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Oct 4
I've maintained a 12% body fat for 12 years.

Here are the 6 low-effort, high-protein meals I eat to stay lean:

Let's start with breakfast.

1) Scrambled Eggs and Ham

• 3 eggs
• 5 ham slices
• 1 chopped tomato
• A thin bagel

Scramble eggs in a pan using light oil.

Rip up ham (or other lean meat).

Serve on bagel.

33g protein, 377 calories Image
2) Overnight Oats

• 30g oats
• 100g mixed berries
• 1 scoop protein powder
• 1 banana
• 200g 0 fat Greek yogurt

Mix oats, yogurt, and protein powder.

Top with berries.

Leave overnight in the fridge.

42g protein, 504 calories Image
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Oct 4
For those who are interested, let me tell a little history story to explain the real (as opposed to imaginary) risks to the USD, and why I'm not just brushing them aside here. This is the story of the post-war British pound.
During World War II, the British were under immense economic and financial stress. They needed to import food and war supplies from abroad, yet quickly ran out of means to pay for them in gold or currencies besides the pound.
What it ended up doing was arranging for other commonwealth members, like Canada and Australia, to provide supplies in exchange for bonds denominated in pounds. These countries were willing to do this, to support Britain, even though it was effectively a form of financial aid.
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Oct 4
Now Bloomberg, via @zerohedge are bringing the cope about the 'bond vigilantes' not being necessary, just a new round of 'non-believers'.
Keep telling yourself that. /1…
In this month's GGnG newsletter I wrote the following /2 Image
This is the part so many in the fin-press do not want to face and why they can't understand what's happening.

Today the UST rout is the story. The other CB's are trashing their currencies to protect US/domestic credit spreads.

Simple question: What happens tomorrow?
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Oct 4
DC is controlled by special interests groups and lobbyists who have an inflated grip on our politicians.

When major votes like the CR come up, Members are flooded with calls from lobbyists telling them the world will end if they don’t vote to continue funding “X” initiative.
That broken system has led us to over $33 trillion in national debt and there’s no end in sight until we put an end to Washington’s spending addiction fueled by special interest groups.

Yesterday was a big step in the right direction.
Outside of DC, an overwhelming majority of Republicans agree with @RepMattGaetz and @RepRosendale that we need single subject appropriations bills to reign in government spending.

They also agree we should NOT be funding a war in Ukraine.
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Oct 4
Sunak speech: 1/ His comment about Nicola Sturgeon, if uttered by a journalist live on air, would lead to them being taken off air immediately. It risks contempt of court. And the broadcasters cannot report on this error of judgment accurately without also risking contempt....
2/ HS2 cancellation - I'm told there are still actually negotiations inside govt about how much of the 36bn can be repurposed. Because of issue of penalty clauses for cancelling Phase 2. 2a was given Royal Assent in 2021. Need clarity before celebrating any non-existent routes, which do not have planning permission...
3/ Sunak as the "change candidate" won't wash: "I've thought about stuff and come to a new conclusion" is teenage politics - for all the Blair-lite delivery this is not a man who takes hard decisions; he avoids them by reinventing the problem...
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Oct 4
Most people want to be wealthy, but do not know how.

Here are some financial rules to learn to become wealthy in your 30s and 40s:
• Rule of 72

It calculates the number of years it takes your money to double, given a rate of return.

You just need to divide 72 by the interest rate.

If your investment returns 4%, it will take 18 years for your money to double (72/4 = 18).
• Rule of 114

It calculates the number of years it takes your money to triple double, given a rate of return.

An investment growing at 7% will triple in about 16.29 years (114/7 = 16.29).
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Oct 4
RMT reacts to scrapping of HS2 Northern leg
RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said: “The incompetence of successive Tory governments has now cost the taxpayer billions and led to this disastrous decision for Britain's economy, environment and our ailing transport infrastructure...
Computer generated image of an HS2 train
"High Speed rail together with a modern expanding public transport network is key to the future of linking every part of our country together, from north to south and East to West...
"Public transport investment is not an either-or question. The fact is we will not be able to tackle the climate emergency without encouraging people to use modern, cheap and efficient high speed rail and hugely expanded local bus services...
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Oct 4
Inflammation is a silent killer.

3 in every 5 people die from chronic inflammatory diseases, and an estimated 80% of all human diseases are mediated by inflammation.

Here are 7 simple ways to fight inflammation (they just might save your life): Image
1) Natural Herbs & Spices

Western medicine neglects natural remedies, but they’re used across the world to fight inflammation:

- Garlic
- Ginger
- Turmeric
- Ginseng
- Cinnamon
- Green Tea
- Fenugreek Seeds

Include these in your diet, and you’ll see anti-inflammatory effects.
2) Paleo Diet

Processed foods cause inflammation.

Added sugars spike blood sugar and lead to insulin resistance, and excess omega-6 fatty acids lead to chronic inflammation.

Eating a paleo diet (cutting out processed food) for 30 days will give your body the reset it needs.
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Oct 4
1/ 🚀 Ever been overwhelmed with multi-step staking processes? @enosys_global's Simple Staking is changing that narrative. Let's take a dive. 🧵
$HLN $APS Image
2/ 🔍 The Problem: The traditional DeFi staking model often requires:

A) Choosing a farm pool
B) Swapping tokens for the correct balance to provide to the LP
C) Providing liquidity to the LP
D) Manually staking LP tokens to the farm

Creating a tedious, experience for users. Image
3/ 🌱 Enter Simple Staking Deposits

With Simple Staking(SS) users takes one action:

A) Choose desired token and deposit

The protocol does the rest.

B) SS autonomously manages swaps and balances
C) SS stakes into the Enosys DEX LP
D) SS deposits user LP tokens into the farm Image
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Oct 4
5yr TIPs with current real yields at 2.6% will be the most compelling risk-return asset vs cash over the next couple years.

These bonds are offering boom level yields at a time when the economic cycle is softening and recent market moves suggest further softening. Image
These bonds looked compelling at 2.3% real yield as I wrote about 2 weeks ago and the trade has only become even more compelling since.…
The low vol and direct influence of the weakening cyclical momentum is the reason why these shorter-end TIPs look particularly appealing even though the whole curve has shifted upward. Image
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Oct 4
When Bihar was part of Bengal, the service and political class was dominated by Muslims and Kayasthas. Both groups had access to power for generations. While the former has been ruling class due to which they were the part of elites, Kayasthas among Hindus learned Urdus..
due to which they have been part of administrative class even during medieval India. However, when Bihar was part of Bengal, the Kayasthas asked for a new state due to which there would be an expansion of provincial services thus cornering more government jobs.
The Kayasthas did not stop at cornering the new jobs but they even demanded the implementation of domicile policy in the state which led to Bengal-Bihar divide. Yes, the division b/w two states is not new.
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Oct 4

{Who could I be?}

I was once an enemy of the Prophet
But then I saw the light and became his asset
I fought for the cause of Islam with courage and skill
And never lost a battle, no matter the odds or the will Image
I led the Muslims to victory against the Persians and Romans
And conquered their lands from Iraq to Syria and beyond
I captured many cities and forts with my sword and horse
And earned the title of the Sword of God by divine force
I was a master of strategy, tactics, and warfare
And always adapted to the changing situations with care
I was loyal, brave, generous, and humble
And respected by my friends and foes alike in every struggle
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