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9 Mar
Funniest thing that FInance Ministry/ DFS/ Banks/ IBA are telling that banks are not in a position to increase salary of bankers @ CPC , when they can write off Rs5.85 crores in last 3 years to bank looters.FM is not updating pension also after public announcement Image
& promise. Why this step motherly treatment to bankers/ pensioners. What the hell IBA advocating the issues knowing well all data’s & Ground realities? All IBA consists of yes men for misleading/ Delaying/exploiting banks and bankers. The union leaders are enjoying buffet meal at
Cost of union subscriptions to be yes man. Bankers are left to fend themselves???Any answers Honorable PM Modi Sir and FM Nirmala Madam???@narendramodi,@nsitharaman,@DFS_India , @DebasishPanda87 ,@ChiefIba,@ChairmanIba , @DasShaktikanta ,@RBI , @AIBOC_ ,@Bankers_We , @UFBUIndia
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9 Mar
I respect your sense of justice.
However,Japanese has sincerely investigated this issue and learned that they are mere prostitutes

Comfort women mafia lies.
Korea repeatedly fakes and maliciously propaganda to try to make money in the compensation Biz.

The comfort women were caught as "POW" by the Chinese and U.S. military, but Korea distorted the facts as "Freeing" and engaged in vicious propaganda.
The Korean Public Broadcasting 『KBS』broadcasted this with malicious intent.

Investigation report when the comfort women were captured as POW.

⬇️Official records
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9 Mar
100k a year? 😂😂😂😂. Oh, lad, you are so clueless. You have no idea how the world works. I wish you were right
‘Socialist elite’ Here I am at Eton singing the boat song Image
And here’s my stately home Image
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9 Mar
Banks have written Of Rs5.85 lakh crores over last 3 years. Appeal to FM Madam to make it open the Bank wise Written off Accounts with name /Amount of Looters and persons behind. Another surprise that the Fraud-loans will not be sold to bad Banks but why. Make public the action Image
Taken by Finance Ministry/ RBI/ED/CBI against all Bank Looters. De Bar them from elections/further loan/leaving country/scrap passport/from all Govt benefits/dependant by black listing them till dues are cleared.@nsitharaman , @narendramodi , @DFS_India , @DebasishPanda87
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9 Mar
Some Option Definitions:

American Style Option - An option contract that may be exercised at any time between the date of entry and the
expiry. Most US and ASX options are American style.

Ask Price - The price at which a seller is offering to sell an option or stock
Assignment - The receipt of an exercise notice by an option seller that obligates him to honour the option contact
at the specified strike price.

At-the-money - The strike price of the option is equal to the current price of the underlying share
Automatic Exercise - A protection procedure whereby there is an exercise of the option if it is in the money
on expiry on behalf on the holder

Bid Price - The price at which a buyer is willing to buy an option or stock.
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9 Mar
THREAD: I’ve said that if one state is prime for a left takeover of the party, it’s Nevada. They did it. Do I think other states can replicate that? Maybe AZ but I’ll get to that in a bit. Clark County, NV is 72% of NV’s population. They did this in 4 years of massive work 1/ Image
It’s a more condensed area to organize and the entire state machine is concentrated in one county. There is no other state that has that concentration of power. Let’s look at NY where 6 counties have 1+ million population: 2/ Image
The amount of time organizing a DSA takeover of those six counties would take probably 6-10 years, and that’s generous with how the NY state Cuomo machine operates. Not unlike CA. Let’s take a look at CA’s most populous counties. 3/ Image
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9 Mar
This petition by entities @thewire_in @thenewsminute among others only confirmed my suspicion that the indian legacy media would never fight to stay relevant in the digital realm that is free from Govt control.…
Its grudging challenge to the draconian IT Rules reveals the truth that it'd be more interested in desperately defending its turf rather than seek embrace the digital realm. This which requires it to abandon its existing business model in favour of something that is democratic.
Seeking subscribers (paid) while retaining its ad-driven model is a hare-brained idea for legacy media. When will they ever learn that the two - ad-driven vs subscriber-based - are incompatible and require a fundamental repositioning.
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9 Mar
I feel a lot of discussions around technical analysis could be resolved by simple understanding of falsifiability and what defines a quantifiable strategy. A quantifiable strategy is a strategy that can simply define --measurable-- inputs (the criteria) and outputs.
1x/ What is a measurable input? This can be a simple scalar like "50 DMA" - that is a measurable threshold and can be quantified. If you tell me "Yes, once a stock price hits the 50 DMA, then I expect a reversal in direction in no more than 3 trading days" this can be falsified.
2x/ What is falsifiability? This concept comes from Karl Popper, one of the most weirdly dogmatic anti-dogmatic philosophers of science. Falsifiability is simply the ability to be proven false. The best example is Taleb's black swan - the statement "all swans are white"
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9 Mar
We are deeply hurt by the response of Rutgers Newark. In response to a petition signed by a large number of Hindu students and our allies. Rutgers - a university that claims to pride itself on diversity and inclusion - continues to signal that Hindu student voices do not matter.
To re-iterate: we welcome academic freedom & pursuit of scholarship. We don't welcome a professor tweeting that our deities are misogynist pigs, that our texts endorse rape, & that Hindu orgs supported the assault on the US capitol.
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9 Mar
Giving away 5 pairs of heels, Dune /French Connection/Jones. Size UK 39 (India 7/8).

Rarely worn, tiny scuff but look good! Perfect for night outs, dates etc.

The pink ones are suede flea market ones, no branding but I LOVED them and you will too. Tiny scuff. ImageImageImageImage
Happy to dunzo them to you, Bangalore only.

They're not worth your time or money shipping elsewhere.

Please tag folks who might like these? @Meg_Srinivas?
Black FC gone. Others remain.
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9 Mar
#DelhiHighCourt hears the challenge to the new Information Technology (Guidelines for intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021.

Plea is by the Foundation of Independent Journalism.

Matter is before CJ DN Patel and Justice Jasmeet Singh. Image
Adv Prasanna S: We are challenged the Information Technology (Guidelines for intermediaries and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021.

Court: This is travelling beyond which act

Prasanna S: The Information Technology Act

Court: Which provision and how is it travelling beyond?
Adv Prasanna reads out the object and purpose of the Information Technology Act

Prasanna: Regulation of content and news of current affairs is not even in contemplation.. It does not recognise newspaper entities, news entities at all...
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9 Mar

Indian vs American

Family Structures
CM has both Indian and White American relatives, in Washington DC; they are the sample size

Age 18: Child Leaves Their Parents Home, Forever. If They Ever Return To Live With Their Parents, They Are Considered A Worthless Loser Who Deserves Death

Age 18 - 29: Child Lives With Roommates (Strangers), And Gets Married At Some Point
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