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“Planned Parenthood abortion providers appeared under oath in court today and admitted supplying the body parts of children in the womb to for-profit brokers like StemExpress,” Daleiden said in a statement."

#DefundPlannedParenthood #SaveTheBabies…
2) “Meanwhile, the Vice President of the National Abortion Federation denied any knowledge of the gruesome trafficking in fetal body parts, despite hosting StemExpress as a major vendor at the trade shows.”
3) "Doe 7, a non-physician who performed surgical abortions for Planned Parenthood Northern California, testified that she provided fetal tissue from the abortions she did at Planned Parenthood as a regular occurrence."
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1) The Ugly Truths About Planned Parenthood – Thread for 7.10.19

Abortion has been one of the most divisive topics in American society & politics for over 40 yrs. Advocates for women's reproductive rights don't want you to know the darker side of the organization.
2) This thread will cover the following topics:
a) How PP is legally represented on Capitol Hill through campaign contributions/lobbying
b) How they profit from the sale of aborted fetal tissue/body parts
c) The actions being taken by the Trump Administration to stop the abuses
3) Planned Parenthood is a non-profit org. In addition, there are 3 powerful advocacy & political campaign orgs that ensure representation in government. This is very important for understanding how PP can operate as a non-profit and still be qualified to receive federal funding.
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1) Q has alerted us info is coming about Planned Parenthood. I posted a thread in Feb of this yr which outlined the ugly truths about the organization. I am revising the info and will post a new thread later today. This VERY important information MUST be shared!
2) I will be addressing the questions raised in this Qdrop
Link to the article:…
3) The answer is YES they have sold fetal tissue! I will be including the details on this topic.
Link to the article:…
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Thread 3.29.2019!!
Good Morning Patriots!!
God’s Not Finished With Us Yet!!
Philippians 1:6 Being confident of this very thing, that He which began a good work in you will finish it!!

#Unfinished #Grace #Mercy
President Trump and General Flynn’s current Twitter banners!!
#QAnon #TwitterBanners @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn
President Trump’s Tweets!!
1. 8:48:51 EST [9.25]
Adding Q Drops 848 & 925!!
Thank you for your service to our Vietnam Veterans!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸
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you can't actually go to the congressional report gov page that q asked us to look at today -… - have to use the Wayback machine… take a look, very interesting.... #Qanon #TheGreatAwakeningWorldwide #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE #Abortion #Maga
Here is the pdf…
Just look this one page ... nearly 500 pages and this one alone may be too hard to look at.
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ANALYSIS #Abortionists admit that #3rdTrimesterAbortions are done on #HealthyBabies

Abortion supporters falsely claim late-term abortions, especially those done in the 3rd trimester, aren’t done on healthy babies.…
Late-term New Mexico abortionist Susan Robinson has admitted that not all women are seeking such late abortions for reasons of maternal health or fetal indication. She said:
Infamous late-term abortionist #GeorgeTiller admitted to a National Abortion Federation audience in 1995, that a mere 8% of Tiller’s late-term patients who aborted, was because their babies were diagnosed prenatally with a health condition.
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Planned Parenthood wants you to think it only kills babies occasionally.

It has claimed that abortion makes up just 3% of the services it provides, as if snuffing out the lives of unborn children sporadically somehow makes it more excusable morally.…
For years, it has guarded the 3% figure & a complicit press has reprinted it uncritically. #CecileRichards repeated it during congressional testimony. Journalists at CNN, Politico & NYT publish it w/out qualification. It's repeated so often, it has become an ironclad lie.
Unraveling the truth would be a disaster for Planned Parenthood. Congress might not write it as many taxpayer checks if the public learned that the largest abortion provider does, in fact, make its money by performing abortions — 328,348 abortions a year.
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🇺🇸Taxpayers $600 Million / YR goes to Planned Parenthood & they give Democrats

2014 - $1,959,513
2016 - $4,085,106
2018 - $30,000,000

VOTE like LIFE depends on it, because it does

❤️ Choose Life ❤️
Planned Parenthood is funded off of $600Million tax dollars per yr

Planned Parenthood, on average, performs 325,000 abortions per year

Not mammograms, ultrasounds, or STD screenings. Abortion is their big business

900 Black Babies per Day killed by PP
The pro-life movement in America is young, and it is growing!

See @TheAtlantic’s new short documentary on Live Action President @LilaGraceRose and the millennial pro-life movement.

Full video ➡️
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To be clear Abortion is not a rite of passage or a Means to an End as some in the entertainment community are portraying. #Abortion
Abortion is not birth control but people control. #DefundPlannedParenthood
All the more reason to #VoteRedToSaveAmerica .
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Tagging companies on the list of Planned Murderhood contributors. I am DISGUSTED with every single one of you on this list. Some of the names are really shocking considering the business you are in and the fact that income form those businesses you would spend on killing babies
You ALL participated and most are STILL participating in MURDERING of innocent AMERICAN lives. Your resources could be spent on medical care, childcare, playgrounds, education... Instead you choose to follow the leftist agenda and POWER over doing the RIGHT THING.
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1. How naïve was I to think that, while I didn’t vote for him, Obama wanted the best for all Americans while he was in office. #ObamaGate
2. How naïve was I to think that Hillary won the Democratic nomination fair and square and never tried to undercut Trump. #LockHerUp
3. How naïve was I not to look at Trump as a serious contender when he first announced his candidacy. #MAGA #TrumpTrain
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