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Bernie Sanders, a convenient narrative, and the epitome of the far right + far left horseshoe 🧲

#Hindsight2016: There's something about Bernie...something dark. After all, we are the company we keep


cc @LuluLemew
I've been looking back at Bernie media/campaign ops, digging deeper into that early Aug 2016 period when Trump began targeting Twitter ads to "Bernie Supporters"

Reading everything out there on Bernie & Tad Devine in 2016, I kept coming across 1 name..

If you thought this was the worst/most suspicious Bernie endorsement of 2016, think again.
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Why Mueller tucked a big Roger Stone reveal in a Russia filing on a technical matter by @BarbMcQuade

One detail in particular jumps out...… via @usatoday
This passage is revealing for several reasons. 

⓵ the filing discloses that the govt has evidence of Stone’s direct comms with Russian intelligence & WikiLeaks.

This establishes a direct link between Russia and Stone - a Trump campaign adviser.
Referring to these comms as “evidence” suggests that the SCO considers the communications
⁕ probative
⁕ relevant to proving Stone’s guilt.

Whatever these communications are, we can reasonably conclude that they are incriminating.
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Timing is everything right?
I found an interesting correlation (or perhaps coincidence) today.
A @kelly2277 tweet this morning got me thinking about the Trump Tower/Alfa Bank Server comms and sent me back into my URL Project research.

The 10/31/16 @FranklinFoer piece piqued our interest, to say the least. Yet the server connection remains a mystery to this day.…
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I am always clear about what is fact vs theory and speculation in my research. Accuracy and due diligence are important to me so I want to update you on something I've now cleared up with some further research.

The Trump/RNC Joint Fundraising Cmte email that referenced "DCCC"
The "DCCC-FWD" in the Trump email tracking link was identifying the contents of the email. The specific email containing that link also contained a forwarded DCCC email.

In analyzing the Trump digital marketing tracking links and live ads, there are many interesting findings and new questions -- this is not one of them. Case closed.

And thanks as always for all your support & collaboration in getting to the bottom of this #Hindsight2016
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URL Project [UPDATE]: The collection has expanded.

I now have 450+ tracking links just for Trump/Pence Facebook Ads. I'll add some details on my findings and theories (i.e. what is MIH?) soon but for now, feel free to take a peek 👀

Soon I'll be adding in the tracking links for other marketing channels (Twitter, Email, SMS, FB Messenger, Banners, Breitbart & more).

Further details on these tracking links in this long & winding thread 🤓

Note: The count's gone up for URLs with Cambridge Analytica mentions. On June 20th when I started this thread, I had 15..

Today I have 38 🤗

Trump & RNC can't deny what is hard-coded into their own tracking links.

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JUL 6:
▪WL tells GRU they want to dump Hil related docs before Democratic National Convention.
▪Trump's #s are bad
they sgst Bernie/Hil conflict

JUL 22
WL dumps 20k+ DNC docs stolen by GRU

JUL 25
Trump/Stein tweet sampling for JUL25:
The above tweet shows coordination between:

Full thread:
On or about JUL 6, 2016, WL:
▪If you have anything Hillary related, we want it in the next two days, bc DNC is approaching & she'll solidify Bernie supporters.
▪Conflict between Bernie & Hillary is interesting.
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Both Trump & Stein
AUG 4 2016
Oh this is special...
AUG 5 & 6
I bet you were taking copious notes you traitorous bag o bagiba
July 4 Trump tweet
Clinton guilty
Rigged system
33k emails

July 6
From indictment - WL asks G2 for anything Hillary related
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Oct 7 2016 thread
Visit this thread, then scroll down to see what Stein was doing.
4:05pm Oct 7, 2016
Access Hollywood Tape
4:32pm Oct 7, 2016
LeakiCheese tweets Podesta email dump
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#Hindsight2016 Thread
On or about JUL 6, 2016, WL:
▪If you have anything Hillary related, we want it in the next two days, bc DNC is approaching & she'll solidify Bernie supporters.
▪Conflict between Bernie & Hillary is interesting.
JULY 12: Bernie voters
JULY 17: Bernie said she has bad judgement
JULY 23: Bernie supporters furious
JULY 23: Bernie supporters outraged, Bernie fought for nothing
JULY 23: Leaked DNC emails, plans to destroy Bernie, WL, Rigged
JULY 24: Disrespectful to Bernie/supporters
JUL 24: Bernie supporters won't let H off hook
JUL 25: DNC emails, using religion against Bernie
JUL 25: Bernie exhausted bc DNC emails
JUL 25: DNC/H laughed at Bernie
JUL 25: H betrayed B voters
JUL 25: Bernie given up, welcome voters
JUL 25: Bernie got nothin
JUL 25: B voters
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