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Watching the Brady Bunch House Renovation on HGTV.

Could you imagine that a 3-times married,
hooker screwing braggart who grabbed women by the Pussy getting elected
President of the United States of America?

When respect still lived.
It isn't like people didn't know what he was.

He claimed to be RICH. I'm paying for my election myself.
(I think he made loans to himself, from himself then paid them back with campaign funds?)
Who knows the real answer to this one?
I remember that
Warren Buffett (a real rich man)
said not many reputable people did business with Trump because he had a reputation as a crook and a con. He called him out on his income taxes.
It made me think of a carnival barker.…
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How Fascist based
is being used by Trump
to Divide the United States and install
itself as
#KochBrothers preferred government.
It is easier to Divide and conquer than it is
to take on everyone at one time.
Subdue and remove one group at a time.
Trump is using Immigration as his first assault instead of Hitler's "Jew blaming and Hatred".
First divide, then attack the first group
you want to destroy.
Hitler chose the Jews. Put them in 'work camps' made into 'concentration camps'.
Then used his 'holocaust' to destroy them.
Also sent innocent Polish citizens there, wanted their homes & property for Germans.
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@VP Pence is in charge, directing the White House and telling Trump what to do under #Koch

Proxy #PresidentMiller
providing content & speeches
Supported by
#MoscowMitch keeping the Senate locked out
#KarlRove & #DickCheney called out of
hiding to 'fund raise' &
Put the brakes on any possible desertion of their captive elected Senators and Representatives.

Some of them might still have a
ethics and
love of their country that might make them question
the installation of #Nazism
instead of the
Constitution of the United States
70 years ago, while we were fighting
the Nazis &Fascist #Koch
who were trying to take over the US.
Even had rallies that filled Madison Square Garden.
People thought it was a protect the people system.
Instead, it is phony and uses hate and misinformation to install Nazism
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Time to think and then do some home work.
#DontBeASucker US War Department film 1943

70+ yrs ago, the US govt released a film warning against fascist

Here we are today. 2019

Trump follows the plot, word for word.

Go to YouTube and search for #DontBeASucker and watch the full version. Won't have the edited closed captions, but will explain why.
#Nazist were filling stadiums and theaters with people promoting to overthrow the constitution & install Hitler's Dream.
#CorporateNazim wanted
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Thinking out loud?

Or with my fingers.

What happens when we let this happen?
Kochs, Werners and Murdock plus many more 'Money Barons'
have united with #McConnell in charge of the Senate.

Know Nothing Trump is in charge of the White House & Dept. of Justice.
The House of Representatives needs to start their Tango now on
Fast Forward.
All for one and one for all the people and the constitution.

CAll Congress 1 202 225 3121
Every Day, they have short memories.
Where they started and what the goal was.
Basically, the "Money Barons" (some listed at the bottom) all are listed in archives of house hearings) desired to
install Hitler's Nazism and disembowel the constitution.
Own everything & work any remaining people as slaves.
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Don't recall those.
I do recall food rationing and shortages. My aunt finally bought a farm. Whole family moved to the mountains. Had a garden, 2 cows, 2 mules. Grew corn & Pigs. we survived. Grandma canned fruits & veg, made kraut. I churned butter.
4 Parents of 8 grand kids worked in town at the cotton mill $ to pay for the farm.
Also grew cotton & blackeyed peas. Chickens for eggs.
No running water or electric. kerosene lamps or read by the fireplace.
Flour sack dresses and black & white oxford's from Sears Mail order. For school & church. Keep polished & hand down. Moccasins at home.

Winter evenings shell corn & Peas.
Took corn to water run grist mill, Corn meal and grits...swapped corn for grinding.
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