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21 Sep

Statement of Kathy Sherriff -- Alleged rape victim of Bill Shorten 👇 Image
In 1986 I was raped by Bill Shorten. 

I was 16 years old at the time.

At a later point the matter was reported to Victoria Police.

In August 2014, after a long investigation, the Victorian Police told me they were not proceeding to prosecute Bill Shorten for my rape.
I was devastated.

Part of the reason the police gave me was that the Victorian OPP thought there was no reasonable prospect of conviction - because it was only my word against Bill’s.
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21 Sep

On November 17 2014 , President Xi Jinping met with Leader of the Labor Party Bill Shorten in Canberra.

Shorten called the Chinese Communist Party a 'miracle in the history of mankind'. 👇 Image
Xi Jinping spoke highly of the contributions made by the Labor Party of Australia to the development of China-Australia relationship and said that Labor, as pioneer and active promoter of China-Australia relationship, promoted the establishment of diplomatic relationship and…
…strategic partnership between China and Australia when it was in office.
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21 Sep

A) “Reformed” Pakistan Backed Taliban as Secret US Regional Security Partner.

B) The Wuhan Laboratory as US Bioweapons Research Partner.

C) Jeffrey Epstein as Trusted Intelligence Partner.

D) EcoHealth alliance as Sensitive Information/Defense Conduit.

were correct.
You would have a pattern. The US government would be trying to get things done (e.g. keeping tabs on PRC Bioweapon research) without an ability to explain anything.

No one wants to explain: “The US protects pedophiles, works with fundamentalist killers, and empowers its rivals.”
But if you look at it, we don’t seem to be getting to the bottom of ANY of these various stories. It’s as if each story is just too uninteresting or draining to pursue for our Pulitzer hungry journalists. No one wants to hold truly in-depth hearings. Well, why aren’t we digging?
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21 Sep
Now that this dumb election with sfa for actual options is basically done...I have some thought. Bear with might be a long thread. I don't know yet

Everything lately is either hard left or hard right...where did the moderate candidates go? The leaders of ALL the major
Parties are garbage. Idiots, clowns & degenerates (you pick who is what, I have my own thoughts). I don't agree with any of the platforms of the parties or the leaders, but I can take parts & pieces of each that I do like.
I believe in human rights & the right to decide what you do with your body. Equal rights for men, women, LGBTQ+...we are all people just trying to live our best life, so why should any one get more or less "rights" than the others? I think there can be a defined balance between
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21 Sep
1/🧵Time for a thread on @AuroryProject, one of the flagship P2E projects of @solana. You can check out the project at and dive deep with their lite paper, now for the Alpha 👇 Image
2/ To start, @AuroryProject will be free-to-play (F2P) and play-to-earn (P2E)! There are no paywalls pricing you out. You get to hop in and participate in either PvE or PvP. (For you non-gamers, Player vs Environment and Player vs Player). #playtoearn #freetoplay
3/ The in-game economy will operate with $AURY token (not yet launched), as the main currency used for:
- Character customization
- Buy/Sell NFT creatures, known as nefties
- Rewards for PvE story progression
- Pay out staking rewards from treasury
- Equipment/Consumables etc. Image
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21 Sep
#taekookau where Lord Jungkook returns home from a trip to the Heartlands - only to find his husband in /tears/.

Eyes narrowed into predatory slits, lip curling into a dangerous snarl, prepared to raze down the world with just a breath, he demands: “Who dared to make you cry?” ImageImageImageImage
or, yet another tsof drabble per the above request
- dragonlord, "stormbringer" jungkook
- the shadowed beast taehyung

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21 Sep
Thread (1/9): On 19 Sept 1965, a civil Beech 18 aircraft operating over Kutch was shot down by a PAF F-86 Sabre, All occupants were killed incl the CM of Gujarat, B R Mehta, his wife, two civilians and three crew. The Pilot J M Engineer, Radio Offr A M D'Costa & Mech V B Thorat ImageImage
(2/10) Two days ago 19 Sept 2021, the daughter of Radio Offr AM D'Costa, Precy D'Costa made the journey to the memorial at the crash site, and paid tributes to the crew and occupants. Here she is with a floral wreath and a photo of her father (who as a navy veteran) on the marker Image
(3/10) She also carried with her a photo of Sqn Ldr J M Engineer, the pilot of the ill-fated Beech. "Jungoo" was the eldest of the legendary Engineer brothers. Jungoo fought to the last, piloting his stricken aircraft to the ground to save himself and the passengers. Image
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21 Sep
An example to illustrate the extent of real-estate overweighting for a typical Chinese city resident, and why Chinese government is trying to pull off a soft-landing for their property market:

some random 30yo in Shanghai whined about her "poor" life on Sept 5,2021. Image
The rough translation: her family owns 5 condos in Shanghai: 4 paid off, 1 with a mortgage. her parents live in 2, and 3 are rented out to pay for the mortgage. Her husband's family owns 3 condos in Shanghai, all paid off.

8 properties are worth ¥100MM in total
they live in 1 of her husband's properties. husband's parents live in another one and the third one is a rental property.

wife and husband are both the only child in their family. that's why she considers her parents' properties hers.
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21 Sep
I just disrupted George Bush’s talk in Long Beach. I was briefly detained and then let go. Here is what I said:
“Your war destroyed my cousin’s life. Your war created a nightmare for my family. He’s a shell of his former self. Tens of thousands of Americans and a million Iraqis have died. You used white phosphorus a chemical weapon in Fallujah. Arrest this man. Arrest this war criminal.”
George W. Bush should never be allowed again to give a speech without being shut down. Last night he was disrupted in LA by @MikePrysner and tonight I crashed his party in Long Beach, CA.
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21 Sep
I’ve been sitting on this story for some time.

In 2011, I received a Facebook message from Zuck, saying he wanted to meet me.
I arrived at Facebook HQ, and told them I was there to see Mark. They looked at me like I was crazy, so I showed them my FB message.

They called his assistant, and a few minutes later I was just sort of in the middle of FB HQ sitting on a sofa with people looking at me.
Mark stuck his head out a conference room, let out a happy “hi” and then disappeared back into the room.

I didn’t know what to do so I just walked over there to introduce myself.
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21 Sep
Jungkook bread cheeks and embedded little dimple smile~ a cute thread.. Image
Baby bunny 🥰 ImageImageImageImage
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21 Sep
Trees and the actual remedies in Vastu (Eight trees)
In most of the Sthapathya granthas the remedies are not mentioned anywhere. The modern pseudo market of remedies like Pyramids, crystal healing, Mirrors etc. is not real and liberally lacks the Vedic backing. This mayhem is ImageImage
the brainchild of marketers and sales people rather than heads full of abundantly rich grey matter shinning with the ever brimming Vedic knowledge.
However, some rare manuscripts related to age-old Vedic science mention these remedies. One of such manuscripts mentions the
following stanza as a remedy for faulty construction in vastu.
Before explaining the following ṣloka, I would like the readers to know that these specific remedies are related to Faulty constructions on large sites like Villages and towns.
“शोध्यानां संशयमार्गे निक्षिपेच्छून्य
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