA_WORLDWIDE
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20 Aug 19
As an adult would you volunteer for this schedule?… immune systems going haywire? Any and all immune problems have been linked via studies to vaccines. One of the biggest crimes of humanity, and the biggest experiment on humans. Nuremberg part 2.
Using the Industry Gold Standard Double Blind Placebo Test.

Vaccine manufacturers have used a loophole in testing laws. Vaccines are classified as biologics and not as pharmaceutical drugs. This allows them to do vastly less testing.
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18 Aug 19
Enjoy the show! #eltonjohn #wwg1wga
Artistic expression or something completely else?
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