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Let me tell you something nice. My dad is in his 80s and in a care home, greatly hampered by Parkinsons. I go to visit him every couple of weeks, fill him in on what’s happening in our lives. Conversation tends to run dry towards the end of an hour.
We sit and watch the birds on the feeder outside his room. His immobility means that his life has shut down to more or less the four walls. A few weeks ago one of the carers organised a poetry session. A handful of residents got together to read out poems.
Many of the people who live there have dementia, so a couple of them dozed through it, but Dad really enjoyed it anyway. He was telling me about it today, it's been a few weeks, and we agreed he should ask for her to do it again. We got around to discussing poetry.
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1. A primeira dica para quem ganha um Salário Mínimo é, logo de cara, ganhar mais. O vídeo foge da própria premissa e intui que a pessoa que vive de SM vai passar a ganhar mais e, com isso, conseguir poupar.

Daqui começamos a entender que é uma história construída sem nexo.
Quem vive de Salário Mínimo infelizmente carrega, pelas dificuldades uma série de pequenos problemas na vida e que a adição de 300 reais infelizmente não vai resolver. Contas atrasadas, falta de aparelhos domésticos para baratear o custo de vida (microondas, geladeira e etc.)
Ao menos que você receba um salário mínimo morando na casa dos seus pais ou a renda familiar somada seja maior, as chances são de que qualquer 300 reais somados só sirvam para resolver problemas antigos. Contas atrasadas, manutenção da casa, roupas mais apresentáveis e educação.
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As pressure mounts on Facebook to do something about anti-vaxx propaganda, Pinterest demonstrates how a social media platform can take a comprehensive approach to fighting health misinformation…
Yesterday, @RepAdamSchiff joined a nascent Twitter meme by searching Facebook for “vaccines” and screencapping the (bad) results
The results, which I wrote about earlier this month, are dominated by anti-vaxx propaganda.…
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Science and Space

Thanks everyone @UCU_Ulster who made overcoming tech issues possible! Really great questions on REF, #Anticas and #SecureWork, #Workload + academic & academic related & professional staff contracts (#LoveOurARPS!)/1
The stuff that came up about role profiles for academic related+professional staff roles is partially covered…
^Academic role profiles+guidance were agreed through JNCHES (AUT days, pre-UCU). ARPS role profiles weren't quite prioritised in same way /2
Who're ARPS? WE ARE LEGION! Working in diverse roles sometimes referred to as professional/services/managerial; in 2004 Framework Agreement as 'Academic Related'. We include library+IT staff, administrators, specialists, student support, counsellors, careers advisors, more! /3
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After a long time, today I checked my blog's analytics. And I'm mind blown 😱

📈 134K users in a year, WOAH 🤯🤯🤯

More details in the thread 👇
I started my blog back in September 2017 when I started learning Machine Learning and Data Science 🧠

Since then I have written 16 blog posts at
Whenever I write a blog post I post it on Hacker News, Reddit, and Twitter. That's how I get my initial readers 💻

Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't 😛
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THREAD: Today, our new report on #UKhousing sets out how the quality of UK homes must improve to reduce emissions and ensure they are ready for a changing climate. Read the report here:… #Homes #UKClimateAction (1/10) #climatechange
UK homes are not fit for the future. The Climate Change Act requires near-zero greenhouse gas emissions from homes by 2050 but efforts to reduce emissions have stalled. Most homes use fossil fuel heating; <500k have heat pumps or are connected to low-carbon heat networks. (2/10)
Today, 4.5m homes overheat in England, 1.8m people live in areas at significant risk of flooding and water consumption is higher than in other comparable countries. Risks are increasing due to climate change, but measures to adapt homes are not being taken up (3/10) #UKhousing
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Culture and Books


On January 16, 2017, Joe Biden visited Ukraine as part of his last foreign trip as Vice President.

What was the purpose of this trip (his 5th since 2014), just a mere 3 days before his last day in office?

To find a possible answer, let’s return to 2014.

In February of 2014, protestors took control of Ukraine’s capital, Kiev, in what became known as the Maidan revolution.…

The President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, fled to Russia.…
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Today is THURSDAY.
Yesterday was WEDNESDAY.
Wednesday is NEW COMIC BOOK DAY.

All of which means, when put together, that I am now the published author of an X-Men ongoing.
THE AMAZING NIGHTCRAWLER is only five issues long (I almost typed six just there, that's how much I don't want this to be over), but it's still an ongoing. Same creative team, same editor (hi, @chrisrobinson!), same everything for five issues.
Even if Marvel decided tomorrow that I was too me to work with ("me" can mean so many things, from "distracted by novels" to "filled my editor's office with live frogs"), I would still be the author of an X-Men ongoing. And that's amazing.
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1.) In my 2012 book “The Great Divergence” I wrote that race didn’t contribute in any direct way to the post-1979 boom in income inequality b/c the gap between white and black incomes hadn’t widened. That conclusion now requires revision.…
2. New evidence (see link in previous) shows that the black-white wage gap has been growing since 2000. It may even have started growing before that. This is horrible news. It was bad enough when we thought no progress had been made in four decades. Now ...
3.) we learn that the wage gap has actually been growing—and that’s corrected for education level, geography, and other non-racial factors. And it’s been growing during a period when the median white worker hadn’t exactly been thriving.
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Why @hommer_ich #Spiegel lying piece is #FakeNews?In a gesture of transparency,#NCRI invited @DerSPIEGEL to visit #MEK in Albania frequently visited by politicians &dignitaries including former Bundestag President Rita Sussmuth. but the offer was rejected.…
However, @DerSPIEGEL did not reply to #NCRI's invitation. #Spiegel clearly had no inclination of getting to the truth of the matter &instead preferred to accept the regime’s lies at face value. #FakeNews #Spiegel_FakeNews…
Despite #Spiegel ignoring the invitation,the #NCRI& #MEK replied to the 10questions raised by @mathieuvonrohr in a 6,600-word reply just4days later. In this letter,they again extended an invitation to @DerSPIEGEL&implored them to visit the MEK compound.#FakeNews #Spiegel_FakeNews
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The @vahousegop just killed the floor vote, and hence the #ERA, blocking Virginia from becoming the 38th and final state to ratify it and make gender equality part of the US Constitution.

166 million women are affected by the VA GOP's action this morning.

I spoke to a voter yesterday who told me, "We keep voting against people, but we never vote for the people."

His words will stick with me. If an elected official can't act in the interest of 50.8% of the population, that official is not acting for the people.
Here in Virginia, we've gotten it wrong for a long time.

We got it wrong on the Civil War.
We got it wrong on segregation.
We got it wrong on suffrage.
We got it wrong on interracial marriage.
We got it wrong on disallowing women into VMI.
Today, we got it wrong again on #ERA.
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A man subpoenaed by Robert Mueller has been sued for racketeering, in a federal lawsuit accusing him of a globe-hopping campaign of a violence, extortion and financial crime across the United States and Turkey.

My latest, at @CourthouseNews…
This blockbuster lawsuit intersects with two major criminal cases in the United States: a more than $500 million money laundering scheme charged in Utah and a Turkish influence campaign filed in Virginia.

Here's the 127-page federal complaint:…
The lead defendant is Sezgin Baran Korkmaz, pictured at the top of this story standing in between now-indicted Mormon polygamist leader Jacob Kingston and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Here's @NateCarlisle background on the photo:…
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