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My self published book from 15 months ago was already used in higher education as course material.

It'll be part of the historic record for this time period.

Haven't read it yet?

Time to change that:…
My book was used at Evergreen State College - where @BretWeinstein took a moral stand against SJW's which became a national event.

It was in a course designed to help people understand all sides of the political spectrum...and to debate peacefully.

It became a change agent!
@BretWeinstein The biggest political story line is how people like me, people like you, are dealing with the left lurching so hard to the extremes.

Not only have we been abandoned by the Democrats, they've made us the enemy.

The 9 million people Obama/Trump voters are cultural weather vanes.
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This year I started the Liminal Order.

Last year I was doxed, fired, swatted + banned from coaching little league bc of ANTIFA and lying leftist "media."

Here's the story of when Detectives came to my house with a tweet of mine printed out and blown up.…
For the 1000 new followers who arrived this weekend - here's the backstory on the little league banning:

Last year I published my book, #DemocratToDeplorable, then did a little tour around the country speaking at colleges.

I even went to Evergreen State College, site of the infamous "no white people" incident that lead to @BretWeinstein 's departure.…
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When we embraced China and normalized trade relations with them it was one of the biggest mistakes of the 20th century.

We will now pay for it with the 21st century.
If Trump has decided to make 2020 all about China, then I whole heartedly support that.

It’s the smartest thing I’ve heard about potential narratives for 2020 yet.

Many of the stories I related in #DemocratToDeplorable had their roots in the US's embrace of China.

As @johnrobb said on our podcast, our leadership failed the "Grand Strategy" with China and now everything we do is tainted.

We cynically embraced an authoritarian regime for $$
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Response to the #LiminalOrder tease has been incredible. You guys are the best. And it's clear people are hungry for connection.

We must transcend the weak affiliations of social media and forge the strong bonds of personal connection.

Join the Order…
Today's cultural disruptions creates a bewildering environment.

The isolation and confusion is similar to the feelings you have after a divorce or break up.

Everything you thought to be true has turned to be a lie.

The system you used to 'understand' the world has failed you.
None of your elders know what is happening. The kids coming up are too young to get it. You, you men 24-45, you are on an island amidst a sea of chaos.

If you cling to the old ways, you will be taken advantage of + destroyed.

But who will show you the new ways? Who understands?
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Congratulations, @tylercowen - you've just discovered hypergamy.

When girls are introduced to high achieving men they end up with lower math scores and more babies.

They focus less on school and more on....the high achieving men around them?…
And in the second study, a gender BLIND study, it's found men write better grant applications than women?

Like, whoa.

Can't we all just accept that maybe, just maybe, men and women are different, have different desires and aptitudes, and thus different outcomes?
Women use "narrow" words and men use "wide" words?

What gobblygook is this? Maybe men are better at ideation and systems awareness than women are?

Maybe men are just better writers?

We know women are less apt at spacial awareness, why not idea awareness too?
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Biden's opening pitch to Nine Million #DemocratToDeplorable voters and the single most important voting block in America:

Seems to me the Democrats can either decide to go with "Sway #DemocratToDeplorable voters" or "increase progressive turn out"

Looks like they've all decided to go with the latter

Doesn't seem like a winner to me
It's also sad, yet unsurprising, to see Biden launch with a deliberate misinformation campaign (fine people on both sides).

If he's running on a "rise above it" campaign, that's a terrible start.

Like Joe, first thing you did was alienate the most important swing block. ???
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"The conclusions he reaches are thoughtful, rational, and are some of the most insightful I’ve read in a very long time. Murphy sees things I wish I had seen on my own, and he explains them with clarity, precision, and even kindness."…
"If you’re tired of the screeching, bitter partisanship; if you’re unsatisfied with facile and self-serving explanations like “racists did it;” if you want to know how we got here and where we’re going, then “Democrat to Deplorable” is the book to read."
"Highly under-rated. Highly recommended."
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Wow - reviews like this still blow me away.

Thank you whoever wrote this, I really appreciate it.

If you haven't bought #DemocratToDeplorable and are on the fence - read this review!!
This review reminds me that even though I did sell more than most people that I would, I still didn't reach sales commensurate with the quality of the book.

Ie. the book "should" have sold better, because its really that good.

Other factors beyond book quality drive sales.
For an independent new author who just began building a platform in 2015, I did quite well.

Though to me, I'm not competing with new independent authors, I'm competing with the established ones.

Which is why I didn't pick an obscure category for the book, so I could "best sell"
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Did you know that I traveled to Evergreen State College in Washington?

I lectured there for three hours.

I walked straight into the viper's pit and came out not only alive, but with new friends and supporters.

