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24 Oct
Good morning

Here's a quick update on the state of COVID in the US

5 points:

1. Infections are down 50% from September 1

Last year, infections rose 100% from September 1 to October 31

So we are, at least right now, on a pretty different trajectory

2. Deaths are down about 30% from the peak

This is good but not great

Why not more?

Deaths lag

But also, we are still seeing a lot of infections among vulnerable, high risk people

This is no time to be older, chronically ill and unvaccinated

3. Most new infections are in the northern half the US

And largely in Midwest, Great Plains states

7 states with the highest infection rates (AK, MT, WY, ID, ND, WV, UT)

They also have very low vaccination rates

In New England, cases flat despite weather getting colder

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24 Oct
🧵The latest Threat Landscape Update from @RelativityHQ’s Calder7 security team focuses on Evil Corp and its new Macaw Locker #ransomware that is being used to evade U.S. sanctions which previously prevented victims from paying ransoms. (1/7) #CyberSecurity #Legaltech
Background: Evil Corp, also known as Indrik Spider, Gold Drake, and Dridex gang, is an international cybercrime network that has stolen over $100 million USD in over 40 countries through a variety of attacks on banking institutions (2/7)
The group also dabbles in #ransomare, including their notorious #BitPaymer operation which utilized Dridex malware to attack compromised networks and subsequently led to sanctions from the US Treasury in 2019:… (3/7)
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24 Oct
1) It may be that there are two distinct treatment protocols for COVID-19. One early, one if Stage II is reached to avoid the potentially fatal Stage III.

These would be DIATMETRICALLY OPPOSED TREATMENT REGIMENS, as the body's response takes a "180" upon entering Stage II. Image
2) Further evidence of this "Two Disease" hypothesis for COVID-19: the Spike Protein's binding to MAO.

Our computational results show that spike protein∙∙∙MAO complexes significantly lower MAO
affinities towards their neurotransmitter substrates in the WT infection, thus
3) resulting in a reduced metabolic conversion, being firmly in line with the experimentally measured trends for PEA[33] and a range of other metabolites in mildly affected patients.[34] However, a more severe SA variant offers even more stable complexes with both MAO isoforms,
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24 Oct
A #contextuallink is a link that appears within the context of a piece of material. It’s the clickable text that appears in articles and blog posts and is usually accompanied by helpful content. Contextual linkage is one of the most difficult forms of linking to implement, but it’s still one of the most useful. Simply put, a link embedded within a body of useful and related material is more SEO-friendly than, say, a link in the page’s footer. Contextual links, unsurprisingly, must be in context with the idea of the material to which they belong. Since it’s impossible to fit all relevant material about a topic on a single page, referring to other sites that have similar information is
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24 Oct
This is your daily pension announcement: blast from the past edition! I will bring you some of my favorite quotes from all the big players! Buckle up.... #ABLeg
"I am grateful for the vote of confidence that the Alberta government has made in AIMCo." -Kevin Ubelelein

This is where Kevin makes it clear that AIMCO is in no way independent of the GOA . Implied in this is the payback that will be required in the future. #ABLeg #handsoff
Who can forget Ron Orr straight out of the Ponoka News"...every teacher will get paid a government guaranteed pension until the day they die..."

Just so you know the GOA removed the guarantee in 1992. So this isn't true.
#ABLeg #handsoffmypension
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24 Oct
Sometimes it's hard to know what all these groups actually do, when much of the work is behind the scenes & unseen.
A short thread on one very important aspect of our work, our work in Parliament.
Our work in Parliament is one of the most important things we do. We believe that lasting change can only be achieved through legislation. Short term, we work for policy change & guidance. But legislation is where it is at.
This year we have provided in-depth online briefings on women in prison & single sex provision to:
21 MPs
11 Peers
8 MSPs
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24 Oct
There is no need to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate a former president. Unlike a sitting president, a former president is not the AG’s boss. In fact, who’s to say DOJ has not started investigating Trump already as part of Jan 6?
As for potential federal charges, @tribelaw, @JoyceWhiteVance and I shared this awhile back.…
Among the potential charges we described, conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, voter fraud. And that doesn’t even touch the break glass options — inciting insurrection or seditious conspiracy.
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24 Oct
1| The plan to sabotage and cause maximum damage worked. This is our erstwhile beautiful tomato crop at #ESidakeni following sustained water interruptions, diversions and disruptions by Dumisani Madzivanyati (a holder of an offer letter for our farm). It's completely destroyed. Image
2| This person is not a farmer.He was clearly sent by his comrades whom we have named in court to sabotage & financially cripple us.We'll sue him for everything he owns.Meanwhile, we await the court decision on our application for leave to evict him pending his frivolous appeal. Image
3| Zimbabwe is going nowhere with these kind of people. Nowhere! We will fight to the very bitter end. Image
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24 Oct
1/Disinformation is the operational end of a process designed to break down society and radicalize it into cultish forms. This process leads people away from truth.

We can’t address this process by distributing truth; the cure for disinfo is not simply truth.
2/Instead, we need to counter the “lytic” process of breakdown with a different process that pulls people into common cause. That’s very hard to do but we know that just “distributing truth” won’t work. Truth is, rather, a goal we must arrive at.
3/This is why “Cambridge Analytica, but for truth” is so wrongheaded, and why the breakdown process is so diabolical.

We can’t fix society any easier than we can un-stir coffee, or un-burn a fire.

Fixing this requires different thinking than that which got us here.
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24 Oct

1. It was the haphazard remark of a photographer, an agnostic I believe, that opened my eyes... it was to the effect

#CatholicEdChat #Jesus #Twitter #Bible #books #BookTwitter Image
2. that if Christianity were true, obviously the Roman Catholic Church, with her authority was right.

It was the testimony of a man who had no ax to grind. A Jewish dentist made the same remark in effect to me shortly afterwards. The man-in-the-street
#Catholicism #Christianity
3. testifies the same with his: ‘If I were religious, I’d be a Roman Catholic.’


I entered upon an intensive study of the point. I read the history of the doctrine,

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24 Oct
See your quality links in our detailed 42network Authority Report. After The Authority #Campaign is complete, we’ll continue to slow drip links for 3+ weeks in our Volume Campaign for optimal results!… link building strategy was developed for clients in the most vicious e-commerce niches. We focus on creating a natural link structure that follows the exact path of viral content on the web, so your links show up on the best websites and get maximize results. There is no hocus pocus. No snake oil promises. Just a fine-tuned link building system, constantly being refined with real data. Our team of copywriters create original, semantically relevant content around your subject matter.
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