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Rusthum, his family, his friends and myself, we have tried to get a lawyer to represent him since his arrest. We have all failed to find him a lawyer. Nobody wants to take the risk of representing him and being called laadheenee. This would ruin their legal careers they say!
Meanwhile, the he has been held without a lawyer and due process for more than a month and half. During this time, they increased his detention via the courts 2 time for 15 days each. And the third time the judge has decided to keep him in prison indefinitely until his ”trial”.
Given that he is unable to secure legal representation at this time, even though it is a fundamental right for everyone, it is now up to the government to provide such representation for him, given the country lacks a public defenders office.

@ibusolih @MohamedNasheed @evattey
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Mi meehun genaumuge kurin judiciary islaahu huranjehey. Eyge fahun mimeehun shareeah kurevenjehey faalhukan bodu gothehgai TV dhahkamun. Mi meehunah hukumeh nukoh jalaku nubeythihbeyne, islaahu kurumuge program eh nuhingeyne.
Mimeehunaa dheytherey kan kuraagothun haasilu kuranjehey muhummu landu dhandi thakeh vey.

1. Ehenmeehunge kurimathy mimeehunaa dheytherey kankuraagoi misaalakah hedhun.

Mibunaa bahuge maana aki, jihadi fikurah migaumugai nimumeh gennan jehey eba. Ekan vaanee kurin jihadeenah vee meehunaa dheytherey haru kashi fiyavalhu elhigen.
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That is a really good picture. President @ibusolih has such a great vibe about him, you can't help but like him. I have high hopes for his #Agenda19 reforms. #SecularMaldives will aim to build on top of it.
This is the perfect game theoretperfect optimum opportunity for the #SecularMaldives movement. President @ibusolih, @MohamedNasheed’s defining leadership as the speaker oof the parliament and #Agenda19 carries deep and meaningful political aspirations of the Dhivehi people.
The reforms outlined in #Agenda19 would be foundational to a more free and fair society. It can begin to happen now or later, but a #SecularMaldives can't exist without those reforms. The coinciding of the timing of the current wave of secular activism and the current MDP...
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I have a feeling this could go badly for the MDP government. Just a thought. Don't know enough about it yet. But this is shaky ground they are treading on.

Baagee Luthfee Ge Mahsala - Sarukaarun Hedhee Goas, Adhives Hadhanee Goas - Vaguthu
Here is why I say this could end badly. Let me explain. Luthfee is accused of murdering police and military personnel during the bungled coup attempt of 3rdd November 1988. This is a nationalism rallying point that has been cultivated as such by subsequent governments since then.
The country and the people have marked that day as Victory Day for 31 years. Now that's multiple generations that has bought into that narrative while being bombarded with visual media content to enforce it visually. It's what has framed public thinking around it.
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PSA: Just letting the concerned know that this is happening in the background. Everything you suspect is possibly intentioned influence on discussion through coordination and decentralized planning that converges on the issues of relevance. #SecularMaldives #NormalizingDissent
The people tagged in this post run the country. Your job now includes ensuring universal human rights in the country. We will continue to advocate for it, desiring change.
I realize this really puts you all into a dilemma, a problem that you will have to find a solution using the machinery of the state which you now control. MDP represents the grassroots democratic aspirations of the dhivehi people. You do right by them.
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Never again will any party or individual will ever control a majority or dominate local politics, without a clear defined manifesto detailing their policies. This #Majlis19 election, that bar was raised high, anyone who failed to define their politics lost.
This is a significant milestone in the country’s democratic history, one that would define it for years to come as #MDP is expected to enact far-reaching legislation, that cannot be easily rolled back by any new incoming government future government.
The changes proposed in #Agenda19 once implemented will lift the Maldives people out of years of hardship and extreme poverty forced on to the people by political parasites who yeilded power over the people for so long.
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MDP ge #Agenda19 ah thaaeedhu kuraa ehenmeehunge vaahaka dhahkaakah mashakah neyngey, mashah ingeynee magey vaahaka dhahkan. Ahannakee muslimeh noon. Magaboolu kuraa gothugai kalaku nuvey, adhi Muslimun rasooleh kamah dhekey Muhammad aky 6 vana garunugai ulhunu aniyaaverieh.
Aharen gaboolu kuraa gothugai, dhivehi gaumaai, dhivehi raiyyithun ge zamaanvi nikamethi kamaai, thahahmalu kuramundhaa aniyaa ge aslaki Islam dheenuge hukumthaku gaivaa aniyaaverikan, raiyyithun ge mahchah seedhaa gothunaai nuseedhaa gothun eki eki verinaai emeehunge..
...auvaanun hingumuge sababunneve. Mihenkamun, aharen gaboolu kuraa gothugai, islaam dheenai, adhi ehendheen thakuge baaru verikamuge nizaamun vaki kuran jehey. Raajje secular gaumakah badhalu vaanjehey rayyithun hageegathugai minivan bayakah ve, tharagee aai thahuzeebu vaan.
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