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A thread on #BoycottMSNBC, the reality of fake news, and the self-defeating nature of the Left-Right political dynamic:
The liberal aversion to the term “fake news” is based entirely on the fact that Trump uses it. For some reason, our collective amnesia has deep-sixed the phrase’s origin, which was with *liberals* who pointed the finger at fake news as the fuel for Trump’s rise. Trump flipped it.
By adopting a phrase with broad applicability and making it radioactive to Left-wingers, Trump channeled the American Right’s ability to appropriate ideas, images, and institutions at will. The American Left, obsessed with purity, is afraid to contest occupied territory.
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Freddy J is speaking truth. That #YangGang looking real Trumpish right now. Cut that weirdo shit out and focus on creating solutions for real problems. Stop giving MAGA ammunition. Don't #BoycottMSNBC. Boycott the President.
Andrew Yang isn't ready to be president of the United States. #NoYangGames
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Just so you know...we all see you Joy Ann Reid/MSNBC running the same op you did in 2016. ONLY THIS TIME you’re smearing Bernie & Tulsi as Russian bots instead of Trump.

ONLY THIS TIME you don’t even a fabricated Steele Memo.

You’re just straight-up lying on air.
To understand the dishonest, dirty, filthy rotten lies that Joy Ann Reid/MSNBC are peddling here, you have to know who CLINT WATTS and FPRI are.

Max Blumenthal spilled the tea on Watts way back in 2017.…
Clint Watts has been at the forefront of US intelligence attempts to interfere in our presidential election process by silencing dissent and smearing candidates as agents of a hostile foreign power.

It’s *almost as if* Watts is TRYING TO fabricate a new US civil war here 👇👇
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ChiCom parasites have been stealing American jobs, intellectual property & military secrets.
Why does Andrew Yang always blame it on automation?

Yang is the lipstick that tries to make 🐖™️xi jinPIG’s CCP Invasion acceptable.

#BoycottMSNBC #YangGang
xi jinPIG🐖™️ has his puppet presidential candidate Han Kuo-Yu in Taiwan.

In America, he has Joe Biden, Mike Bloomberg, Deval Patrick & Andrew Yang.
🐖™️xi jinPig’s lipstick Andrew Yang says the US shouldn’t consider ChiCom parasites’ stealing a threat-

#BoycottMSNBC #YangGang…
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There's so many reasons to #BoycottMSNBC , but what is the reason it's trending today? I missed it
I see. So it's because they didn't give Yang, one of the lowest polling candidates, enough air time? Of all the reasons to boycott that lying piece of shit network, this is the reason it's trending? . . but hey, whatever it takes. #BoycottMSNBC
Yang is technically middle of the pack, but he's only at 2.8% in polls - with Democrat voters. Hardly a reason to boycott an entire network over - especially when there's so many greater reasons to boycott MSNBC. but whatever it takes works for me, so by all means, boycott away
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I know @CNN is refusing to run propaganda ads (full of lies) & ALL TV & news should do the same! @MSNBC actually is running these ads! WHY?? WHY WOULD ANY AMERICAN TV CHANNEL RUN ADS FULL OF LIES!
People like @chucktodd @mitchellreports @HallieJackson @SRuhle @AriMelber MUST...
call out lies during interviews IMMEDIATELY! Tell people BEFORE they go on, if you start with propaganda & lies, we will cut your mic, end interview & tell viewers why! If people can't be honest they shouldn't be on...period! I know, they know, most of the time, because I DO!...
This might come as a shock but viewers DO NOT like to be lied to! @ABC @AP @CBSNews @CNBC @CNN @cspan @MSNBC @NBCNews @nytimes @washingtonpost @WSJ should know, they are NEWS, NOTHING on their air should be lies!
Walter Cronkite would NEVER have allowed it! Tim Russert didn't...
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@POTUS Trump colluded with American people to #MAGA

The House Intel Committee concluded that Trump went out every single day to touch the hearts & lives of the working class & thats why @realDonaldTrump WON

LETS NOW #KeepAmericaGreat
@POTUS Trump has replaced Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with former CIA Director Mike Pompeo

He also hired Gina Haspel as the first female director of the CIA

Trump treats the Presidency like a business & if youre not doing your job, YOURE FIRED

(1)The Felonious "Littering" of 7,000 pairs of shoes by #MarchForOurLives #NeverAgain "Forced Protestors" Needs to STOP Manipulating #USA Youth into these Criminal acts

Next "Protect" like this dont say #Metoo that you Participated
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