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“At the time of this writing, researchers in the field have been unable to determine whether the respectable evangelical places greater importance on the personhood of Jesus or of fetuses.”…

#EpicChristianFails #ThursdayThoughts #EmptyThePews
“If female personhood is to be recognized, it may be recognized only so long as it is subordinated to the personhood of men, corporations, Jesus, gun owners, Republican politicians, possibly the family dog, and, of course, any and all fetuses...
... except the ones Republican politicians and respectable evangelicals–who are sometimes the same people: see Moore, Roy-secretly force their wives, mistresses, daughters, and underage rape victims to abort. Come to think of it, those categories can overlap too.”
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1. It’s the last week of August, and I haven’t made a selection for this month’s #EpicChristianFails blog post yet.

Have a suggestion? Please tweet it w/ the hashtag.

For those just tuning in, I’ve been doing this series for four months, figuring we could use some comic relief.
2. While Christians do indeed say and do the darndest things, I’m afraid I’m never going to top the first month’s post—so to speak. #EpicChristianFails: The Cross and the Clitoris is... Well, the level of fail involved is beyond epic.…

3. For the second month in the #EpicChristianFails series, I highlighted an embarrassing story about Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter “museum” filing a lawsuit over water damage 😏

Nothing ruins a biblical epic like some bad weather.…

#MondayMorning #EmptyThePews
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NEW (or is it “NEW”?) on Not Your Mission Field - #EpicChristianFails: “CHRIST” on a Pickup Truck! And Other Quotation Quandaries.…

H/t @beth_any_two for finding this month’s “winner.”

#WednesdayThoughts #EmptyThePews
When you spot accidental Christian “masterpieces” such as these in the wild, don’t forget to share them using the hashtag #EpicChriatianFails! You may just end up being mentioned in a future blog post.
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So the point of this loud proclamation of "CHRIST," in quotation marks, is that the truck driver is taking the Lord's name in vain, right? 😏

This picture by @beth_any_two is a fantastic contribution to this month's #EpicChristianFails files.

#ThursdayMotivation #EmptyThePews
@beth_any_two If you encounter accidental brilliance like this, please tweet it with the hashtag #EpicChristianFails, or, if you prefer to have it posted anonymously, reach out via DM or my contact form:

I may feature your contribution my blog:…
@beth_any_two *on my blog
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If you’ve seen my recent (unfinished!) thread on Answers in Genesis’s Creation Museum and/or @QuiverfullTwee1’s thread on AIG’s Ark Encounter, this thread will help you get a handle on the Christian authoritarianism they embody. I’ll be posting more content soon! #EmptyThePews
This is what we were greeted with when we entered Ark Encounter:

And here’s @QuiverfullTwee1’s thread on the representation of women in this very surreal “museum.”


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We need a hashtag for things like this. What about #EpicChristianFails? Have you got any others to post? I mean, this one is hard to top... um... so to speak? But still, anyone who attended church growing up has surely seen some hilariously facepalm-worthy errors. Let's share!
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