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Soros has funded CARA since 2009. It is made up of: Catholic Legal Services, Refugee & Immigration Ctr. for Edu., & Legal & American Lawyers Association. CARA also works with Family Detention Pro Bono. CARA also works with La Familia Latina Unida, which is affiliated with
2/ Centro Sin Fronteras, a 501(c)(3). Roberto Corona runs Pueblo Sin Fronteras. The CARA coordinator is Alex Mensing, in Dilley, TX. Mensing is funded by Soros. The Southern Poverty Law Center is also a supporter of CARA through it’s Alliance for Global Justice. Obama’s
3/ “DACA” & the “Dreamers” is supported by reflects “CARA’s continuing commitment to flawed policy.” (Verbatim via their website) Soros has supported CARA since 2009, including his “Open Society.” The #Caravans were indeed funded by Soros & run by his acolytes. (See #7 below)
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$40M for a judgement by #Democrats lawyers that nothing could be found on “collusion.” We paid for 2 yrs of #Mueller trying to prove a negative. Nadler has already reached HIS conclusion. So while the House is going after pointless impeachment, the border issue remains unsolved &
2/ #caravans carrying deadly diseases that can & will infect all Americans continues to remain unchecked. The Centers for Disease control has PREDICTED 50% of America will contract tuberculosis if immigrants are not stopped.…
3/ Private citizens are building the Wall on private land where they can with private funding. In El Paso, it has already proved it’s worth. More Wall will be built in AZ. But it’s not enough to stop the drugs & Cartel sex trafficking completely.…
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2/3 of #Illegsls are carrying deadly diseases: BUBONIC PLAGUE, TYPHUS, LEPROSY, DIPHTHERIA, Pnuemonia, Measles, Mumps, Dengue Fever, YELLOW FEVER, & more.…
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It’s time to ship 80K+ immigrants back to their home countries. Via cargo ship, container ships, oil tankers, air craft carriers, empty cruise ships, auto transport ships. The #Muslims do not belong in our country. The 5 yr old at #MallOfAmerica attacked by radicalized #Muslim
2/ We can fly them in troop carriers, C-130’s, & the Heavier Lifters should get the rest. Retrofitted like Con Air. Start with the embeds in our Blue States. Meanwhile, for the animal who threw the 5 yr old down three floors: the Code of Hammurabi. An eye for an eye. 👁=👁
3/ They all understand a head on a pike. (Vlad the Impaler did.) Or burning in cages. But they will get the idea. Peace, love & flowers doesn’t fix this problem. We have to think like Col. Ralph Peters. A .45 cal makes it clear. #Caravans
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I live 60 miles from the AZ/MX border. Many Mexicans use the children as “chits,” to pay off smugglers or drug dealers. The children at the border often have no relative with them, and have been raped on the Mexican side as well as in “safe houses” on this side of the border.
2/ CLOSING THE BORDER is the only viable way to stop this tragedy until #Congress gets serious about our #Immigration policies. In the meantime, the #Caravans are nothing less than WMD aimed at our country. Diseases we have not seen in 100 yrs are being brought in by #illegals :
3/ BUBONIC PLAGUE, TYPHUS (in LA), LEPROSY, FLESH EATING BACTERIA. We have not seen others for 60 yrs: TUBERCULOSIS, MALARIA, DENGUE FEVER, POLIO, mumps, MEASLES (Gov declared a of State Emergency in Oregon) STD’s, HIV, DIPTHERIA, pneumonia & an eye disease in children the CDC
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I followed the money on Google. Basically, Soros funded agencies like Pueblos Sin Fronteras (in CHGO, affiliated with Illegal Immigration Advocacy Org. ), La Familia Latina Unida (founded in 2001) is affiliated with Centro Sin Fronteras.
2/ Viridiana Vidal, funded by the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center) & The Alliance for Global Justice. Viridiania is a former journalist for Telemundo, & now works for America’s Voice (in Nevada) funded by Unions here). Also involved are CATHOLIC LEGAL SERVICES, the Refugee &
3/ Immigration Center for Education & Legal & American Lawyers. This last group is known as CARA & they specialize in Family Detention doing Pro Bono work. (So who funds THAT?) CARA “reflects the Assoc. & Obama Administration’s commitment to DACA & Dreamers” But admits it is
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Are we going to build our ENTIRE Middle Eastern philosophy around the life or death of ONE “so called” journalist who had, in point of fact, NO GREEN CARD, who made it a practice to rile & irritate the Royal Family of Saud & one son in particular? Does anyone
2/ know EXACTLY what #Kashoggi was doing? Why is it any of OUR business how they exact judgement on their own people? A human outrage, you say? Yes, so is FGM, stoning women, so is sex with children, & Sharia Law. As long as it does not not infringe upon our laws & lives, who
3/ are we to tell these countries what to do? Unless or until it affects us directly, what they do in their own countries is their own business. We don’t NEED to go looking for trouble. We certainly have enough here.
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@caseystegall Many Arizonans do NOT agree with the woman you interviewed who felt the intervention at the border was giving our country a bad name. Politics aside, taking in anyone who says “asylum” is not the answer when South American countries are EXPELLING the criminals in
2/ their countries. Most of us (especially within 90 miles) feel border control is long overdue. Bleeding heart liberals continue to erroneously believe we can take in a limitless number of refugees. It won’t work. 320M of us cannot care for a millions & millions of refugees.
3/ Mathmatically, it’s SUICIDE. Only 46% of the country pays taxes. And we’re trillions in debt. We have to draw a line. For people in genuine need, we can care for TEN families there as opposed to ONE here. #Caravans
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