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1 Aug
1/ True Story: My best friend died when he was 24.

He had a massive brain tumor. There was no warning except for a grand mal seizure. That night he missed dinner bc he had a headache and we chided him for that.

It took a year & losing all his faculties before he went home.
2/ During this time he went back to university, found a beautiful girlfriend and lived life to its fullest.

While he went through chemo he was a rock for friends and family.

He knew he had less than 12 months to live and he lived every.single.second Why?
3/ As he said to me: I could feel sorry for myself, I could be afraid or I can lean on my faith & embrace my road

He did this with grace and bravery

He was the strongest person I know and my personal inspiration. I wish we could all see how valuable time is.

Live every minute
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1 Aug
I'm back from vacation and the CDC clown show has me fired up. Time for a rant. You know the drill ... a collection of standalone charts, thoughts, analogies, quotes, etc.

1. If u think getting [X]% of population vaxd will (i) stop covid & (ii) cause authorities to grant you your life back, consider the Republican enclave of--checks notes--San Francisco?

Nearly 80% of population is vaccinated. Cases up 10x.

2. Delta didn't cause vax to "fail." If there's a failure, it was the vax having been marketed as a tool for eradication, which is entirely unrealistic. That didn't happen so now they blame you.

Politicians/bureaucrats aren't interested in solving your problems; only their own.
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31 Jul
This seems to be Delta's calling card in high-vax areas. It hits with a big splash - a whole bunch of breakthroughs at once. In this case, SF hospital workers. The test now is to see if there are lots of secondary transmissions from these breakthroughs…
The vaccine already did its job in preventing serious outcomes - only two of the infected had to be hospitalized. But the secondary transmission question in light of the "comparable viral load" data will be interesting to watch.
And yes, they were wearing masks too. As I tried to calculate this morning, masks add about four points of extra protection to those already vaccinated. So that's 80 points for the vax and 4 for the mask. Delta can top that in a splash.
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31 Jul
The Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) family of vehicles provides Soldiers with highly survivable multimission platforms mitigating improvised explosive devices which produce the greatest number of casualties for our troops

Here are the TOP TEN MRAPs in our inventory
Marauder MRAP. Designed and built by Paramount Group, South Africa. ImageImageImageImage
REVA MRAP. Designed and built in South Africa. ImageImageImageImage
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31 Jul
We are in a massive credit bubble. If they allow it to pop we will experience the greatest depression in history. They can’t tax their way out of this mess without riots in the streets. They can use a global pandemic to engineer inflation to inflate away the…
debt away. Lockdowns, shutting down business and manufacturing. Funnel distribution and purchases into a few channels (the large corporates), cutting supply lines. This concentration of demand coupled with reduction in supplies leads to higher prices…..2/
Higher prices (eventually) lead to higher wages, which leads to higher taxes. The mass depreciation of the underlying currency leads to an increase in debt serviceability of the debt for the governments. 3/
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31 Jul
Why I will never blindly trust the “experts” and why I see through the manipulation so clearly. A thread.
1/ During my adolescence, my mom and I were gaslighted, manipulated and abused by my dad. physically, mentally, and emotionally. While my dad was at rehab and because of the abuse my mom endured, she went to go see a psychiatrist who simply diagnosed her as depressed
2/ with genetic mental illness and prescribed her multiple benzodiazepines and SSRIs over a few years. Remember, this doctor was an “expert,” and we believed they knew best. My mom did not question, she just blindly obeyed.
Over the course of the next 10 years,
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31 Jul
@klc4_trump @sailinjackvip I wonder how they're determining any covid cases since the PCR test has been recalled bc it can't differentiate between "covid" and influenza. Or better yet how are they differentiating "delta" from "covid"? Again no test, virus has NEVER been isolated.
@klc4_trump @sailinjackvip Not to mention, if they DID have accurate, legitimate testing for covid, to identify it as a mutated "delta" strain requires very expensive, time consuming genomic assays and testing. Neither of which (I'm willing to bet) are available at the minute clinic.
@klc4_trump @sailinjackvip Fear Porn
Next it will be the super duper loopy loop variant to keep us away from each other and to scare people into believing the hype used to lock them down and control them.

Over it
So fucking over it
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31 Jul
@Forbes 1/ “We were sent to Congress to transform lives....[said Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.)] Read more at by @AndrewSolender via @Forbes
2/ If the Senate fails to support a reconciliation package that meets the moment on climate and our care economy,...[said Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.)] Read more at by @AndrewSolender via @Forbes
3/ [If the Senate fails to support a reconciliation package]...I can’t see myself supporting their goal of passing a bipartisan package for infrastructure,”[said Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.)] Read more at by @AndrewSolender via @Forbes
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31 Jul
Matt Gaetz: “...the 14,000 hours of tape could also show us who was animating that violence. Whether they were connected in any way, directed any way - by federal agencies. It raises great suspicion that we are unable to get access to this information as members of Congress.” 👀
🍿 This is a sitting Congressman implying that our own government was behind the J6 false flag.

Keep going!

@RepMattGaetz @HouseGOP
Thank you!
You can find me here or email me direct
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31 Jul
Brittany Lee Fischer is a paid operative for Bloomberg’s lobbying org, New American Economy. She even cites them as a source for some of the data she shares.
She obviously has no clue how our immigration system works as we can see from this paragraph where she reiterates this lie spread by @RepZoeLofgren’s office that the employment GC backlog for Indian nationals exists because unused GCs by smaller countries go to waste. #FALSE Image
In fact, the immigration system works exactly to the contrary of the lie: when smaller populated countries like Iceland do not use up all their 7% quota for GCs, those unused GCs get “spilled over” to backlogged countries. How else did India exceed its 7% cap for FY2013-‘17? Image
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31 Jul
Preview of the Women's Shot Put Final
One of the best events of #Tokyo2020
Qualification has already thrown up some surprises and it is certain that will be huge competition for each medal.

My thoughts (which are likely to be wrong 😂)
1. Raven Saunders 🇺🇲
SB 19.96m PB 19.96m
5th in Rio, Raven has significantly improved in part because of her own personal empowerment. Qualified with ease 19.22m. Inspiring and deserves a medal

Prediction: Silver medal Image
2. Portious Warren 🇹🇹
SB 18.75m PB 18.75m
Was ranked 32nd to get to Tokyo, and qualified with a PB, Warren is an unknown force for European audiences. Will be hotly contesting a place in the top 8.

Prediction: 9th place Image
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31 Jul
Trans BLM band Y.G.S.L.R.H. S.T.F.U.T. is performing live today outside the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. The spa has been the staging ground for violent antifa clashes against those who oppose the spa for allegedly allowing a person with a penis to be nude around women & girls. ImageImageImage
Video of the trans BLM band performing today outside the Wi Spa in Los Angeles. The group is performing to “support and protect” trans people after the spa was recently protested over an alleged penis exposure incident in the women’s area.
The trans BLM band continues their live performance outside Wi Spa in Los Angeles.
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