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14 Apr
They’re doing outdoor bingo in a nearby park here in Utah. Stumbled on it walking the dogs. Socially distanced chalk circles on grassy lawn surrounding baseball diamond. A big screen. Loudspeakers. It was bumpin. I’m totally going next week
Folks bring their own chairs. Old folks yes but I saw clusters of younger people too. I’m totally going.
Dude people bring their DOGS
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13 Apr
In 2016 I tried to sound all the alarms about Glenn Greenwald, and I confronted him directly, at a meeting of the nonprofit we both served. He lied to me. I quit. In 2020 I tried to sound the alarm again. In both election years I faced serious personal consequences as a result.
I will never forget the names of those who attacked, mocked, and coordinated to harm me as a result of me speaking out about a criminal who works against America and everything I hold to be sacred, including that sex with children is not okay ever. I won’t forget.
Know that I paid a heavy personal price. Know that I can’t discuss details. Know that I am still pissed.
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12 Apr
Firsts in more than a year this weekend:
• drive through coffee
• go inside a store and buy a thing
• dog romp in populated downtown grassy park
Fully vaccinated.
You mean I can just - GO DO STUFF?
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11 Apr
Sober person here. My understanding of my own recovery is that I experienced repeated trauma as a child, and that’s not what caused my addiction problems. My alcoholism caused my alcoholism. Correlation not causation.
The distinction is important for a number of reasons. One of which being that addiction is a complex disease. The more clear we are about it, the better chance we have to help those who suffer recover. Same deal with trauma.
I speak for myself only. But since it’s in the zeitgeist and I think about it all the time, that’s my deal.
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9 Apr
Ms. @BrookeBaldwin was kind and supportive to this younger aspiring TV talent right here, before I realized how awful the business was and how I was being exploited. She has been a consistently awesome human to other women for decades. Buy her book.
I am not younger than Brooke, I meant to say when I was younger. I think I’m like a decade older lol. I need a copyeditor
I had my foot in the door and I was wanted, and I thought everything was made of delicious candy. It’s not.
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9 Apr
No one in my life is cheating me today. No one is verbally abusing me today. No one in my life is demeaning or disparaging me today. It was not like this a few months ago. But I’m here now and never going back.
Nothing is more valuable than my serenity.
No one is routinely disrespecting me out of casual sport today
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8 Apr
Today me to one week ago making tamales 🫔 to freeze ahead me: hey. Thanks.
Blue corn 🌽 green chile 🌶 local beef grazed on scrub and sage 🌵
Nixtamalized it from scratch scratch
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8 Apr
Tell your antivax Goop friends the COVID vaccine is an immune system booster tonic. Because it is.
The unpleasant vaccine aftereffects are just like how ayahuasca makes you puke before giving you visions
The COVID vaccine is a teenytiny hint of the real thing just like homeopathy, except it actually works
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2 Apr

15 Years is Enough Time: Silicon Valley’s Rape Problem | by Numair Faraz numair.medium.com/15-years-is-en…
Facebook executive 👁👁

Facebook. Executive.

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30 Mar
It should be assumed that Epstein and Maxwell also killed.
I don’t have specific publishable information, just seems like a very safe assumption based on all I understand. Hope I’m super wrong.
People connected to their operation have been murdered, that I know. Public info. You just have to know the names and keep track, which isn’t easy.
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30 Mar
Gentle reminder that Eric Clapton, who’s making the rounds because it was his birthday, is a POS misogynist and racist.
He made a fortune mimicking Black musicians playing Black music, and he said that.
The Blues is Black.
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29 Mar
Something about @Jezebel and its writers I’ll never forget. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I tweeted about it as it happened. Because I didn’t expect the diagnosis. Jezebel wrote an article claiming I faked my diagnosis and was a hoax. They never took it down.
10 years ago
My oncologist would like to have a word.
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27 Mar
Guys me & my man were just out for a nice long walk and a deranged old dude wielding a stick tried to engage my man with screaming, and when he failed to, as we walked away silently, he screamed, your wife has a fat ass. I was like, well I NEVER. We are DOMESTIC PARTNERS
Random gendered verbal abuse is familiar and sucks and the area around my heart hurt with sadness for about a half a mile? The great thing about movement and being in nature is, moving right along, emotionally as well as with my beautiful body.
The prime difference between me and Kim Kardashian is number one, mine isn’t that big, number two I got mine the old-fashioned way it’s called donuts buddy
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26 Mar
All of you celebrating the birthday of Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, who whitewashes his sins with philanthropy, should know he “once adopted, dated, and impregnated a then 16-year-old named Julia Holcomb.” Coerced her to have an abortion, too. Dream on. jezebel.com/steven-tyler-w…
14 when the “relationship” began, she says.
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24 Mar
Recovery status. Exactly 2 weeks ago, my lower right eyelid was cut apart one day, reconstructed the next. When you find the master surgeons, all you have to do is show up. 2 weeks post-op. It’ll continue to fade, shape will restore to original form. Grateful. No threat to life.
The day it got scary. Early February, an initial diagnosis, and biopsy.
This was two weeks ago. It’s crazy how fast it healed.
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24 Mar
Recovery status: I am baking again 🦾💁‍♀️ 🥧
Operation use up all the Costco berries
I have zero technique don’t lattice shame me. But it tastes perfect and the texture will be nice and tight. Tart sweet dark Mexican vanilla bourbouny
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24 Mar
The olaplex vs k18 hair wars entered a new phase today. Olaplex just launched a k18 style mask today, olaplex number 8. I’m obsessed and have no other place to discuss this hair product drama.
Too many olaplex products is their weakness. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, now 8. Some are for end user public, some for salon professionals only. Confusing and boring. K18 has just the one product, and they bounced off olaplex’s limitations. Which product will win.
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24 Mar
No one in my life is cheating me today. No one in my life is devaluing discarding disbelieving degrading me or the value of my ideas and my work today. Nobody controls me today. It wasn’t always like this, and it’s been a long road to get here.
We speak in prose to unburden our pain and avoid further blows from the ones who caused it. That’s why poetry exists, for women.
No one in my life will hit me in the face today. No one in my life controls my bank accounts today. No one in my life dictates my makeup and my clothing today. No one will tell me to shut up today. No one calls me stupid bitch today. These were things that happened, every day.
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23 Mar
GenXers are pretty pathetic by the time we hit middle age, but it’s because we were told as children we’d die in an atomic blast triggered by our banana-brained president, a has-been actor, and our parents neglected us as latchkey losers. I need to write a book.
Me on the left. I was like 12 or 13 going on 45. Runaway. Kids like me were “bad girls,” truth was I ran from violence and sexual abuse in the home. My story isn’t unusual. What’s special is I survived. So many young friends, long long gone.
Photographer unknown (I’ll add if I can figure it out), richmond va 1982-4?
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23 Mar
The first time I met Shaq, he made a disparaging joke about women’s basketball within the first five minutes. To another man in the room. The way GOP guys make Hilary jokes. Sexism is so ingrained. Women’s basketball deserves respect. As do women. We’re full human beings you know
This was in the 1990s. Shaq was a young man. I hope and trust his attitudes about young women players have changed. But the vulgarity and demeaning shit, it’s just background noise, it’s so normal. I don’t know how women athletes do it.
The other thing Shaq did to show off to the other VVVIPs in the green room (I was the host, at a conference) was show them a sneaky code for writing down women’s phone #s on his hand so his wife couldn’t tell what it was. He was so proud of himself. The men laughed. It was stupid
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