Later that night I partied with the students in Seattle.
A good man @BretWeinstein was driven out of Evergreen.

That place became a hot bed of ANTIFA and SJW craziness.

There were nearly riots there.

But I walked in, talked for three hours, engaged with the kids - and won them over.

We need more courage like this across the board.
A class at Evergreen used #DemocratToDeplorable as part of their course literature.

How many other new media types can say that?…
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Much of our nation’s collective stress comes from the utter destruction of the meritocratic system we thrived under.

Our universal dissonance is a result of us clinging to the old ways while malicious actors have gamed the old system.
The mental operating system most people born before 2000 have installed programs them to trust those at the high levels of our institutions.

Problem is, the old system which used to ensure the elites were also our finest, has broken down.
The old system was asymmetrical w/ proven elites at the top. The meritocracy ensured it.

Bad actors gamed the system and it’s breaking down.

The emerging system is symmetrical. We now engage with each other rather than listen to Cronkite.

But it’s still in flux. Version alpha.
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My book was formulated in 2016, written in 2017 and early 2018, and is still ten years ahead of the national media.

#DemocratToDeplorable is not a book about Trump, it is a book about you and the other brave souls who have unplugged from modern tyranny.…
I got back decades to trace the the conditions which lead to Trump's rise. I tell the tale through first person narrative and profiles of people just like you.

It is backed up with verifiable data.

It will answer your question: HOW DID WE GET HERE?…
I still sell books every day 8 months after launch.

The book was used in college courses this past year.

It will be read for years to come.

Each passing day only validates my theses.…
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The Bush / Obama response to the financial crisis of 2008 was one of the most significant errors in American history.

It eroded public trust in the financial markets, government, and even capitalism itself.

Income inequality is the worst it has ever been.
China's acceptance into the WTO was another historic blunder.

We believed in the "embrace of death" -that free trade would bring free peoples.

Instead, the tyrannical Chinese regime obtained more resources, more tech, more weapons, more power.

While destroying US middle class.
I'm reading @johnrobb's Global Guerrillas report from January + I was reminded of these issues. I wrote about each of them in my book #DemocratToDeplorable as well.

+ lucky me, I'm recording a podcast w/ @johnrobb today!

Subscribe to his patreon here:…
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Politics is exhausting. Only those with $ on the line or slight mental disorders can pound politics all day everyday in year 3 of a presidential term.

I’ll come back around later when 2020 really gets going.

Until then it’s dad stuff, puppy breaks and views from 30k ft.
I’m zooming out from micro to mega macro with my next podcast guest, Jordan Greenhall. He created the blue church concept which I cited heavily in my book #DemocratToDeplorable.

We are gonna talk about sense making, intelligence networks, and modern communications.

First rate!
My goal with the podcast beyond men’s issues is creating a mental framework to understand the world we live in, as a lead up to 2020.

So we are gonna cover a lot of issues. Tech, China, designer embryos, Econ, sense making, immigration, and more.
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I’m taking things up to 30,000 feet with my next few podcast interviews.

I am so excited for my upcoming guests.

Two of whom i cited heavily in #DemocratToDeplorable

From sex to culture to politics and more - I’ve got you covered.

Thank you for listening!
Sometimes it’s fun to talk about day to day micro media.

But there’s a giant macro field as well.

Some people are hedgehogs, and some people are foxes.

Gotta talk to both to know the world.

My next three guests are thinking of humanity as a whole

One on the sexual tendencies of all Americans.

The next will discuss sense making.

And the other will teach you aboht emergent information networks.

I promise you’ll see how it all ties together.

Just keep listening
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Trump pulling out of ME is on par promise-wise w/ building the wall.

In all my data & interviews for #DemocratToDeplorable virtually everyone wanted fewer wars.

They blamed Obama for breaking his promises.

They knew HRC would mean more war.

They wanted Trump to end the wars.
I conducted a national survey with 1500 respondents. Interviewed Scores of people. And wrote a book which discribed in detail how sick people were of the Iraq Afghanistan and Syrian Wars.

The 2015/16 flare up in Syria & psy ops around it convinced many Obama voters to go Trump.
Today was a day to celebrate our founder’s vision.

They understood civilian control of the military would reduce harm overall for us and the world.

Today that vision came through.

Trump pulling troops from Syria and Afghanistan.
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The lovely @The_Red_Hen got me some #DemocratToDeplorable swag including a note pad with the logo on it.

My six year old took one of the pieces of paper in for show and tell today.

I didn’t know til afterwards. My heart melted.

“My daddy wrote a book”
She was so proud of the paper. If something is printed on paper it must be important right?!

Then I thought of her teacher’s reactions.

Surprised I didn’t get a call today.

Might get a dirty look tomorrow.

