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21 Apr
NEW: a deep-dive into the situation in India, where a devastating second wave is overwhelming hospitals and crematoriums, eclipsing global records as it goes…

250,000 new cases every day, and test positivity is soaring suggesting many are still missed Image
To put this into a global context, much has been made of the resurgences in Europe and North America over recent weeks, but India’s wave has accelerated straight past all of them.

The situation there really is beyond what we’re seeing anywhere else worldwide. Image
In many parts of the country including the capital Delhi, cases are doubling every five days. Compared to the steady rise seen in the first wave last year, the current climbs are almost vertical. Image
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21 Apr
My handwritten Web Development notes ✍️

1. CSS selectors ☑️ Image
2. Some important CSS Pseudo classes 🔯 Image
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21 Apr
Our work from last year on how to communicate personalised risks from COVID-19 is out:…

In it we describe a series of studies by the Winton team
@d_spiegel @SciComGuy @mesotronium @CRSchneider3 @sarahdryhurst @acethecurious @lfinikarides @LuoniGiulia Image
In summary, for those developing personal risk calculators:

1) Are you trying to change behaviour or simply inform people? It changes your communication approach.

UK opinion last summer: Image
2) What are you trying to communicate? The risk of catching it and dying from it, or the risk of dying from it if you catch it? Whichever it is, be very clear

3) Who are your audience? Public or health professionals?
UK public keen for this information in our surveys
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21 Apr
anyone who wants to make profits or *super profits* in a pandemic is awful & shouldn't get single rupee of public money as a grant, it's got to be a loan or the govt should get a stake in the company - how dare they take public money & then profit off a public health crisis?
serum institute's differential pricing for centre and states is such a blatant transfer of public money into private coffers - what is the justification provided for this? How dare they mark up the vaccine price for people on one hand, while begging for public money on the other?
as they say, the rules are different for white collar folks - you don't have any money so you beg for grant of public money yet shamelessly exploit the system to extract more from the very people whose money you're relying on - this is how billionaires are made - what vileness.
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21 Apr
1/x Everybody Panic!!! The number of people coming out & claiming to be ‘Fully hedged’ AFTER today is surprising... This market has been in desperate need of a sentiment reset and a healthy correction in price & time & it seems to be getting Just that.Though we are still 50%
2/x short after monetizing the move down in IWM, we are still long calendars in SPX, long dispersión, & long 3/30 event Vol, while eyeing a couple of days of digestion & increasingly shifting our put calendar exposure to the call side... As stated earlier today, a🪟of weakness
3/x opened 4/12.4140-4175 was hit, as predicted & over a week later, we’re @4120. This is what correction in time/$👀like. Whether we get more $ correction remains to be👀. But remember a🪟is just a🪟. A👸/🦥vacay doesn’t push market⬇️, it removes support & creates vulnerability
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21 Apr
BREAKING: Arrests and raids galore in Russia, as the country braces itself for unsanctioned rallies in support of #Navalny & #Putin's address to the nation. I will report live. In Moscow, the police just pulled out of a taxi and drove away an opposition leader Lyubov Sobol.👇👇👇
BREAKING: In St. Petersburg, the police searched the homes of six activists and a journalist. Water canon trucks appeared on the main street of the city. In Kurgan, an employee of Navalny's Anti-Corruption Fund center, as well as the girlfriend of the coordinator, were detained.
In Irkutsk, an activist was detained six hours before the rally, without a reason, as he walked down the street. In Ulan-Ude, the mayor's office suddenly decided to fumigate the square where the rally was planned, "against ticks."
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21 Apr
@NathalieLoiseau last week attempted to prevent legitimate questions from being raised by MEPs @wallacemick and @ClareDalyMEP regarding the controversial @OPCW #Douma investigation.
2) @NathalieLoiseau attempted this act of censorship in full knowledge of her own involvement with the French government when it decided to bomb Syria following the alleged attack in Douma:-…
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21 Apr
If you don't already follow this group of Physicians on Twitter & Facebook, please do:…
Some other physicians to follow:
Some other clinical scientists, clinicians, etc. to follow:

Excellent, realistic analysis of COVID-19 stats, etc.:
Journalist that has consistently held the gov't to account for their draconian restrictions, the damage they are inflicting, & the lack of science to back them up:
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21 Apr
(A Thread For 7 year olds 🌝)

This thread will try to educate newbies on shitcoins so you know what you’re going into.

The name shitcoin to begin with is already a red flag but why is everyone talking about them?

What are Shitcoins?

Shitcoin has been used to refer to any cryptocurrency with little to no value or a coin that has no Use-Case or purpose. Their prices are based on speculation.
In other words, a shitcoin is a cryptocurrency that will someday be totally worthless.

While shitcoins are considered worthless, that doesn’t necessarily stop them from going ‘to the moon’”.
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21 Apr
LGBT Foundation is proud to support the full diversity of LGBT communities. We are shocked at the decision by the @ChtyCommission to grant charitable status to LGB Alliance.

See our full statement from our Chief Executive @PaulMartinOBE below.…
"We are shocked that the Charity Commission has registered the self-styled LGB Alliance as we do not believe that any organisation which actively targets and campaigns against trans communities should be granted charitable status.

We will be raising this urgently with the Charity Commission.

This decision has caused a lot of pain for trans and non-binary people, a community who already face more stigma and hatred than any other part of our society.

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21 Apr
Total production capacity : 7287 MT per day
Total demand (after surge): 5000 MT per day

Total exports in 3 months : 9300 MT (note how it is NOT PER DAY)

Country manufacturing 7287 MT per day cant export 9300 MT in 3 months.
How sick is this agenda journalism?
Also India DID NOT - I repeat - India DID NOT export 9300 MT of Medical Oxygen.

It wud be good if our journalists do some basic homework and learn the diff between Medical Oxygen and Industrial Oxygen- sadly too much to ask from those hell bent on creating sensation- check data Image
Dear @moneycontrolcom - tell your journalist to learn the diff :

Oxygen is exported in liquid capacity & there are two grades: Medical and others (industrial).

During Apr-Feb 2020-21 in your story- Ind exported 9884 MT of Industrial Oxygen & only 12 MT of Medical Oxygen
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21 Apr
Sen Ping Lacson on Pres Duterte's appeal to give EO 128 a chance: First, the Senate has no choice since the reduced tariff rates and the increased in-quota MAV have already taken effect. @rapplerdotcom
@rapplerdotcom Lacson: Second, kung meron lang sanang nangyaring inter-departmental courtesy consultation, since EO 128 is a consequence of a delegated authority granted by Congress to the President anyway, we could have given our input based on our own consultations and research.
@rapplerdotcom Lacson: For example, the National Economic and Development Authority’s conclusion that demand for pork has not changed in spite of the pandemic is flawed.
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