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Woke up to the dubious honor of a namecheck in @WSJ. @FreemanWSJ uses my reporting to back the false assertion that @SenWarren's Native American ancestry is no different than that of average European Americans. For those interested in facts, a thread 1/…
Yesterday @senwarren released an analysis of her DNA that revealed five segments of DNA containing genetic markers indicating they originated in the people who first came to the Americas. I wrote about it for @nytimes… 2/
Based on the segment sizes, geneticist @cdbustamante & his colleagues estimated @senwarren has a Native American ancestor who lived 6-10 generations ago. @FreemanWSJ concludes—wrongly—that Warren is between “1/64th and 1/1024th” Native American (i.e.,1.56%-.097%). Mistake #1! 3/
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1/ Great morning for a tweetstorm updating the latest on the interaction of #WallSt & #bitcoin, drinking coffee from my new BitMug (thanks AC Fenton!) @brucefenton
2/ The most significant news--maybe most important news to date on the #WallSt front--was @tzeroblockchain's token generation event on 10/12 (a fully-compliant #STO on the public #Ethereum mainnet of true preferred stock, issued by an SEC registrant). Investor letter captures...
3/ ...perfectly the true benefit of owning #cryptoassets (which defenders of the legacy system love to ignore): investors have the option to opt out of the legacy system, which is unstable & unfair. Owners can either hold tokens at a broker/dealer OR IN A PERSONAL WALLET at...
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Tether has, unless they have the most incompetent representatives in the financial industry, just confirmed that they do not have USD backing all outstanding tokens.

(This has long been suspected to be true at least some of time; @Bitfinexed was on the case about a year ago.)
“Wait isn’t that literally the opposite of what they said?”

No; read it carefully. It makes a distinction between having full USD reserves and says they have “sufficient” reserves (implying: relative to our liquidity needs) and has full assets, but the delta is crypto.
“What does that mean?”

It means that Bitcoin is in the middle of a stupidly large credit bubble and the biggest supplier of credit, which also happens to be a major exchange, counterparty, and settlement layer, is insolvent and facing a run on the bank.
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Science and Space
April 19, 1993 - Following a 51-day siege, military tanks driven by FBI personnel begin punching holes in the Branch Davidian complex to insert a tearing agent and end the standoff. Shortly after noon, fire breaks out within the building and it is rapidly engulfed in flames. The
remains of at least 74 individuals, including 21 children under the age of 16, are recovered from the ruins, some of whom had died of gunshot wounds. [The CS gas the FBI introduced into the Branch Davidian compound had been previously banned from international warfare.
The U.S. couldn’t have used it against Saddam Hussein, yet it was used on women and children at Waco. The manufacturer of the gas had quit selling it to Israel because they had used it against Palestinians in their homes, and several children had been killed by it. The
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Happy #DictionaryDay! In honor of birthday boy Noah Webster, we’re going to take on a probably large, probably ill-advised endeavor.


For every one (1) like of this post, we’ll give you one (1) obscure, unusual, or just fairly interesting word.
Oh wow, we're already up to 200. Well. Better get started.

1. 'Absquatulate' - to decamp, abscond…
2. 'Deipnosophist' - a person skilled in table talk…
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China plans to launch its first satellite to test the technologies of the space-based gravitational wave detection program "Tianqin" by the end of 2019.
Gravitational waves are "ripples" in the fabric of space-time caused by some of the most violent and energetic processes in the universe.…
Tianqin = “Harp in the Sky”
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Culture and Books
The attitude to @GosnellMovie shows the systematic left-wing bias of the media

Let's compare with real data how the media reacted to "Gosnell" compared to Al Gore's climate change movie "An Inconvenient Sequel"

Domestic movie takings over the first Fri-Sat-Sun weekend of wide release:

GOSNELL: $1,162,988*
GORE: $810,284**

Gosnell also took more $ per theater than Gore

(Even adjusted to 2018 dollars Gore doesn't crack $1m either)


Rotten Tomatoes: Media Reviews

GORE: 149

So Al Gore's movie, that took LESS $ at the box office has X24 more reviewers

No bias there. I'm sure they're all going this weekend!
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Russia denies that a single chemical weapon attack has been carried out by the Syrian government.
This position in maintained despite a vast body of evidence which has been presented to the contrary by civil-society groups, western governments and in OPCW investigations.
Some 37 cases have been confirmed by the OPCW Fact finding mechanism. There are well over 100 further accusations.
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Who is the “We” to whom Sasse refers, I wonder.

Does it include gay people, or Muslims, or trans people, or native people, or asylum seekers, or immigrants, or disabled people, or those with preexisting medical conditions, or homeless, or any people of color, or any women?
Do the “We” who “hate each other” include the people of Flint, 4 years without drinking water?

Or the relatives of the 3000 dead in Puerto Rico, who Ben Sasse’s unconfronted leader claims were fabricated by “them” to make him look bad?
Is Colin Kaepernick among Ben Sasse’s “we” who hate each other?

Is Dr. Catherine Blasy-Ford?

Was Heather Heyer?

Was Trayvon Martin?

Was Sandra Bland?
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Pompeo just met with the Saudi royal who may be behind Jamal Khashoggi’s disappearance What a horrible, no good, very bad photo op.…
This meeting lasted 15 min -- enough for the smiling photo op between the US Sec of State & the likely orchestrator of the disappearance of a dissident journalist
"It’s terrible optics for the secretary of state to be seen with the person America’s spies say may be most responsible for Khashoggi’s disappearance — and it’s quite the public relations win for Saudi Arabia."…
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One of the lesser known consequences of Trump’s zero tolerance immigration policy is a total subversion of the U-visa system, which is supposed to encourage undocumented victims to report crimes - by @margaretkatcher…
Our story yesterday looked at asylum seekers who enter the US illegally. @patrickwtimmons spoke to those trying to enter legally who are stuck on a bridge between two countries that don’t want them…
A lot of people feel helpless or angry about how our government is treating immigrants. @oliviasolon profiled one woman who decided to dedicate her life to trying to help.…
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If you're reading this you're not Elizabeth Warren so your day is looking up for the better already.
Seriously you have to go out of your way to fuck up that badly. Yesterday wasn't a mistake. It was a trainwreck. Warren was the conductor. Leading her career off the tracks, and down the side of a long, steep cliff.
What could Warren have gained from that DNA test? People made jokes about Warren's background, sure. But nobody "gave a shit" besides her.

Well. Now everyone does give a shit. Because they see Elizabeth Warren lost her goddamn mind.
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