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Premiering LIVE today at 2pm is another full episode of The 21 Report with @GeorgeBruno starring legendary strong man and YouTuber @ElliottHulse

Tune in for the live broadcast at

Filmed at #21CON
Watch Elliott's first ever talk at #21Convention now free to the world at
Watch his first appearance on The 21 Report with Mr. Bruno at
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I have created with my bare hands, blood, and sweat the greatest, most bad ass men's conference in the history of the world.

A fiercely unapologetic, grand 4 day celebration of 100% pure, old school, "toxic" masculinity.
#21CON is the world's most professional mansplaining event from the heart, soul, and kingdom of the manosphere.

The combined work I do with our speaker network of ~150 men has changed the lives of millions of men, forever.
The combined impact we've had on millions of men, relationships, families, and marriages has been fundamentally positive in the middle of the most negative, clown world, anti-man, Orwellian bullshit the west has ever seen.

We are the founding fathers of a cultural revolution.
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This is absolute delusional brotarded bullshit and your own projected autism.

The same goes for every other #redsperg right now.

A total inability to read REAL LIFE SOCIAL CUES by @RationalMale and many others.
Rollo has helped me build and thanked me for doing so in his own words the world's "first real red pill summit... the best event for this kind of stuff anywhere."

I did so at immense risk and challenge to my own business and life's work, a lifelong project I started at 17...
... in the manosphere.

@RationalMale is a high level speaker that I take advice and input from very seriously. We've talked almost every day for YEARS.

This is how fucking triggered spergs are in the red pill right now.

I've done something never before seen in history...
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The quantity of butt hurt loserdom going on in The Red Pill subreddit for me and #21CON is at an all time high right now. A cringefest extraordinaire for weaklings, larpers, and keyboard jockeys. This once great subreddit has officially collapsed into a quarantined shit hole.
At the helm of the Titanic is @RedPillSchool who has lovingly stated "And this guy is cancer."


You are cancer and #21CON is the cure.
I have been permanently banned from The Red Pill, Married Red Pill, and Red Pill Women.

The reason is that I am too hardcore for all of these subs and refuse to play political games with weak men hiding behind keyboards.
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My speech at the #21con went over better than I expected.

I decided to explain the Manosphere in the context of Boyd, Lind, and Robb.

It was well received.

Meta meta. Why are we here and why did that happen in the first place?
-4th generation warfare

-Emergent intelligence networks

- OODA loops on OODA loops
I also used the work of @JackPosobiec and Jordan Greenhall along with Boyd, Lind, and @johnrobb to contextualize the manosphere as an emergent intelligence network locked in an iterative battle with the blue church / resistance.
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I've consistently sough out experiences which made me tougher:

- at age 15 I did a three day fast in the wilderness and a vision quest - SOLO
- I spent weeks learning how to free dive down to 100 feet with no oxygen
- I trained years of combat sports
- I lift heavy things daily
But guess what - I was bullied in school. I was soft. I didn't know my size and had no strength.

Toughness and strength can be LEARNED.

And today at 42 I can withstand anything.
Its never too late to get tougher or stronger. Today's world demands it of you.

Physical toughness translates to mental and emotional toughness, if done correctly.

Today's world will run you over if you remain weak.

Get tough. Join up:
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For the first time ever I am proud to present, The 22 Convention: Make Women Great Again ™

Coming to the beautiful USA, spring 2020.

Join the VIP list now at
The 22 Convention is a 3 day live event for women, by men, powered by 21 Studios.

After 12 years of The 21 Convention and 15 legendary events in 4 countries, this will be the world's ULTIMATE event for women.

Featuring a 100% male speaking lineup, critics are calling it...
"The mansplaining event of the century".

Like its brother event #21CON, #22CON will star iconic manosphere speakers - the absolute best in the world.

I've already invited legends like @RationalMale @Rich_Cooper @jackmurphylive @ironshrink and many more!!
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