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Dec 11
#Vedanta #Upanishads
1/ Time begins with mind, space also in mind. Causation cannot stand without time. Without the idea of succession there cannot be an idea of causation.
Time, Space and Causation, therefore, are in the mind.
2/This Atman, this Cosmic Energy, this Pure Consciousness, this Spirit is beyond the mind, space, time, causation & is formless.
And anything beyond these must be INFINITE
3/ Then comes the highest speculation if Vedantic Philosophy. The INFINITE cannot be two & if soul is Infinite, there can be only ONE SOUL. And all ideas of various souls, names & forms, universe etc are not REAL.
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Dec 11
I Discovered a Simple Trick to Get Floods of Free Traffic - and Now I'm Sharing My Secret! Image
Hey friend! It's been a while, but I've got incredible news. 🤯 Over the last 3 months I've cracked the code on getting boatloads of FREE organic traffic from Discover and searches. We're talking floods of laser targeted visitors to your site.
I've been keeping this breakthrough a secret until I could verify the results, but I'm now ready to spill the beans to my loyal followers. 💗 I know you've been struggling with getting traffic and beating that tricky SEO game...Well struggle no more!
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Dec 11
It’s been a while, so I figure it’s time to give a PD introduction for new followers, and an update for those who’ve been following him for years.
This is PD the day he was born, & tonight, nearly four years later.
It’s been a long, hard, beautiful road. He’s our miracle child

He was born right before covid shut down the world. He was a good weight and a little beyond his due date, but he struggled with breathing and his heart had some issues. We had a few precious moments with him before they whisked him away to the NICU
We had another couple moments with him that night before we slept. Sarah was still recovering from the epidural and we weren’t able to spend the first night with him.
And that night, his first night on this earth, he died.
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Dec 11
Wild week in the Indo-Pacific.

10 things you may have missed (from 10 accounts you should follow) 👇
1. Confrontation + Collision

Chinese Coast Guard & Maritime Militia ships "harassed, blocked, & executed dangerous maneuvers" against smaller Philippine ships in the South China Sea.

One Philippine vessel was rammed, & 3 damaged in 2 separate incidents over the weekend.
2. Water Cannon Clash

On Friday, Chinese maritime forces carried out "illegal & aggressive actions," blasting Philippine ships with water cannons at least 8 times.

Long-range acoustic devices were also used, causing severe discomfort & incapacitation to the Filipino crew.
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Dec 11
EXCLUSIVE: I just broke the most important AI censorship story in the world right now. Let's see if anyone understands.

Hint: Gemini.
The Gemini release has a ton of data in it. It is explosive.

Let’s take a look at the real toxicity and bias prompts.

According to the data, every site is classified as a particular bias.

Should that be used by as part of the datasets of what will define toxicity?

media_bias_fact_check.jsonl`: contains factual reliability (`fact`) and political bias (`bias`) for a set of domains.
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Dec 11
New findings from Splatoon 3's resource size table 🧵


4 new main weapons + 1 coop weapon
- Maneuver_Long (New Dualie type)
- Shelter_Focus (New Brella type)
- Saber_Heavy (New Splatana type)
- Stringer_Explosion (New Stringer type)
(All have 2nd kits based on observation)

- Roller_Bear (Grizzco Roller data)
Vss_Ditch03 (The Reef - Splatoon 3?) - Unsure whether this will be used. Has models, a scene, and a layout however, and seems quite finished.

Fld_Maze02 (Kelp Dome) - Port from S2
Fld_Hiagari00 (Mahi-Mahi Resort) - Port from S1
Fld_Ruins00 (Bluefin Depot) - Port from S1
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Dec 11
Really, most Canadians don’t care much about marathon votes, sleepless nights and parliamentary shenanigans. It was all embarrassing for most sound-minded MPs. But there are a couple of things to glean from that empty Opposition front bench that we stared at for most of Friday. Image
Poilievre started it, but wouldn’t finish it when it started to go bad for him. He didn’t show after his gift of McDonalds to their caucus. In fact he was there for less than a third of it. Didn’t even bother with an excuse.

2/6 Image
He left behind a tired, small group of rotating MPs (hats off to them).

