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Are you Korean? Can you tell us specifically what is wrong with Japan's recognition of historical facts? At least, we Japanese attach great importance to evidence-based verification, NOT EMOTION, regarding history.
#AntiJapanese #Propaganda #psyops
I'm basically not aggressive in nature, but sometimes my blood pressure rises because of my anger and depression at something. And when that happens, gastritis also gets worse. So I try not to touch it. But, there are times when it is unavoidable. E.g.
❶ International anti-Japanese propaganda based on hoaxes by Koreans and covert Communists
❷ It's often seen that some Japanese patriots who develop "anti-German" and "anti-Whites" claims because they have little JQ, when they oppose ❶'s people. In short, their ignorance.
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> What evil the Japanese did to others during that war!!

1/4 What is your national identity? Where are you from? What is your race? What is your political position? Must clarify it and blame "Japan and the Japanese".
2/4 Are you GOD? What is the fairness of sneaky person who hide the identity and blame the Japanese..? you must show historical EVIDENCE (NOT propaganda) of you said that Japan did "evil", soon!
3/4 Tonight, It is an important day to send back the ancestor spirits in Japan. I NEVER forgive anyone who unjustly insults the ancestors, forever.
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@karlfra22739781 1/11 Thank you, American fren! I'm delighted to will convey your words to our ancestors. I know that the vast majority of ordinary Americans at the time really hated war. And the Japanese people at that time also didn't really want to fight your country.
@karlfra22739781 2/11 However, since the 1920s, the international jewish anti-Japanese propaganda siege had a great deal of momentum, especially brainwashing Americans. That was also the preparation for causing WW2.
@karlfra22739781 3/11 Every year, I think of the damage to Americans who were unknowingly attacked on December 7, 1941, that day. The lament of the Americans and their families, who died without knowing that the war had begun, will not go away.
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1/4 Unfortunately I cannot agree with your sketch of Japan. I'm not an expert in molecular archeology etc, so I avoid mentioning it like an expert here (I've been studying Japanese art & cultural history outside academic world).
2/4 Probably within 10 years, the "common sense" of Japanese history drawn by mainly #CryptoKoreans intellectuals and the Westerner Leftists will be corrected.
3/4 The Korean Peninsula used to be a "transit place" with no native race in ancient time. Japanese history has been used by the forces that want to destroy Japan by "myths" that completely ignore this fact.
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