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#LiminalOrder Charity Drive+Style Challenge:

A combination of charity + personal development.

Operation Clean and Give w/ @tannerguzy

We're dialing in our style AND donating 1000's of pieces of clothes to Veterans groups across the country.

Join us!…
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#LiminalOrder is taking over the country.

November Meetings:

- SF x 2
- LA
- DC
- Denver
- Nashville
- Austin

December Meetings:

- DC, Christmas Party Dec 6th

Join us:
The #LiminalOrder brings together an impressive group of dissident thinkers, builders, + leaders.

It's the cool kids club for nerds.

Several PhD academics, top tech engineers, media publishers, authors, business leaders, government officials.

People who make real change.
Our Members touch the highest levels of

- Silicon Valley
- Wall Street
- Washington DC

And we are also the glue that holds the country together.

About 20% of LO Members are retired or active duty military.

Some manage global logistics.

Some lawyers, doctors, and bankers too
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I love where my circle of friends is right now.

artists, thinkers, creators, and problem solvers all with a dissident bent to them.

this is a lot of fun, guys.
I'm surrounded by and engage daily with world class:

philosophers, academics, computer scientists, artists, authors, financiers, lawyers, doctors, and military strategists.

and inside the #liminalorder we're all engaged every single day in meaningful work, learning, and growth.
We've assembled and attracted such an impressive array of professionals that I am starting to wonder if an organization like this has ever come together so quickly + with such energy.

Powerful people doing powerful work.

All with a similar world view.

All on the cutting edge.
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I got doxed and fired

so I built an army

who won I wonder
I often talk about courage

I show examples in my son

I push the LO guys to see it in themselves

and I try to live it every day by example


talking about an ideal

without embodying the ideal

is what losers do.

Few talk about this.

Tell your boys.
Can you imagine the grief I got from other interested parties like my ex's?

"why don't you just get a job"

"i'm sure you can get hired"

"when are you going to start TRYING?"

Few people understand the trauma of losing everything.

Fewer people understand the urgency of mission
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The #LiminalOrder started with a bang.

120 men joined as Founding Members.

Then we closed the doors for months to create a culture, a community, and get wins for our guys.

We've done all that.

And now:

Membership is open TODAY and TOMORROW ONLY.
The #LiminalOrder is a customized experience.

Controlling our growth is important to us.

I've never run an ad.
I've done no affiliate launches.

Nope, we just grow by referrals and recruitment - when we are ready.

We're ready right now.

Doors are open until 5PM TOMORROW.
I'm not kidding when I say we're closing the doors at 5PM tomorrow. This isn't some marketing FOMO bullshit.

The #LiminalOrder is an exclusive bespoke experience.

We released 30 seats this weekend. Most of them are gone already.

Don't miss your chance.
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I've been through a lot over the last few years.

Doxed. Fired. Banned. Swatted.

But I came out the other side stronger and happier than ever.

And the #LiminalOrder is a product of everything I learned.

Today, the LO is open for new members.

Join us.
The #LiminalOrder isn't just a "group."

And we're not out here chasing tail and dollar bills.

The LO is a one-of-a-kind academy for men who want to be trained, equipped, and supported to thrive in today's crazy climate.

Fraternity, education, skills, community,

and service.
If you've learned something from my podcast, you're gonna love the #LiminalOrder

That's where we are putting theory into action.

We are embodying a new way of living.

We fighting the culture war in our own way,

by being the thing we wish to see:

Personally Sovereign.
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The #LiminalOrder launch has been a massive success.

We've had 120 members join as Founders.

But we've decided to cap the Founding Membership at 150.

There are only 30 spots left.

This is your last chance to become a Founding Member.

Join the list:
Membership in the #LiminalOrder has been closed for a while. We wanted to establish a culture and norms.

Now we are releasing 30 spots this weekend only.

Join the list. Secure your priority registration. Get the discount.

Accelerate your life.

There are only 30 spots available.

This is your chance.

Once the 30 spots are gone, the offer is dead forever.

Today is the day.
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NEW! by ME:


Listen to @bronzeagemantis 's first ever full length interview, available exclusively here at Jack Murphy Live -

BAP snatched the attention of youth culture and has now crept into the minds of the establishment.…
@bronzeagemantis NEW PODCAST

Exclusive 90 minute interview where the secret identity of @bronzeagemantis is revealed!…
@bronzeagemantis I know all you kids out there love you some youtube -

so here is @bronzeagemantis in all his glory:

shirtless, unconstrained, magnificent!

