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Great News.
I think the @USACEHQ have finally solved our extra-dimensional problems.

One #anagram for "General Todd Thurston Semonite" is:
Deloused Ninth Gate Tormentors

I think most would agree two of the central figures in this #coronavirus operation are:
Tom Hanks - royalty among [their] ritual cult
Bill Gates - in charge of operational logistics

Attached clip sets the context for Hanks, CV, 3/11, and the gate
And some context for the infiltration

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First week of February is lining up to be full of habbenings.
Trial probably over, SOTU, coronavirus forecasts of 250k. etc.

National Freedom Day is Feb 1.

I'm not making any predictions.
I'm posting this graphic just to show you my current thoughts.

Patriots Are In Control.
Anon posts a very intriguing qclock graphic that dovetails with my graphic focusing on 2/2, the day after National Freedom Day.

I'm intentionally being vague in this thread.
The graphics tell the story.

In addition to LA and Chicago, "it" may now be in Virginia.
What might those three areas have in common ...

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I have never seen a more intensely coded article:…

Within it are elements of the fundamental war of Good vs. Evil

The coded messages within are like a fractal mirror and appear contradictory - almost as if they are at war themselves.
Some basic examples:

Two #anagrams for "Elise Jennings" are:
"Genies El Jinns" (i.e. all names for archons)
"Genesis El Jinn" (i.e. creator god, el == electricity)

One #anagram for "Sean Dettrick" is:
"Senate D Trick"
another interpretation is "3D Trick" (matrix)
The above are the simple ones.
It gets pretty intense when you start looking at the gematria. The themes that emerge cover many many references to Q drops, Jesus vs. Lucifer, and the end of days.

Currently praying for discernment before saying any more.
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We now have "Winter Storm Ezekiel". One #anagram is:
"Rework Timeline Zest"

This is the 4th anagram this week containing "Timeline", and the 3rd hinting at a message to abort/block/rework the timeline.

Another #anagram of "Winter Storm Ezekiel" is:
"Set Time Wrinkle Zero"

This reminds me of Madeleine L'Engle's book "A Wrinkles In Time", which introduces the #Tesseract.

Coincidence that the first timeline-anagram this week contained Tesseract?

"Winter Storm Ezekiel"

Q3624: "It's going to be BIBLICAL!"

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Perusing the below article on the #CaveFire after noticing it spread to "3,300" acres.…

I see "Irene Lamberti" whose "house is like a museum" managed to bring her Japanese "geisha" embroidery in her escape.

My train of thought is obviously: fire, museum, escape with Japanese women trained to entertain men ...

So, I work on an #anagram for "Irene Lamberti".

Imagine my surprise when "Timeline" pops out yet again.

This is the 3rd consecutive #anagram I've done that deals with Timelines, all in one week.

In this instance "Irene Lamberti" can be:
"Bar Re: Timeline"
"Rebar Timeline"

Couple that with my prior result: "Abort Timeline" etc.
Sure seems like the message is "Block Timeline".

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One #Anagram for "Tropical Storm Sebastien" is:
"Abort Past Timeline Cross"

Another is:
"Mil Tesseract absorbtion"

The Czech band "Sebastien", known for their songs "Dorian" (think hurricane) and "Headless Cross", have albums:
"Dark Chambers of Déjà Vu"
"Act of Creation"

Beyond the several references to the merging of time, there are quite a few other applicable decodes.

This is one of the most interesting phrases I've ever anagrammed.

Another #anagram is:
"Cabal Primes Nests To Riot"

Are the Antifa nests being prepped for massive riots?

Q34: "Public riots are being organized in serious numbers"

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Did Q tell us a #Mormon would be attacked by a #Cartel Army today?

Trump's tweet is at 8:28 which maps to Q2028: "Information comes in many forms"

Let's rearrange the /form/ of information in this drop:

One #Anagram for the phrase in Q2028 is:
"Sic Mafioso Infantrymen Mormon"
There are many different alternatives here - we need more information to truly decode.
Some other #Anagrams are:
"Mormon IC Mafioso Infantrymen"

It has been theorized that the Mormon church is in league with the #CIA

Are Mormon's the Intelligence Community (IC) "infantrymen"?
I'll update if I find info allowing a full decode.

Given a cartel attacked a group of mormons, I do not think it a coincidence that many #anagrams contain:
- mormon
- mafioso/mafiosi (cartel)
- army
- infantry/infantrymen
- sic (attack)
- mason/masonic
- IC / (intel community)
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One #Anagram for "Something Very Big Has Just Happened" is:
"He Happy Just Had ISIS Government Beg"

Is Trump happy the head of #ISIS govt. just taken out?
Did #Baghdadi beg/whimper at end?
If you're interested in looking deeper, there are other potential anagrams that include words:
Bereshit/Bereishit (Trump tweet was on "Shabbat Bereishit" - Oct. 26, 2019)
"its happening"
Another interpretation of:
"He Happy Just Had ISIS Government Beg"

is they have discovered the BEGINNINGS of ISIS. Trump stated the raid resulted in documents related to the ORIGINS of ISIS.

"Bereshit" also means "Beginning" / "Genesis"
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