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6 May 19
1. Q: The supervision on the #Chinese Internet is very strict. Will the use of #HoloPorts be restricted by the Chinese #firewall?

A: The HoloPort network should be pretty resilient, even in the face of the Great #Firewall, as the asynchronous ++
2. ++ capabilities of #Holochain allow things (application processing) to function independently on each side of the wall. Thus, ANY node that can communicate across the partition, for example, a #satellite connection, allows everything else to #synchronize with that node. An ++
3. ++ app network requires only one connection to the outside for data to eventually pass through.

That said, this is a complicated question, as government censorship is a cat-and-mouse game, and not one that we are focused on specifically. Our aim is to help ++
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1 Mar 19
1. What kind of revolution can hApps bring about, especially in terms of storage and the limitation on code volume, when compared with dapps built on EOS and ETH blockchain?

Ethereum and EOS do not scale because they operate in a data-centric, ++
2. global consensus pattern; adding more computers to the network doesn’t add more throughput. EOS tries to address this by limiting the network to 21 nodes. One must wonder if this should even be considered decentralized, as it is really just a centralized cluster of 20 ++
3. trusted nodes with one node as a random error-checker.

The Ethereum network has tens of thousands of nodes, but EVERY node must run all of the same processing as the other nodes. Adding nodes can actually slow down the system because of the increased gossip load.

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