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8 Dec
The big picture on Omicron

Early studies now out comparing Omicron and Delta.

One liner: All is not lost; hybrid immunity performs the best.

This work is from @sigallab Sweden where they checked neutralisation of omicron VS delta VS old virus using serum from 34 people

1/16 Image
They find what is already known: that people respond differently to the infection.

That is, there is substantial variation in the profile of immune response between individuals.

Which means: we can’t generalise for one person. That is one thing we need to understand.

This graph shows all 34 people’s neutralising values

In plain English it means how did each of their serum (sera) did against: 1. Old virus
2. Delta
3. Omicron

The y axis is pseudovirus neutralisation titer. Higher value means the sample is effective at higher dilution.

3/ Image
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8 Dec
nsfw / okay this doesn't have anything to do with condoms (sorry king) but i keep thinking about like...just a very soft, sleepy sope thing on one of their first few nights in LA, still adjusting to the jet lag and the schedules.
yg had been planning to try and beat the lag by working on his music - he'd already set up his equipment on the hotel desk the first night, and he's been itching to get back to it. but then hs had knocked on his door, shuffled inside and made small talk, yawning every other word,
until he'd said: "hey hyung, mind if i crash here tonight?"

his palm was on his belly over his t-shirt when he'd said it, and he was looking at yg's equipment in the corner. something about his shoulders made yg wonder if he was waiting for yg to kick him out, say no.
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8 Dec
#Thread Tucker Carlson's Monologue Calling Out The Biden Administration & The Bipartisan Push By Neo-Cons For A War With Russia Over Ukraine

“The only question that matters is how does intervening in Ukraine help the core interests of the United States?"
Tucker Carlson Praising President Trump For Resisting The Push For More Pointless Wars From Both Sides In Washington
Tucker Carlson On Republican Senators @SenatorWicker & @SenJoniErnst Begging For War Over Ukraine

"They're all just reading from the same talking points."

"It turns out that foreign lobbying campaigns work pretty well, and that's why the Ukrainians paid for one in Washington."
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8 Dec
I'll be honest. A lot of the vibe I and many students from rural southern places have long gotten in higher-education circles outside of Mississippi is condescension. I've spoken publicly before about how I was shocked by belittling responses to things I didn't know in north.
I've long looked at those as lessons about how-not-to-teach. And some of it challenged my mental health and sent me into therapy. Here's the thing: I knew things they didn't, and still do. In j-school, I was stunned at lack of intellecual curiosity about what I knew about South.
Growing up here in Mississippi, it was a toxic stew of miseducation (lies) about our history and low expectations about what was possible for Mississippi kids, and too little prep about what to expect outside bubble here. Plus, belittlement for wanting more than a husband, kids.
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8 Dec
What the early omicron data means: get boosted.

"BNT162b2+infection" are people infected in 1st wave, then Pfizer-vaxxed (2 shots). They have better neutralization of omicron than only Pfizer-vaxxed .

A RNA boost 6mo after your last shot bumps Ab levels by 10x. You may need it.
Some details: The 100x higher antibody levels of the infected+Pfizer vs Pfizer here is somewhat artifactual. The vax-only are ony 12 days post-vax. That's well before peak antibody response at 3-8 wks post-vax. OTOH the infection+vax are 27 days post-vax, so near peak protection. Image
Previous studies saw only a 2–10x difference in Ab levels between infection+vax and vax. So the 100x difference here is likely from the vax-only being sampled before their response is mature.…
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8 Dec
1/24 Check out the "Keeping It Real" Tool Kit + 1-hour webinar + FREE CE!=

#CARE4TBI #ContextualTBI #braininjury #TBIrecovery Image
2/24 Check out the "Keeping It Real" Tool Kit + 1-hour webinar + FREE CE!=

#CARE4TBI #ContextualTBI #braininjury #TBIrecovery Image
3/24 Check out the "Keeping It Real" Tool Kit + 1-hour webinar + FREE CE!=

#CARE4TBI #ContextualTBI #braininjury #TBIrecovery Image
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8 Dec
Steve Bannon has gotten himself sent to prison.

Mark Meadows turned over evidence and has still gotten himself sent to prison.

Multiple people are pleading the fifth.

Mike Pence's chief of staff is fully cooperating.

So are others.

The 1/6 committee's strategy is working.
This is what winning in politics looks like. Every single Trump person has to decide whether to sell Trump out or go to prison. Plenty will sell Trump out. Plenty will go to prison. In every instance it's a win for America and a loss for Trump world.
In politics or any other arena, it's almost impossible to set things up so expertly that your opponents lose no matter what move they make. Yet the 1/6 committee has done precisely this. Of course it helped that Trump world did all this dumb criminal stuff to begin with.
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8 Dec
In ONtario ##CommunityPharmacy may give 2nd dose pediatric vaccines at 21+ days as long as there is informed consent.

This means fully vaccinated by NYE for the first round kids.

I was on the fence about this but have decided to have my kids get their second dose next week.. 🧵 Image
When we thought these were a two dose series the spacing was ideal for optimal immunity. Now with a booster I’m less worried about that interval knowing long term immunity is planned for. Additionally we are seeing a case rate increase. A new variant. Schools as major drivers
Of cases. Additionally, with over 4M kids vaccinated in 🇺🇸 we are not seeing safety signals with the younger cohort. And while Canada has, on hand, enough for all first doses of kids, supply is good and uptake won’t use them all (probably around 50%) so we’re not taking what
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8 Dec
We're on Vision Zero now. I don't have any notes for this, bc it was added to the meeting packet late. But here's staff's presentation:…
From my perusal, it looks like crashes are down generally, but severe crashes (serious injury or death) are pretty consistent.
Also that traffic fell 39% during 2020 (vehicle miles traveled). Cuz pandemic.
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8 Dec
JAN. 6 COMMITTEE UPDATES: Chairman Bennie Thompson had a lot to say tonight — on the work of the panel, on Mark Meadows, on Mike Pence and on his approach to the committee's final report. Some details:
-The committee has not had any "direct engagement" with former Vice President Mike Pence yet. "We will be talking to the Secret Service about what they did on that day to protect the vice president. We think that’s important for the report."
-He's still hopeful Meadows cooperates with the Jan. 6 committee but that criminal contempt was just "one option" among several the committee could pursue to pressure him if he doesn't show up for a deposition on Wednesday. "The goal is to get information from Mr. Meadows."
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8 Dec
This is more-or-less my last blogging day of 2021 (I may sneak a post or two in before the New Year, but I might not), so it's time for my annual roundup of my book reviews from the year gone by.

1/ A vast library.
I've sorted this year's books by genre (sf/f, other novels, graphic novels, YA, nonfic) a

nd summarized the reviews with links to the full review.

As ever, casting my eye over the year's reading fills me with delight (at how much I enjoyed these books) and shame (at all the excellent books I was sent or recommended that I did *not* get a chance to read). 2021 was a hard year for all of us and I'm no exception.

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8 Dec
Tonight we’re voting to prevent an automatic $36 billion cut to Medicare, plus a potential default that would wipe out six million jobs and $15 trillion in the retirement funds and other household wealth of American families.
Our tax dollars are precious, and we need to be responsible with our spending, not punish Florida seniors for Congress’ inability to come to reasonable solutions.
I believe in balanced budgets, and when I was Orlando’s Chief of Police we did more with less, working during the great recession to ensure that our dollars went directly to public safety initiatives.
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