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ChiCom Sympathizers and Operatives inside the United States are a VERY BIG PROBLEM

Influence Ops have been supported by "partners" inside the US with access to Social Networks and Blackmail Profiles
The War Against China is JUST GETTING STARTED

The Nature of War is Changing

The ChiComs understand that a Direct Military Confrontation is NOT the Best Way to Attack the United States (or Taiwan)
The ChiComs are playing a DIFFERENT GAME

Think Infiltration, NOT "Invasion"

Think Influence Ops thru both Subtle and Not So Subtle Methods

Think Sabotage

Think Cyber

Think Bio-Warfare

Think Media PsyOps

Think "Cultural Revolution"
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#Vaccines are Available

#MonoclonalAntibody Rx is Available

Vulnerable Profiles are Known

But #Democrats are Pushing VACCINE MANDATES


Democrats say we need the VACCINE MANDATEs so we can Re-Open

But many places have been OPEN

And it is only the Democrats that are talking about SHUTTING DOWN again this Winter

Maybe the Vaccine Mandates are NOT about the Virus

Maybe the Democrats are playing a Different Game

Maybe they are looking to Shift Blame for the Damage done by Shutdowns

Maybe they want to Blame the Un-Vaccinated for their Gross Mismanagement
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The War in #Afghanistan was OVER in LESS than 1 year of starting Ops

#Obama supported the Withdrawal from #Iraq and shifted the Military into Afghanistan -- both of these moves were a STRATEGIC MISTAKE

President Trump is often critical of the Bush-Cheney decision to Invade Iraq

And he makes a good point.

Iraq and Afghanistan are very different Lands. The Wars in each region are linked due to the Timing, but they were NEVER the same.

The Oil Fields in Iraq are STRATEGIC
Once the US became involved in Iraq the analysis shifts.

Sunk Cost best practices require dismissal of the Past (ex: Bad Decision to Go In) and a Focus on Forward Looking Analysis

Stabilizing the Oil Fields in Iraq under US-NATO Control has Strategic Geo-Political Value
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The State Legislatures had the POWER to Re-allocate the Electoral College Votes to a 50/50 Split in 2020 when they discovered the Flaws in the Election Process could NOT be Fixed
Pence had the Opportunity to Publicly Challenge the States to Review their Elections and consider their Options under the Constitution to Re-Allocate the Electoral Votes in a new manner given the Failures in the State-wide Election Process
Pence did not have to wait until January 6th to request the State Legislatures CONFIRM the results following the Most Corrupt Election in History run behind the cover of the China Virus Outbreaks
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Q: Why was there a Camera focused on the Basement of the Miami Condo just before 1:30am on the Night of the Collapse?
Old Vintage Florida Construction is Notorious for Relaxed Standards

Seaside Coastal Structures are particularly vulnerable to RAPID Aging

Once the Surrounding Concrete exposes the Steel Rebar it can Age Rapidly
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Q: How much did #CyVance say #Weisselberg might have Evaded in Unpaid Taxes?

- Asking for a Friend
With the possible Exception of London, New York City is the #1 Center of Global Financial Corruption

The #InternationalBankingCartel completely owns the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks
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Government "Incompetence" is a great Cover for Corruption

#DemocratCorruptionNetworks have been Rigging Elections in Cities where they Control the Govt, Judges, and Media for DECADES

Just ask #CrazyBernie
(he's been F-cked Over more times than Trump)
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#RiggedElection ?

The Democrat Primary in #NYC is a TOTAL SHITSHOW

but hey... #BillBarr had a gut instinct that there was NO FRAUD in the 2020 Election and refused to Launch a Formal Investigation


Q: Why did the #LiberalMedia coordinate with #BillGates, #Fauci, #Zuckerberg, & #DemocratCorruptionNetworks to:

1) Hide Cuomo's Nursing Home Deaths
2) Push Virus #Fear PsyOp
3) Hide the Wuhan Lab
4) Attack Trump
5) Cover-up Voter Fraud Ops in Key States

#AG #BillBarr knew damn well the setup into the 2020 Election was DESIGNED FOR FRAUD

He was NOT expressing a wild view that we were Vulnerable -- every expert believed our System was being setup. But just like the Lab, you were NOT supposed to tell the American People
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Timing, Timing, Timing

Giuliani's Law License was Suspended to get the #LiberalMedia Buzz before the Election Audits start to Expose the "Gaming of the System" and the Fraud Operations that were hidden behind the China Virus Fear PsyOp

Our Election Processes have been CORRUPT for DECADES

But this is BY DESIGN

Q: Why would the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks OPPOSE #VoterID & Strict Chain of Custody?

A: "Gaming the System" requires flexibility in the Rules, Control of the Local Judges, and Control of the Liberal Media (+ Big Tech)
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The Federal Government has a Constitutional OBLIGATION to Defend the States from INVASION

"shall protect each of them against invasion"

- Article IV, Section 4

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Trump is RIGHT -->

The New York Legal Networks are OWNED by the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks and the #InternationalBankingCartel

NYC is a "Financial" Capital b/c the System is RIGGED in favor of the "Connected" Players Image
The 2020 Election was RIGGED

And the American People KNOW THIS

Even the Democrats know this -- they just think the "Rigging" was Justified to STOP TRUMP
We need to Hunt and REMOVE the Cancer

TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY will require Fighting the Battles at the LOCAL and STATE Levels

The State Legislatures and Governors have POWER to Fight Back.

