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YAYY!!! Lets all play #SuperMarioVotes with #EdwardSolomon! He shows in detail on a simple spreadsheet (Like I did & many others) how they EASILY FRAUD the elections & races & why they are distributing votes across different counties & how they are running it centrally. BOING! 🍄
Centrally when they are running the elections, this shows how they regularly access the counts, add votes across precincts based on a pre-desired end vote tally (why Edison led the ending totals by an ENTIRE DAY) & they fill in over time. It's all calculated beforehand!
So obviously how they run the management of this is very easy. I could do it all day & probably better than they can. (Oh I'm SURE 100% on this one!!!)
Pre-run elections (they have 2 years to practice for #America & do this all over the world so it's VERY well practiced 4 them
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#AlphaOmegaEnergy is going #crowdfund soon for our Startup. We're manufacturing& installing our World #1 CleanEnergy Generator to our Blockchain DataCenter. 14 Inv banks are ready to IPO us post-PreSeed round of 6.7 Million. Investors will 3-5-10X in a hurry. DM if want invest in
Startup Investing has created incredible wealth for those doing it, allowing people access to returns that far exceed every other investment class. AOE has an Asset & Income Business model with World #1 Tech creating Unprecedented Security & Demand & Scaling Opportunity.
3/ Business plans & models can be seen on
We've over 1,000 Business planning pages & documents, just finished a 320 page Angel investor due diligence package & won "Most Well Prepared Startup" in China's National Competition but they don't invest FOREIGNER
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#AlphaOmegaEnergy hereby Officially announces that we will give 1% of our options pool to #Christian Widows.
Because #Jesus loved them, & roared like a Lion in defense of them at her feet, defending her against the establishment predators who devoured her home to the last coin.
#VC did you ever see tell your Startups to give some of the option pool to a charitable cause? If not, WHY NOT?
God bless you Jesus. Thank you...Thank you.
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#1 Breakthrough #CleanEnergy Tech Startup #AlphaOmegaEnergy has been Targeted by Criminals online after exposing their Criminal #Democrat operatives who are now making Facebook-Hate pages Lying that #AOE is a scam. FREE Piblicity from the TROLL Machine. Nice!👍🏼🤣
-I don't generally like to quote Satanists but in the words of many of them "All Publicity is good publicity."
-Since the Corrupt Mainstream media does NOTHING & has NEVER done anything to support Breakthrough CleanEnergy, I am very happy that the CRIMINALS are promoting me🤣
-After all, what's better than to get the CRIMINALS to VOLUNTEER for your Startup to get you endless amounts of Publicity that you can't get, on platforms you don't even want to use? :D I have no audience at all on Fakebook, and NOW I HAVE ONE!! 🤣👏👏👌💪THANK YOU TROLLS!
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#AlphaOmegaEnergy Created New Technology to deal with radiation from Tritium water at Fukushima Daiici & went there to teach it to them in person. We've over 50 techs for Nuclear Reactor efficiency & safety. We recently made Caesium & Plutonium Filter capture tech & Going 4 Ocean
-Tritium currently is being released at record levels from most Nuclear plants, contaminating drinking water, beaches, oceans, seafood, & destroying the Oceans & #Environment. It is highly radioactive so it has a short half-life of 12 years. Since this, they refuse take Action
-The amount of Tritium release is MASSIVE at Fukushima Daiichi & they have no idea when this will stop, if EVER & have no way STILL to even get to the reactor.
-Most Nuclear plant operators just say "Well, everyone's doing it so we will too" (Releasing it into Rivers-Ocean)
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
FRAUD of "The Great Hot Fusion SCAM" Continues to STEAL from the #UK Taxpayer, this time another AT LEAST 55 MILLION Pounds down the toilet & into hands of Rorting ConArtists LYING that "Fusion is Clean or Limitless power" Disgrace…
-7 YEARS & 55 Million in SCAMS as people shut out of jobs, businesses, work, ability to feed their families.
-If a Cleantech Startup said "give us 500K we will do XYZ & they didn't do it they would go to PRISON for FRAUD." But these CONARTISTS? Nope, nothing. Not a single Fine
-EVERY ONE of the people working on these CONARTIST Contraptions Admits that they DO NOT WORK, CAN NOT WORK, they DO NOT have a pathway to having them EVER work, DO NOT know how, CAN NOT produce a SINGLE KILOWATT of energy, & TRILLIONS STOLEN SO FAR INTO THESE CARTEL FRAUDS.
