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SALUTATIONS you fantastic denizens of the internet! The first #FridayNightHistory of 2021 is here! This week, a new mystery: the true name of "John Williams," Japanese Veteran of the American Civil War.

Yeah, you heard right. And he's not the only one, either.
Now-- I know, I know. Ordinarily you see me talking about the Japanese aftermath of the US Civil War, in the form of people and surplus equipment from the US that ended up there during the Boshin War.
I find myself in pursuit of the opposite, today. @DuPertweet brought a tweet by @KyleMizokami to my attention, with photos of an article talking about Asian-American/Pacific Islander veterans of the US Civil War in general and 2 Japanese vets in particular.
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SALUTATIONS you denizens of the internet! The time has come for #FridayNightHistory and today our story is THE MOUSTACHE OF DESTINY: Nagaoka Gaishi's Epic Muttonchops

They're a variant of sideburns, and one of the quintessential forms of 19th century masculine facial hair grooming in the west.
After the Boshin War (1868-1869) and the birth of the modern Imperial Japanese Army and Navy, this sort of splendiferous facial hair also spread in popularity among officers, who had studied alongside Prussians, French, and Americans who sported similar grooming styles.
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Yes, it's that magical time once again! After a week of hiatus, it is time for #FridayNightHistory in which I try a radical change of topic and answer the question: what is the northernmost train station that's ever been in Japanese territory?
Let's talk about Sakhalin.

Geographically, Sakhalin is part of the Japanese archipelago. It is now Russian territory. And of the indigenous peoples of that region who lived and still live there, one of the most prominent were the Nivkh, who are also sometimes called Gilyak.
Nivkh has a lot of loan words with Ainu, because of lengthy interaction between the two cultures. This includes the word koton-- cognate with the Ainu word kotan-- meaning "town." Keep that word in mind, it's going to matter in a little while.
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This week on #FridayNightHistory: US Navy slapdash gunboat diplomacy prompts Japan's naval modernization, *before* Perry and 1853. "The Shove Heard Round the World," Part 3 of 3, begins NOW!
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Commodore Biddle's slapdash attempt at gunboat diplomacy in the summer of 1846 failed, hampered especially by the fact that neither the US personnel nor the Japanese officials had anything in common for communication beyond a mutually tenuous grasp of Dutch and classical Chinese.
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As I lie sleepless, I wonder: my book #GreyDawn has 4 characters who are veterans (a modern Army 11B & 13F, 1 ACW era cav, 1 KATUSA 12B). What would they be like on their world's version of #miltwitter?

Depending on which: it'd run the gamut from nerdy to insufferable.
Man, I was up late last night.

But yes, I stand by this. and because they're all lesbians, it'd overlap with sapphic Twitter.

Leigh's Twitter would be work and travel photography, thirst traps, with some memes interspersed.
Chloë's Twitter feed would have a lot of drone photography, for reasons the book may make obvious. Also I think she'd be a loyal follower of @CivilWarHumor, drawn in by that avatar that looks eerlly like her old division commander.
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SALUTATIONS, you magnificent denizens of the Twitterverse! This is #FridayNightHistory and this week we talk Part 2 of "Ranald MacDonald, the First ALT." The US Navy, Dutch merchants, and one tenacious whaler who really really wanted to teach English intersect herein!
#FridayNightHistory is made possible by readers like you. Support this and more via Patreon, send 1-time donation here: , or buy my new novel #GreyDawn via ! You rock my world!
This is Part 2 of a series. For Part 1, see
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SALUTATIONS, you denizens of the Twitterverse! It's time for #FridayNightHistory, and Part 1 of a series! "Ranald MacDonald, the First ALT."
#FridayNightHistory is made possible by readers like you. Support this and more via Patreon, send 1-time donation here: , or buy my new novel #GreyDawn via ! You rock my world!
For the first time, a Friday Night History topic has to be in two parts. I know, right? A topic that's long enough that I feel like I want to split it up. Wild!
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Salutations, you fantastic denizens of the internet! The thread is #FridayNightHistory and we're here to talk about Asakusa Danzaemon in the Boshin War-- because hey, why not? Image
#FridayNightHistory is made possible by readers like you. Support this and more via Patreon, send 1-time donation here: , or buy my new novel #GreyDawn via ! You rock my world!
(podcast version available at…)

We have to start from the theoretical, this week, and then work our way to the personal. Bear with me.

