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Alright! below im gonna post my collection of links related to
occlusion culling. if I missed good links, you folks are welcome to
post them below.
"Practical, Dynamic Visibility for Games"…
occlusion culling by creating hiz-buffer from occluders.
also uses it for shadow caster culling. they find AABB of
objects for culling against hiz-buffer
"Secrets of CryENGINE 3 Graphics Technology"…
occlusion culling by reprojecting depth of previous frame, downscale with max operator.
to cull objects, rasterize bounding boxes of objects, and cull them
against downsaled depth buffer.
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I have news for you! The next tweets will explain you in detail how you still can do #geolocation #search in #Instagram without breaking any rules. HT @OscarMager It's also a good example of how Facebook and Instagram are slowly merging. So here it comes!
First, you have to start with a place in Facebook. Let's go to the homepage of @greenpeaceusa in Facebook via This is just the start of our quest. We need to make an ID out of this page first. (2/7)
Now go to my and enter the word greenpeaceusa in the box under 2, "Search by username" as shown here. You will get the number 5435784683 right? Don't ask "so what", just copy and paste it and don't ask any questions (3/7)
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"Una exam time table dun comot?" Progress asked as soon as he called me, we were in 300 level & were about to begin exams;

"Yes, dem paste am for department today" I responded, "our own too dun comot o!" He replied!



Tension in school went high as students suddenly became serious, a lot were seen reading under street lights at midnight while a certain set didn't care.

I woke up one Monday morning after a long & beer-filled Sunday night, we had a morning revision class so I went to get set!
While I was brushing my teeth I got a '2go' message from 'Emma' - a classmate, "you hear say ASUU dun go on strike?" He wrote;

I stopped brushing & read it again to be sure I wasn't dreaming, I left his chat & went on to check other updates from people & I saw similar at updates
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Science and Space
Hi Twitter!
A quick thread on the surreal gridlock that Canada's oil industry -- which, as a reminder, is a super big part of the economy -- finds itself in. See this story below 👇 1/n
Canada's oil industry is in a crisis right now -- it's producing more oil than all the pipelines, rail cars and storage tanks can handle. So prices are falling, and falling quickly.
How bad is it? Bad. On Labour Day, a barrel Canadian heavy oil was selling for $45 U.S. (down already from $55 in July).
Now, it's selling for $15.75. A drop of two-thirds in two-and-a-half months.
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1/36 *nerd hat on* As a perpetual student of history + geography, the growth of hyperbolic doomsday journalism on #climatechange/#globalwarming is really, really irritating to me. I also find it deeply irresponsible. History teaches a lot of lessons that this journalism skips.
2/36 The doomsday journalism is of a type – breathless predictions of terror, a black + white of everything, + we’ve never faced this. This journalism overwhelms people into being unable to plan. That is irresponsible itself, especially for figuring out how to handle it.
3/36 Some of this is because people, especially in the US, love being Cassandra. We also have the privilege now of knowing what’s going on. But it is also irresponsible to not consider climate change as an extreme version of a long cycle of humans fucking shit up.
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Its nearly #purplecon time with @kanocarra!
Front row with some of the #purplecon krew.

Almost showtime!

@pikelet @hipsterjazzbo
Some ace haikus.

And a @mangopdf
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Culture and Books
@bekkhylle to “cancel” her would be to play whack-a-mole where the mole has a bad haircut. the fact that this shit resonates indicates a much deeper cultural problem that I wish I knew how to solve
@bekkhylle by the way I have had an identical opinion of her since she first appeared on the scene and could really give a fuck about each edgelord take including today’s
@bekkhylle It’s interesting that someone who doesn’t view gender as a moral position can see transition as atonement.
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I thought I was done with the @DineshDSouza nonsense, but apparently it's been gnawing at him so much I'm now part of his speaking gigs.

Here he is at Liberty University. Start it up about 18:40:
This segment really is Peak D'Souza in that it manages to present an argument that uses a single cherry-picked fact to push against a much larger body of evidence on the other side *and* it somehow manages to get that one fact wrong.

Let's take a look.
First of all, the cherry-picking.

Again, this is D'Souza's classic MO, taking one small detail out of context, ascribing total explanatory value to it, and then hoping his audience doesn't know any better.

Here's an earlier example:
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Some of the suckers around here, those gifted, merely stolen for oppression, said, "you really are sibbole-th!,"

To which I had to inform, they were attempting to countermand the literal Word of G-D, and "th" is not a relevant Hebraic construct, thus they just proved the point.
@RegentU Unwise.
Look: Know: The face of G-D hoving upon The Waters, the face of your Prophet, obscured by The Anathema, The doom it may somewhat preventably cause thus planet, and the Truth you can no longer deny though you read and evangelise a heavily edited book to, extort from each other...
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WPM-Desa-Whitaker-Wikileaks-Occupy Democrats and Rabbits! Part 3
I'm BACK! Are we ready to figure out what all these rabbits and money-men are doing?
Ok!! Let's run with the bunnies for a while. Note: rabbit holes will occur.
First...a little prep work. This section will be mostly focused (I hope, HA) on Raven's research...which is MASSIVE). What Raven has done is basically plumbed a network of seeming connections between Trump site and umm...lots of things. So excite!
The Matrix
(No, not that Matrix. Ok maybe -sorta...i dunno)
First, find a domain name, then track its IP/Route addresses (public data) by making a txt file of those addys. Save it to a base of similar domain names. We're gonna use the search function to compare similarities.
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The #RuleofLaw is at stake; we cannot allow this to be a partisan issue. Good to see some notable conservatives speaking up. “Conservative lawyers are not doing enough to protect constitutional principles that are being undermined by . . this president.”…
“We believe in the rule of law, the power of truth, the independence of the criminal justice system, the imperative of individual rights and the necessity of civil discourse.” Amen. We need people speaking up on all points, including #ProtectMuellerNOW.
“The president has attacked the Justice Department for indictments of Republican congressmen . . and he’s urged that the Justice Department investigate his political opponents,” Peter Keisler said. “That’s a fundamentally wrong and very dangerous [and should be condemned]."
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Has Fox News been given a SHUT UP order? Is this a freaking coup?
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