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Live Aurora Borealis. As the solar wind hits the earth's field, in the north & south following the magnetic field lines of the poles, we see this energy visibly dancing in the atmosphere as it's inbound. They are directly linked to the electromagnetic field disturbances also.
#ClimateChange Liars, Astroturfers, Gaslighters & Propagandists have Always run from the Aurora & pretend they don't even exist at all because they destroy their political narrative due the Science shows the effect of the sun over #CO2. REAL #Science, Always beats LIENCE.
Next time you are accosted by a #Climate LIAR, ask them "How does #CO2 make the aurora borealis in solar wind?" Is all that energy coming from the sun that sparks the Aurora is that from CO2 or is it from the sun? They don't answer? Why? Self-Incrimination. Pleading the 5th :D
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#Clinton Foundation financials read like a Money Laundering, Misappropriation, Embezzlement & Financial Fraud Center & Textbook, with not even 3% actually donated (2014) & over 91 MILLION in "Suspect transactions" on the outgoings. Imagine if this was #SaveTheChildren
-HOLY CRAP 6.6 MILLION a year in rent, over 500,000 a MONTH! they got a whole skyscraper I guess. I paid $650 a month for 160 Square meters 1200 sq ft. for 20 staff
-74 MILLION in erroneous expenses without details for only 14 million in Events spending. 20+ MILLION Travel??
-13 MILLION in "OTHER" expenses. What "Other"? Where is the itemization? Wheres the receipts?
-We don't even have an "OTHER" expenses line. We do have every hard copy receipt though, we have them all uploaded to Google drive & all the pictures also, give the last couple months
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To TALK “Change The World” what is required? What is the truth & what are the behaviors & actions required in order to be genuine & real about it? You will see this behavior & action very clearly & the Litmus test is that #AlphaOmegaEnergy is what you will be heavily invested in.
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#Billgates has over 100 BILLION Dollars.
-He DOESNT fund Startups
-He is AGAINST funding the Breakthrough CleanEnergy innovators like #AlphaOmegaEnergy
-He is AGAINST helping those Vaccine Damaged ppl or EVER acknowledging them
-He Doesn't build schools nor lend to Socents
-How many BLACK owned Startups in the Emerging Markets has #BillGates funded or lended to?
-Why hasn't BG denounced the Racist Hate-Filled "Black Extermination Project" of his family's Creation called #PlannedParenthood?
-Why is BG so completely Against the Black world?
-Why has BG NEVER worn a #Mask
-Why has BG NEVER gotten his family Vaccinated?
-Why is BG so completely AGAINST acknowledging the desperate destruction of the lives of the Vaccine Damaged & their needs to be taken care of & his MORAL OBLIGATION to help them WITH HIS PROFITS?
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Innovation. Its ART. Its SIMPLE. Just not your simple. Take a deep breath. Have a cigarette. And INVEST. And lets Change The World. Nothing could be more simple. Don't blow your brains out.
(This is my funny sharing after talking to a lawyer who blew her brains out on my website)
Meet Your Engineers. Get to know them. Hug an Engineer. :D They are REAL. WE EXIST.
Innovation is ARTWORK FROM THE MIND. It DOESNT come from slap up 50,000 blind braindead attempts on a table like children with blocks in a corporation trying to Steal. It comes from ARTISANS, CRAFTSMEN, INVENTORS, PASSIONATE MAKERS who LOVE what they are doing.
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Massive Heat Wave from September 23rd to October 4th nearly 2 weeks is Clearly visible on the charts as DIRECLY CAUSED by the SUN, NOT #CO2 in both Solar wind speed & Heat/Temperature & of course this is basic common sense even for children's lessons but #Climate LIARS? Ban you. Image
Currently we have a significant amount of energy density coming in, since the 11th, without solar wind, without temp up, & without Geomag disturbances. This is exciting the Oxygen layer in the atmosphere into Red above the Green Aurora, VERY rare condition. NASA? Silent on it.
