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Let's talk about #qanon and this guy called stealth. This is going to be one barn burner if you were looking for some info on why and how and who?
First you need a guy that knows how to farm his bots I guess? Or at least have friends that do that "shit"
The Quickly created fakes Q's and they are harvesting and then changing our data... #qanon The big 4chan to 8chan switch!
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The President dropped an absolute bombshell at Milwaukee a couple of nights ago aimed at Q patriots: he referenced the tarmac conversation between WJC and LL in June 2016.

At around 1:10:25 in the speech:

"or Bill Clinton in the back of the airplane, with the Attorney General where they may have made her an offer that 'you're going to go to the Supreme Court' or they may have said 'you're going to stay Attorney General but help! Help!'

"They may have said that. Do you think they would have said that? No. Nothing like that. Remember they talked about golf and grandchildren right?"

Here's the clip.

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#BigDickAnon Update: Barr Twitter Salt Edition.
The Left are screaming about Barr's speech yesterday, calling his sensible analysis of the roles of the three branches 'lunatic authoritarian'.

No I'm not kidding.

If you want a quick survey of some of the responses, then the archived thread is here:…

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1/ #BigDickAnon update: The High Treason of @JohnBrennan Edition.
@JohnBrennan 2/ BDA is back in the land of the free and the home of the brave and some choice words for a few people, especially the former head of the CIA. You're fucked John. Seriously.

Sauce as always:…

ID: QhMM2/Tt


"Seems our CIA friends have re-established their drug operation in a remote area of NW Iran controlled by an opposition group to the Mullah`s. Imagine these boys will make millions and some of their profits will now go to murdering supporters of the regime."

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1/ #911, #Epstein and the #Mossad.
2/ It is 100% certain that #9/11 was a #Mossad operation. Two of their agents said as much on Israeli TV.
3/ These men were the 'Dancing Israelis', five employees of Urban Moving Systems Incorporated who were spotted high fiving and celebrating the impact of the first plane that morning in NJ. They were quickly arrested after a BOLO was put out for their van.

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1/ Jeffrey Epstein has been arrested for sex trafficking minors.

So it begins.

2/ The President promised us a pleasant surprise that had been two and half years in the making a couple of weeks ago.

This is that surprise. The linchpin of global child trafficking networks and elite blackmail is about to be exposed.

3/ Epstein Island was The Exchange, a giant clearing house for trafficked children, especially from Haiti, to be moved around the world. It also housed a giant temple to Moloch.

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1/ #Gamergate - when the Left met its match.
2/ In August 2014, word got out that some thot nobody had slept with five guys in the gaming media. People started asking questions about whether said whore's poor slideshow 'game' may have had inflated rankings as a result. This anon post summarizes the events well.

3/ Gamers on a variety of platforms discovered that, much like the infamous JournoList, gaming journalists were in cahoots and utterly corrupted by money, early access and perks from game publishers.

Unsurprising right? It would have been but for the backlash.

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1) Long before #qanon there was #FBIanon who appeared briefly on the chans in 2016-- most famously in July

2) An important interchange:

Can you tell us more about the SAPs and were the classified information sent via those compromised too? Also is Obama tied to Clinton Foundation in any way?

#79480356 #FBIanon July 2nd
3) #79480356 #FBIanon July 2nd

All I can tell you about the SAPs is that Hillary had them, & she did not have proper authority to have any of them. They were leaked to her by someone, & she did sell them to overseas donors. Possessing them alone makes her guilty of treason.
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1/ The attempted Clinton takeover of the United States.
2/ On Nov 1, 2016, Bill and Hillary effected a silent coup of the United States of America, just seven days before the presidential election.
3/ The exact mechanism isn't clear to me - possibly an email or even a tweet or two - but the overall means was via the corruption and co-opting of the White House, the Judiciary and elements of the CIA, FBI and DOJ, including Comey and Lynch.
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1/ The Cult Runs The World.

A #qanon read.
2/ WARNING from #fbianon:

"You may ask your 'Why doesn’t Trump unleash everything?' or why doesn’t Flynn say anything? ... The same reason I cannot. If the truth came out, you all may believe. But who else would? It is too dark for anyone to stomach."

Bear in mind.

3/ Browse the Wikipedia page of Luciferianism and you come away with the impression that it's just a modern means to enlightenment, almost like a self-help club. The three principles are Liberation, Illumination and Apotheosis (becoming divine in some sense).

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1/ HRC: a #qanon read, part 1.
2/ My #FBIAnon thread from yesterday:…

Q also had a lot to say about Hillary. Let's get started.

3/ First let's get something out the way: Q did NOT claim Hillary would be arrested on Monday Oct 30. He is replying to another anon here. Secondly, his posts from Oct 28 to Nov 4 MUST be read as a whole.

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1/ HRC: an #FBIAnon and #qanon read.
2/ On July 2, 2016 someone who claimed he had 'intimate knowledge' of the Clinton email case posted on 4chan /pol/. He would drop seven times in all.

There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down. People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is.
- #FBIAnon
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"Materials or documentation" = the secret recording made by the NSA of the meeting between WJC and LL with HRC joining by conference call.

