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Sheldon Adelson was Ed Butowsky's biggest client, according to TS

Ed = Seth Rich, Ellen Ratner

Ed = ShadowBox, 🦊, Defango, TF

= George Webb, Jason Goodman


= Guccifer 2.0

#LARPwars #Pandemic #govLARP

Shadowcrew, shadow brokers, ShadowBox...Ai Yai yai
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First Field McConnell, now Queen Tut.

Q: What do they have in common?

A: Both did DOZENS of shows on #CSTT

#LARPwars turning hot!
I interviewed Susan Anne Lutzke Holmes, alias Queen Tut, once: on Nov 29, 2018. I saw her as a whistleblower on Jason Goodman's operation.

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#LARPwars running hot

Felony warrant issued for Queen Tut

Great news for RDS, another disaster for J.Go

Don't mess with Dave!…
Defango tracked down Queen Tut's identity in August 2017 for RDS & Steven Bliss. They didn't want to let on that they knew...
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1. This is going to be a thread organizing all of my Twitter research deep-dives into one place.

Hat tip to my buddy @furorrises who gave me the inspiration - check out their great threads too.

@FurorRises 2. Schoharie #LimoCrash

Many anomalies and coincidences in this story.

The trial starts in March and there are multiple civil lawsuits now. This one is not done, have requested the NTSB drone footage via Muckrock FOIA.

@FurorRises 3. Google's launch at Burning Man

"The Nebulous Entity" was the theme, and referred to a bizarre art project playing military recruitment propaganda and sex noises - representing a giant search engine sucking up all the world's data.

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Some details on Pt Neches chemical fire. People are so quick to fit any events that happen to their pre-existing narratives they don't even do the most basic research. It's nowhere near Corpus Christi, which is on the other side of Houston - a MASSIVE city
Watch how the #LARPwars are being expanded to a new audience of boomers

For the record, Larpus doesn't have 56,000 followers. Lestat took over Abel Danger right before Field McConnell went to jail. Marcus Conte has 7,000 subs, Lestat took this content.

Here is some detailed information about the threat to critical infrastructure imposed by YouTube cyber terrorists who already shut down one port:…
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1. Starting a thread to look at this. Someone connected to Cicada 3301 who publicly praised TS and Lestat is now dead after a police shoot-out in Arkansas. I've never heard of this guy, but what @vaporbatrecords is saying checks out.
@vaporbatrecords 2. The first thing I noticed was his Twitter profile pic, where he is wearing strange symbols and makeup like a demonic 🤡
@vaporbatrecords 3. Lestat did a video blaming TS for the death within hours - just as he did when Isaac Kappy died. I didn't see him present any evidence for this murder allegation, other than that the guy was a fan of TS (which fails to explain a police shootout).

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The #LARPwars are in full swing. It's been wild since 2016 WikiLeak, #SethRich - what will happen next now that there's another election in sight? Not to mention an ever increasing number of court cases. #LARPindictments #UnsealTheLARPs
2. I'm making my way through Defango's 4 hour subpoena stream. Some gems already! I believe this is the wife of Defango's former attorney, who is representing Robert David Steele in his defamation suit against Jason Goodman. Note the date: same day as Port of Charleston #govLARP
3. Here's Tanya introducing RDS to her stoner buddy, Nora Maccoby. Her family are deeply involved in Dem politics, "would have known Seth Rich if he was real & she's never heard of him"
Nora "outed [Manafort] as working for Russians".
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