Let's see how long it takes now that NASA is finally slow-drop releasing a few of their long-hidden deliberately kept from humanity data points (They are Military not a public science institution of course) in order to BEGIN talking about these other features of "Space"
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#Breaking #BreakingNews
#FDA CAUGHT RED HANDED FRAUDING the PCR Tests just like when they were CRIMINALLY CONVICTED LYING about what was in the #Vaccines before, & they're at their CRIME again! Full Investigation & Charges need to be laid Immediately as they are driving FRAUD! ImageImageImageImage
The #FDA FRAUDED THE WORLD with LIES, Allowing LIES, going along with LIES, supporting LIES, FRAUDULENT Claims, allowing FRAUD & completely REFUSING to protect the public interest in any way as the entire world has been & is being Decimated in CRIMINAL LIES based on their info. ImageImageImageImage
#FDA ADMITS FULLY that COMMON COLD medications may help against "The #Coronavirus" which they are helping the Public to be DEFRAUDED as ALSO state that PCR tests CAN NOT detect a Live Virus, CAN NOT detect infection, CAN NOT detect likelihood of infection, CAN NOT isolate SARS. ImageImageImageImage
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Just a reminder to all the Citizens of the world.
"The Great Hot Fusion SCAM" is an Absolute FRAUD.
These CRIMINAL CONARTISTS who LIE to you & to govt funding desks, #Liberal FRAUDSTERS scamming YOUR Tax Dollars in Financial Crime, all know it but LIE, as a distraction from #AOE. Image
2/ Every so called “Scientist” working on the massive FINANCIAL & Scientific CRIMINAL FRAUD called ‘Fusion for energy’ via The ABSOLUTE LIES of “heating elements (generally hydrogen) to melt them together & supposedly magical energy is created from nowhere, KNOWS ITS A TOTAL SCAM
3/ These total COWARDS, Willing fully to LIE through their faces Deliberately to then participate in STEALING money from the helpless taxpayer who’s pockets are laid bare & ROBBED behind their backs when supposed to be protected, are ABSOLUTELY participating in CRIME & know it.
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"ALL THINGS Are Possible In Him Who Believes."
So said #JESUS.
Not this thing not that thing, not half things not only some things. ALL THINGS.
Jesus made the Blind see.
Jesus made the Crippled walk.
Jesus made the Poor, rich.
Jesus lit the fires of hearts for THOUSANDS OF YEARS. Image
We will make Blind, see again.
We will help crippled, walk again.
We will invest in the poor and they will KNOW that they are rich.
We will Light Up The World, for THOUSANDS OF YEARS.
There is POWER in the Name of #Jesus
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-Dollar Bashers & Dollar Bashing is ALSO ANTI-#American
-Many countries are forced to tie/fix/peg their currencies to the USD. It is one of the smartest things you can do for your country & gives you security beyond imagine
-Poor Cambodia did this& strong due
-Barbados Pegs it's currency at 1.9-2.0 to the USD.
-Stone age Gold Scammers claim there is nothing to back the USD, but ENTIRE NATIONS have tied themselves to the USD & the trading & economic flows & relationship on USD. IN FACT this means ALL THESE ECONOMIES Back the USD.
-ALL THE ASSETS that are bought & sold & traded into USD as the primary exchange vehicle & their UNDERLYING HARD ASSET VALUES & INCOMES relative to the world, back the USD.
-All these assets relative to other regions in the world, ALSO back it
-Gold bugs have no clue what talk
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BILLIONS of dollars have been WASTED on GARBAGE gimmicks like sucking the plant food CO2 out of the sky.
#BillGates invested to a company sucking CO2, & YOUR MONEY into the toilet, starving over 40 Million trees of their air, thus KILLING the O2 giving trees we need in the world. Image
2/ Instead of investing to #AlphaOmegaEnergy, there is a huge pressure to LIE & go along with the Radical Runaway FRAUD & CORRUPTION of the #Climate Cartel Globalist #NWO establishment aiming to centralize the narrative to build crony corporate communist feudalism forever.
