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In Feb, I started the biggest media watch of my life so far - Land Monsters!

Check out the first πŸŽ‰ 243 πŸŽ‰ items in my epic watch here! πŸ‘‡

I'm a little sad my reviews will now be split over 2 accounts but this post'll begin a new thread for a new acc! πŸ‘

One day I'd like to transfer the old reviews to Letterboxd, but memory is fickle so maybe as I go, I'll just have to rewatch the best & do so! πŸ‘ It's a chore, but someone has to do it! πŸ˜‰

I 🧑 that this watch added a whole new dimension to my special interest in survival media!
244. #KittenWatches Marchlands

This is a creeping British ghost story with slow build tension & an amazing cast! It's set across different time periods, following 3 families living in the same house, that doesn't rely on jump scares/cheap tricks.


#TvReview #GhostStories Promo image for Marchlands ...
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3. #KittenWatches #IAmMother

I Am Mother is *brilliantly* carried by the all female cast, which I always find enjoyable. Rose Byrne in particular did a great job at bringing "Mother" to life. The carefulness of her acting injected complexity into this intelligence!

🧡 Movie poster shows two clos...
I was actually really surprised by this movie, which had much more depth and many more layers than I expected from a Netflix movie.

Was it perfect? Nope. But it was well worth a watch! Hilary swank and Clara Ruga...
It was actually difficult to decide whether to list this one under survival or dystopian, but it had just *slightly* stronger leanings to the dystopian genre. But do expect a strong survival and post apocalypse tint to the story!
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29. #KittenWatches Moonfall #DisasterMovie with @DisMoviePod

This movie is a disappointing, hot fuckin mess. I say that as a lifelong disaster movie addict. It's like they removed every fun element from a standard disaster movie then bulked it out with endless, boring,
complicated subplots & needless characters they didn't make you care for.

Worse, the entire thing was way more complicated & confusing than it needed to be. And omg, it took itself FAR too seriously, especially for such abject nonsense. The cardinal disaster movie rule, broken.
I want to slap everyone who wrote and participated in this convoluted nonsense. Especially given it's offensively large budget!!! πŸ™ƒ

If Moonfall gets a sequel from it's genuinely terrible open ended ending, I give up.

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#KittenWatches Dystopia

Kicking off my dystopian watch, tonight I'm watching Only (2019). This is a new one on me, and was billed as post-apocalyptic - but was clearly always going to be an apocalypse that would cause deepening dystopia. Movie poster shows close up...
A comet passes over earth bringing with it ashfall which infects the female of the species with a virus, killing most & leaving the survivors hiding in quarantine from the men who would wish to take them.
It's pretty dour so far... Particularly in light of current circumstances. Freida Pinto stands looking...
It's actually painful watching the womans' male partner do everything in his power to help her live. I wonder if this movie would have been written differently post covid? Would the writers realise how actually, the world might not have cared so very much, until it was too late? Standing outside, our two m...
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#KittenWatches Wow! It's taken me a long time to get my review written for Cockneys vs Zombies!😬

This movie is utterly wonderful, with brilliant disability rep. The acting & writing are really fantastic! The laughs are constant & big w/ dashings of crip humour. Movie poster for Cockneys v...
It brings the heart along with the laughs, action & gore! The ineptness of the younger protagonists vs the care home residents is a brilliant and hilarious contrast!

And oh! There are some hilarious, gory and brilliant kills in this movie, plus a few very satisfying ones!
It has a fabulous and enjoyable soundtrack, with the genius usage of "Monster" by The Automatic for the (also brilliantly artistic) title sequence. πŸ‘‡

Oh and Michelle Ryan is hot as fuck, so there's that!!! πŸŽ‰ πŸ”₯
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Yesterday I finally started my Survival genre watch! πŸŽ‰

There's a reason this genre is my sweet spot. It feels like my entire life has been one long struggle to survive, in multitudes of ways. I can relate and connect to the struggles of these characters in a way I just can't in
many other genres. It really matters to me as a result.

Annnnnyway, I had a Paramount+ trial so needed to watch what I could now. I have a handful of monster things still to finish up but yep. Here we go!! πŸ‘

#KittenWatches Fights to Survive

1. The Astronauts. I've been binge watching this 10 ep kids show for 2 days. I LOVE IT!!!

Five kids sneak onto a spaceship scheduled to launch the next day, on a mission to find a strangely moving maybe asteroid. Their parents are working on the Promo poster for the astron...
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#KittenWatches Today I'm unexpectedly starting my Zombie watch, whilst still wrapping up my monster watch!

I have the very great pleasure of starting it out with my friend over at @DisMoviePod, with one of my very most favourite zombie movies! πŸŽ‰

I'm excited! Are you excited?!
So #KittenWatches Zombies 1. Is...


#KittenWatches Wow! It's taken me a long time to get my review written for Cockneys vs Zombies!😬

This movie is utterly wonderful, with brilliant disability rep. The acting & writing are really fantastic! The laughs are constant & big w/ dashings of crip humour. Movie poster for Cockneys v...
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Finally back to The Addams Family after a rather frenetic couple of days with zero concentration.

Yep. This movie DEFINITELY helped solidify my kink, lol.
124. I started final destination 4 today. (after I went through 1-3 quick enough to give myself panic attacks and a hyper aware sense of things that might fall and start a sequence of events leading to my death - and had to take a break for a couple days πŸ˜‚)
I don't think I've seen 4-5 yet so it will be interesting to see how they compare.

I will say that 15 mins into this movie there's a really nasty episode of blatant racism. It's called out, but I don't want to see it at all.
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OK. Using the dentists chair in a scene of Final Destination fuckery is NOT OK.

Holy FUCK I have major dental issues from being too ill to take care of my teeth & a big broken filling for mths now that noone gives a shit about so it's still unfixed.

+ huge dental phobia.😭
118. Last night was Underworld 2. More hotness. More fascinating lore. More vampires fucking each other over to maintain power. One lycan getting what we all wanted! πŸ˜‰πŸ”₯

119. This morning is Final Destination 2. The one that confirmed I should never go on a high rollercoaster!
120. Final Destination 3 legitimately scared the ever loving hell out of me & I actually had a bit of a panic attack ok?

There's this scene 1/2 way through that if you have a combo of claustrophobia & a phobia of burning... Just No. No. No. So I wanted to warn anyone like me. 😬
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