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23 Oct
"It'll be an independent Commissioner", say the ones who decided the role, function, powers, scope, scale, funding and identity of the Commissioner. "We should know." #vetsweforget
What's the difference between a Royal Commission and Scott's cut price coroner? #vetsweforget
I need your help to fight this thing!
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23 Oct
#banknifty #futures #charts
blue arrow-rise with low vols...resulted in reversal(becomes res)
brown arrow-a very sharp bounce after a steep fall(becomes sup)
pink arrow-approaches res,vols thr but long upper shadow reflects rejection so bearish Image
green arrow- breakdown with volumes. fat red candle. range break but better to wait for follow thru. next candle more like pinbar with good vols. short below low or long abv high. results in strong upside
red arrow-approaching resistance. vols thr but need a close abv breakout. failure to close above resulted in pressure. good time to be bearish. the fall has been with falling vols and overall structure range bound. so no deep tgts.
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23 Oct
Short Dutch NSB Film (National Socialist Movement) Pt1
Short Dutch NSB Film (National Socialist Movement) Pt2
Short Dutch NSB Film (National Socialist Movement) Pt3
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23 Oct
@USArmy 💪Be Prepared💪

Readiness and training are everything in a fight.

Time: 1808
Date: 1022

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23 Oct
1/9: I've been absorbed reading through the v2 vault code from @iearnfinance (and asking @fubuloubu a bunch of questions), and I'm more impressed (and eager for the release) the deeper I dive. Image
2/9: The v2 vaults are no longer limited to a single strategy - they can have as many strategies as can be designed. This is important for significant AUM, as profitable yield generation is a very different matter with $1k vs $100 million.
3/9: Don't worry about which strategy received your funds. Deposit into the vault and get your vault shares - the vault deploys your funds to the strategies best poised to maximize gains. You collect your portion of the yield generated across *all* of the vault's strategies.
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23 Oct
Some asking about who these #COVIDIOTS at the Shrine of Remembrance are, how they've organised this etc. The #AntiMelbourneProtests are planned in closed Facebook Groups. Small thread (and thank you to my wonderful informant) 👇
The groups heavily feature Qanon conspiracy theories, e.g. New World Order, vampire celebrities, kids in tunnels. Recently Facebook has been removing the groups and many are moving underground to Telegram. Telegram is infamous for its use by ISIS to plan and coordinate attacks.
The groups have fetishised about violently attacking and killing Victorian politicians. Media are believed to have members in the groups who monitor chats to get scoops on date/time/locations of protests when they drop, however, the Qanon/violent discussions are never reported.
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23 Oct
Auschwitz the missing cyanide 2003 PT 1
Auschwitz the missing cyanide 2003 PT 2
Auschwitz the missing cyanide 2003 PT 3
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23 Oct

*Zechariah 10:6 MSG*
"... I know their pain and will make them good as new. They'll get a fresh start, as if nothing had ever happened. And why? Because I am their very own God, *I'll do what needs to be done for them* .👇🏼

👉🏼We are still in the atmosphere of Image
dragging the current fluid situation in Nigeria before the Altar of Prayer.
We cannot afford to continue the *SIDDON* *LOOK* approach, else, things get from bad to worse..
Let us take at least 5mins today to ask God to do whatever is necessary to effect a major turnaround
in Nigeria and in the lives & standard of living of Nigerians in Jesus name.
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23 Oct
Many people don’t seem to understand MMT and fire off at it, but a lot of the points they try to make don’t make any sense because they do not understand what MMT is and isn't saying. The main source of confusion comes down to the nature of money.
Money can be fixed to something with a supply constraint, or it can be freely floating. The choice between these two creates markedly different outcomes in terms of the monetary system.
People typically think of money system that is tied to gold; govt can only spend money when they have FIRST COLLECT enough gold to back the money they issue. Printing more money simply creates increased claims on a limited supply of gold, thus inflating the price of gold.
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23 Oct

One final point about the debates and why I stopped watching.

I'll been watching the highlights that I missed, and of course @realDonaldTrump did fine.

And Biden blew off both his own feet, as Trump instantly knew. Image
That was the moment Biden admitted than he WILL destroy the fossil-fuel industry.


I stopped watching because every single question was based on a false premise.

Every single one.
A president like Trump--who's DELIVERING--is under a constant barrage of lies that as expressed as those they're established fact.

Trump's tax returns:

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23 Oct
c/w: NSFW🔞, kinda rough sex, choking, #dkbk (bottom katsuki)

(mostly sex but🧐 it's maybe a lil angsty if u think too hard)

Katsuki writhes against the bedsheets as Izuku sucks down his length, going down to the base only to swallow. It drives him /wild/ how tight it gets, how hot it is. Izuku knows it, too.

"Fuuuck," Katsuki gasps, toes curling. His fingers are tangled in Izuku's hair, keeping him
pressed down, and Izuku's mischievous hum only sends pleasurable vibrations right through Katsuki's core.

He comes up for breath, and Katsuki goes slack. His cock throbs in time with his heartbeat, and Izuku wraps his fist around the length of it to spread the mess of spit and
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