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Rig Ved 142.7

Here the person with divine power and qualities are praying. Whenever such a divine person experiences difficulties, he prays that people with Asuri or demonic traits are creating difficulties in his path. Devtas too pray to Parmatma for help.

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Parmatma always favours the right one's. But then these demonic people need to be stopped. So here the divine people pray to Parmatma to protect them in such circumstances.

अति॑ नः स॒श्चतो॑ नय सु॒गा नः॑ सु॒पथा॑ कृणु ।
पूष॑न्नि॒ह क्रतुं॑ विदः ॥


सश्चतः - The obstructor of enemies.

अति - Encroach.

नः - Ours.

नय - To take elsewhere.

सुगा - Happiness loss.

सुपथा - Beautiful path.

कृणु - To do.

पूषन् - Pushadev.

इह - This.

ऋतुम् - Protect.

विदः - To know.

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Rig Ved 1.42.6

This body is like a chariot, our indriyas or senses are its horses, mind is its bridle and Atma is its rider. So here the Atma which is sorrounded by ignorance, needs a body which can think away from the ignorance. In this whole Praani jagat, man is the

only one who can think from his mind. This is visible in the physical development of this world. So here we request Parmatma to keep our mind and body healthy so that by this thought process we are able to do good work for entire mankind.

अधा॑ नो विश्वसौभग॒ हिर॑ण्यवाशीमत्तम ।
धना॑नि सु॒षणा॑ कृधि ॥


विश्वसौभग - Oh the lucky one.

हिरण्यवा - With gold.

शीमत्तम - Pushadev.

अध - Next.

नः - Ours.

घनानि - Of Wealth.

सुषणा - Charity.

कृधि - To do.

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