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1. Enter conversations with knowledge! Below is the U.S. Federal Election Commission Voting Systems Standards for the desired accuracy and the allowed accuracy of voting systems employed in federal elections.

Desired: 1 error in 10 MILLION
Allowed: 1 error in 500,000
2. FEC Voting System Standards: 3.2.1(d)

"For each processing function indicated above, the system shall achieve a target error rate of no more than one in
10,000,000 ballot positions, with a maximum acceptable error rate in the test process of one in 500,000 ballot positions" Image
3. How many of you believe the 2020 election "errors" exceeded the allowed - 1 error per 500,000 votes?

Quick math. If 150 MILLION Americans voted, 1 error per 500k votes would allow for a maximum of just 300 errors...TOTAL.

But, another section is at complete odds with this.
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1. Make sure you know these FACTS!

I was asked about the laws signed by Bill Clinton and Barack Obama that facilitated the mass monopolization of corporate media in this country and the permission granted to it to distribute false narratives.

It's control.
2. Now is a great time for a refresher for those who've been here for a while AND a chance to introduce it to new eyes. I will prove the media is absolutely controlled. You will find a lot of counter information on this, written by the very people spreading the false narratives.
3. All those propaganda machines telling you their lies have been able to do so because of Obama's signature on a bill in 2012 that stated the media in the United States could and should and would be used to further government propaganda.…
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1. It's been a LONG time since we've discussed this topic. I'm bringing this archive back, then adding to it, hoping for new eyes with more knowledge. Let's get to it!

The #PotusDesk. I found this article from 2 days before Trump took office.…
2. This is the first time I've seen this statement, a president can chose any desk he wants. That makes sense, right?

"In all honesty, Boland and Courtney say they can see Trump commissioning his own custom model."
3. Also from the article:

"...there isn't just one presidential desk; there's actually six, each of them used by previous residents of the top office in the land. Each prez gets to pick, while the rejects remain in a secret storage facility in Riverdale, MD."
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1. There are a lot of busy people in this country. Working, going to school, raising kids, keeping farms and sometimes even the most obvious truths can slip right past them. Let's make sure we slow someone down enough today to teach them something.

Here we go!

2. For 6 months we've been told COVID19 is a merciless, indiscriminate killer. NOTHING can stop it. It attacks the lungs. It causes respiratory failure by developing mucus in the lungs so thick that the patient suffocates. The fear mongering has been aggressive.
3. Numerous causes of death are hidden or ignored by compromised medical staff across this country to ensure CV19 gets blamed for as many deaths as possible in the U.S.

The CDC finally admitted, only 6% of "reported CV19 Deaths" actually died from CV19.

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1. Has the "act" of making laws only to challenge them over legality or constitutionality become a deep state tactic to aquire mass volumes of tax payer dollars?

Congress passes laws or POTUS signs an E.O. then, MILLIONS of tax payer dollars are paid to law firms to debate them.
2. Very often, the big law firms employed to debate these new laws are owned by and/or employ family members of, congressional or government officials. The deep state is funding itself with this charade. The script decides who contests and who supports the new rule. Then, debate.
3. Like high school or college debate teams, but getting paid millions to do it. Not only that, playing this charade gives the illusion that there really is opposing forces in government...all while hiding that "connected families" are putting our tax dollars in their pockets.
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1/3. β€œI have said that the American people need to know what actually happened...[in 2016 and ’17]...if people involved...violated the [criminal law], they will be charged.

β€œI do not think anything that we do [in the Durham investigation] is going to be affecting the election.”
2/3. Pay close attention to the Honey Badger's words. He's very specifically spoken. Cunning, yet honest. He reveals crimes continued into 2017, big confirmation! He cites "criminal law", leaving all other codes available as a point to prosecute from.…
3/3. And this: "And I do not think anything that we do in the Durham investigation is going to be affecting the election".

But...investigations by others are still capable of effecting the elections! Notice how he's so specific, it ensures his later defense.


- End
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1. Some say β€œI can't believe you would vote for Trump."

Well, listen up! I'm not just voting for Trump. I'm voting for the 2nd Amendment. I'm voting for the next SCOTUS judge. I'm voting for the electoral college, and the Republic we live in.
2. I'm voting for Police, law and order. (I don't support rioting and looting and domestic terrorism). I'm voting for the military, and the veterans who fought for and died for this Country. I'm voting for the Flag that seems to always be missing from the Democratic background.
3. I'm voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored by big tech and social media. I’m voting for secure borders. I'm voting to end human trafficking, child exploitation and crimes against humanity.
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1. Some of our elected leaders seem to have forgotten the essential role we have asked them to perform. We elect them to magnify our values and concerns not to do what ever they want. They have forgotten that they work for us, and they are not kings or rulers.
2. They are bad stewards of our freedoms and our resources. There is a growing voice among these politicians that we should become more socialist or communist. They sow seeds of violence under the false flag of diversity and fairness. They are just part of a bigger movement...
3. ...that seeks to destroy anything that does not fit their evil world view. Make no mistake they want to control you so they can exalt themselves and break down your sense of individualism. They are their type need to be rooted out and exposed for what and who they are.
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1. To @TheJusticeDept

Ladies and gentlemen, @SenFeinstein should be arrested and removed from the U.S. senate for the egregious crime of failing to present critical information for the Senate confirmation hearing of Brett Kavanaugh and/or, filing a false report to the FBI.
2. The FBI performed a background check on #SCOTUS nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Feinstein claims to have received the rape allegation from Christine Blasey Ford on or about July 30th, 2018.

Read the letter Christine Blasey Ford sent accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.
3. The following is the text of the letter Christine Blasey Ford wrote to Sen. Dianne Feinstein detailing an event in which she accuses Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.…
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