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27 Nov
@jessbrammar How do you reconcile your relentless smear campaign against academics researching alleged chemical weapon attacks in Syria with the following facts?:- @ruskin147 @Tim_Hayward_
1) The late Julian Perry Robinson, leading expert on chemical and biological weapons, supported the work of the academics:…
2) He invited Professor Paul McKeigue to present at the Harvard-Sussex prog. on chemical and biological weapons in March 2020:….…
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27 Nov
A mutated #coronavirus different from the one prevalent in Wuhan took over the world. It was more infectious.… Image
We’ve been lucky though. In the 1918 pandemic, the 2nd wave was likely driven by a mutation that was both more infectious AND fatal. Image
We already knew this was happening back in March. This image is from The Hammer and the Dance. The only thing we didn’t know then is which variant was going to prevail. Details. Image
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27 Nov
Proof of posting from Camp David?

7 min [delta] on @DanScavino’s tweet and earlier post on Q’s board on 8kun? ImageImageImage
.@DanScavino time stamp is 9:48 and military 21:48. Let’s look at those posts.


Extreme efforts to kill login devices.
Extreme efforts to censor.

Is the Q team having issues logging into trip code on 8kun? ImageImage
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27 Nov
The cat is out of the bag.

The team and I found a publicly assesable FTP server that belonged to Eric Coomer. It had his alt-right hitlist as well as about 10,000 files at least.

We spent 24hrs at least saving everything. That stuff included emails, prior software source code
various files related to about 10 years of election work.

We were asked to remove and stop posting about the content and it was passed through the same channels that took possession of the Eric Coomer #Antifa FB posts.

There's so much more. I love seeing our research validated.
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27 Nov
One telling events from last night’s #LGBAlliance webinar points to an issue that gay men rarely discuss, but very much need to. I suspect in some small part it has fuelled the current erasure of homosexuality. 1/5
Simon Fanshawe asked the panel about the most gender non-conforming things they’ve ever done. Speaking to Malcolm he said “you’re quite butch, aren’t you?” In what I saw as a rather admiring way. And Malcolm is quite butch and that is a fine thing. 2/5
Moving on to Lachlan I detected a slight hesitance in Simon about how to say the bridge, I suspect because Lachlan is quite camp. Which is also a fine thing. But do we, as gay men, really value all presentations equally? 3/5
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27 Nov
i met and chatted with Chris Whitty and heard him speak and read his work well before he was CMO. He is a really decent, lovely, extremely bright &knowledgeable man and highly respected by peers. It is really sad to see the amoun of vile abuse he is getting just for doing his job
also worth pointing out that infectious diseases medicine/epidemiology is his area of career expertise and he is a still a practising doctor when he gets the chance so he might just know more than Barry from face book who has two friends who are nurses (so he claims)
also. How biomedical science Uni research depts work - they get external research grants from government agencies but also from research charities and sometimes charitable bequests/trust funds. This is NORMAL. The money does not go straight into the pockets of the academics
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27 Nov
Supreme Court hears the case relating to implementation of ICDS Schemes through Aganwadi Centers, particularly during Covid.
Plea contends that children went hungry during #COVID19
#SupremeCourt Image
Union states an affidavit was filed on Nov 20.

ASG Aishwarya Bhatia appears for the Union

Justice Bhushan: when are the anganwadis opening

Centre: Anganwadi workers have gone to homes of beneficiaries and provided meals
Bhati: Regarding reopening Ministry of women and child development to take a call after discussion with concerned states so that aanganwadi can be resumed outside containment centre. @MinistryWCD
Took it up with @HMOIndia
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27 Nov
I am distrustful of blonde haired American women with large followings on social media who claim to be Rightwing and Christian.
They seem to be less motivated by any real ideological convictions (which are not even guaranteed to be well thought out or beneficial for civilization), and more motivated by a desire for attention...or money.

Tomi Lahren would be a famous example.
I have *zero concrete evidence* that such people are untrustworthy.

It's just that I instinctively *feel* they are untrustworthy.

I would love to be proved wrong, on this count.
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27 Nov
1/The Manhattan Project and Why It's Relevant Image
2/ The Manhattan Project was a research and development undertaking during World War II that produced the first nuclear weapons. Research and production took place at more than thirty sites across the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.
3/ Did you know that on 11.25.1942: Leslie Groves appointed Robert Oppenheimer as Laboratory Director for "Project Y", at a top secret location, in Los Alamos, NM?

Wait [Y] as in 💧3599 - A Higher Loyalty [Y]
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27 Nov
Tottenham Hotspur’s 2019/20 financial results covered a season that was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they still benefited from the new stadium. The club finished sixth in the Premier League and reached the last 16 in the Champions League. Some thoughts follow #THFC
#THFC swung from £87m profit before tax to £68m loss, a deterioration of £155m. Revenue dropped £69m (15%) from club record £461m to £392m (including exceptional £11m TV rebate), while profit on player sales rose £4m to £15m and expenses increased £85m. After tax loss was £64m. Image
Main driver of #THFC revenue fall is broadcasting, down £108m (44%) to £136m, due to Premier League deferral/rebate and reaching Champions League final prior season. However, new stadium led to growth in match day, up £13m (16%) to £95m, and commercial, up £26m (19%) to £162m. Image
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27 Nov
Michelle Malkin in 2011:

"[Trump] built his entire empire in defiance of core Tea Party principle. It's time for those conservatives who've been flirting with Donald Trump to get serious themselves...
"Getting emails from conservatives 'welcoming' Ronald McDonald Chump. Would be refreshing to see more conservatives telling him to f— off."
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27 Nov
The voice of farmers cannot be muzzled indefinitely. Centre should immediately initiate talks with Kisan Union leaders to defuse the tense situation at the Delhi borders. Why wait till December 3? Image
Central govt needs to show statesmanship and accept the farmers' demand for assured MSP, which is the basic right of every farmer. If they can give verbal assurance I fail to understand why they can't make it a legal obligation of the GOI.
Those claiming it's @INCIndia that's instigating the farmers are blind not to see the lakhs of farmers trying to enter Delhi from across the country. It's a fight for their lives & livelihoods & they don't need any backing or provocation.
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