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9 Aug
When my twitter tribe reached 10,000, I said I'd share all my "secrets"

What started as a 20-minute "Twitter copywriting" video course

Became a 2+ hour beast I'm calling Twitter Growth, Influence and Monetization

(continued on the next tweet)
I was going to host it on Gumroad

Nothing but love for Gumroad - copy I wrote for various products in the past 2 years has generated over 500K in sales and changed many lives

But the GR user experience for video course is just ok

So I'm doing something better for you
The biggest concern I have in doing a free course isn't to leave money on the table

I'm sure I could sell 2-3000 copies at $49-79

No, my concern is that you'll treat this like a free product

So let's make a deal: I don't want your money

But pretend u PAID $100 + take ACTION
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9 Aug
In 2019, #CDC Guideline authors quoted their 2016 stats:

"nearly 2 million" have #opioid use disorder,
"estimated 3% to 4%" rely on long-term opioid therapy
"approximately 11%" report daily #pain

"Nearly 2 million"=nearly 0.6%. Stick with me.…
Before governments recommend & legislators, providers, & insurers adopt policies that could harm up to 11% to possibly protect 0.6%, they need damned good evidence that what they're recommending is necessary.

But they didn't know if rx #opioid limits would help or kill.
#CDC set off a tidal wave of limits in 2016, even tho the studies then available on dose limits provided "very-low-quality evidence" that reducing or stopping med would improve pain, function, or quality of life. 76% got the *lowest* rating for evidence.…
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9 Aug
I was thusly asked to defend the proposition that property rights are objectively derived:

Colleague: "Even the basics of property rights are not some immutable set of objective facts about the universe."

My response:
It's an immutable neurological fact that humans have a hard-wired "moral/ethical structure of mind", similar to our "logical structure of mind" that cannot comprehend contradictions.
Babies, for example, demonstrate ethical behavior, but lack an ego that chooses, so the behavior is clearly instinctual (and obviously we see such things among animals, as well). This is supported by the current understandings of neurology, as well.
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9 Aug
Superheroes and supervillains are attractive because it's clear who the bad guys are.

The guy holding a nuke button and demanding money is the bad guy.

In real life things are rarely that black and white.
There's an old saying: One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

It's an old saying because it's true. The bad guy is whoever it is that's trying to hurt you, but objective 'evil' is much harder to identify.

Trump and his followers represent clear evil, I think.
At the very least they are a very clear threat to democracy and tolerance.

And I think that very clear threat that the majority of us see is why so many more people are involved.

There's a clear bad guy.

And I think a lot of people on the left are upset...
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9 Aug
Today is Sunday August 9th and the cabals second tier of power [T2] is still no longer a threat to global peace.
Victory of the Light!
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9 Aug
This is going to be an mega thread where I lay out the bullish case for and also demystify 's price calculation which does not use standard supply/demand mechanisms.

So grab a coffee and take a set. Class is about to begin. Image
Before diving into the math I want to take a step back and talk about general trading/investing philosophy.

At the most basic level my philosophy is to look for trades/investments that offer asymmetric reward opportunities. That means opportunities where the reward... significantly outsized versus the risk being taken. The immediate follow up rule is to DYOR so you can be confident in the trade/investment that you are about to me.

This is the exact philosophy that lead me to getting fully involved and invested in #Ethereum.
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9 Aug
Development Assesment of New Borns upto 6 years

New Born babies need a lot of care by a mother and others. They need to be assessed timely for the developments in their growing body. Paediatric care needs a self assessment tool which can help mothers and fathers at home.
Trivandrum Child Development Centre charts widely accepted as standard charts by all the Paediatricians and paediatric neurologists for assessing the child's Development.
There are two types of development to be assessed in a child

1. Language Milestones
2. Physical Milestones

These two needs to be observed timely in a growing child.
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9 Aug
1) In her own words, the Catholic Church confirms that she operates a powerful #Marxist faction as a "wolf in sheep's clothing" to destroy America's constitutional republic. See their own documentary via Arcadia Films
#Alinsky #Jesuits #RadicalDemocrats
2) "All of this would contribute to the undermining of America's constitutional republic and the people's rights that come from God."

#Jesuits #JesuitPlots #Marxism #BlackPope #Radicalism #Liberalism #Progressives #Alinsky

3) "One day America will be a #Socialist nation without knowing how it happened." (27 mm)

#Jesuits #JesuitPlots #Marxism #BlackPope #Radicalism #Liberalism #Progressives #Alinsky #Leftists #Antifa #RadicalDemocrats

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9 Aug
"As inspiring as Reagan's words are, they leave out the chilling context that Lord Acton's provide: "At all times sincere friends of freedom have been rare, and its triumphs have been due to minorities[.]"…
If the task of defending freedom seems daunting, if the odds of success seem narrow, if socialism's darkness seems ever near, take strength that this has always been the price for freedom.
We are all of us at all times cut-off paratroopers far behind enemy lines. Defenders of freedom will always be surrounded. No battle will be final, no victory permanent, no peace respected by freedom's enemies.
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9 Aug
What is the Fool?

Here I discuss what I think the Fool is after reflecting on an amazing, stimulating, late night (or early morning) discussion about the nature of the Fool with @hughxtran @1312x40 and @lovejustlied Image
This conversation can be found here for anyone who wants to see what was said:
Who is the Fool?

This is a question I was pondering last night with some other friends on Twitter, and describing the nature of the Fool.

I think the fool is a paradox. It reminds me of Madonna’s song Extreme Occident where she says
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9 Aug
1/ @ProjectLincoln don't miss this terrific deep dive by the @washingtonpost in the #KanyeConJob…
2/ It makes close connections between Republican operatives in multiple states and the #KanyeConJob taking place in them.
3/ #KayneConJob

"But in at least five states, Republican activists and operatives — including some who have publicly supported Trump and a lawyer who has worked for his 2020 campaign — have been involved with efforts to try to get rapper on the November ballot ..."
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9 Aug
Even in a pandemic while Chilkur Balaji Temple is closed for devotees made great progress on Chilkur Balaji Hindu Deity Rights Protection Movement by help of divine OM Vashat Karaya Namaha getting close to the end goal.

Securing support of so many Religious and Social Organizations in such a short time without visiting any of them physically for letter of support to Lord Chilkur Balaji Deity's July 18th rep to His Excellency @rashtrapatibhvn only possible w help of Divine
The support of unknown devotees of Lord Chilkur Balaji Deity to the movement who came forward voluntarily has been a remarkable experience.
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