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20 Jun
On Saturday a bunch of Internet news pioneers celebrated the 25th anniversary of the launch of I was lucky to be with them and wanted to say how much my experience there means to me. THREAD
On Feb. 4, 2007, I was preparing to leave the Washington Post & join

It was weird to write that then (and still is!) but they were separate companies with separate staffs and different cultures.

My short time there was a huge influence on my career.
I've never had as much professional freedom as I did in 2007, when I worked with people who every day asked themselves: "What can we do today?" and so often came up with something new, creative and impactful.

The sad part is that it required us to be separate from the paper.
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20 Jun
Itโ€™s comingโ€”#DeltaVariant is now >96% dominant in 3 major counties (UK, Russia, Portugal). It is surging exponentially in the US at now 31% of all cases, up from ~10% just a week ago. The #COVID19 rise & divergence hidden by fast dropping #AlphaVariant. ๐Ÿงต ImageImage
2) Notice the strong divergence of #DeltaVariant vs #Alphavariant. This was why the rise of Delta was hidden so long underneath total case counts dropping and plateauing Image
3) this was hospitalization in the UK one week earlier. Very different than before #DeltaVariant domination. ~30% of deaths even among those fully 2 dose vaccinated, according to PHE (Englandโ€™s CDC). This is the Delta.
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20 Jun
Lies kill. Propaganda enables violence. It's good news that 175 civil society organizations around the world are now working on disinformation. How can we counter it? 1/
My preferred strategy is to "expose the device": rather than refute the lie, talk about the reason the lie exists. Expose the manipulation process, rather than fight the specific manipulation. 2/
Don't: share, retweet or reply to falsehood-filled posts. First impressions matter: people remember the lie more than the refutation, and every propagandist knows that with repetition comes familiarity. Sharing also feeds social media algorithms that reward engagement. 3/
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20 Jun
Yes, Destination Reader does appear to be a predominately 'comprehension skills' approach with 'text detectives', inference and prediction elements with a SATs prep element (3 mark answers) all tied together with a dialogic element and a focus on pupil engagement.
As such, it lacks a coherent and systematic approach and seems to assume an advanced state of orthographic development for all KS2 pupils - always dangerous. It does have some whole class reading but demands more unmonitored independent reading and peer reading.
Unmonitored reading in primary school is almost useless (NICHD, 2000). As you so rightly ask, where is the fluency practice? Perhaps before that, we should ask, where is the orthographic development that facilitates fluency development?
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20 Jun
Welcome to Bond Basics with Bloomberg series (BBB). This is the main thread that will slowly build with each new topic I cover. Each topic will be its own mini-thread which will then be linked via retweet to this main thread. That way we'll have an organised series of chapters!
The aim of this series is to give back to fintwit by sharing what I know and also revising what I've learned. Some of it is old, some of it is constant. Good chance some of it is WRONG. I hope to be challenged throughout this!

And no, you won't get trading advice.
Where possible, I will incorporate Bloomberg functionality into the content. Why? Because it costs 25k a year and I need a reason to use it.

I'll also mainly focus on US rates but maybe mention other markets in passing.
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20 Jun
Georgiaโ€™s investigators note reveal MASSIVE election problems in Atlanta. Kamala Harris is an incompetent fool who is put in charge of the US border and does nothing. Jim Jordan and crew are on mission to break up Big Tech. Critical Race Theory is being exposed on a massive level
We were lied to by the FBI, CIA, WHO, CDC, DOJ, Politicians the Mockingbird Media assets including Hollywood for decades and this has been exposed online by Tucker Carlson and others. The physician for Trump and Obama said that in his opinion Biden shows all signs of cognitive
impairment and that Biden needs to be tested and that test made public. That will never happen BTW. Iran is shipping oil to Russia now. HCQ and Ivermectin worked, and this is a crime against humanity. By purposely hiding the truth millions could have been saved. Google funded
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20 Jun
Lesser Known Fact:

Modern Pakistanโ€™s location at the juncture of South and Central Asia has always led for the fusion of cultures.

The most excellent example of this was the fusion of Greek mythology with Buddhism in ancient Gandhara.

Thread on Hercules and Buddha. 1/n Image
The existence of Greeks in the neighbourhood of Gandhara (an ancient region in northern Pakistan pertaining to areas in KPK and Northern Punjab) went back many millennia when the Achaemenid empire of Persia started settling Greeks in Bactria (modern northern Afghanistan). Image
The March of Alexander through the Indus Basin (337 BCE) allowed for the opening of contacts between the Hellenic world and ours but soon after his death with the ousting of his generals, the Indus basin quickly contributed and became a part of the great Mauryan empire. Image
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20 Jun
My Friend @vcgurav needs your support to raise funds for his higher Education. Vivek has actively been working on environment issues. Now, he is looking forward to do his Masters in "Environment Policy" at University of Bristol, UK.
Please support him:-
GPay/Phonepe:- 8796659779 Image
Do visit the fundraiser and support with any small amount possible:-โ€ฆ
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20 Jun
This is just making my blood boil! Since 2018 @salford_mayor and @AndyBurnhamGM were warning Govt there was a #BuildingSafetyCrisis and the #EndOurCladdingScandal was not restricted to ACM. They were told it wasn't in buildings over 18 metres as well. Then we had fires like
Barking, The Cube and others. When the ยฃ1bn fund was announced they were told it wasn't enough and buildings in #GreaterManchester that had identified deficiencies at that stage could need 25% of it with the biggest known cost ยฃ11m. Since then the problem has grown and grown.
There are thousands of residents trapped in homes they don't feel safe in. The true costs of fixing the problem just grow.
The failed regulatory system that allowed unsafe Cladding onto buildings also allowed developers and builders to cut costs and build without cavity barriers
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20 Jun
This results in an interesting question. For folks who act differently online vs offline, which one is their "true self"?

I would say a bit of both.
On one hand, people let out thoughts or aggressions online that they would be less prone to do in person. It helps get a feel for what people "really" think.

On the other hand, people are social animals with instincts and bonds. Online diminishes those, leaving the rough side.
Folks develop "internet enemies" that if they were to meet in person and get to know each other a bit, might be more respectful even if they naturally disagree.

Internet enemies have all the natural disagreements, without the million years of empathy instincts as social animals.
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20 Jun
@la_biografia 1/4 You are right, Maite! Hidden Communists, you must have seen them who also won a lot of RT. They are clear opposition supporters, not non-political. And ... I think perhaps those with many followers are internet pro-Chicom operatives๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ณ.
@la_biografia 2/4 The ruling parties (LDP and Komeito) are given preferential treatment to the rich and have a slow-tempo, low-IQ politics against the general public, so the momentum of potential anti-ruling parties is strong in ordinary people. That also appeared in Shizuoka this time.
@la_biografia 3/4 I feel that the current ruling party has a 'hidden agenda' that widens the gap between rich and poor and divides people. It looks like they are demonstrating the Self-destruction Program themselves.
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