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Aug 13
🧵I have to share this with yall. I’m with my mother & I go into the gas station and I see this real old white man walk in. Walking slow and gingerly. I happen to look up at his hat and it said “World War 2 veteran”. I’m like wow. Normally when I see people with veteran hats on
I thank them for their service. And I was going to do that here. But I got distracted, laughing and joking with another customer and I forgot. So as I get back in my car, I see the guy walk back out, slowly, to pump his gas. I pull back around to tell him thank you 4 his service
At first I’m in the car and he can’t hear me, not even looking my way. So I pull over and get out and walk up to him and say “I just want to thank you for your service.” He looks at me, and he says “I want to tell you something. You got a minute?” I say yes sir.
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Aug 14
1// Você reparou que, nos últimos meses, apareceu um novo Leite Moça no mercado? A embalagem é marrom e traz uma mudança nos ingredientes usados.

Resolvi apurar o assunto e descobri que esse é apenas um entre vários lácteos modificados que ganharam espaço. Vem comigo nesse 🧶: Image
2// São muitos os exemplos. Leite virou bebida láctea. Creme de leite se transformou em “mistura de creme de leite”. Queijo ralado agora é “mistura alimentícia de queijo ralado”. E até o doce de leite foi substituído por “doce de soro de leite SABOR doce de leite”.
3// Mas o que está por trás do fenômeno? O custo de produção do leite subiu 62% no Brasil durante os últimos dois anos. Com o aumento dos preços, muitos produtores se desfizeram da parte menos produtiva do rebanho. Para piorar, estamos nos meses de entressafra.
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Aug 14
If Central Banks only print bank reserves, why do they continue to engage in QE?

Because under certain conditions, QE sets up a virtuous cycle for capital flows towards risk assets.

A thread on the very important mechanics behind QE.

QE creates bank reserves, which is money only for commercial banks and not for us common people.

These bank reserves don’t have legal tender, and they can’t be used by the private sector to transact in the real economy.

So why do Central Banks perform QE at all?

Mainly because QE coupled with regulation activates several virtuous cycle that help capital flow towards riskier assets that would otherwise be in trouble.

To understand this, let’s start from what QE does to the balance sheet of a commercial bank.

3/ Image
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Aug 14
Let me tell you a story. This is Susan Lung. She taught me to read and write in a single year when I was 7 years old. I've been looking for Susan, hoping to thank her in person, for almost twenty years. And then she surprised me at my reading last night. Image
I came to the US at 1 and a half years old, but I grew up in a household that only spoke Pashto & Farsi, so when I started kindergarten, I didn't know a word of English. I don't think my teacher knew how to handle an ESL student. He used to punish me for not understanding his
directions. We moved a lot in those days as my father searched for work and I went to three diffrent schools in 1 year. I continued to struggled with English. Then, after first grade ended, my family went back to Afghanistan for the summer. I fell in love with Logar, but...
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Aug 14
THREAD. We are at emergency levels. Gov DeSantis is crashing through practices, standards & regimes designed to maintain the provision of secular, public education by professionally licensed educators. This is a direct assault on a fundamental building block of healthy democracy.
DeSantis: “Every morning our students recite the Pledge of Allegiance while looking at the the Star-Bangled Banner.” No. In 1943 SCOTUS decided that it would violate the 1st Amendment to compel students to recite the pledge. So this is NOT the reality for ALL students.
The Gov should know this. Moreover, reciting the Pledge can present moral confusion for students when the pledge conflicts w/the truth of what they see around them. Here’s white student in Little Rock describing seeing a Black rpter chased while she recited the Pledge in 1957. Image
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Aug 14
(📢) MAJOR BREAKING NEWS: Donald Trump’s January 6 Coup Plot Infiltrated the Pentagon

