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Let's talk about the idea of "capitalist exceptionalism." There are many who believe that capitalists have some kind of special "essence" or "character traits" that make them specially capable of running a business. The claim goes something like:
"Capitalists get more because they work harder, it takes a special blend of talent, intelligence, and hard work to run a company. That's why capitalists make so much money -- because they deserve it. Because not just anyone can run a business."
As a former capitalist, and as someone who has had dealings with hundreds of capitalists through the years, I can say with assurance: anyone who makes these claims either has no business experience, or is bad at business, or is lying to protect their class interests.
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Earlier this year, we sent letters to major cryptocurrency trading platforms requesting key information on how they operate.

Today, we are releasing the results of that inquiry. Read our report:
What we have found is that these platforms vary significantly in their operations, their internal controls, and safeguards to protect consumer assets.

Many lack the necessary policies and procedures to ensure the fairness, integrity, and security of their exchanges.
We identified three broad areas of particular concern:
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Keeping Physically Fit as an Entrepreneur

-this is for those of you who legitimately are building your businesses, are in focus mode

But have also let your physical health decline

These are my top strategies for you to utilize
1. Outsource your health as much as possible

Meaning don’t try to figure it all out yourself

Admit that your time is at a premium, and let someone else do the hard thinking for you

Whether this is hiring coach, getting a program, trainer, etc

Do it
2. Emphasize effiency

Don’t aim high and then fall short, be honest with how much time you can allocate to working out

If that’s only a 1hr block of time 3x weekly, or 30 minutes daily, then that’s what you’re working with
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Science and Space
Voting for @jkenney and the @Alberta_UCP may be scarier than you think. Pro-life group Campaign Life Coalition are training & getting UCP candidates nominated across Alberta. Trampling women's rights is one thing but there's much more that should alarm you! #ableg #abpoli #LGBTQ
They're anti-lgbtq rights and believe that 50% of gay men are gay because they learned it from being molested as a youth by a pedophile. If that isn't shocking enough...
They promote conversion therapy & believe that thousands of people have changed their orientation to heterosexual "with the help of spiritual & psychological counseling".
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So Yom Kippur is tomorrow and I'm in a department meeting.
This is the first time in years I asked for the day off, and was told I really needed to be at the department meeting. Previous years I haven't bothered asking because it's been things like induction or away days.
I mean, I gave up fasting several years ago because you try being friendly, enthusiastic, and coherent at a bunch of incoming students and having a meaningful fast at the same time. I spent Rosh Hashanah this year in IKEA, FFS.
I'm not saying that work demands are the only reason I'm not spending the next 26 hours in shul. I'm saying that somewhere along the line going to shul at all stopped being a live option for me because no university in the UK takes Jewish holidays seriously in its calendar.
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News organs would do readers a valuable service if, whenever they report that someone has taken or proposes to take a polygraph, they reminded readers (or explained to them) that polygraphs are voodoo. It's junk science. A polygraph is no more reliable than a pack of tarot cards.
Papers that report that Mike Pence has offered to take a polygraph or that Christine Blasey has taken one without explaining that polygraphs do not work are wasting an opportunity to enlighten their readers. It's their choice, but it's an irresponsible one.
If you promulgate the idea that there's a machine that can tell the difference between truth and falsehood, you shouldn't be so surprised to find yourself living in a culture so hostile to science that kids go unvaccinated and measles breaks out in the First World.
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Culture and Books

Rust is a practical solution to concrete problems that have hindered progress in software development for the last two decades. It is a leap forward in potential performance, scalability and productivity.
When experienced coders try out a new language the process usually goes something like this: skim the docs as quickly as possible, go over some samples until one has “got the gist,” write some code; the expectation is that details and deep concepts will reveal themselves with use
and that writing code is going to be the quickest way to familiarize oneself with the new tool. If you are learning Python, Java, JS, C#, Go, etc. this approach works well, mostly because these languages are basically all the same. If, on the other hand, you approach Rust like
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This bullshit politically charged and biased to all hell report about right-wing YouTubers is a thing you can read…
Complete with a creepy as fuck map
The agenda of "Alternative Influence Broadcasting the Reactionary Right on YouTube" author, Rebecca Lewis, is to kickstart a new media blitz for deplatforming right-wing YouTubers under the ominous "EXTREMISM" brush.

Keep the author's intentions in mind as you read the report.
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1) @LarrySchweikart @unseen1_unseen @davealvord164 @Peoples_Pundit @TheLastRefuge2 It just hit me like a 10 ton brick! There was never a party. Ms. Ford made it all up. Someone realized that Brett Kavanaugh’s friend wrote a tell all book later on in life about his struggles with
2) Alcoholism. In his book he references his teenage years and the drinking that he did during that time. He also references a friend named O’Kavanaugh (very well could be Brett). They took that reference and the fact that they would have Keg Parties during their teenage years
3) and decided to slip this woman and a party into the equation. This woman doesn’t recall the date of the incident, the month of the incident or the season the incident occurred in. Yet she references having a one piece bathing suit on.

They hoped for the following:
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In the forthcoming book "An Uncivil War," by @ThePlumLineGS (out 10/16! Pre-order:, I point out that elected Ds & Rs respond to very different media incentives. Ds hate criticism by mainstream media. For Rs, only Fox/Limbaugh matter. 1/
This plays out in a million ways. I tell the story of the DACA #TrumpShutdown in the book. But as @ThePlumLineGS notes, it particularly matters vis-a-vis "Constitutional hardball"—the extent to which each side is willing to flout norms in pursuit of substantive & political ends.
This dynamic is at play to a staggering extent in the Kavanaugh confirmation fight. Imagine of one of Obama's lawyers & top aides was nominated for SCOTUS, and a Dem prez refused to release >90% of White House papers. Media would scream. And Dems would buckle, & release it all.
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There is blood in the water on Kavanaugh's confirmation. The GOP effort is bleeding but it is *not* beaten. Some people are saying it's a done deal, there's no way he can be confirmed, but there is: they confirm him anyway.
There is no actual physical or legal barrier against him being confirmed, just a contingent of the GOP who *as of right now* feel like they can't afford to commit to voting yes.
If the hearing comes and goes on Monday and there's no CSI:SVU:OTP:XVI style smoking gun (and there won't be), nothing that counts as evidence to the people who think a woman's testimony doesn't count, they get a chance to hit the reset button by just saying "We listened."
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Rs are rushing a hearing within a week after a serious, credible allegation of sexual assault against Judge Kavanaugh. No FBI background investigation has been completed, no witnesses beyond the Judge & Dr. Blasey Ford have been asked to testify. Rs are trying to rig the hearing.
We can’t afford to repeat the mistakes of the past. The FBI should be asked to run its investigation, and the Judiciary Committee should ask other relevant witnesses to testify, like Mark Judge and others the FBI identifies in an investigation.
Along with my Democratic colleagues on the Judiciary Commitee, I'm urging a FBI investigation and asking Chairman Grassley to allow the Committee to perform its due diligence and find a fair path forward that treats these allegations with the respect that is required.
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