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BAP interview is in the can!

Thanks to @bronzeagemantis for being open, professional, and enlightenjng.

And funny as hell.

Bronze Age Mindset is a humor book after all :)

Will release ASAP!
I don’t know what you all are expecting from BAP, but I know I was pleasantly surprised.

I think this is his first ever interview recorded and I think people are gonna love it.
Exclusive pre-release of BAP on Jack Murphy Live podcast now available to members of the #LiminalOrder
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NEW! by ME:

Massive change is upon us. Culture, society, and even government are in flux. Where we are headed, no one really knows. It's chaotic, disordered, and moving quickly.

How are we supposed to handle that?


What does "Liminal Order" mean?…
@jgreenhall and I dig deep into the profound changes occurring in tech, communications, and media and how these changes are kicking off a cascade of events which may radically transform society -

This is MUST listen/watch material here.

@jgreenhall "Brilliant podcast. You guys clearly explain the changes which have made society suddenly unpredictable (and therefore terrifying) for some people. Not many have managed to understand causes of the internet age's novelties, especially with that kind of clarity."
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It’s the little things about the #LiminalOrder that make me so proud.

One of our members just got a major job upgrade after going through a LO team resume and review session.

He got tons of feedback and coaching, he made the changes, and he got the job he always wanted.

The early promises of the LO are delivering -

people are getting healthier though the fitness standards program,

they’re becoming happier through friendships and community we’ve built,

and they’re getting wealthier by upgrading their careers and earning power.
Next up for the #LiminalOrder:

8 week workshop on William Lind’s “4th Generation Warfare Handbook” led by a ret. senior Naval Officer who taught at the Academy and was responsible for training elite naval operations.

We are not messing around here.

Real people. Real progress.
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A #LiminalOrder member is raising money for the National Down Syndrome Society by running a half-marathon.

If you care about this issue and want to support someone making a difference - please check this out.

I just donated $25 myself.…

Please RT!
The men of the #liminalorder are dedicated to family, community, and the nation.

and to that end, we are always seeking ways to perform community service or help out with larger causes in some way.

this is a good cause and a good man -

please donate!

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This year I started the Liminal Order.

Last year I was doxed, fired, swatted + banned from coaching little league bc of ANTIFA and lying leftist "media."

Here's the story of when Detectives came to my house with a tweet of mine printed out and blown up.…
For the 1000 new followers who arrived this weekend - here's the backstory on the little league banning:

Last year I published my book, #DemocratToDeplorable, then did a little tour around the country speaking at colleges.

I even went to Evergreen State College, site of the infamous "no white people" incident that lead to @BretWeinstein 's departure.…
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The #LiminalOrder Fitness Standards for every member.

How many do you meet?

- Resting heart rate under 70

- 50 push ups one set

- 12 pull ups one set

- 100 body weight squats one set

- 2 mile run under 18:00
These are the goals we've set for ourselves.

Liminal Order Fitness Master @AJA_Cortes developed work out regiments for all the men regardless of their starting point.

There is a competition on to see who can meet the standards the quickest. We already have guys who've done it!
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The #LiminalOrder is already bringing home wins for the guys:

- We set LO Fitness Standards + the men are working towards achieving them

- Guys have already had multiple in person meetings

- We have a resume review thread which has helped men get closer to the jobs they want
- over 100 members

- over 1,000 posts in the forums on fitness, career, BBQ'ing, TRT

- over 10,000 messages in WICKR

- First major event scheduled for July 11th in DC
- The Rites and Rituals Committee is working towards meeting standards

- The Rules and Guidelines Committee is developing a code of conduct

- The Membership Outreach Committee is recruiting new members

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Why sign up for the wait list?

1) Founding Members get an exclusive 30% off lifetime discount.

2) Only Wait List members can join for now.

We may open the doors one day, but right now we have 850 people.

- Community
- Network
- Premium Content
- World Class Technology
- Guest Speakers
- Regular Events
- Online Courses
- Active Forum
- Nation State Level Secure Messaging
- Brotherhood
- Accountability
- Action
- Collaboration
- Purpose
- Focus
- Success…
This is not a joke and it's not a gimmick.