So let's talk about caste (mibun seido 身分制度) in Edo period Japan.
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#thread Some readers have asked when the #GreyDawn sequel will be ready! It's going to be a bit, but in the meantime, I'm writing short GD stories on Patreon-- now with audio! "Laidleyville, Part I": Leigh and Chloë vacation on the Jersey Shore, 6 years on Image
"Laidleyville, Part II" Image
And finally, "Laidleyville, Part III."

Next series of shorts, tentatively titled "The Courtship of Chloë Stanton," begins in a few days!
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SALUTATIONS, you marvelous souls of the Twitterverse! The time has come for #FridayNightHistory and talk of an artist at war, gaps in historical source material, and history as a living thing. Image
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History is a living thing. And like any living thing, it is not perfect-- it has gaps of many kinds
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Since today's the anniversary of Antietam and the Allegheny Arsenal disaster, a moment of historical perspective re: Grey Dawn. It's *after* Antietam that Chloë Stanton goes to Harrisburg to enlist in the 17th PA Cavalry, & enters service mid-October 1862

The regimental history of the real 17th PA Cavalry is available online, and the dry gallows humor is palpable amidst recollections of service in 1862:…
Also, I highly recommend Wittenberg, for an account of Buford's division at Gettysburg (to which the 17th belonged) that includes a walking tour for those who may visit…
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Oh my gods. 😳 #GreyDawn is now the number 1 trans romance on Kindle! I love y'all so much for making this happen. 💙

For those who want to see what the fuss is about: is where to look! Image
#GreyDawn is also number 23 in Time Travel Romance! After Gabaldon's An Echo in the Bone (Outlander 7) and Knightley's Time and Space Between Us. 😯 Image
@maidensblade thank you so much for spreading the word 💙
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SALUTATIONS you magnificent shining stars of the Twitterverse! It is time once again for the felicitous event of #FridayNightHistory and a thread about the Kamakura era local office of JITO 地頭! Image
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So before we talk about jito, we need to talk about shoen 荘園. Shoen were estates across Japan in the Heian era (794-1185) from which the imperial court, the court nobles, and major temples drew their income.
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BEHOLD, IT IS THAT TIME ONCE MORE! #FridayNightHistory and time to gather round and talk about Hiroshima, Fax Machines, and how The Old (Samurai) Days Were Really Not That Long Ago At all!
Folks, #FridayNightHistory is a labor of love brought to Twitter by readers like you. Support this and more via Patreon, send 1-time donation here: , or buy my new novel #GreyDawn via… ! You rock my world!
So a bunch of you tagged me in that viral tweet the other day about "samurai could've used fax machines," and folks by and large seemed surprised that samurai weren't all that ancient. And they really weren't!
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HARK! THE TIME IS UPON US! #FridayNightHistory is the thread, #taiyaki is the topic, and it's time to talk pastry!
Today is the day my book #GreyDawn comes out ( !) , and the word for "celebratory" or "felicitous" is "medetai." Today is indeed a medetai day-- and this has to do with our subject for tonight, the marvelous hotcake-waffle pastry called #taiyaki Image
Taiyaki derive from something called imagawayaki-- disc-shaped pastries that are part bun, part waffle, enclosed and traditionally with red bean inside. But imagawayaki are relatively simple in terms of shape. Taiyaki are a step further complex.
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4 days until Sendai Tanabata, and the #GreyDawn launch! Come join me on Facebook Live on Friday afternoon eastern US time! is the place. Then, patrons get an extra stream on Friday over on Discord! Hoping to see you there! #newbook #lesfic Image
Meanwhile, some other things I want to mention, in no particular order:

