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California has more than 70% fully vaccinated with the j$b that is up to 95% effective in reducing COVID mortality.
2021 should finally be a relief then?
Nope, over 65s not coming down at all.
And f*ck me, the under 65s are dropping like flies.
42% higher than usual. 😱💉⚰️
Maybe it's just California. It must be working in neighbouring Nevada. Only 62% protection but that should still be substantial given the j$b's effectiveness.
Good grief, almost as bad. Only 39% increase in the under 65s *despite* lower v$x rate.
What about Utah? They're a sensible bunch, aren't they? We should see some defintite improvement there *despite" being only 66% fully v$xxed?
Well, it is an improvement... of sorts. Under 65s *only* 27% above normal.
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There's a deadly disease called COVID in Tennessee since Mar-20.
The treatment, available since Dec-20 is up to 95% effective in reducing mortality.
Hypothesis: We should see a spike in deaths followed by a return to average (or expected) mortality in the period post-treatment.
Possible confounder: since a lot of vulnerable have likely already succumbed and herd immunity protection should also be higher, we might even expect lower than average death.

But... COVID deaths are substantially higher *despite* >50% of the elligible population fully vaxxed.
Maybe it's a testing issue so let's look at all-cause mortality which is a better measure anyway since we are talking about public health in general. It would be really silly to just focus on death from one cause alone, wouldn't it?
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There have been plenty of illustrations now about the deception of 90% to 99% vaccine effectiveness (VE).

There is also now plenty enough real-world, empirical data to assess the effectiveness of the COVID vaccine overall as a public health tool.
In respect of COVID cases, it is clear that there have been substantially more this year, post-vax, than there were last year.

At least it looks like cases are no longer rising like they did last year into the "season".

Is this because of the vaccine?
Well, most of the cases are in the vaccinated. Of course, most of the population is vaccinated.

So, are there really more cases in the unvaccinated?


The rate of cases in the fully vaccinated is directly proportional to the vaccinated population.
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Pick a US state at random...
Let's say Vermont? Why not?
Compare "case" rate before and after v$x program.
Note that said case rate is substantially higher after v$x.
Inevitable conclusion: ceteris paribus, v$x increases cases.
Perhaps the virus became more transmissible (but logically less virulent) AND/OR perhaps the v$xxine reduces the cases of severe illness?
OK, let's check hospitalisations...
Note that hospitalisations are substantially higher after v$x.
You get the rest?
If you can't see it yet (especially those responsible for public health), I suggest you brush up on immunosuppression and leaky vaccines. Here, I'll get you started...
You're welcome. *sarcasm
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I recall when I first reported the relationship between increased COVID cases and vaccine first doses back in Feb that it was met with much derision and accusations of manipulating data (well it was quite difficult to isolate the Gompertz distribution from within two others).
Nevertheless, the relationship was pretty clear? Cases appear to rise unexpectedly about 2 weeks after vaccinations begin and peak about 3 weeks after vaccinations peak.
My requests for public health authorities to investigate this relationship was inevitably ignored. So, then in May, we observe the exact same pattern in the 20-34 year olds. No need for Gompertz modelling this time because the "outbreak" is completely out of season.
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As more and more independent authors uncover the pernicious antics of those who promote COVID vaxxes under the absurd guise of attaining zero COVID, how much longer before even the slowest minds realise the emperors have no clothes?
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Mortality season again in the south eastern most states of America. Let's see how effective the COVID vaccines have been at reducing COVID mortality and more importantly what impact there is on all-cause mortality.
In Louisiana, with 29% of the population fully vaccinated, COVID deaths are running about 60% higher than 2020 with all-cause mortality around 8% higher.
In Mississippi, also with 29% of the population fully vaccinated, COVID deaths are running about 50% lower than 2020 with all-cause mortality pretty much in line.
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Mmm... 🤔 Really, really glad I'm in the control group. #CanYouSeeItYet…

"The SARS-CoVid-2-19 pandemic induced the pharmaceutical industries to develop new drugs that they called vaccines.
The mechanism of action of these new drugs as declared by the pharmaceutical industry coupled with what is reported in the vaccine products’ data sheet is that those new drugs are NOT vaccines but nanotechnological drugs working as a genetic therapy.
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A seven-year mortality analysis of England and the story of how the UK govt turned an ordinary "flu" into the worst medical and political catastrophe in history.
Every year there is excess seasonal mortality. It is attributed to the dominant flu strain. In 2014-15, "A(H3N2)" accounted for 43k deaths. In 2017-18, with "B", it accounted for 57k.
After a particularly soft 2018-19, in Feb-20, a novel virus - SARS-CoV-2 - emerged in the virome. The disease, COVID-19, unaffected by interventions which came too late in addition to being completely ineffective, accounted for 37k deaths, less than "A(H3N2)" 6 years before.
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NSW, Australia is hitting the news with a sudden surge of COVID cases. You would think with their severe lockdowns, contact tracing and vaccination program, it should all be under control? So, I thought I'd take a look... Couldn't see anything unusual though. 🤷‍♂️
Some are claiming pyrrhic victory because the vaccines reduce severe illness and death (nevermind the positive correlation between vaccines and COVID surges). So here's death...
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