How to use this service?

Let's imagine you are on Twitter and at some point you see a nice but long thread (threads are multiple tweets linked together from the same person, see twitter definition)

You think that it is hard to read because you have to click on "see more" again and again.

Method 1: The bot

To use the bot, take any tweet that is part of the thread – so basically stay where you are – hit reply to any of these tweets and mention the bot plus the "unroll" keyword.

literally: @ThreadReaderApp unroll

We repeat because it is important: the reply has to be done on one of the Tweet from the thread, so it would be one Tweet from the same author

Then a few minutes later you will get a notification/mention on Twitter with a link to read the full unrolled version.
So right after your reply to the bot you can leave to read something else because you will get a link with everything in it.

If you are logged on Thread Reader, you will have access to the last threads you asked to unroll or you subscribed for in your Account.

Note: If your account is private you must follow @ThreadReaderApp so the bot can see your mentions

What if someone already asked for this unroll?
It does not matter, the bot will unroll it for you too, it is tireless 🤖

To see a full example of the flow, check out the video

Method 2: The Website

Go to the website
- On the homepage find the search box
- Enter the link of any of the tweet that is part of the thread
- Click on "Find unroll"

Google Chrome user can use the official Chrome extension too find out more here .
If you are a Firefox user you can checkout the Firefox extension on the official website .

Method 3: Android and iOS

On iOS you can use the handy App called Workflow, get more info here.

Android has a home made helper App that will help you unroll threads, you can download it here .

Video Tutorials

Important considerations

How to prevent Thread Reader to unroll your content?

Thread Reader is a free service here to help people read threads with ease, we are not here to steal anyone's content.

So the process to remove and block Thread Reader is very easy and straightforward, you only have to mention the bot @ThreadReaderApp with the keyword: BLOCK ME (case is important) using the account you want to be removed from the site.

That would be: @ThreadReaderApp BLOCK ME That's it.
Blocking will take up to 15 minutes, it is for all your past and future content.

Do you save content forever?

Thread Reader does not save the content forever, it is forbidden by Twitter term of service.

Multiple times per day the service will sync with Twitter and update existing threads so they stay up to date.
Also the bot will remove blocked/suspended accounts as well as deleted threads.
If you are interested to keep a copy of an unrolled thread we suggest that you use the archive Premium feature (see below).

Free Features

You can have a free account by login on Thread Reader with you Twitter account.

Connect To Your Account

Thread Reader allows you to have a personalized account. Here you will find all the unrolls you asked. It will have your subscriptions and read-later Threads.

To access your personal account you can use Twitter Connect or your email address.

Connexion via email works without a password: Simply enter your email address and you will receive an email with a connexion link. That link stays valid until you request for another one. Keep that link private.
Requesting for another connexion link will not disconnect you from other places, so feel free to ask multiple links (but remember only the last one will connect you).

Read Later

You can save a thread to read for later. Simply click on the button "Read Later" on the threads's page on the top, and it'll be listed both on the homepage and on your account page.

Premium Features

Thread Reader comes with multiple advanced features that are available for Premium user. Take some time to read below how you can benefit from these.

Please read why it is important to have paying feature, and for you as an user to pay for this service.

PDF Archives

Content can be removed from Twitter (and so from Thread Reader) at anytime for many reasons.

Thread Reader App allows you to ask for a PDF archive on any given Thread.
These PDF are very well formatted and ready to be to archived or printed. It has all the links and text saved in a nice looking page without any extra noise.

This is a Premium feature, with Premium you will have access to unlimited archiving.

See example here:


With Subscriptions you will get an email when your favorite author is unrolled on Thread Reader.

You can subscribe to any author, the option is found on each thread page or author page: simply click on the subscribe button and login with Twitter to confirm. Be sure to double check your email in the profile section of your account.

Then in your account you can manage all your subscriptions and unsubscribe in one click.

For each new thread unrolled you will get an email and your account will be updated with the new unroll in Threads section.

Advanced Search

Basic search in more than 220,467 threads is available to everyone but Premium Users have access to Advanced search features and more results per pages.

With advanced search feature you can sort result by relevance or by date.
You can also search in a specific language (that information is given by Twitter and not always accurate)

You will also have access to Advanced Query syntax:

  • Operator or this | that
  • Operator exact match "this exact sentence"
  • Operator user from:@jack (only one user possible by query)
  • Operator not -that
  • Grouping ( xxx )
Example: (startup|bitcoin) -paris -from:@beetcoin means: Threads talking about startup or bitcoin that does not contain the word paris and not from user @beetcoin

No Ads

When you support Thread Reader with a Premium membership, no Ads will be displayed on the website. This will make the experience faster and will prevent tracking.
Be sure to be logged in to benefit from this.


If you were charged but don't want to remain Premium, you can contact by email at In your first month, we will refund you without any condition.

When you get your Premium membership, a receipt is sent by Stripe or PayPal to your email address. We do NOT offer invoices for businesses as Thread Reader App is NOT a B2B product but a product for people (B2C).

Import / Export data

Thread Reader allows you to import your Twitter archive and get all your threads unrolled in one operation. This is great to save and share your content with everyone!

Simply go to your account and upload your Twitter archive in "My Data" section. In this section you can also manually remove unrolls from the website.

If you want to delete your account, or if you want all your Thread Reader related content, please send an email to

How to make a thread?

Thread Reader does not allow to create a new thread, but you can go directly on Twitter and make one very easily: full instructions are here .

Something is not working!

Twitter is not an easy platform for developers, plus we are fallible human, equals:
from time to time you will find a glitch or a blocking bug. Please let us know by email at (send us a screenshot if possible) and we'll do my best to help you and fix the bug.

Supporting Thread Reader

Please read more about how you can support Thread Reader here.