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1 Jun 20
Good afternoon everyone! It's a public holiday in #CBR, but still time for a #VirtualRailfanning adventure. Today is a tribute to the Lydiard St level crossing gates in #Ballarat. 1/ The gates got into a fight with a train this weekend:…
2/ On 4 Feb 2006, the gates are shown closed to road traffic as Vlocity sets 18 & 19 start out of Ballarat station bound for Ararat. ImageImage
3/ On the evening of 5 March 2013, the gates are closed to road traffic on Lydiard St a service arrives into Ballarat station from Wendouree and a Route 14 town bus service noses its way toward the station bus interchange. ImageImage
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1 Jun 20
@chalametvol6 What sane person would argue that abortion is murder but killing her baby by police brutality is not?

I’m one of the staunchest anti-abortion people I know. I’m an abolitionist and I would never for a second say that kicking a pregnant woman should go unpunished.
@chalametvol6 I also support good cops and absolutely condemn police brutality. I believe that it should be punished severely on one hand, and on the other hand rewarded generously for police officers who do their job well, by protecting and serving, and not abusing their power.
@chalametvol6 When a pregnant woman is murdered it is legally considered a double homocide and that sounds like a perfectly just law to me. If a pregnant woman is kicked and the baby doesn’t even die, the person should still be severely punished, whether he or she is a police officer or not.
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1 Jun 20
Just came home from the beach and saw the biggest staging area of police cars I’ve seen in my lifetime at the 101 & the 110 freeways.

I wish the nationwide protests born out of injustice were entirely organic and not fueled by treacherous provocateurs, but we are under siege.
We are being set up so Trump can declare martial law,
We are under attack by cyberterrorists exploiting our injustices.
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1 Jun 20
One reason for thinking that the violence and rioting involved in the protests against George Floyd’s murder is being fomented by right wing, pro-gun, white nationalist groups is the evidence that *Russia* is using groups to exacerbate racial tensions in the country. 1/12
(Russia has a well-documented history of influencing and exploiting right wing and pro-gun extremist groups--but no similar history of its trying to exploit and influence leftist groups like Antifa.) 2/12
Trump is playing with fire by pushing both a Nixonian--and quite blatantly one-dimensional and racist law and order response to the civil unrest--AND continuing his bromance with Vladimir Putin (as in Trump’s recent proposal to unilaterally include Russia in the G7). 3/12
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1 Jun 20
Alaska's cases have undergone a huge uptick: from 0, to 14, to 27 in a day. Our governor encouraged a rapid reopening and is now pushing to eliminate our mandatory 14 day quarantine in favor of a far less reliable "test" done up to 3 days before arrival.
Governor Dunleavy @GovDunleavy began using rhetoric weeks ago about "living with the virus" and "staying under healthcare capacity" rather than elimination or eradication. The opposite of New Zealand's incredibly effective playbook of stamping out the virus.
New Zealand has now restarted their economy with far more confidence and safety than we now have here in Alaska. Today, Dunleavy said that elimination wasn't even possible, which is clearly wrong. Instead, he thinks we can slow burn the epidemic.
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1 Jun 20
If any public-spirited billionaire out there is wondering how they can leave a legacy in America, consider buying newspaper chains and empowering non-profit trusts of journalists to run them

I'm open to other alternatives, but I don't see or hear of any. And if somebody doesn't rescue Gannett, McClatchy, Newhouse etc soon, it's going to be gut punch to journalism and democracy.
You know who feels nearly as strongly about this as reporters? Political operatives in both parties. They know democracy and campaigns don't work without local papers.
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1 Jun 20
I want to know WHY the hell our incompetent intelligence community had not saw this coming. #WeThePeople have been sending out reports nation wide about crisis/rioters for hire long before this hit. Why have we not had insurgents arrested that were caught on tape setting up and
Leaving weapons for thugs to carry this out. The footage is all available and nothins been done to stop it. This is the same shit the obummer admin did in Ukraine and other places. It is time to drop the Hammer on this bullshit. Dir Wray withheld evidence that would have stopped
the Russia hoax, the impeachment, and now this. We were asked if we see something, say something! We have constantly done this on deaf and dumb agencies. If Q and team were actually in possession of this evidence and stood by while this shit continues, than they are complicit.
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1 Jun 20
We are in the greatest disinformation campaign in the history of mankind.

The forces of Satan empower the Globalists

The Lord God fights for us and will empower us and enable us to defeat the forces of darkness

The Deep State narrative broadcasts to the public that the riots
and protests result from a white cop killing a black man.

The Deep State Wants the public to believe a multiple city protest was organized within 48 hours of the death of George Floyd by Americans who are upset and Angry over the death of Floyd when the reality is the riots
were funded and organized by the Dems amd Soros and carried out by ANTIFA and BLM which are militant arms of the Democrat party.

The narrative shift by the globalists resulted in:

1. Attention removed from The blowback over Dem governors keeping Blue States shut down
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1 Jun 20
Thread: I’m getting sick and tired of black activists blaming whites for abuse against black men.

“White Minnesota, you are done hiding”? WTH does that even mean? If you want whites to speak up when blacks are abused, you’re going about it the wrong way.
Whites fought and died for your freedom during the Civil War. Whites were lynched for standing up for you in the Reconstruction South. White men died for you during the freedom marches in the ‘60s. Whites have fought to abolish slavery since the founding of America.
When you lump ALL whites into the category of racists, you are doing the exact same thing you accuse whites of. Judging US on the color of our skin. It’s damned hypocritical, and you have no excuse for doing it, because you KNOW the cost of racism.
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1 Jun 20
For months now, you’ve trusted me to tell you truth.

And as a physician & public health professional, there is no greater truth rn than this:

Racism is a public health crisis.

COVID has amplified structural inequities that have existed in our society & culture for too long...
These inequities and systemic racism are built into the system in which white health professionals like me are raised and trained.

For their to be change, my white colleagues in academia must first recognize both how AND how much we benefit from this entrenched white supremacy.
Our health professions can only better serve Black communities when these professions reflect & incorporate their voices & realities.

As a white man in academia, I have everything to gain with the status quo.

Which is why it must change.

Continuing to support it is complicity.
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1 Jun 20
Liberals and their goddamned Russia hysteria. Tens-of-thousand of real protestors and you Blue Q-Anon morons are trying to follow the breadcrumbs to the kremlin.
Will there be “fake protestors” in this crowd? Yes. The crowd is so big a time traveler from the future can blend in. But ffs, the People are as tired of the system as they are of your phony ass politics.
Your brains are dry rot because you can’t figure out if you support the protests because even though it undermines trump it also undermines your power you disingenuous dimwits.
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1 Jun 20
Last night, my son was shot in the eye with a rubber bullet while peacefully protesting for justice for George Floyd. His story is not unique. Countless others have also experienced this use of excessive police force while trying to have their voices heard.
Luckily, his eye was saved due to a kind stranger that was handing out goggles to protestors shortly before the shooting and another kind stranger that drove him to the ER. Others were not so lucky and will be permanently disabled due to excessive police force
As terrible as this experience has been, we know that it's practically nothing compared to the systemic racism and violence against Black life that he was protesting in the first place. Black communities across America have been terrorized for centuries by excessive police force.
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