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10 DAYS TO GO!!!

I voted for a guy named #Trump
How about you?😁

πŸš…RT if you voted or will vote for Trump
πŸš‚Reply with your @
πŸš„Follow all & fight for Trump!

Biden is a disaster! Vote
Friends, what we've been fighting for- re-electing #Trump- is just days away. Democrats are ignoring their guy Dr. Fauci who tells them it's SAFE to vote in person. Why? We must come out to vote in MASSIVE numbers to overcome any potential voter fraud.
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Here's Why Court Packing is BAD for America!
@TSH2_ @US13s @PG_46 @7mdk7 @Patty1z @OU_KAG
@Amgirl28 @RodHillis1 @KarenL516 @StoverLove @Genie4USA @cmccbyfaith @Scott_carr78 @alexmjordan @twnkltwinkle @RICKISAPATRIOT @MeltingInMarana
#Trump filling an open Supreme Court seat is 100% constitutional & NOT a "power grab."

Joe Biden/Dems threatening to:

πŸ›‘Pack the Supreme Court
πŸ›‘Add 2 new Dem states
πŸ›‘Remove fillibusterΒ 
πŸ›‘Remove Electoral College

The Supreme Court provides a "check and balance" to the other branches of government. It's purpose is not, as Dems think, to protect certain decisions or rubberstamp a particular party's agenda, but to enforce existing laws in accordance with the Constitution
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Retired officer David Dorn was a hero in life & death. Murdered in cold blood as he protected a friend's store from looters, his death was livestreamed on FB. MSM/Dems ignored. BLM only cares about black deaths that fit their narrative
President #Trump stands with men like David Dorn & all Americans against anarchists, rioters, looters, violent mobs & flag burners. Biden/Harris appease them for votes.

Stand with #TrumpPence2020 Nov 3 to restore law & order & American pride #MAGA2020
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Countering the Fake #BlameTrump Narrative

Friends, please indulge this long thread- Twitter trends have me so pissed I had to respond. May this counter-narrative provide truth about real issues at stake in the Nov election #KAG2020
1. Until Feb the economy under Trump's leadership was breaking records! #Trump seemed unstoppable & en route to certain re-election! By contrast, Dems' apparent sole agenda- removing Trump- had FAILED miserably. They were desperate. Then came a pandemic...
2. You'd think Dems would unite behind the POTUS in the midst of a deadly crisis to help save American lives. You'd be wrong. Their agenda to destroy him remains #1. So when #Trump logically shut down travel to infection hot-spots, Dems called him racist...
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Breaking: Risking her life & leaving behind her family, Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan has escaped to the US from China to "deliver the truth" of #COVID19.

She tells an AMAZING story of a Chinese government cover-up, abetted by WHO/1
This woman is an amazing warrior for truth. She is literally risking her life, sacrificing her job & reputation, and her family is now at risk.

But she feels that for the sake of world safety she MUST tell the truth about the CCP/WHO cover-up of #COVID19/2
To read the full story & watch the full video, go here:

#Trump is proven correct on leaving the World Health Organization which helped China cover up critical info that led to a deadly global pandemic. This didn't need to happen.
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πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ#JordansView 43πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ Pt 1
Senate Tim Scott responds as Senate Dems reject the GOP police reform bill

Cities run by Democrats for DECADES should have acted

But Senate Dems prefer to use the current crisis for political advantage rather than solve it
Pt 2 Watch Senator Scott's longer remarks:

The Senator mentions that he was willing to allow Dems 20 amendments to the bill, but they rejected the offer!

In the meantime, #Trump fully cooperated with the bill
#KAG2020 #Trump2020
Pt 3 Adding insult to injury, a smug Pelosi accuses the GOP of trying to "get away with murder" with the reform bill

*Remember: Pelosi ripped up #Trump's SOTU on live TV*

She is a disgrace, as radical & lawless as the ANTIFA/BLM Marxists she supports!
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