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Jun 28
THREAD: There’s a lot of disinformation on this app attempting to rewrite history on where the Democratic Party has been on abortion. Here’s a thread debunking the top 3 🧵⬇️


By deliberately ignoring the 2008 financial crisis, the Auto Bailout, and the Affordable Care Act, this talking point is attempting to obscure the legislative priorities of the time.

Let’s address two things:

Firstly, There were only 60/59 Democratic Senators for about 72 working days in 2009 and that time and political capital was expended to address the aforementioned priorities.

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Jun 29
If you want to give yourself a personal MBA (in 6 months), read these books:
Hi, I’m Ben.

I received an MBA from Cornell.

I’ve also read 300+ business books.

Trust me: You can get 90% of the knowledge from reading books

(and without spending $150k).

So, I put together a 6-month personal MBA for you... Image
The 6-month curriculum is 12 books

(you’ll read 2 books every month).


Personal Finance
Systems Thinking
Public Speaking

Here we go...
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Jun 29
Managing people is harder now because people oversell themselves and their abilities online.

We had someone who worked with us and struggled but was a superstar on Linkedin with a large following. It was easy for this person to get another job but they also quickly saw flaws.
I work a lot with young people and many are willing to learn. The problem is that they are always in a hurry. I always use the analogy that you can't create a baby in one month by getting nine women pregnant. This flies over the heads of many. I know why because I was once them.
Many things we see online makes us believe that it is easy to be great at anything. Nothing could be further from the truth. True greatness and hype are very different things. Restlessness and impatience won't let many become truly great. Apprenticeship is underrated.
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Jun 29
I can't believe I have to do this but since so many in Trump apology land are doing their best to undermine Hutchinson's testimony let's revisit what she testified to that was from firsthand observations and is not disputed.

1) The White House had intelligence that the 1/6
crowd was armed. People going through the Mags had been armed and the weapons were confiscated. Other people with more serious weaponry were staying outside the security bubble to avoid losing their weapons.

2) Meadows is told the crowd is armed. He doesn't care.

3) Trump
is told the crowd is armed. He doesn't care.

4) Trump gets so made that the Mags are thinning his crowd "shot" he demands USSS back down and let everyone in. When told they can't because of safety concerns tied to the weapons, he says he doesn't care b/c the attendees aren't
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Jun 29
Dear Friends,

This may help you understand.

One reason that the West and Nato caused and precipitated the Conflict in the Ukraine.

The TIMING of the West’s and NATO’s provoking of Russia and the citizens of the Donbass region in the Ukraine
(which was relentless for the prior eight years) but was dramatically escalated recently, precipitating the need for a response to that escalation which is Russia’s special military operation is particularly interesting.

It warrants close inspection.
It came at the time when the COVID narrative was winding down and was effectively finished.

Normality was returning.

It was clear that life with some encouragement could soon restore itself to pre-Covid normality.
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Jun 29
$200m+ profit from MEV has been extracted since January

Here are 10+ GitHub MEV codes/repos that you may find useful 🧵⚡️

(might delete it soon 😉)
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Jun 29
1/ Few incidents of military corruption in Russia were more shameless than the destroyer captain who stole the bronze propellers from his own ship, replacing them with cheaper steel ones to net 39 million rubles. A final 🧵 on the impact of corruption on Russia's military. Image
2/ For the first thread in the series, on low- and medium-level military corruption, see below.
3/ For part 2, on corruption among Russia's military elite, see:
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Jun 29
Non, LREM n'a pas gagné la présidence de l'Assemblée grâce au RN, la seule chose qui a été gagnée, c'est 1h30 pour les ~1000 personnes mobilisées pour cette élection jouée d'avance. Par contre, oui, LREM a fait élire des vice-présidents RN. Voire pire... Explications ⤵️
Avant de commencer, désolé pour ce fil très tardif alors que vous m'avez posé plein de questions : à l'Assemblée, les journées sont longues cette semaine !
Donc, l'élection à la présidence de l'Assemblée, d'abord. Elle se fait en trois tours de scrutin. Pour les deux premiers tours, il faut obtenir la majorité absolue des votants.
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Jun 30
BREAKING NEWS (CNN, on-air): House January 6 Committee “Concerned” Trump May Be Using the Hundreds of Millions He Raised to Overturn the Election to Pay for Lawyers for Those He Doesn’t Want to Testify Before Congress, “Coercing” Them Not to Do So in What May Be Witness Tampering Image
1/ I think I know what the Committee is referring to—as Trump engaged in the same illegal witness-tampering scheme in the Russia investigation and the Ukraine investigation. What he does is create joint defense agreements with witnesses whose legal interests don’t align with his.
2/ Normally a joint defense agreement only exists between individuals who share a common legal interest, and normally there is no particular association between the lawyers representing the two JDA’d individuals—only between the individuals themselves as to their legal interests.
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Jun 30
Nel '62, col sabotaggio fatale all'aereo su cui volava Mattei, ci fecero capire chiaramente che non potevamo aspirare all'indipendenza nazionale in politica energetica (e quindi in politica estera). Ma fu il '78 l'anno più ricco di avvenimenti chiave per il futuro 1/n 👇
asservimento del Paese; è infatti l'anno dell'omicidio Moro, del quasi contemporaneo volo di Napolitano (allora dirigente PCI ed esponente di spicco dell'ala "migliorista") negli USA, della "strana" morte di Papa Luciani dopo appena un mese di papato e della successiva 2/n👇
elezione di Papa Wojtyla, dell'approvazione del Sistema Monetario Europeo (SME) e della relativa unità di conto monetario, l'ECU (che poi si trasformerà in Euro). Gli anni '80, non solo ci fanno capire che i francesi possono abbattere impunemente un aereo di linea italiano 3/n👇
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Jun 30
1. Letter to a Moderate Muslim

Dear Moderate Muslim,

I am sure this open letter will never reach you for the simple reason that you don’t exist.

And yet I write so maybe my fellow Hindus can understand the myth of the 'moderate Muslim' and never be fooled by apologists. Image
2. Moderate Muslim is the figment of the secular Hindu’s imagination. This secular Hindu is a useful idiot and who is unable to understand the nature of radical Islam. I am told that moderate Muslims are the real guardians of Islam. The thing is: I can’t find them.
3. I have looked for years. And I am not alone. The search for the moderate Muslim is the search for El Dorado. Everyone talks about it. Everyone swears by it. Everyone thinks all problems in the world will be solved when he is found. But no one has ever found a moderate Muslim.
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Jun 30
The Foreign Affairs Committee has been far more clear sighted than Government over Russia.
Our Moscow’s Gold report warned them in 2018. Today we publish a new report.
Ministers’ complacency over “morally bankrupt billionaires using the UK as a safe deposit box” has led to
“assets laundered through the UK … financing President Putin’s war in Ukraine”.
“The government’s unwillingness to bring forward legislation to stem the flow of dirty money is likely to have contributed to the belief in Russia that the UK is a safe haven for corrupt wealth.”
“Although ministers have spoken eloquently in the House about the need to clamp down on kleptocrats, rhetoric has not been matched by constructive action. Meanwhile, corrupt money has continued to flow into the UK.”
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