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8 May
A continuation of the conversation started on the latest #SaturdayMorningHustle "Professional Balance" bonus content episode last week, today I'm talking all about keeping control of your self-worth and value as a human while navigating the negativity that surrounds us all.
Let's talk about how to utilize patience and determination to skip over the small, day-to-day issues in your career or business development and staying focused on the big goals in your life. #SaturdayMorningHustle #Podcast
It's Saturday, I'm in the office so it must be the #SaturdayMorningHustle. Listen to this podcast while your competition is still sleeping.
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8 May
A week ago, we had a 20 yr old woman in the ICU, who was 5 months pregnant. She was a high risk patient. We tried saving both the mother & child. Obstetricians, intensivists, anesthetists all were extensively discussing her line of treatment.
One day, while on rounds, her O2 saturation started dropping. We increased the O2 flow, calmed her, asked her to take deep breaths. She became stable only to deteriorate a few hours later.
With no option left, we had to sedate her & put her on mechanical ventilation.
There she was, a 20 year old, who was soon going to be a mother, lying on the bed with tubes in her mouth and IV lines running from her hands. We waited for her to get better in the following days, but ultimately had to deliver the baby through a C section.
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8 May

We @lifeworthhmo know the importance of living a cancer-free life, and so we decided to raise awareness about it.

#Thread Image
Ovarian cancer is a type of cancer that begins in the ovaries. But can later spread to the pelvis and abdomen.
Women With Increased Risks:

- Women ages 50 - 60yrs
- Women with close relatives with ovarian cancer
- Women who started menstruating before age 8yrs
- Women who are/were still menstruating after age 55yrs
- And other genetic "Wahalas"
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8 May
1. Yes, this is true elder brother, which is why I strive to be clearer @timkellernyc, and in my clarity I’ve been labeled a racist & anti-Christ. Evangelicals didn’t do this, white evangelicals did. Who led the helm? White reformed “evangelical” leaders live yourself, beloved.
2. For years, you and others led a movement, or at best were influential in a movement called the “Young, Restless, & Reformed movement” or “The New Calvinist”. This movement was predominately made up of young white evangelical men as well as women. @timkellernyc.
3. Within this movement, leaders idolized knowledge & disregarded love and so a multitude of conferences were put on every year that massaged young white evangelicals minds & with that ego while never truly engaging their hearts so that they’d grow in empathy, compassion, or love
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8 May
1 year ago, I wrote my first Twitter thread.

100 threads and 70,000+ words later, I’m just getting started.

10 favorites (on business, finance, mental models, and life):
Competitive Advantages

10 competitive advantages that don’t require talent.

(Note: This may be the subject of a future book...)
The Feynman Technique

A method for learning through teaching.

Complexity and jargon are often used to mask a lack of deep understanding.

Find beauty in simplicity.
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8 May
I'll be fighting like hell to prevent it, but I'm beginning to believe the Dems will lose Congress in 2022 and the monster who failed to steal a second term in 2020, will do so in 2024—unless Dem politicians and the good people of this nation work with urgency and ferocity, now.
The incessant attacks on voting rights by Republicans, the general fatigue of millions of exhausted Americans, and Sinema and Manchin's reckless wasting of this season for the Dems are terribly concerning, as is the lack of fire from the DNC.
2022 and 2024 are all-or-nothing propositions for Democracy. If either of those good badly, all the work of so many for the past four years will have been wasted, and we will only have procrastinated away America's demise.
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8 May
Have another watch of the video - it is not directed at antivaxxers, ie the people who spread lies online. It is directed at ordinary people. "Shut the f*ck up and take the vaccine". Your passive aggressive "if Dr Francis were pro-vax" is appreciated btw. Patients love that too.
Yes, we should only be critical of medical public communication from our own country. The vaccine and the Internet famously respect national borders. Image
My word may well mean nothing. You name-dropped @PeterHotez. Let's agree he knows more about this than either of us - why not examine his messaging? Why not take a look at the Vaccine Hesitancy Project's enormous body of work about communication of vaccine information?
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8 May
10 Life Skills I Wish I Was Taught In School

A 🧵
1/ Budgeting

Learning how to track & plan your income & expenses is crucial

I wish I took a class that simulates different phases of life & various income/expense scenarios
2/ Entrepreneurship

I wish I took a class where the goal was to make $1,000 by the end of the semester

Light on lectures — heavy on taking action

A class like this would have taught me so much about how businesses actually work
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8 May
A few remote working tips from twenty experts with 100+ years experience working remotely

🪑get a great chair and desk

An ergonomic chair and an electric sit + stand desk are essential

Nobody wants back pain and it’s impossible to do great work for a long time without them
🗣understand async working

Asynchronous work is the super power of remote work. It empowers everyone to do deep focussed work without distractions

This allows you to maximize the benefits of remote, have more control over living, and do the best work you have ever produced
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8 May
COVID-19 Vaccines: What We Know So Far!

- By Dr. Vipin M. Vashishtha, MD @vipintukur

The Global Scenario:

➡️ Ten different Covid-19 vaccines have shared their Phase III data.

2 based on mRNA,
4 on viral vector,
3 on inactivated
1 on protein subunit platform.

➡️After 4 months of their trials, now there is a definite gradient in their performance:

Highly efficacious: mRNA,
Moderate: Viral vector,
Low to Moderate: inactivated vaccines.

(based on Trial Data and Post-trial Population Data)

➡️Efficacy (Point estimates as per published/shared data):

Pfizer 95%
Moderna 94.1%
Sputnik-V 91.6%
Novavax 89.3%
AstraZeneca (AZ) 62-90%
Sinopharm’s (BBIBP-CorV) 79%
Covaxin 78%
JNJ 72%
CanSino’s 65.7%
Sinovac’s (CoronaVac) 50.4%

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8 May
With the situation as it stands, all of us should be thinking about whether we have our financial documents in order, to make it as easy as possible for our families if something should happen. Here's a 101 on succession, wills and nominations. 1/n
First, please check all material financial accounts to ensure that nomination details are complete. You should be able to do this online or speak to an RM. Nominations enable the financial institution to transfer assets to the nominee upon production of a death certificate. 2/n
In the absence of a nomination, the FI will typically insist on a court approved document such as a probate (i.e. a court validated will) or a succession certificate to hand over access to funds. Both take around 8-9 months to obtain, and delays can be expected due to Covid. 3/n
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8 May
Today terrorists attacked a school & killed #Hazara teenagers. In recent years, daesh&taliban attacked Hazara weddings, fitness centres, mosques, etc. They cut the throat of 9 yo tabassum & killed newborn babies. It always happens in west of Kabul.
#kabul #StopKillingHazara ImageImageImageImage
October, 21, 2017:
Some 60 Hazara civilians were killed in an attack on the Iman Zaman mosque in Khair Khana area of Kabul…
August 18, 2019 :
Suicide Bombing of Wedding Party in Kabul Killed 63…
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