This is the most important RETWEET I’ve ever asked for. I hope you’ll read this breaking-news-filled 250-pg. book—viewable w/ a $5 PROOF subscription—and follow this 🧵.…
1/ The most important untold January 6 narrative is—without question—the coup plot at the Pentagon. There are many reasons the story has not been told in full until now, and I’d like to start this thread (which will be quite long) by enumerating some of the most important ones.
2/ Some of you will recall that the first House January 6 Committee hearings were actually in 2021, not 2022. But they were largely ignored. Why? Because they amounted to little more than confusing public squabbling between Pentagon officials and D.C. law enforcement officials.
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Aug 14
Google is so powerful that it “hides” other search systems from us. We just don’t know the existence of most of them. Here's a list of sites you may have never heard of, it's how we overcome the madness: - Academic Resource Search. More than a billion sources: encyclopedia, monographies, magazines. - a search for the contents of 20 thousand worldwide libraries. Find out where lies the nearest rare book you need.
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Aug 14
A friend with classified document experience has given me permission to post her comments here, and so...a thread:

"This week in Trumpland has been wild. So I thought I'd put my FSO hat back on and talk about document classification. This is a long one.

A sitting president cannot wave his magic wand and declare something declassified. "

"He has the authority to read someone into classified programs whenever he wishes, but the documents themselves must go through a review process before being officially declassified."

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Aug 14
For a good chunk of Trump's presidency, there was a flurry of correspondence between the White House & NARA about the preservation of presidential records & adherence to the PRA & WH counsel circulated memos about following the law

1/ ImageImageImage
In March 2017, Sens McCaskill & Carper wrote to Archivist David Ferriero asking whether NARA was aware of any efforts to skirt the PRA. Ferriero responded that his staff provided a briefing to Trump WH staffers on the PRA.

2/… ImageImage
In October 2017, Stefan Passantino circulated a PRA compliance reminder around the WH and he noted: "Failure to abide by these requirements may lead to administrative penalties. The willful destruction or concealment of federal records is a federal crime."

3/ ImageImage
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Aug 15
The DOJ knew Trump would try this “I thought I had already declassified all the documents I stole” thing, so it carefully crafted its criminal probe such that he wouldn’t be off the hook even they were declassified. This is why it takes time. And it’s why Trump will be convicted.
Imagine if the DOJ had based the search warrant on a more simplistic argument that Trump was merely in illegal possession of classified documents. He tells the jury he thought he’d declassifed them, the jury sees it as a reasonable doubt argument, and Trump goes free.
So the DOJ built its case on the premise that he wasn’t allowed to have these documents at home, refused to give them back, lied about not having them, and voila, guilty of espionage and obstruction. Whether anything was “classified” doesn’t even matter.
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Aug 15
Recentemente foi disseminada uma mentira envolvendo os assassinos da atriz Daniella Perez. Para entender a sordidez desse ato, e ter uma pista de quem deve estar por trás dele, é preciso conhecer uma história.

Em 1990 o Brasil vivia uma crise de criminalidade violenta.
A Lei dos Crimes Hediondos (8.072) daquele ano foi uma tentativa de responder à crise.

A lei enumerava os crimes considerados hediondos e determinava que, nesses casos, a pena do criminoso deveria ser cumprida integralmente em regime fechado.
Em 1992 a atriz Daniela Perez foi brutalmente assassinada a tesouradas. Apenas SETE ANOS depois o casal assassino já estava livre.

O crime - homicídio qualificado - não era considerado hediondo.
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Aug 15
Alright folks, let's strap in for the most important logistical thread🧵of the Russo-Ukrainian War.

This thread is about how much artillery ammunition the Russian Army has left over from the Cold War and what shape it is in.

It's going to be a ride.
1/ Image
Lets start with what is know open source and the perils of Russian daily shell counts.

The Covert Cabal channel did an estimate of 10K shells a day and quoted a RUSI document saying 7,176 shells a day.

How Many Artillery Shells Does Russia Have Left?
Individual day shellfire rates vary a lot, & in early June, Ukraine was on the wrong end of a 45K to 1K or 2K shell ratio in Donbas per General Zaluzhny (Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine - UNIAN)

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