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Technicals First ~ Fundas later Trading on Psychology ~ FOMO~ AnON
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Next Sector which is going to start it's Bull Run is going to Micro Finance, Small Fin Banks and NBFC

Let's Discuss Few High Conviction Bets to study deeply on Technical side 👇 MAS Financial Service

Company is into providing small tickets size loans for MSME / Affordable Housing/ Vehicles financing

MSME segment caters to 85% of their business and avg ticket size of their loans avg upto 800k

Cmp 577
Mcap - 3100cr
BV - 226
Net NPA - 1.52%
OMP's- 80%+
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Let's make Investing simple 😄

Selection of stocks based on our indispensable requirements

Below are 10 Sectors

1️⃣Water - Water Treatment and Purification companies



#Investing 2️⃣AC ~ No more a Luxury but a necessity




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When a company announces Buyback or Bonus understanding market reaction is very important

First - In Short term both are considered extremely bullish and stocks on avg rally 5-30% post announcement

1/5 Second - Post Ex-Bonus/Split or Buyback stocks go through a negative phase or you can call it correction phase

For Buybacks since float is reduced this correction is very small and stock rallies upwards after base formation


Dec 31, 2021 16 tweets 6 min read
Coming up with a Multi-bagger Penny stock idea

Technical and Fundamental analysis will be shared on 1 Jan ❤️

This stock belongs to a a group where a turnaround has already started and expecting the same to happen here

It's a 20% circuit filter stock 🍬 The Company we will be discussing now is #Zeelearn (1/n) 👇


Since June 21 , zeelearn has witnessed highest ever Daily volumes

These volume spurts are coming in at intervals of 2M

Volumes analysis shows huge accumulation which is happening here Image
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Diwali portfolio coming up before market close

I will be giving out 1 Stock on every 50 likes

With technical + funda analysis

Total stocks selected 8 First Diwali pick

Diwali Portfolio

In retail segment company has bought out retail stores from Arvind fashion

Total number of stores crossing 300+

Triangle pattern on daily chart

CMP 3540

Stop below 3420

Target - 3800/4000/4500+

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On the occasion of Teachers Day

Sharing 6 stocks which can be held for next 10y

#BorosilRenewables Solar theme

#Gujaratflurochem EV theme

#IONexchange Water theme

#Idea Telecom theme

#Syngene CMDO theme

#HDFCLIFE Insurance theme Special mention to all my Teachers/ Friends who have directly or indirecrly made an impact

@theRealKiyosaki -Rich Dad and Poor Dad changed my life

Forever grateful💞

@TraderHarneet - Learned more about following discipline

@anand_luhar- My love for Inside bar breakouts💞
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*New Margin rules from 01-09-2021*

SEBI margin rules explain in layman’s language:

SEBI has changed some rules related to margin and trading.

1) Buying and selling of shares will Require Upfront margin from now onwards. Eg: If you want to buy Reliance shares worth 1lakh, you must have 20k Rs in your account as cash and the rest money to be paid within 2 days...
Jun 13, 2021 20 tweets 7 min read
Case Study for Long term investment


DFM Foods Ltd is in the business of manufacturing, selling and marketing packaged snack food and has been a leader in the space for over 25 years

@caniravkaria @dmuthuk
@VRtrendfollower @nakulvibhor
@anand_luhar Launched in 1984, this was the first product of its kind to hit Indian retail shelves and it did so with a Bang! In no time, it became quite the favourite especially among children, finding its way into many a tiffin break!
Apr 6, 2021 4 tweets 3 min read
Look at these two for quick bucks

#AdaniEnterprises - above 1222

#adaniports - above 800 How's it guys

#Adanient days high 1238+ 🤡

#ADANIPORT days high 815 🙃
Apr 4, 2021 16 tweets 11 min read
Multi-year breakouts

Thread// 👇 #SAIL

🔨 SAIL ( Steel authority of India)

Stock will give a decade long multi-year breakout above 100

First potential targets will be 150/200+ ImageImage
Jan 27, 2021 5 tweets 3 min read
#Stovekraft #ipo

This company piqued my mom's interest a lot

Stovekraft is the largest kitchen appliance company in India

Company has more than 660+ products across all segments

Company has 34000+ dealers across india

Which gives it a very stronge presence in the market #Stovekraft

Company has presence in over 14+ countries

This business is led by consumption
If you cook and eat you need kitchen ware

They started with making Kerosene wick stoves + LPG stoves hence the name stovekraft

They are the largest manufacturer of LPG stoves in india
Jan 25, 2021 4 tweets 2 min read


Above 1052 Image How was the nugget guys

Tasty i guess😂

#grasim up by 7% now 1080+ 😤
Jul 19, 2020 11 tweets 3 min read
Want indicators for a crash
Old-when your barber gives to stock advice
New-when your you-tubers starts promoting stock -trading

Actual reason - over speculation causes crash in the markets
What we call a bubble

Why do markets recover or give retracement to the fall?
Ans- 1/n Ans- your big boys who are still invested starts averaging out their positions this causes a so called relief rally

Here,over speculation by retailers add to the move

Once the operators are in profit you will start hearing positive news from all around the world
Eg:- 2/n