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Automotive blockchain platform opens new opportunities for connected vehicles

#blockchain #vehicles #connectedvehicles #IoT #BlockletTVA…
IBM, Seagate partner on blockchain anti-counterfeiting project

#blockchain #security #technology #harddrive…
SpaceChain blockchain-based satellite network a step closer to reality

#blockchain #satellite #networks #opensource…
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Morning. We are in court 26 at the Rolls Building for Day 6 of the Bates v Post Office common issues trial. Post Office representatives will be cross examined (xe’d) by Patrick Green QC (PG). First up, I think, is Nick Beal. #postofficetrial
Yesterday’s write up of proceedings is here:…

And today’s rather grouchy secret email has been sent to subscribers. Subscribe for daily secrets on
Here is yesterday’s write up by the @ft

Mr Beal has been sworn in. He is the Head of Agents’ Development and Renumeration at Post Office.
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1) Another day, another story that goes like this. Organization is training developers in testing. Sounds like a pretty good idea at first, although most developers are already pretty good at the kind of testing that developers need to do, especially when they collaborate.
2) Turns out that developers are being trained in higher-level integration and system testing—the kind of deep testing that requires more domain knowledge and a substantial shift from the developer mindset. Hmm. Why are they getting this training? Because the testers were canned.
3) And why were the testers canned? Because they had been told "We have to do more automated testing! We have to automate all the testing!" Which means that the testers were being asked to do programming. And, though this may be a surprise, the testers weren't great at that.
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Science and Space
Today it begins. Gigi and I are at the cancer center for her 1st chemotherapy treatment. It will take 8 hours, but the entire process takes 10 or 11 hours with lab work and consultations. Two days ago she had surgery to put a port under her skin for the frequent needles. /1
2/ Yesterday met with a surgeon about the multiple required surgeries. It is happening so quickly, it hasn't felt real. Gigi says the same.

But now it is real. She just finished lab work and we walked to the chemo center. Gigi was taken to the room. They'll call me, shortly.
3/ But Gigi is VERY encouraged. Running that marathon was vital. I dont think I mentioned it before, but Gigi got FIRST PLACE for her age group! She was worried she couldn't even finish. Her only goal was to finish, but she got first place. 🙏 (I need an emoji smiling with tears)
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Vamos a hacerlo bien. Estoy estudiando este artículo: The Uninhabitable Earth, de @dwallacewells en @NYMag para mi próxima novela. Va sobre los desastrosos efectos (no tan lejanos) del cambio climático. Voy a ir comentándolo sobre la marcha en este HILO…
«The science says climate change threatens nearly every aspect of human life on this planet, and that inaction will hasten the problems» / La ciencia dice que el cambio climático amenaza casi cada aspecto de la vida humana en este planeta, y esa deriva acelerará los problemas.
«we have, trapped in Arctic permafrost, twice as much carbon as is currently wrecking the atmosphere of the planet, all of it scheduled to be released at a date that keeps getting moved up, partially in the form of a gas that multiplies its warming power 86 times over» Trad. ⬇️
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Theresa May has destroyed any chance of a decent Brexit.

How badly I feel for the people of the UK today! They got sold down a river.

Theresa should never have been the one to lead the negotiations. She never even believed in Brexit.

The UK won’t be great again.
Given the #Brexit deal on the table, the UK would be far better off leaving without a deal.

It astounds me that with all the problems they have, they keep electing the same government to lead them.

You’ve got great people like @Nigel_Farage who could’ve done a REAL job!
I don’t understand how a Prime Minister can lose 16 Cabinet Members within the space of a year and continue to govern.

These are people quitting on her. Not her firing them!

This woman needs to step aside. They’ve made a mockery of #Brexit and taken it up the rear from the EU!
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Culture and Books
I've changed my position on stockpiling for Br*xit. If you're going to do it, do it NOW so the stores have time to recover and replenish. Don't leave it til March and contribute to potential crisis. I've cleared out my outhouse out. I have no confidence in this Government.
I've been hungry before and I genuinely fear going hungry again. I may be being irrational, paranoid, but that's what trauma does to a person. It changes your boundaries of what you can tolerate. Hair triggers can set recovery back months, years. I'm so genuinely frightened.
And I've been keeping a lid on it but I'm genuinely petrified of what happens come March 29th. I've _written an entire book on cooking from tins_ for god's sake. This Govt has proven themselves again and again to be not only incompetent but also selfish, careless, shambolic...
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RBI & North Block have been at loggerheads many times in the past:

1) First Governor of RBI - Sir Osborne Smith (1935-37) resigned before the completion of his term as his outlook on exchange rate & other policy issues differed with that of the Govt. He never signed any notes.
2. Sir Benegal Rama Rau, the longest serving Governor of the Bank from 1949-57, resigned in the middle of January 1957 before his second term expired due to differences with the then Finance Minister.
3. Mr. P Chidambaram and Dr. Y.V Reddy differed over FDI in Private Sector Banks.

Also, Reddy wanted a ban on Participatory Notes in India that encourages easy entry of foreign money.
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NY TV debut 11/15/48 from 8:30 to 9:45 pm on WCBS' "Film Theatre of the Air.'' Nigh, whose directing career went back to 1914 including important films at Warners and MGM, directs rare PRC family film from 1943. Copyright expired 1971.
11/15/53 at 11:15 pm on WCBS' "The Late Show.'' Due partly to Hollywood union contracts, there were many UK films on TV at this point. One of the higher-profile titles, 1947 Boulting Brothers political drama had been around since 1949.
NY TV debut 11/15/58 from 5 to 6:25 pm on WRCA's "Movie Four.'' A couple of days earlier, French producers unsuccessfully sought injunction to block Channel 4's owner, NBC, TV distributor Flamingo Telefilm Sales and theatrical distributor GFD from broadcasting Tati's 1953 comedy.
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NEW: The Trump administration is planning to announce in the State of the Union a plan to shift more veterans’ health care to the private sector.…
The administration’s plan could cost ~$13.9B to $32.1B over 5 years, and send as many as 55% of veterans to private doctors, up from about 38% now.…
Those estimates could be low, since the costs are hard to predict.…
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@4letfreedomring @amrollins49 @putolile @ChuckGrassley @realDonaldTrump Yes RUSSIANS. Have you even read the indictments? It a joke and has nothing to do with trump. While I do not like trump as a person this is becoming criminal in the governments power. Do you know how many crooks surround/ed Obama? It’s Washington
@4letfreedomring @amrollins49 @putolile @ChuckGrassley @realDonaldTrump how come Hillary can collude PAY millions 2 other countries “spy’s” to dig up dirt on trump but heaven forbid trumps team does it? Every election does OP research. Since you’re concerned, I’m sure you’re distraught over obama admin interfering in other countries fair elections
@4letfreedomring @amrollins49 @putolile @ChuckGrassley @realDonaldTrump And the fact that America’s Presidents, FBI, top officials,CIA, and top officials (otherwise known as the deep state) has done disgusting things to interfere with tons of other countries democratic process just to put in power certain people! You people make me sick.The hypocrisy
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How much lying did Donald Trump do in the run-up to the midterms?

He made 815 false claims in one month. EIGHT HUNDRED FIFTEEN.

It took him 286 days to make his first 815 false claims. He just did it in 31.…
Trump made more false claims in the two months leading up to the midterms, 1,176, than he did in all of 2017, 1,011. Here is a chart showing just how extreme this period was:
The three most dishonest days of Trump's presidency were the three days prior to the midterms. The record: 74 false claims the day before the midterms.
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