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17 Jun
Two surging campaigns. Two ad buys. Two very different stories.

Kathryn Garcia spent more on one 30-second spot during "America's Got Talent" ($35,000) than Maya Wiley spent over three entire weeks on WNBC ($34,375).

Garcia had $160k in total WNBC buys over those three weeks. ImageImageImage
Frontrunner Eric Adams is significantly outspending and out-spotting both of them, at least on WNBC, over the final three weeks of the race, with $210,325 in buys and 102 spots ran. Image
That's part of why it was so crucial for Wiley to get this $1 million in public matching funds. Now she can hit the airwaves hard, probably with her new ad highlighting the AOC endorsement.

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17 Jun
A society of cowardice driving passive aggressive effeminacy means slander and reputation destruction is the favoured toxin of the day.

Slander and maligning are common and often go unpunished at great personal cost.

Why is psychological violence okay when physical is not?
I do find it comical that people with words or phrases like "survivor", "end abuse" and "justice for victims" in their profiles are the most likely to abuse, berate, bully, malign, slander and cuss virtually anyone with a contrary view they find alarming.

An irony lost on them.
Why be against one kind of abuse only to engage in another form of abuse yourself?

You have to be truly quite mid-witted, if not dull, to be so egregiously lacking in self-awareness you deem yourself "1 of the good guys standing up for what's right" when you're abusive yourself.
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17 Jun
1/ The Maiar DEX is a monster.

It has the power of a Hydra, but also the complexity of its 100 heads.

Yesterday, we got to test the first version fully.

It’s a remarkable milestone.

So here’s an important update & exciting next steps. 🧵 ImageImage
2/ First things first.

Traction for key Elrond metrics continues to grow significantly.

619k addresses, 5.8 mil transactions, 63% staked.
3/ Second, staking 3.5 is a big milestone that went live on Monday, improving stake fluidity and expanding the Elrond validator ecosystem, enabling even further decentralization.
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17 Jun
Alright, here y'all go. Top 10 Reasons to be an Episcopalian, drawn from our canonical sources of disctinctive doctrine.
1. We worship the God revealed in Jesus Christ: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
2. We confess that the Son of God became incarnate, lived, died, and rose again to reconcile us to God the Father, bringing us out of error into truth, out of sin into righteousness, out of death into life.
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17 Jun
How ironic is it that our world is in a state because of colonial powers' desires and efforts to ehem...Cancel CULTURE (especially Indigenous, and non-white cultures) through genocide, only to come around to scream about CANCEL culture?

That's not a good feedback loop.
It means that the descendants of colonizers do not like it when they see their own ancestors tools of oppression come back to haunt them through the peoples they've oppressed for ions, directly and indirectly.
If anything, "cancel culture" for me has become an important mirror of how narrow our ways of inter-relating are.

Our inter-relational skills have been drastically narrowed by oppressive language, oppression on body autonomy and self-determination, and erasure of culture.
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17 Jun
1/ V highly recommend this note by Jeremy Grantham predicting we're in late stage of 1929-style crazy bull market. Was sent it by hedge funder & don't think I ought to post full document but I encourage ppl to try to get hands on it! Image
2/ Tesla's absurd price, the "Buffett indicator" (total stock market capitalization to GDP) has broken thro its all-time-high 2000 record, bonds even more spectacularly expensive by historical comparison than stocks...
3/ 'the P/E ratio of the market is in the top few percent of the historical range and the economy is in
the worst few percent. This is completely without precedent'
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17 Jun
They don't seem to be aware that criticism, from within and without, of the profound failure to live up to these tenets is an important part of American history.
Frederick Douglass: "America is false to the past, false to the present, and solemnly binds herself to be false to the future."
Thomas Moore (1806):

Poor of heart and prodigal of words,
Formed to be slaves, yet struggling to be lords,
Strut forth, as patriots, from their negro-marts,
And shout for rights, with rapine in their hearts.
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17 Jun
❶/4 The latter half of the 16th century was the time when Japan had the most Christians, and the Japanese at that time accepted Christianity.
❷/4 However, in the early 17th century, Japan expelled Catholic forces such as the Jesuits because of the enslavement of the Japanese people and large-scale colonial plans. On the other hand, Japan continued to trade with the Dutch. These are historical facts.
❸/4 As you can see from it, the traditional Japanese in a polytheistic nation don't reject monotheism. However, if it attempts to self-righteously destroy or invade our sacred or important things, we will categorically refuse.
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17 Jun
Making new friends irl becomes harder the older straight men get. Penetrating old social circles isn’t easy. Asking a dude you get along with to meet up for a drink can feel weird to ask.
There’s a horrible pressure in our culture to not feel like you’re initiating a “man date” or to tell your close friends you love or appreciate them without saying “no homo” first. Our gay society hates friendships between straight men because there’s nothing stronger.
I don’t know the story of these guys. Maybe they had a falling out with their crew (they said they used to have more friends) or maybe they live in a rural area where there’s just less people around. Maybe high school was rough on them. Either way, it hurt to see this.
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17 Jun
Following words are for avid readers. See which one are you:

1. Abibliophobia - the fear of running out of reading material.

2. Bibliobibuli - people who read too much.

3. Bibliophage - a person who devours books.

4. Bibliosmia - the smell or aroma of a good book.

5. Delitrium - The dizzying euphoria you get from inhaling just a bit too much of that “new book” smell.

6. Bibliopole - a person who buys and sells books, especially rare ones.

7. Book-bosomed - someone who carries a book with them at all times.

8. Premacclaim - When you’re halfway through a new book, but you’re already telling different friends that they absolutely must read it.

9. Bookarazzi - a person who excitedly takes photos of the books they read and posts them online.

10. Epeolatry - the worship of words.

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17 Jun
THREAD 🧵: As a Reformed Baptist Chaplain and “outsider” watching the world’s largest Protestant denomination at their own meeting (#SBC21). I have a few things I’d like to say for those of you who actually care:

First, it is entirely disheartening to see one of the last large, strong, Christian groups succumb to the abhorrent liberalism that is creeping its way into seemingly every sphere of life.

Second, the sanctity of life was disparaged when it was not made a priority in the agenda YET AGAIN. Then even weakened the abolitionist wording of the text to the point of being incremental. Abortion at all stages, and for all reasons, is murder.

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17 Jun
Manitoba residents who must travel outside Manitoba to areas close to the Manitoba border to attend their property/cottage for essential purposes are exempt from the current self-isolation order when meeting the following criteria: (1/4) Caption: Travelling for ess...
✅ Not displaying any symptoms of #COVID19,
✅ Restrict travel to the minimum required purposes of the visit,
✅ Limit use of local services, and,
✅ Comply with all applicable public health restrictions in the area of travel. (2/4)
In addition, anyone who is fully immunized for #COVID19 and 2 weeks have passed since their 2nd dose of #COVID19Vaccine, or children who are not yet eligible for a vaccine that have travelled with fully immunized individuals, are also exempt from the self-isolation order. (3/4)
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