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Friday-Saturday #SackLauraK made 2 tweets.
Saturday-Sunday #SackLauraK deleted 2 tweets.

Does anyone know what they were and if they were related to #DominicPenna? #SackLauraK Tweets
Ok so I *think* (if an RT counts as a tweet in these stats) that they were not the 2 tweets made that day, but earlier

So the were OLD tweets deleted..hmm. Will look back and see which day is missing tweets ;)

Ok so I'm sure now #SackLauraK deleted:

1 tweet on

❄️ 6th October (or before 4am 7th October)

And 1 tweet on

❄️ 7th (some time after 4am within 24 hours)
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Let's make a poll for the Newspapers to quote. Vote, RT and Like to get the widest possible sample.

Should the BBC immediately #SackLauraK?
After 400 votes over 95% of people think Laura Kuenssberg is Fake News and want to immediately #SackLauraK from the BBC! Fake News Laura Kuenssberg
After 600 votes, over 95% of people still think the BBC should #SackLauraK! I wonder why? Maybe real news outlet @BylineTimes knows? Byline Times
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#DominicPenna is not a liar

The Telegraph are Liars
Michael Gove is Liar
Boris Johnson is a Liar
The Conservative Party are Liars

Dominic Penna works for the Telegraph so he's not my kind of journalist. But the guy just told the truth

And he got silenced

#SackLauraK is a Liar
The order to silence #DominicPenna probably came from Downing Street.

Boris Johnson and Michael Gove.

Laura Kuenssberg is critical to their control of BBC reporting avoiding all the corruption they are doing.

Critical to keeping the public distracted and pacified.
They have a direct line to Fred Barclay.

He owns the Telegraph and the Spectator, where Dominic Cummings' wife works.

Where Boris Johnson used to work and at the Telegraph. They would have just picked up the phone or WhatsApp'd.

Something like "Fix the #DominicPenna tweet".
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Let's all visit @bbclaurak, @michaelgove, @borisjohnson, @bbcnews, @Conservatives and @telegraph... View their tweets and in reply to them ask...

Did you silence #DominicPenna?

#SackLauraK #BlockLauraK #DominicPenna
Here's my question to @michaelgove. Drop yours here so we can all RT it ✅

(Note: Please be respectful not to reply to tweets about the death of James Brokenshire, this would be disrespectful, thank you)

#SackLauraK #BlockLauraK #DominicPenna

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Who censored #DominicPenna?
#DominicPenna told the truth about Laura Kuenssberg and Michael Gove in a tweet but he was censored.

Who censored him? We need to know. Access to truth is fundamental to our democracy. A free press is essential for us to be able to make decisions about who we vote for.
#DominicPenna wasn't just censored for reporting, he was censored for reporting about Michael Gove MP, the Secretary of State for Levelling Up.

A Senior Cabinet Minister

Michael Gove was central to the Brexit campaign. He told us "We hold all the cards after Brexit".

Tories 🤦‍♂️
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Today we are doing to trend #DominicPenna

To ask Dominic Penna *WHO* told him to delete his tweet about Laura Kuenssberg and Michael Gove?

We know it was true, @DominicPenna. We have seen the video. We just want to know who gave the order?

Was it the Conservative Party?

Who? Who gave the order to delete this tweet?
The BBC said this tweet was a "complete lie". The Telegraph said it was not true. However we have a video which proves it was true

Here is Lewis Goodall singing, just the way Dominic Penna tweeted. The tweet was true, there has been a coverup

We need to know who gave the order?
Lewis Goodall was singing just as you said Dominic Penna. I suspect he did shout "#ToryScum" at the audience, just like you said.

I'm sure that Michael Gove wasn't allowed on the Karaoke by his staff, just like you said. Here he was on the night.

#DominicPenna @lewis_goodall
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Why What We Do Is Important

Trending a hashtag might not seem important and it isn't our ultimate goal, but it is much more powerful than the conservatives want you to believe.

The first thing it does is raise awareness. There are people who don't know that...

..Boris Johnson is kept in power by a group of Journalists. This is very important. He is a journalist Michael Gove is, they use biased journalism to obtain and keep power.

Without journalism, the entire Tory Empire collapses like a 3 day old game of Jenga.

They are so terrified of the BBC that they are trying to privatise it, trying to defund it, trying (successfully) to embed biased journalists inside the BBC to stop it being critical of the Conservative Party.

The Vote Leave admin, under Cummings will have made..

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