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12 Oct
Standards for Empirical evaluations have changed over the years. "I don't remember standards being so tough"
But we got better at involving developers, doing stats, and using qualitative methods 🎉
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12 Oct
Second day of #SSBSE2021 starting with a tutorial on Search-Based System Testing with EvoMaster by Andrea Arcuri @ssbse
EvoMaster generates system test cases for web services built using RESTful APIs. From Andrea Arcuri's tutorial @ssbse
@ssbse EvoMaster is open-source and available at github.com/EMResearch/Evo…. From Andrea Arcuri's tutorial
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11 Oct
Robert Sebastian Herlim is presenting a replication study of the #SBST2020 tool competition at #SSBSE2021. The good news is that there are major problems/challenges in the different classes under tests, but no common major problem/challenge across all classes. @ssbse
Seems that we did a good job when selecting the classes under test for the competition with @spanichella and Alessio Gambi ...
The other good news is that the infrastructure available at github.com/JUnitContest/J… can be reused for subsequent studies! 😁
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11 Oct
First keynote of #SSBSE2021 by @AldeidaAleti: "Instance space analysis is about scrutinizing how certain approaches perform in specific conditions" @ssbse
"What are adequate criteria to assess the usage of a particular dataset for an evaluation?" @AldeidaAleti's keynote @ssbse
"Are there particularly interesting instances for which a given technique, performing well/bad on average, performs worse/better than others?" @AldeidaAleti's keynote @ssbse
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