-Farmers need the #CO2 plant food
-CO2 heals desertification as plants & trees grow faster
-CO2 helps the forests replenish much faster
-Sucking CO2 from the sky removes our so important sunblock, allowing more radiation into the earth
-Wasting BILLIONS on this is Incompetence
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Wow!! 😮 Look! It’s those “I refused to invest to #AlphaOmegaEnergy fires” again!! Tax Frauds call them #CO2 fires 🔥 despite the FACT that CO2 cools the earth, not warms it & they know this of course! Electric grid fires raging & power out. Shoulda #AOE?
*California Napa Valley, just down the road from Mount DIABLO. (Devils mountain - as called by the natives, denoting a place of great spiritual evil) boy, it sure lived up to the prediction didn’t it?

No forest management allowed = fires!
No #AOE allowed nor fully supported? 🔥
3/ if Silicon valley VC we solicited would have invested to #AOE, these grid fires would be going away, if the sierra clubs, the Greenpeaces, the celebrities & rich basketball players & hollywood folks & Cali #Climate ACTORS would have supported when we solicited online? Wow 💦
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Your Opportunity With #AlphaOmegaEnergy as a Startup Contributor Teammate or an Investor, Matchmaker, Facilitator!
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Are YOU Ready folks?
#AlphaOmegaEnergy is going to manufacture a mini version of our mini mini Generator to help with our coming #Crowdfunding Campaign. This will help substantiate our tech ability & pressure investors around the world to have to finally take action to support us Image
-Originally our design was a Proper size @ 1 Million Dollars
We then re-engineered down to:
-500K partial
-250K partial partial
-150K p of pp
-50K p of ppp
Now we are taking our last $ to make a tiny, due the lunacy Neo-Luddism of the establishment broken thought system.
-This system is not meant as a “full finished system” it is not anywhere near as efficient nor cost effective in $ per KW of course as bigger models are, nor is it economies of scale size etc. However it will still establish that if investors lose their luddism & support, Can.
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Another #Climate Slanderer added me. Thx 2 her! :D
99.9% chance she blocks in <24 hrs as they all do, I offered to have a video talk w’ her as she says I’m a Criminal due an HONEST Scientist & LOVE #CO2 & I call those talking such LIES as CRIMINALS :D & they are! I offered, She? Image
Here is my offer below for the record on my Feed. She seems to get the science & is “Listening to the science” about #HCQ & the Thousands of Doctors around the world yelling #ArrestBillGates for #CrimesAgainstHumanity but its sad she wants to stop greening the 3rd world starving Image
Lets see if she is the very FIRST #Climate TALKer brave enough to go on video with the #1 Breakthrough CleanEnergy Innovator in history to talk about the Criminal Lies of the #ClimateChange Cartel Conartists who have blocked & banned the Breakthrough Innos & Never support! Image
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#AlphaOmegaEnergy Herby offers FREE Energy, EnergyEfficiency & CleanEnergy & Climate Policy & Economics Policy support & advice (If wanted) for her campaign & ongoing, to HERO #LauraLoomer of #Florida She's the most #Banned Woman on earth, & we the Startup
We FULLY SUPPORT #LauraLoomerForCongress
As the Worlds most #Banned Startup in history, we know what it's like to be targeted, attacked, blocked banned sanctioned on multiple platforms for no reason (& we didn't even protest a single anything ever) But Blocked FB, Linkedin Insta Image
3/ #LauraLoomer is a HERO for #SaveTheChildrenWorldWide & #childtraffickingexposed & #Humanrights #Freedom #Freespeech World Peace & Safety, #America & an Incredible Woman & Role model for all people to get behind & support. #Congress needs powerful women like her to fight 4 ppl.
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WOW!!! 😮
#Breaking #BreakingNews
Members of Parliament of #Brazil break into hospital that claimed to have 5,000 infected & 200 deaths from #COVID19 & CAUGHT THEM RED HANDED NOT ONE PERSON, they have FRAUDED THE WORLD!! #Italy #Spain #ArrestBillGates
Brazilians Translated:
5 Members of #Brazil parliament went to hospitals under encouragement by #Bolsonaro to break into hospitals & check to see the number of patients there. This hospital late to be finished but claiming 5000 ppl with COVID19 and 200 dead, so need this hospital
Officials broke in to check it & found the hospital is an absolute mess, not finished, and no patients. The governor is frauding the state and nation and taxpayers & LYING about the numbers to pad the numbers. Embezzlement scheme & to help bring down the country &push #vaccine
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