What really happened when the wizards and warlocks revealed what they had?
- #qanon
Was Comey forced into the spotlight shortly thereafter not by choice? Right before the election no doubt which would cast suspicion?
- #qanon

I wonder which video the NSA showed Comey. Perhaps they showed him all nine. Drop the investigation Loretta and you can have Scalia's seat in future.

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This fantastically retarded comment prompted me to go digging in my 4chan folder.

It delivered.
The famous Red Team Planner post, mentioned by name by #FBIAnon in 2016.
Anon explains the basics of boots on the ground.
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1/ #FBIAnon drops a bombshell: the FBI was searching for child porn on Anthony Weiner's laptop:

2/ I call this account #FBIAnon's account because exactly two years ago today, @FBIRecordsVault posted a link to the CF. And he predicted it a couple of days before on /pol/.
3/ "The house collapses. She was told not to Run. We have the information and she was warned. She was warned directly, not through handlers. She already has a news conference for Monday night. Tuesday at 11am. Comey was forced, he had no choice."
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1/ George Soros: a #qanon read.
2/ @realDonaldTrump has given us a huge heads up with this tweet. He has never mentioned Soros by name in his Twitter feed before.

@realDonaldTrump 3/ That tells me there isn't much time left.

What happens if Soros funded operations get violent and engage in domestic terrorism?

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1/ The Federal Reserve - a #qanon read.
2/ The Federal Reserve of the United States of America is not Federal, not a reserve and is not in the United States.

It's a private bank, it keeps no reserves and it sits on a patch of land that isn't subject to US law or jurisdiction.

3/ How it was founded despite staunch opposition is a sordid tale that #qanon unfolded for us.
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1/ 9/11: a #qanon read.
2/ #qanon told us quite a bit about the rationale behind 9/11 and the major players.

What family history goes back pre_WW1/2?
Why is this relevant?
Why did the Bush family recently break silence and attack POTUS?
Coincidence pre SA arrests?

Who financed 9-11?
Who was Bin Laden's handler?
Why was the Clowns In America tasked to hunt/kill/capture UBL?
Why not MI?
If we found UBL, eliminated his security, why would we immediately kill him and not take him alive?

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1/ The Fake News and me: a #qanon decode.
2/ By now you've probably seen this story on NBC:…

by @BrandyZadrozny. I won't have the time or the screen space to correct everything in it but here's a rebuttal of some of the more stunning errors.

3/ Subhead: "Pushing the theory on to bigger platforms proved to be the key to Qanon’s spread — and the originators’ financial gain."

Wrong. I have not made a cent from #qanon.
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1/ What's going on with @JulianAssange?
@JulianAssange 2/ Rewind to early 2016. #sethrich leaks a bunch of sensitive emails to @wikileaks via @KimDotcom, who remember, is on the record as saying Seth Rich was the leaker. Wikileaks would have a material impact on the 2016 election campaign.
3/ Just before the DNC Convention, @wikileaks released emails from seven key DNC staff members that suggested the party worked to sabotage the BS campaign. DWS resigned on the eve of the event as a result.
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1/ #qanon post 438 - a decode.
2/ This is the 40000ft view of the elites' final plan for the world: from their own private country of NK, and with the help of the Korean People's Army, they would have nuked most of the world either via miniaturized ones in suitcases or via missile.

3/ Both the nuclear and the missile technology is stolen from the US and given to North Korea. The Shuttle program is shut down and the NASA tech given to SpaceX which passes it on to NK. Thanks @elonmusk!

Your execution needs to be a space flight without a suit. On TV.

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1/ The disgusting delights of the elites: a #qanon read.
2/ Why would a billionaire who has it all run for President? #qanon told us:

- because he could not stomach the thought of children being kidnapped, drugged and raped while leaders/law enforcement turned a blind eye.
- because he could not stomach the idea of mass murders occuring to satisfy Moloch.
- perhaps he was tired of races/countries being constantly abused/kept in need/poor and suffering all for a specific purpose.

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1/ Let me disagree with Rex here: HRC losing was the biggest relief of Putin's career. No wonder he called up @realDonaldTrump to congratulate him almost immediately.
@realDonaldTrump 2/ HRC would have destroyed the planet in two ways, both of them nuclear:

- she would have completed the mission to get NK's nuke delivery operational, both via suitcase and ICBM
- war with Russia
3/ #FBIAnon told us back in 2016 that Russia had its hands on some of the material on HRC's server. When asked why Putin hadn't leaked it yet he replied that he was waiting.

"I think if HRC gets elected and tries to start shit, he will use it as a deterrent against war."
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1/ Uranium One - a #qanon read.

Strap in.
2/ I had all my notes in front of me but as usual @CityPowerJhb turn off my suburb Lombardy East when they need a bit more juice for everyone else. Thanks guys - you suck.

So this is from memory on a laptop.

3/ In 2005-2006, WJC helped a small company break through to the big time in Uranium. The company was UrAsia Energy Ltd and the owner was Frank Giustra. Thanks to Bill's influence, UrAsia won a lucrative deal in Khazakstan.

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