My little Deplorable causing trouble by being sweet. Awww
@The_Red_Hen told me about it. I asked my six year and she got soooooo shy. She was embarrassed! Adorable.

She had been saving that little piece of paper for months!!
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“Believe all women” making it all the way to the Supreme Court pretty much validated every criticism of feminism made by the men’s side of twitter.
Honestly I’m a little shocked. Ten years of reading and writing about feminism and its effect on society still carried with it a little doubt.

Like, nah it can’t be real.

But there it was at SCOTUS. And I was front and center of the mob. I felt it viscerally. I saw the rage.
I used to be suspicious that people didn't really get doxed, didn't get swatted, didn't get fired for political views.

And then it happened to me.

It's getting harder and harder to say I'm wrong.

This doesn't mean I like it.
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"Collectively complicit"

"Believe all women"

"All men are guilty"

"Guilty unless proven innocent"

"Death to rapists"

"You're all rapists"

"Death to all men"
The New York Times hires open racists, open sexists, open genderciders, and then offers platforms to people who push the ideology needed to create a gendercide.

If you can't see this, you're fucking blind and ignorant or complicit.
I used to be a little embarrassed to say that feminism was an existential threat to men and our country. It seemed extreme.

But the mainstream media, the Kavanaugh moment, and every institution in America has done their best to convince me it is true.
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It was an honor and a privilege to meet @JonHaidt last night. I cite his work heavily in #DemocratToDeplorable. I gave him a copy of the book as he signed my copy of Righteous Mind.

Told him I was speaking at Evergreen. His advice: read How to Win Friends and Influence People.
I asked him a tough question: "now that the implicit bias test has been debunked, what does that mean for Righteous Mind's main thesis?"

He said that did in fact have to go back and make some changes to both Righteous Mind and Happiness Hypothesis now that the IAT is bunk.
But Haidt seemed confident in his original idea which is that we're ruled by emotions rather than reason.

I tend to agree with him.

Still, the IAT is garbage which should be lit on fire and tossed in a dumpster.
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Democrat to Deplorable Fall Tour

First stop:

---University of Maryland on September 25, 2018

More details to follow.

LOTS more stops coming up as well!

Contact me to add your school to the list.
#DemocratToDeplorable Fall Tour


-- 09/25/18 -- University of Maryland
-- 11/29/18 -- Evergreen State College

Yes, THAT Evergreen.

I'll be speaking to students there on Nov 29th, 2018 (all views are my own).

Contact me to add your school to the list! More to come...
Evergreen State College is where 1 of the most infamous incidents in the culture crisis took place.

@BretWeinstein took a stand against racial pressures and paid the price with his job.

Evergreen is a primary front in the ongoing discussions.

Of course I wanted to go there!
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I have thousands of new followers since my doxing and ordeal.

For the new folks, here is the story:

First I was doxed and called a NAZI:…
To call me a Nazi was just insane, but that's how they do it.

I attended an alt-right / antifa show down to Periscope it - and got caught in a picture with Jason Kessler.

So now I'm a Nazi - luckily, there was plenty of evidence to contrary:…
In the middle of all this, the woman who doxed me got arrested on felony charges:…
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One of my interview subjects for #DemocratToDeplorable was a non-college Greek immigrant who entered legally and obtained citizenship the right way. He has built a successful import business and employs countless Americans. He had a lot to say about Trump and immigration:
From my book: "To Dimitri, protecting the borders and ending illegal immigration was a celebration of his history, an acknowledgement that doing something the right way still had merit, that hard work, patience, and a little luck still formed the core of an American identity....
..To steal your place in our society was to poke Uncle Sam in the eye with a stick as you ran past him to grab your prizes. When Democrats and the left defend those who openly flaunt our laws, when they conspire to protect illegal aliens through sanctuary cities, when they...
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Are all Trump voters uneducated rural bumpkins? My data says otherwise:

"87% of Democrat to Deplorable voters finished at least some college, with 65% having undergraduate or graduate degrees."

I dispel this and other media myths in my book:…
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Elizabeth Warren wants to meddle in corporate governance. She wants corps to:

- give employees 40% of Board Seats (take from owners)
- focus on outcomes other than profits - like social justice

which she admits will:

- evaporate trillions in wealth…
Per @mattyglesias - Warren's plan will limit share buy backs, move CEO focus away from profits, and somehow make employees richer.

They both fail to realize that share buy backs mean an investor got their $ back - which they in turn, reinvest.

Vaporizing wealth is never good.
Her goal is to "save capitalism" but really its a step towards collectivism.

She wants to literally take 40% of voting rights away from the actual investors and hand them over to employees.

If customers and investors wanted this sort of thing, the market would demand it.
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