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Being an early participant in the start of a thing is frustrating and rewarding at the same time. The experience that comes is humbling. I had the privilege of helping craft the pipeline for the people that followed me. I learned a couple things. Here's those things.
Brilliance in the basics still applied. There was a lot of pressure to get certificates, which would authorized the accesses we needed to do some of the activities we needed to do. One week and two week boot camps prior to actually learning the basics were not helpful.
Initially, people were being sent to what I consider more advanced trainings which may in fact allow them to pass a test and get a certificate that officially means they can work, but the actual end product was not what we wanted. We needed people would actually do work.
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If looking for an institutional grade #Decred staking pool:…
Imagine if you could have earned a 10%+ annual yield on your #bitcoin, denominated in $BTC.

That’s what’s available for active participation in #Decred, denominated in $DCR, right now.
If interested in #GeneralizedMining at large, check out @coinfund_io’s

Beyond @decredproject, they’re already involved with @LivepeerOrg, @steemit, @compoundfinance, and gearing up to support @NuCypher & @geo_protocol.
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Long Reads Sunday #34.

This week, some of the biggest news was around a project whose name references a powerful god of blood and sacrifice.

I’m referring, of course, to JP Morgan’s JPM Coin.

That, plus #ETHDenver, pensions getting off zero, was a week! 👇
2/ All joking aside, the real project I was mentioning above is Moloch, a new coordination DAO meant to help the Ethereum community better allocate resources to shared infrastructure projects.

H/T to @neeraj for the joke I borrowed.
3/ To learn more about Moloch, check out this video one of the project’s builders @ameensol did with @twobitidiot of @messaricrypto at #ETHDenver. Ameen is one of the most interesting thinkers in Ethereum and crypto so highly recommend.…
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Science and Space

Postmodernism is an oft-critiqued but largely misunderstood intellectual "movement", hence the following is an attempt to clarify some misconceptions with regards to it.

Disclaimer: This will be quite a lengthy thread.  1/
1). "Postmodernists deny objective truth"

This isn't strictly speaking true depending on what is means by "objective". For starters, it's important to understand in what context they're talking about "truth".  2/
The issue for postmodernists isn't what exists, but what we can say exists, in other words, it's not about the ontology of truth, but about truth-claims.  3/
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It's been a week since "Cloud Programming Simplified: A Berkeley View on Serverless Computing" was published & I've had some time to think about & read through it.

If you don't feel like reading the entire paper, check out this thread for my take:…
At the beginning they make a clear distinction between serverless and the traditional approach, which they call serverful cloud computing.

They say that "..these two approaches represent the endpoints of a continuum of function-based/server-centered computing platforms"
This sentence:

"In the cloud context, serverful computing is like programming in low-level assembly language whereas serverless computing is like programming in a higher-level language such as Python."

Never thought of it that way but makes total sense & is compelling.
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[Thread] Let's review Kenney's UCP pre-campaign speech last night, and see what he said, implied, or dog-whistled. #abpoli
Part I: On Education

This is getting a lot of the airtime right now, but it's hardly the only, or most significant thing Kenney said.
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Culture and Books

(1/4) #ArielsArmy
Satan stands next to u as u look at the cross and whispers, "Look at what God does to His children."
Jesus brings u up to the cross, as He's dying, and whispers, "Look what the world did to me."
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I have just finished reading Tony Judt's essay on Europe, A Grand Illusion? - actually a collection of three lectures he gave in May 1995 followed by an afterword. In it, Judt memorably questioned the sustainability of the EU and the wisdom of Eastern enlargement. (1/n)
Reading Judt a generation later is surprisingly uplifting. He has a highly perceptive, even prophetic, analysis of fault lines in the EU & risks in Central Europe, not least of renewed nationalism. But his concluding predictions end up almost comically overpessimistic. (2/n)
Start with the predictions: enlarging the EU to former Communist countries would at best be "an act of charity", in any case it will never include the Baltics or Balkans, and the newcomers will never join Schengen or become member states on equal terms with the old ones. (3/n)
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The key in fandom is knowing yourself 1st. The key is being a artist is KNOW you 1st.Then maybe the 2 meet & dance. However Art is short for ‘ARTificial’ it’s a facsimile of life. It’s NOT living. It reflects that. The leaders of Politics & Religion stole a page outta that book.
In the USA the place is so Big & so all over the place that is low on preparing its humans on the world. Especially culture . Always low bar sht thrown at its mASSes. Quantity prevails from those metrics. Organic movement gets reduced & redefined like Love & HipHop for example
My door closed on R&B in the 90s when Urban situations coined themselves ‘Homes of Hip Hop & R&B ‘ and were neither. I still was fan of artists NOT their troth. My Roosevelt Homeboys Bob & Mike Davis hold the form high on @kozmicfunk SO where are yall?
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Newsflash to the people who haven't followed SpyGate closely:


Trump knows something YOU DON'T.

Stop the stupidity, please.
Rod Rosenstein has been EXACTLY WHERE TRUMP WANTS HIM for the last 2 years.

Dumbasses still haven't figured this out?

Even after watching McCabe desperately trying to impeach Rosenstein as a witness at his upcoming trial after his indictment from that grand jury is unsealed?
But the deluge of people totally believing everything McCabe says about Rosenstein has already begin.

Sigh. Can't be helped.
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This thread on "emotionally abused conservatives" was inspired by @jeffgiesea's insightful #DARVO thread (on my TL).

The right is in an abusive relationship with the left, and a conservatives first instinct is to submit and concede to their abuser.
Conservatives are willing to settle for crumbs.

Example: “Demanding apologies,” and "Imagine if a Republican did that..." or settling for shitty deals ('border bill').

Conservatives already start making concessions to the other side before the negotiations even start.
Conservatives are trained to rely on the value system of the abuser — it’s all they know.

Conservatives do not know how to stand up for themselves -- they always frame everything within the context of the abuser and the abusers value system.
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McCabe doing his best in this interview with Scott Pelly on 60 Minutes to sell himself as just an amazed passive bystander as the Nefarious Rod Rosenstein babbles about wearing a wire to entrap the President then launches into a riff about using the 25th amendment against him.
"I didnt' have much to contribute [to the conversation]... McCabe claims in this interview. Apparently he was just watching Rosenstein spitball all these amazing ideas about how to take down a sitting President.
So in McCabe's version of events, this coup against a sitting President using the 25th Amendment & plans to maybe sorta kinda wear a wire to record him talking about Russia stuff was all the idea of The Nefarious Rod Rosenstein.

McCabe just wanted to investigate Trump!
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