1. There seems to be confusion in some corners, so: no, the "Dr." isn't for fun-- my PhD in history and my generalized anxiety both come from UPitt, vintage 2017.
2. Relevant to Grey Dawn, I've gotten a surprising number of people express surprise that I have a character from 1863 named Chloë-- but in fact, the name is very old, and was first used in ancient Greece! It's also mentioned in the New Testament (1 Corinthians 1:11)
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Preview of new #GreyDawn art just posted to my Patreon! A glimpse of a wedding photoshoot in Old City Philadelphia. In the absence of her original Union uniform, Chloë's wearing Army Service Uniform; Leigh's wearing her mother's tsumugi (floss silk) kimono. #ArtistOnTwitter Image
Reposted-- made a fucking spelling error in the original tweet. Goddammit.
@wall_jules, thanks for that like though! <3
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In #GreyDawn, we see 1st Cav Division go into bivouac around Gettysburg College, where Chloë & her bunkmates from the 17th PA Cavalry hear from locals about the Rebel raids' human cost

Here's what the real 17th PA regimental history says about that night: ImageImage
You can read this regimental history, Moyer's "History of the Seventeenth Regiment PA Volunteer Cavalry," on here…
For #GreyDawn preorders in the US, is the place to preorder direct from the publisher! International distribution for ebooks and print copies coming soon (over the next week or so!) through Amazon.
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Get your preorders in for #GreyDawn! I'll be sitting down for a session of autographed "sword lesbian meets bow lesbian" art soon, going out exclusively with preorders.

While you're at it, give @BalanceofSeven a follow! They're going places. #newbook #lesfic #timetravelromance
For those on Facebook, you can follow the press at - FB is usually their primary social media channel.
Over the next few weeks, bonus prose and art is going to be going up on my Patreon, in conjunction with the release, to further deepen and enrich the world I've laid out in #GreyDawn. is the place to look.
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"Bowstring," A #GreyDawn #lesfic microfiction #thread.

In which Leigh Hunter contemplates tangible heritage, spirituality, and her own history, embodied in a bow.
Passyunk Square, Philadelphia
Autumn 2026

It's been a decade since my first encounter with Japanese archery, but about four years since I started seriously applying myself to training.

It's ways I have trouble articulating sometimes.
It overlaps a bit with the life I used to lead, and the training I undertook, as a soldier: a bow is, after all, a ranged weapon. And something about it all, about taking those old skillsets from my SDM days, and applying them to something this quiet and meditative, has helped me
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"The Last Bivouac," a #GreyDawn #microfiction. In which Chloë Logan visits an old Union Army comrade in Somerset County.

(cw survivor guilt)
Summit Township, Pennsylvania
Autumn 2026

It's a long drive west from Philadelphia, and thank God that my wife is here. I'm decently skilled in driving, but not nearly as good as she, and in these rural and mountain roads, better Leigh handle driving than me.
We chatted idly, off and on, till around when we switched seats at the North Midway Service Plaza. From there, after passing through the Somerset County Seat, the modern world seems to fall away. Far enough south and we encountered Old Order Mennonites driving horse carts.
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"Never, Forever:" A #GreyDawn #microfiction thread. #lesfic #amwriting #civilwar

In which the last survivor of Buford's division, timeslipped to the 21st century, returns to that hallowed ground.
12 September 2021
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Where can I even begin, to do justice to the feelings that well in my heart on being on this hallowed ground? How can I even express what it means-- will I ever be heard, if I even essay to do so?
In a sense, I suppose it is moot to ponder such things. After all, I've come here to speak to a gathering at one of the liveliest bookstores in town, to discuss my memoir, and to share reminiscences of this and the rest of my war for abolition and union.
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