I'm closing the wait list for good TODAY.

We have 850 men ready to join.

We have room for just a few more.

That's enough for now.

I want Founding Members to shape the community and make it established before we let anyone else in.
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- Positive Masculinity
- Personal Sovereignty
- Powerful Network


Wait list closes in two days.

You must be on the wait list to join the Liminal Order.

Sign up right now:…
Guys. I’m not kidding when I say you only have two days to save your spot in the Liminal Order.

You have to be on the wait list to join.

Wait list is closing.

That will be that.


Because we already have 800 people on the list.

There’s room for just a few more.

Officially over 800!
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Demographics of LiminalOrder wait listers:

62% age 35-54
74% college grad or higher
42% earn 100K or more
55% married

Scientists, lawyers, political operatives, authors, artists, financiers, military men, businessmen, + more.

All coming together under shared values and goals.
People who participate in communities are healthier, live longer, and wealthier.

They experience network effects of care, opportunity, and connection.

Yet, finding like minded people in the real world is more difficult than ever.

The #LiminalOrder is here to bridge that gap.
We've carved out a niche here on twitter, a set of values + shared ideals that don't necessarily fit neatly into the real world, a world where relationships are constrained by location and activity.

It's hard to meet people who think like we do in the physical world.
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A recent YouTube video by @Timcast resonated with me. He says he's less interested in the daily culture wars + is now turning towards more indepth on the ground reporting. He wants to get back to more meaningful material.

I've had similar thoughts. Thus, the LO was born 👇
Social media efforts can feel real. They can feel valuable. It seems like we're making meaningful change by expressing ourselves.

And yes, it has been excellent for making connections. But have we enacted serious lasting changes? Unsure.

I do know that the daily toll is great.
Constant battles, direct confrontation, outrage cycles, + the inevitable casualties of the online culture war are obvious to see.

I myself have been a prime example of this, as you know.

But I think there is a safer, smarter, saner, and far more effective way to make change.
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My daughter had to be at school really early today. I could have complained about getting up at 545am. But instead I used quiet time driving in the dark to connect with my kids and spread the good words.

We covered the fake food pyramid, proteins and fats vs carbs, and govt lies
Time in the car can be seen as a waste. But for me it’s high value connection time.

Plus I’m just so proud of my daughter. I was taking her to her state level chorus competition.

At age 14 she’s now capable of producing high quality art.

I get chills listening to them sing.
After I dropped her, me and the boy got breakfast. Well he ate and I watched.

We talked Baseball and mindset. Rising to competition rather than shrinking from it.

He’s an all star talent just coming into his own.

So proud of them both.
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Ten minutes a day of meditation has completely changed my relationship with anxiety.
Simply understanding that I am not my thoughts and then learning how to calm/ignore them has changed everything.

I used to run ongoing dialogues in my brain of conversations or situations I had not, + probably would not, ever encountered.

Learning how to notice them was key.
Last year I lost my job, career, and little league with my son.

At times, my brain told me I had lost everything.

And would never get it back.

It was dark. I won’t lie.

Simply breathing in silence ten minutes a day relieved me of that personal torture.
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The @The_Red_Hen and I are the greatest team ever assembled in the history of couples.

We could man a foxhole against any enemy.

And celebrate every victory like Kings and Queens.

It IS possible, gents. I promise.

(You too can have this w/ your wife, there’s room at the top)
One of the best parts of 21 Convention for Patriarchs was sharing this hope and strength with other men.

But once a year contact isn't enough to make real change.

The Liminal Order is about building a community of successful men who can help their brothers day in and day out.
Half of all men signed up for #LiminalOrder are married (and happy!).

A huge portion of them went to grad school and/or make well over $150k.

Some people sign up to mentor others, some people some up to get mentored.

There is hope and strength there for everyone.
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Feedback from guys at the 21Con regarding the #LiminalOrder has been fantastic

Community, networking, real world events, premium content, community service.

Find your brotherhood.

Sign up for the waiting list, become a founding member.

Join the Order.…
Founding Members will receive a lifetime discount on membership, it'll be the lowest price ever offered.

They will also be able to join the Order early, as there will be a soft launch to wait list members only before the official grand opening.

Looking for Order in a chaotic world?

Fellow travelers?

Real world accountability and support?

Ready to feel a part of something important?

Join the Order.…
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