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Dec 1
As sinister as they are Russian security services have always checked public opinion by running closed sociological surveys, using quite sophisticated techniques to extract the real mood of people. A recent public opinion survey shows a tectonic shift in the Russian society - 55%
of Russians are against this war. Furthermore, only 25% believe that Russia should continue this war. The rest 20% are undecided which means they would rather see all this "bullsh-t wrapped up". This result is confirmed by the survey of another last respectable semi-independent
pollster Levada Centre, which says 57% against the war. Three take-aways from this change. First, at least one Russian security services (Federal Protective Service - FPS) starts game of its own. Not only does it report to President that the situation is bad, but it also leaks it
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Dec 1
Dear subscribers and guests of the channel! Yesterday, #Russian President Vladimir #Putin had a very difficult day, which ended quite dramatically. Wednesday morning began for Putin with a depressing report on the state of the Russian economy.
1/15 Image
The authors of the report forecast a worsening situation in the near future. The sanctions imposed on #Russia due to the invasion of #Ukraine have a heavy impact on the country's economy, and the effect of these sanctions is growing and intensifying over time.
2/15 Image
According to the authors' forecasts, the main problems in the #Russian economy will come in late spring - early summer of next year, and it is impossible to avoid a negative scenario today.
3/15 Image
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Dec 1
Dear Media,

Do you want a simple description of HOW @SBF_FTX did what he did?

Why does nobody seem capable of pinning Sam down? His SECRET is, when asked pointed questions, he switches to market-plumbing speak, hiding behind lingo.

Let me help you understand SBF's moves.
1) Anytime you hear or read "Alameda," replace with, "Sam's personal account."

When Alameda borrows FTX customer money, that means "Sam borrows customer money": Alameda is 100% owned by Sam & a few friends. Alameda had no clients. "Alameda's capital" is Sam's, Caroline's, etc.👇
2) Sam says he poorly "risk-managed" the FTX and Alameda relationship. Recall: Alameda=Sam. What transpired?
• Alameda (Sam) Had Liquidity Issues
• Alameda (Sam) Organized a Loan from FTX
• To Paper the Loan, Alameda Posted Collateral to FTX
• The Collateral Was Pretend Money
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Dec 2
Putin’s war оr Russia’s war. Many prominent Russians are adamant that this is Putin’s war. They despise Putin and his cronies and love their homeland. Many had to flee Russia due to their opposition to the war. Some are imprisoned. Yet, the facts are stubborn. Long 🧵
If convincing evidence of widespread public opposition to the war exists, I haven’t seen it. The current war, just like all the previous ones, has been good for Putin’s approval ratings.  Surveys showing high levels of support for the war itself have been criticized..
.. on methodological grounds but a preponderance of anecdotal accounts points in the same direction. I understand those who cling to the “Putin’s war” narrative. Insisting that Putin is solely to blame is comforting. The alternative – this is Russia’s war – is bleak and alarming.
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Dec 2
1/Pediatric Catastrophe in Germany: Kids are getting severely ill with RSV even though total RSV infections is lower than last year. This is after a majority of kids here were infected with #SARSCoV2 in early 2022 when all infection prevention was canceled in daycares & schools.
2/Pediatricians are warning of full hospitals & that kids will die. They're asking to bring back masks. But politicians refuse to reinstate mask rules, & continue to let Covid, RSV & Flu rip through schools & daycares. They have accepted the trauma & deaths of countless children.
3/Instead, politicians are now blaming masks for severe RSV cases, basing their policies on pseudoscientific claims that conflict with growing scientific consensus on immune dysregulation caused by #SARSCoV2 infections. They are turning people against infection prevention.
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Dec 2
5 sayings (and beliefs) that aren't helpful for trauma survivors or those looking to heal.

Here's an empowered way to look at some of these societal myths....

1. "You are responsible for everything that happens in your life."

Agency and accountability are foundational in healing. But, many things happen that we have zero (or little) control over.

A helpful reframe: "I am open to seeing choice in each situation."
2. "You need to forgive them!"

How you process, heal from, and define your narrative around abuse is your own and no one else's to decide.

A helpful reframe: "I am taking care of myself and loving myself as I make sense of what happened."
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Dec 2
Learning how to disagree with someone in a healthy way can completely transform your relationships

It's healthy and natural to disagree with people.

Because many of us weren't taught communication skills, we unconsciously gaslight people or invalidate their realities.

This leaves others feeling: hurt, dismissed, or resentful.
Steps to Healthy Disagreement:

1. Meet your ego: when we disagree with someone, our ego comes in to protect us.

When we're not aware of our own ego, we can feel like our opinions are a part of who they are. They're not, and people are allowed to disagree.
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Dec 2
So the @ChtyCommission has launched a statutory inquiry into Mermaids.

A thread of some of the things it may consider.
Will it start with how they hired as CEO a mother who took her son to be castrated in Thailand at the age of 16 because his dad didn't approve of having an effeminate little boy?…
And how it encouraged other parents to undertake such medical tourism…
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Dec 2
It's a bitter cold morning in NYC, where the Trump Org is reaching what's likely its final day on trial for criminal tax fraud.

Prosecutors & defense lawyers are bickering before the jury walks in.

The topic at hand: Mr. Donald J Trump himself.
Justice Juan Merchan, a cool-headed judge, is throwing his hands in the air.

He's losing his patience with the Trump Org lawyers over the way they keep bringing up ex-President Trump.

DJT isn't charged with a crime in this case. And yet defense lawyers keep name-dropping.
Judge: "Much of the discussion during jury selection resolved around, 'we have to make sure the jury understands Donald Trump isn’t at the defense table.' When we met with the jurors in the back we tried to make that clear..."
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Dec 2
I had a discussion yesterday with an 18 year old male trans activist who thought atypical karyotypes like XXY were additional sexes.

By asking one simple question, I was able to change his mind.

Here’s how 🤓
“How do we know the sex of crocodiles?” I asked. “They don’t have sex chromosomes at all.”

With this question, I accomplished two things: 1) challenged his assumptions and 2) piqued his curiosity through an interesting example.

His response said it all.
“Wait,” he said, pausing. “Is that an actual thing by the way?”

Here, I knew he was now willing to listen.

I went on to show that the sex of crocodiles was determined by the temperature their eggs incubated at. His interest piqued more.
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Dec 2
🚨BREAKING: In our deposition of FBI agent Elvis Chan on Tuesday, we found that the FBI plays a big role in working with social media companies to censor speech - from weekly meetings with social media companies ahead of the 2020 election to asks for account takedowns.
Chan, the FBI's FITF, and senior CISA officials had meetings with social media companies in the lead-up to the 2020 election, in which Chan personally told the social media companies that there could potentially be a Russian “hack and leak” operation shortly before the election.
Those meetings were initially quarterly, then monthly, then weekly heading into the 2020 election.
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