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Cryptocurrency is effecting a turning of the tide from Gresham's Law to Thiers' Law.
2/ Gresham’s Law states that "bad money drives out good.” It applies when both forms of money are considered legal tender and have their exchange rate set by law.
3/ People will hoard the “good” money (which becomes the store of value) and transact with the “bad” money (which becomes the medium of exchange). Merchants are forced to accept this “bad” money because of the legal tender laws.
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Some great questions from @tpflug on #cryptocurrency that I thought others might also be asking... And, in this thread, I'm going to try to answer them...
Why care about crypto?
What can we do with them?
So much fraud & wasted energy: what am I missing?
Why care about #cryptocurrency?
Crypto-currency is to banking, payments and (soonish with Atomic Swaps) currency exchange – as the internet was to high-street retail, music buying, movie rental and more. It's going to change these industries. It's already beginning to change them
We have to treat cryptocurrency now as we did the internet in the 1990s to early 2000s – a new technology, a new paradigm, a game changer but we're still exploring. Like when the dot-com bubble burst, the entities that survive will be the ones that matter. The ones people trust.
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1\ Have you heard this reasoning? "#Ethereum is better than #Bitcoin because it can do more." => "The EVM is Turing-complete and Bitcoin Script isn't, so Ethereum is a better cryptocurrency." => "Bitcoin's creators were too early/stupid/blind to make Bitcoin Turing-complete."
2\ This is a blatant misunderstanding! To a non-technical person, Turing-completeness and being able to compute anything is *obviously* better. But programmers know that Turing-completeness is Pandora's box: you don't know what it contains and you can't close it once opened...
3\ ...Turing-completeness is like a nuclear explosion. Once the threshold density/temperature is breached, fission fuel self-ignites and explodes. The hard part isn't blowing past the threshold, but staying as close to it as possible: energy => criticality => balance => control.
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1/ #Bitcoin is in a mania. I admit that. People are accumulating. If bitcoin was a typical investment, it would be setup for a 90% sell-off. But this isn't a typical investment.
2/ It's important to understand that #bitcoin is divisible to 8 decimal places. 0.00000001 btc = 1 Satoshi, the smallest unit (that the base layer will recognize).
3/ It's true, #Bitcoin isn't usable for everyday payments at the base level, no cryptocurrency is, but it is good at making transactions that are censored by credit cards and other payment methods. ie wikileaks donations, dark mrkt prescription drugs, etc.
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Let's start with the concept of money, which I have explained several times, but shall repeat again in a short way

So, John sells has $10 kg of tomatoes to sell.

Jack has 4 chicken to sell.

The price in the market is 1 chicken for 2 kg of tomatoes.

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#cryptocurrency adalah alat tukar yang menggunakan kriptografi untuk pengamanan transaksi dan penciptaan unit baru.
Untuk bertransaksi dengan #cryptocurrency, pengguna memakai kunci privat yang tersimpan dalam dompet kriptokurensi.
#cryptocurrency diklasifikasikan sebagai subhimpunan mata uang digital, mata uang alternatif, dan mata uang virtual.
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Science and Space:
There is a lot going on in space these days! Here is an update on the current status of modern missions, and some of the most innovative and interesting projects on the planner, plus some longer term projects for the near and distant future.
Also included are many of the companies that make space exploration and travel possible.
NASA’s current missions:

NASA currently has 39 different active missions. Some are decades old, like the Voyager I mission that launched September 5th, 1977 and is now in interstellar space (made famous, or more famous, by "Star Trek: The Motion Picture").
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I got Beakman's World in my mind too. Badda-bing, Badda-bang, Badda-boom. #Science yo! @netflix ya know what I want. hehehe.
Thanks Mr. Paul Zaloom @paulzaloom
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Today's thread

Measurement of time.
How current calendars can't match ancient Hindu timekeeping.

Why a day isn't always 24 hours long

Why a year doesn't have 365.25 days

#science #astronomy #Time
How long does a day last everyday? 24 hours? Wrong.

We define day as the time taken by Earth to complete one rotation around its axis.
But with respect to what is the measurement made? 2/n
Since Earth is also revolving around Sun while it is rotating, it needs to rotate a little extra when rotation is measured w.r.t. sun (solar day) than a distant star (sidereal day)
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1/ NASA, NOAA, privatized data and the booming space and weather forecasting industries.
2/ Pete Worden was the director of the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley from 2006–2015.
3/ Ames is a NASA incubator that focuses on info, bio and nano technologies.
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The destruction of @CassiniSaturn is a good time to pause + think about our direction/values as a species. #Cassini #GrandFinale (thread) 1/
I'm a science journalist who's covered space-y things for 10+ years now. My role is not to be a cheerleader, but to report + write. 2/
Plus the whole hold-the-powerful-accountable thing. It's a bit weirder with space, but unrealistic budgets/schedules make good targets. 3/
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And now I present: a thread based on my love of #science, #scicomm, and #animals, and the fact that I'm a huge #nerd:
The other day at the library, I got this book by Ann Tompert for my 2yo (2/?):…
The premise: an elephant and a mouse want to ride a see-saw. #Physics has other ideas, so some other animals come to help. (3/?)
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Culture and Books:
When I got home last night, I had a really hard time articulating how I felt about A Wrinkle in Time.
The problem is not that how I feel is terribly complicated:

