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@FareedZakaria’s @WashingtonPost column claims U.S. President Donald Trump’s #IranDealWithdrawal is “raising tensions in the most unstable part of the globe, the Middle East.”
Reminder: #Obama’s JCPOA allowed #Iran to wreak havoc across the region.…
@FareedZakaria can’t “understand the rationale behind Trump’s decision” because supporting appeasement vis-à-vis #Iran won’t allow you.

Zakaria asks “If Iran is as dangerous & malign an actor as he says…”

Maybe (God forbid) another 500,000 people have to die in Syria...
@FareedZakaria blows his cover & shows he is an #Iran apologist by raising the issue of “regime change.”

This places him alongside the Iranian regime, as Tehran is gravely concerned over its future.

The question is, why is Zakaria suddenly so worried? That’s quite telling.
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Responding to @jrezaian’s piece after the #IranDealWithdrawal, the fact that you “lived in #Iran for seven years” as a so-called journalist (knowing the nature of Tehran’s regime) and seeing your work, we are certain of your #Iran apologist background.…
@jrezaian claims the regime will respond “with the behavior of a bully, by ratcheting up pressure on the people it rules over.”
He doesn't mention how #Obama’s JCPOA gave #Iran the green light to continue its execution inside the country & havoc across the region.
Interesting how @jrezaian claims there “won’t be any attacks on Israel” and on the very same day #Iran’s IRGC-associated proxy groups in #Syria launched rockets towards the Golan Heights.
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@NYTimesCohen first sentence on the #IranNuclearDeal as a “deal that has worked” is entirely false.
Look at the destruction in Syria & Yemen brought about by #Iran’s proxies; the meddling in Lebanon by Hezbollah & in Iraq by Tehran’s Shiite militias.…
@NYTimesCohen claims Trump’s #IranDealWithdrawal decision will raise “risk of igniting the Middle East.”

Reminder: #Iran has already ignited the Middle East
Over 500,000 dead in Syria
Yemen in ruins due to Houthis’ adventurism
Iraq in mayhem due to Tehran’s Shiite militias
@NYTimesCohen talks of the JCPOA weakening #Iran’s “hardliners.”

Reminder: #IranDeal actually green-lighted Tehran to press the gas pedal on domestic crackdown, foreign meddling, supporting terrorism & advancing ballistic missiles (& very possibly its nuclear weapons drive).
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New Q Drop 05/07/18 23:36 Everyone Has Their Own Opinion/Few Know the Plan Edition! Q says think logically about the mass exodus of DC Swamp/Corporate CEO’s! This wouldn’t be happening if @POTUS wasn’t in full control! #QAnon #TrustThePlan
Changes at the DOJ/FBI have to be approved by Sessions/Wray! Everything is being slow walked since it’s being used in other investigations! The corruption is deep/interwoven! Confusion re. Mueller is to keep the enemy off guard & focused away from what’s Huber is doing!#ArtOfWar
RR had overwhelming approval whereas Sessions approval was a battle!! He may have picked RR as way to give the enemy a false sense of security! See quote from Sun Tzu re. using deception below!! #QAnon #TrustThePlan #ArtOfWar @realDonaldTrump
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When @JZarif says, "#Iran never raced towards a bomb, nor will it race towards a bomb," rest assured it is the exact opposite.
We will realize how Tehran sought nuclear arms for decades. For a country sitting on an ocean of oil & gas, a "peaceful" nuclear program is meaningless.
A very telling cartoon about #NorthKorea & #Iran, as Pyongyang signals indications to set aside its nuclear weapons/ballistic missile program. This is leaving Tehran as now sole target of the international community's soon-to-come pressures.
For those who describe #Iran's FM @JZarif as a "moderate" or "reformist"

"We will exit the NPT. / We will launch advanced enrichment," he says in response to Trump's May 12th #IranDeal deadline.…
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#Iran transformed its #Yemen embassy in into a military base, the country's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said on Thursday.
Iran’s interference is the source of instability in the Arab world’s poorest nation.…
Arab coalition downs two #Iran-made drones over #Yemen, sources indicate.
April 18
UAE anti-drone units were able to take control over an #Iran-made drone carrying explosives & on a mission to target Yemeni government forces stationed on the country's west coast.
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Activists say the US $ is selling at 48,000 rials in #Iran‌'s currency exchanges.
People are saying a month later & after Trump's May 12th decision deadline on the fate of the nuclear deal, prices could skyrocket well beyond the 50,000 mark.
March 25 - #Iran
Reports indicate the US dollar is now selling at 50,350 rials.
More signs of #IranProtests taking their toll on Tehran's mullahs, as they fear #RegimeChange becoming imminent.
March 26 - For the second consecutive day, #Iran's currency, the rial, is trading at over 50,000 against the U.S. dollar.
U.S. dollar = 50,230 rials
Euro = 61,700 rials
UK pound = around 70,000 rials
More signs of #IranProtests taking their toll on Tehran's mullahs.
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