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FORGIVENESS CHANGES EVERYTHING. If Jesus forgave you, shouldn't you forgive? Thankful for Quarantine. Led me to Q. Don't Follow me. Here to learn & encourage.
29 Jun 20
Not many people read my words, but I'm going to put this out there in the hopes someone who needs it will read it. 
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Q followers, Patriots, 

Q encourages and admonishes us to have unity, but it's not just
for within our own ranks, but also for those who are lost. Put yourself in their shoes. When you are getting attacked, how often are you drawn to their point of view? How often will you even listen? When I'm in a nasty argument with anyone, family or strangers,
I will not listen. But when someone talks to me with love, respect, and kindness, it is much easier to listen and consider their opinion. They hear me, I hear them.

When the final BOOM falls, Q says we are going to need to help the non believers.
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