Organize Locally

Do NOT Let the #LiberalMedia play the Divide & Conquer Game
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The Globalist Cabal CONTROLS may Puppets inside the Leadership of our Dept of Justice and #FBI

They do NOT work for the American People

They are Owned and Controlled by the Networks that have been SELLING OUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FOR DECADES

The next President will need to BURN THE PLACE TO THE GROUND

And Start Over
The system was "Weaponized against President Trump in 2015 when he started his campaign

The system will be Weaponized against ANY AND ALL AMERICANS that have the guts to continue to stand and OPPOSE the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks and the #Globalist Agenda
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#InternationalBankingCartel Themes at 2021 G7 Meeting



#PublicHealth & the #ChinaVirus Outbreaks


Gender "Fluid" + LGBT + Anti-Testosterone (Strong, Aggressive White Men are Bad)

Where have All the Cowboys Gone ?

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Attacks of September 11th, 2012

#LiberalMedia Cover Story to support the #Obama Re-election

POTUS = #Obama
Sec of State = #Hillary
FBI = Comey Image
#LiberalMedia Cover-up to keep the Obama Narrative of Winning the War against Terrorism

Circle the Wagons to keep Hillary positioned for 2016 Election Cycle

Promote Comey to Director of the FBI 1 year later
#Mueller to #Comey Image
2 #StandDown Orders

1st = Delay GRS Contractors to Respond to Consulate from CIA Annex

2nd = Around Midnight Local Time with Drone Video Feed Active
State Dept to US Military
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"Partners need to ACT LIKE PARTNERS"

{ Germany + France + Italy + Spain + Netherlands }

#TrumpWasRIGHT -->

The #DemocratCorruptionNetworks are Deeply Connected into European Banking Families

#Biden has been a "Trusted" DC Swamp Creature for DECADES

President Trump was seen as a THREAT to the CORRUPTION NETWORKS and had to be REMOVED -->


The #EuropeanManagementForum Networks are Fundamentally ANTI-American

They see the US as a Power that must be CONTROLLED from the Inside thru #LiberalMedia, Banking, and #DemocratCorruptionNetworks (with RINOs - see #McCain)

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Q: Why did Fauci cover-up the #ChinaVirus "Leak" from the Lab in Wuhan?

Why did Fauci cover-up Cuomo's Nursing Home DEATHS in the NYC area and launch a campaign on #CNN & #BigTech to DAMAGE President Trump into the Election?

What did #Zuckerberg know?

Fauci knew and he did NOT warn the President

Fauci knew and he did NOT warn the American People

Fauci knew and he coordinated a Cover-up and Lying Campaign with the #LiberalMedia and #BigTech

Q: How many #TRAITORS do you see? Image
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Fauci was VERY NERVOUS about the #ChinaVirus leak out of the Wuhan Bio-Lab

The Late January Email from Kristian Andersen set OFF ALARM BELLS

Fauci fully understood the implications and he had to NEUTRALIZE the problem
One of the "Tasks" assigned to his Deputy may have been to organize a Research Team that would work to Neutralize the Lab Origin Narrative Early

Scientific Claims would be made in Trusted Journals and by Reputable People

Divert Attention and Dismiss Lab as NOT Likely
Start Pulling the Threads on the Cover-Up

Fauci's Deputy -->

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#DemocratCorruptionNetworks seeking to transition from the #ChinaVirus Outbreaks into Saving the Planet from #ClimateChange

#Trudeau and the #ClimateChange Corruption Networks

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Carl Leroy

Known member of "West Virginia White Pride"

#Hollywood Networks are good at playing games

#PsyOps Coming ?
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#BioWarfare Preparedness should be a Top Priority

But this would include Incentives to De-Centralize away from the Over-Crowded Mass Transit Cities and the #DemocratCorruptionNetworks strongly OPPOSE this

Single Points of Failure are Attack Points during a War

The model of a De-Centralized (or Less Centralized) Mesh Network with Redundant Capabilities is Vital to Weathering the Storm of a Blitzkrieg Attack
The Nature of War is Changing

Old Warfare Methods are still available

But there are NEW Methods that are available

Access is variable

Some methods only available to big players
But increasingly the IED Terrorist Model is expanding to New Tools
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Of the many primate lentiviruses that have been identified, SIVcpz has been of particular interest because of its close genetic relationship to HIV-1
SIVcpz was detected at multiple sites throughout the ranges of both central and eastern chimpanzees in an area ranging from Cameroon to Tanzania, but there was no evidence of infection in western and Nigeria-Cameroonian chimpanzees, nor in bonobos
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Deny, Deny, Deny

Then start to ease the Truth into the media ether and re-frame the narrative with "trusted" Liberal Media partners
Fauci's Funding into the Wuhan Bio-Lab supported Gain-of-Function Research which explores the potential of New Variants of Viruses to have a Profile that would be a Threat to Humans

Build Knowledge base that has Dual-Use as a Preparation Strategy and a Bio-Weapon
Assuming a Lab Leak Event in Late Sept / Early October in Wuhan China

When did our Early Warning System Activate?

Why were we NOT clear on the Airborne Threat in mid January when WHO said "No Problem Here"
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#NYC is highly skilled at managing Inventory and controlling the media narrative

Realtors starting to slowly leak the Vacant Units onto the market

But the Post Vaccine Re-Opening will be challenging as Social Unrest and Violence Re-emerge this Summer
Once Bitten, Twice Shy Psychology to Dominate

People will be hesitant to return to "normal" until the City proves it can re-establish Law-and-Order

The next #NYCMayor has an enormous challenge ahead

Even the 2nd Coming of a Giuliani-type would take 1-2 years to turnaround
The young Student types are likely the 1st to return

The attraction of NYC's Social Night Life will draw them back. We are already seeing significant Street Night Life as the Weather Shifts to warmer Nights

But there will be Challenges this SUMMER

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