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19 Jun 20
Most ppl here actually don’t need to consume new content right now.

What they need is to organize their existing info overload.

More info won’t give u an edge.

It will in fact keep slowing ur processing down & make ur thinking less efficient, whilst also bluring ur focus.
Every year at some point I’m intuitively led towards clearing/ organizing what I’ve accumulated.

This involves NO mindless consumption of new info for a period of time.

New info is only consumed when required to successfully complete a task at hand.
Need to kno basis only.

Eg: Y’day I needed to kno how to split voice tracks if recording using voip.

Otherwise, its only abt organizing previously accumulated info. Making it well connected, accessible and relevant.

Really glad to have stumbled upon @obsdmd to do this.
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5 Oct 19
It's how things seem to work around here.

That which comes from the intellect gets interaction.

What comes from deeper (maybe darker) experiences, gets mostly ignored.

Having experienced this a few times, I've gained better acceptance of it now.
When we wrote the previous Adversity Posts, we felt maybe they could be useful to others.

But over a period of time (since) we've come to realize it best to write it for ourselves, as form of closure, if you like.

To open up newer, better, pathways in our lives.
And to complete what we begin.

Heres the long awaited post number 4: tinyurl.com/pwradv4

The final 2 posts to be released this upcoming week.
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18 Aug 19
"The enemy that has no name isn't a nation, organization, religion, corporation, industry, economic system or ideology.

Its a way of living on earth that evolved.

If we are to change it, we must take evolution from autopilot & into our own hands"

Lets do a @BretWeinstein 101.
2/ The credit for initiating this goes to my partner.

Her level of determination over many months to listen to, transcribe, study & organize Bret's words has been extraordinary!

The resources attached at the end of the thread will put this into perspective.
3/ So Bret has this gift, where, he adds the missing piece in a conversation to just beautifully tie things together.

This thread is about many such pieces.

It explores our world thru the powerful lens of Evolutionary Thinking, to help humanity move in a better direction.
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15 Jul 19
Then the darkness bites.

1/ Fascinating how 50+ days of no written expression here can seem like a lifetime.

But it was an eventuality: What happens when one has been involved in positive suppression of unprocessed experiences accumulating over 4 yrs.

You crash.
2/ Unprocessed experiences remain in the background, stacking up as thought patterns, underlying feelings, & subtle beliefs.

Neither optimistic action nor upbeat thinking has long term power over them.

These things wish to be acknowledged, re-purposed & re-aligned.
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10 Feb 19
Silicon Valley has done plenty to promote optimism, sure.

But done little to express meaningfulness over a substantial period now.

In a way I thank you for not doing so, bcos I wouldn't have entered / stayed in tech — wanting to do something about this gaping hole.
SV entrepreneurs & investors sometimes miss the point as to why people are really irked by the show-off of optimism.

What they fail to pick up is the underlying sentiment: A lot of insightful people FEEL jaded with the lack of meaning in that expression.
It's what led me in early 2013 to coin the phrase:
'Without philosophy.. technology is like driftwood'
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17 Sep 18
Lack of clarity is a feature not a bug.

Keep moving regardless. Make 'a' decision. Stop worrying about 'the' decision.

If stagnation is bcos of emptiness, I understand. Need to stop sometimes to feel life force within again.

But don't stagnate bcos u r not making decisions.
Psychological paralysis come from knowing too much. Not too little.

Less keeps you venturing. Too much makes you impractical.
Don't worry about *vision* either. It just helps in selling books.

Becoming good at venturing out in darkness can only help you sharpen other senses.
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25 Aug 18
1/ Attempting to explain something I feel, but don’t quite know how to explain in words. This explanation is a work in progress. Hoping to mold the words into something more clear.
2/ "Not holding substantial beliefs in life opens you up to more synchronistic events"

(Unexpected but meaningful / memorable / relevant experiences)
3/ On the other hand, to pursue something, to commit, u have to have some concrete beliefs connected to the pursuit. Theres no way to sustain it if I don't believe in something specific.

But focused beliefs result in less freedom, & as such a drop in synchronistic encounters
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29 Jun 18
1/ Failure...

Anyone who says failure is bad, is either trying to protect their investment, or limit the opportunity, or just afraid of the unknown.

If I attempt something with the view to protect / not lose, I'll never stretch myself — neither will I discover anything new.
2/ If I just validate other people's thesis, whats the point in living in a different body... having my own mind / heart / intuition?

The point of attempting anything novel is to validate or explore my own curiosity, & what I think is a secret that no one else knows / sees yet.
3/ For this, I have to experiment, and work with people open to this way of thinking.

And experiments will fail. But this is just a feature of trying new things.
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25 Jun 18
1/ I'm not a coder by profession. But I find it extremely useful thinking about our existence in terms of code. I like to see everybody as some kind of a program, running a series of smaller programs - capable of pushing updates and pulling them down from a central repository.
2/ Now the program called @jordanbpeterson had been pushing updates to the central repository for a while, through his pre-2016 uni lectures. Not many had been downloading these updates

Then one day in 2016 he pushed an update that hit a nerve, & a large number of people
3/ decided to go ahead & download many of the updates he'd been pushing all along.

It became the catalyst for many to start questioning a one-dimensional view of science and/or religion.

Now my question is simple: Does it even matter anymore, what his position on God is?
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22 Jun 18
This is a window into a unique journey... a road less traveled.

You’ll find stories, realizations & observations from different periods of my life over the last 11 yrs.

The journey's been deep, wide, intense...

But most of all, it's been soul shaping.
Had been a brutal few weeks. It was getting increasingly hard to find a safe, quiet place to sleep. Winter & homelessness were quite the combo.

I was on edge.

Then.. quite randomly at a coin laundry, one of those normally useless ads caught my eye.
The library was closed by now. It seemed illogical to go, yet there was the whisper again.

As I got close to the library I noticed someone curled up in a corner. It was Irene: A 60-yr old Polish woman fallen on hard times.

I had to do something for her..
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20 Jun 18
1/ This is kind of a mega thread to get a glimpse into @EricRWeinstein’s insights on a wide variety of subjects.

The thing about Eric is, he balances a sparkling intellect with an openness to carry out enquiries, into spaces where rational thinking alone isn’t enough.
2/ His ability to explore and articulate complex subjects with nuance & depth, makes it extremely tough to put him into any kind of box.

Sure, he's the MD of Thiel Capital, but there's so much more driving him. And these are the very things for which he doesn't get his due.
3/ Personally speaking, his views on Self-teaching / High-agency really do strike a chord.

The multiverse of topics he can traverse is quite something. As his brother @BretWeinstein says: ‘He's good at evolutionary thinking in a way I'll never be good at mathematical thinking'
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