3/6 Image
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Dec 11
💡Researchers from Cambridge Acknowledge 25% of Vaccinated People Now Have VAIDS‼️

Researchers at the prestigious Cambridge University in the United Kingdom have revealed that one in four vaccine recipients currently suffers from vaccine-associated immune deficiency syndrome (VAIDS), also known as a chronic immune deficiency response.

According to the study's conclusions, 25% of people who received the experimental Covid mRNA injections are currently dealing with a "unintended immune response."

According to the authors' paper, the mRNA vaccination induced this specific "unintended immune response," which was "generated by a glitch."

Experts have long been warning about the possible consequences on people's immune systems, even if the Cambridge scientists and the mainstream media refer to the influence on immune systems as a "glitch" or "unintended" response.

According to the UK Telegraph, "Cambridge scientists discovered such vaccines were not perfect and sometimes led to the production of nonsense proteins instead of the desired Covid'spike,' which mimics infection and leads to the production of antibodies."

"Researchers at the Medical Research Council (MRC) Toxicology Unit at the University of Cambridge have discovered that when this partially synthetic code is read, the body's protein-making machinery occasionally struggles with the uridine analogs. Previously, it was believed that the small change to uridine caused no problems in cells."

The paper states, "Updated vaccines that use the improved form of mRNA are in the works for cancer jabs and other therapeutics. The scientists shared these findings with medicines regulator MHRA about a year ago."
The mainstream media is putting forth great effort to conceal the study's findings.

The results of the scientists have been misrepresented by a Science magazine article, which claims that the unwanted proteins produced by the injections might not be harmful.
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Dec 11
we need to build a wall around windsor, colorado

when they send our people, they're not sending their best. they're sending white supremacists, violent segregationists, and neo-feudalists.

and some, i assume, are good people
I'm not just talking about some fence. I'm talking about digging a giant moat around the entire place and lacing it with barbed wire buoys
we live in a society. this is why we shouldn't go so far as to dronestrike them. but certainly they shouldn't be allowed to spread their hatred of foreigners to the rest of this country
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Dec 11
Let's talk about this because you may get invited to a party this holiday season that calls for "cocktail attire." What is cocktail attire? And how can you do it well? 🧵 Image
The term "cocktail attire" comes from a time when people went out and mingled at cocktail bars. In these physical spaces, there were two groups:

1) People just getting off of work
2) People on their way to another evening event, such as seeing a show Image
As such, cocktail attire refers to the things that people naturally wore during this period, given where they had just come from or where they were heading.

Office workers wore suits.

People on their way to an evening show, such as the opera, wore black tie.
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Dec 11
Piers Morgan, who was fully vaccinated, admits he has VAIDS and blames un-vaccinated🙄

This is not only denial, but truly "ignoring the science" like they all use to scream.

Recurring mRNA doses and boosters have caused UK talk show personality Piers Morgan to get Vaccine Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

Morgan claims that as a result of the toxic injections, his immune system is significantly compromised and that he has tested positive for Covid-19.

The outspoken TV personality blamed the "anti-vaccination" movement for his VAIDS illness after sharing his Covid test results on Twitter on Tuesday and stating he felt "as rough as a badger's a*se."

After vaccination, "altered cytokine responses" are the source of the deleterious immune response. Our immune system produces tiny proteins called cytokines in reaction to infections. An individual's immune system gets progressively compromised with repeated vaccinations, which can lead to VAIDS.

Morgan stated he "believed the anti-vax" experts, which is why he skipped the most recent booster dose. He claimed to have gotten his last booster shot two years ago.

"I promise not to make that error again!" he joked.
Morgan blamed "anti-vaxx imbeciles" once more for his assertion that he wouldn't have gotten COVID again if he had only received the most recent booster shot in response to a clever post by Andrew Tate.

"I appreciate your worry, Andrew. Strangely, I wouldn't have been sick again and wouldn't be feeling as awful if I had another COVID booster. That will teach me for wasting my time on the internet listening to ignorant anti-vax lunatics!

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Dec 11
When the end is nigh
And the cops are closing in
The once-careful criminals open the whisky
Call their wives on open lines
Talk about the good times
"Can you believe we got away with that??"
Get together one last time
The adrenaline courses quick
The testosterone rat-a-tat-tats
their machine-gun pulses
"Fuck, Mikey. Why'd we do it? We had it pretty good -
This is all so fucking stupid."
They pop a few more bullets into their pistols
And paint the ceilings
As the sirens blare.
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