I liked the movie, and loved parts of it

and I think this movie is going to have a bigger impact on movies than most people realize.
The problem is articulating that second part, particularly in relation to the first.
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1- So, it turns out that my research and writing about white settler self-indigenization, what I'm calling hyperdescent --> race-shifting, has led to additional efforts to silence me. Follow along for a bit if you want to find out more!
2- The 'chief' of the new organization, the Council of the First Métis People of Canada (circa 2017), has put out a call to individuals and orgs to collect all of my communications re: 'Eastern Métis' in order to build a court case against me:…
3- She's also raising $$ for the case, in order to 'put a stop to [my] slanderous harassment and racism against our eastern Metis people.' Over the past 2+ years, those of us who work on this issue have faced a range of similar threats.
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(1/n) This thread is a #summary of the #book "Write it down and make it happen" by Henriette Anne Klauser

#habits #productivity #motivation #neuroplasticity
(2/n) A lot of people only have vague ideas about what they really want. They desire more money, a better job, someone to love or the chance to travel somewhere exotic.
You may have similar desires of your own. But if you want to make them a reality, you need to be precise.
3/n So rather than saying “I want money,” say, “I want exactly enough money to open a restaurant.” And when it comes to love, figure out exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe it’s someone who is funny, kind and doesn’t mind that you don’t want to have kids.
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Book lists, book clubs, rating systems, sorting systems, serendipity, recommendations—all of these are algorithms for finding the next great read.
They're decent ways of finding useful information.

But we can do better now, can't we?

From start to end, a human can expect to read a couple thousand books.

That's it.

That's all you get.
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A STORY IS NOT A LOGIC PUZZLE, aka why "nitpicking" criticisms like CinemaSins can miss the point of a larger narrative.
A thread.
A cacophony of voices have been piling on CinemaSins and I'm throwing mine in as well: nitpicking can be excellent fun, but if you get too caught up in "logic" you lose narrative.
Stories often hit hardest when they're challenging you, when they have a point and they're often working on multiple emotional levels. Metaphorical ones.
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Freedom of Expression under @INCIndia. A comprehensive, crowdsourced thread in response to @ShashiTharoor's tweet:
1. As a response to Romesh Thapar vs State of Madras (, Pt Nehru brought the 1st Amendment.
2. Majrooh Sultanpuri wrote this poem on Nehru. He was arrested, spent ONE YEAR in jail.…
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🤷‍♂️But the left still desperately clings to the discredited Russia collusion narrative (Thread)

1) On February 7, a large pro-Assad force of battalion-sized strength, equipped with tanks, rocket launchers and artillery approached a base housing U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in the Deir-Ezzor region, and opened fire.
2) The offensive represented an attempt by the Russian-backed regime of Bashar Assad to secure areas that are currently not under regime control.
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Obama and his statist ilk see the private sector, the business community, as sheep to be sheared for resources, nothing more.

So that's how they treated them.

Many times Obama DELIBERATELY admitted he knew his policies were bad for businesses, investments, etc.

It was about 'fairness', you see.
Obama was an ideologue through and through. He was PROUD of the fact he was implementing polices that freed terrorists, suppressed the evil capitalists, stunted economic growth. He was instituting FAIRNESS and boasted about it often.
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3. Despite knowing protocol, Hanley often dismissed securing & protecting natl sec & was reprimanded on several occasions.
4. She could have used SCIF, chose not to. What else? Yes, Monica Hanley forwarded classified emails 2 THE MAID. What else? Protecting TS info? She & Clinton knew how SCIFS should be kept. ignored.
6. Hanley transferred all Sec Clintons emails 2 unsecure laptop. AT HER HOUSE. Still had this laptop at house even AFTER not working 4 Clinton anymore. Ready for this?
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Just remember, Trump has ALWAYS praised #Putin.
Last July he called for #Russia to hack @HillaryClinton's email.…
Trump's own tweets defend acting in collusion with Russia to take down @HillaryClinton:

Trump's calls for Russia to hack @HillaryClinton came right before the RNC in Cleveland.

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1)La pantomime d'unité à laquelle viennent de se livrer le président #Trump et le chef de sa majorité McConnell peut étonner...mais logique.
2)On retiendra évidemment,après les insultes proférées par #Trump à McConnell,les images du président minaudant...RT
3)Mais à un an des midterms, à 9 mois de certaines primaires,#McConnell n'a pas le choix:il doit afficher son unité absolue avec #Trump...
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#Trump was not elected president because he did not win the electoral vote via @RealTimBlack #TimBlackShow #Resist
#Trump used the same trick as George W did in Florida. By removing voters of color in 28 states, Trump supposedly won the electoral college.
#Trump is not our legitimate president, rather he's the Commander-in-Thief! via @RealTimBlack #TimBlackShow #Resist
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