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First up at #popcaanz18 this morning: @MTRamosGarcia, talking about Jane the Virgin, metafiction and bilingualism.
Ramos-Garcia: one of the more original features of Jane the Virgin is the omniscient meta-fictional narrator, playing into the tropes of the telenovela. #PopCAANZ18
Ramos-Garcia: the script calls him the "ubiquitous Latin lover narrator". #PopCAANZ18
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So. Let's talk about Falina's brand. #cockygate
This book was written in 2015. Cocky Bastard by Penelope Ward and Vi Keeland.
Then, in June 2016, Faleena Hopkins publishes Cocky Roomie. As you can see, her branding used to look...a little different.

Isn't that an interesting use of abs? Fonts? Color scheme? ๐Ÿค” Hmm. #cockygate
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So far there are 3 things Iโ€™ve gotten crazy Twitter attention for: trolling white supremacists, talking about Asian representation in Anime and now romance novels. What a wide variety of subjects ๐Ÿ˜‚
Had a few questions about why I even went to the hearing. Answer: I read smart romance and am part of this huge community (hi 600 something new followers) and thought it ridiculous that a trademark was being pursued for a generic adjective.
I am not a court reporter. I work on photo features that focus on climate change and weather things (see bio). But when I saw this entire cockygate (plus bookstuffing) situation going on, I kept wondering whoโ€™d cover it.
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K firstly. Judge denied the TRO. #cockygate
Judge said it was not clear that the defendant used the word cocky in a way indicating source as a series, but as description of it.
Judge also said that it seems that the readers are very well acquainted in the genre of romance. Dismissing the original docs saying on defendants end that readers are easily confused.
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Some cocky docs, presented without comment. #cockygate

Defendants' joint memo in opposition to preliminary injunction & TRO:โ€ฆ
Some, but not all, of the supporting documents:

Tara Crescent Affidavit:โ€ฆ
I tried to guess which exhibits would be of interest, and I guessed this one:

Crescent Exhibit D:โ€ฆ

and this one:

Crescent Exhibit G:โ€ฆ

All the others I believe I've seen in some form elsewhere.
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In This Thread: I read #ByeFaleena's open letter and analyze it line by line. I've already read through the whole thing, so this is not a reaction thread, just an analysis thread. And it's gonna be a long one because apparently I hate free-time XD #Cockygate
"When your private C&D letter is tweeted publicly-" Passing the blame. She's saying, from the get-go, that Cockygate is the fault of everyone who dared speak about what they were going through, and NOT the fault of the person who put them through it.
"you will not have saved the money by writing them yourself since lawyers are so expensive-" At least she admits what many suspected from the start: The C&D's were not legal documents, merely threats with legal jargon thrown in.
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Readers: If you use KU and see authors constantly harping on you to "page to the back to see specials/previews/links" whatever, be advised that means they're trying to get you to basically "read" the book so they get paid for the WHOLE thing, including "extras." #cockygate
Now, not NECESSARILY a nefarious thing, but if a writer does this with ALL their books, and there's LOTS of "stuff" at the back of their books, especially stuff already published, that's indicative of "book stuffing" and it screws OTHER writers in the KU architecture. #cockygate
Because what happens is the KU pot is split up among all the writers by page views. So a scammer makes more for less work over HONEST writers who don't do that shit. #themoreyouknow #cockygate
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#cockygate thread - 1/? - Remember: Just because someone was issued a TM does NOT mean it's a valid TM. That's why there's a process. It was a screw-up on the part of the USPTO to grant it in the first place.
#cockygate 2/ - Someone fell asleep at the switch. A challenge/cancellation is part of the process. If someone has a valid TM, it'll stand. If not, it'll fail. Why fight a challenge filing if you think you'll prevail?
#cockygate 3/ - You don't. You let the process work. You don't file suit to "chill" challenge attempts. Unless you know you've done something that will be overturned.
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As promised, here begins a thread of tweets on how to file a Letter of Protest before the PTO if you see a trademark you think is illegitimate on @cockybot or otherwise.

This comes from a writer's perspective, but anyone in any industry can do it.
Some people have talked about wanting to write blog articles. I chose tweetstorm as the medium because other lawyers etc. can jump in if I make any errors. But anyone is welcome to use any or all of these tweets if they want to write a blog post on this.
First off, what is @cockybot? If you haven't followed #cockygate, it's an account designed to automatically flag trademarks that may apply to novelists so they can look and see if they are crazy. Authors had a recent big problem with someone trademarking the word "cocky."
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Iโ€™ve had a bunch of people in my mentions ask me for a summary of #cockygate #byefaleena, so here goes...with links, and some new additions at the end.
Faleena Hopkins is an author who writes a series about a family whose last name is Cocker. The books in this series all start with the word โ€œcockyโ€ which is written in the Northwell font from Set Sail Studios (you can see it here):โ€ฆ
Her LLC registered trademarks to a wordmark (consisting of the word โ€œcockyโ€ written in the Northwell font) as well as the word โ€œcockyโ€ used on a downloadable series of ebooks.
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