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Friends, please note my obnoxiously orange winter jacket that I'm wearing in the vid. The colour of my jacket is not once listed by police anywhere in their statements, notes, etc.

And I was arrested on the word of an off-duty cop... that said I was acting like a cop.
When I was re-arrested (illegally) on May 21st, I wasn't presented the #Warrants on scene - that didn't occur til booking.


Those warrants were issued because I "didn't attend my plea-hearing". I was physically thrown and locked out of the Court-house by sheriffs deputies.
Here's just *one* of the threads, embedded in another relevant thread. Videos, audio, and explanation embedded within. If it doesn't make sense - you've missed something relevant so go back over the post and read again 😉✌️💓🏴‍☠️

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[#Thread] @PastyPepper just woke me up from a dead sleep/nap. She's writing down what happened, because she was rightfully freaked the fuck out.

I was asleep, she was outside doing stuff for the house --- some asshole pulled half into our driveway and started taking pictures of her and the house -even fucking waved at her.

As soon as she took notice and tried to approach them - they peaced, she didn't even have time to get a license plate.

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We came home after being denied entry for over half an hour - to my #PleaHearing (@PastyPepper had to poop) & me getting physically dragged out of the Fredericton Courthouse.

Video/more updates to follow in this new [#THREAD]!

(Sorry - I'm being told that "ladies don't poop.")
Ayyy @GleanerDon - I can't 𝒘𝒂𝒊𝒕 to read your next piece!
*Pardon the blur - #FPF (local cops) still have *all* my personal effects from the date of my arrest, #March14th. Including my reg. phone, my wallet (+ID, bank card, etc), work-boots, tools (literally - screwdrivers, Klein electrical probes/strippers, etc), and #cameras/#storage.
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What do you think, friends old new & yet to be met?

...New profile pic? ✌️

#IWasThere: #ForWhatItsWorth #March10th, 2021.

#IWasThere: #Incarcerated from #March14th,2021-#April29th, 2021 in Fredericton, Saint John, Dalhousie, and Campbellton, NB.

And #IWentBack
Blame @twitter for the pic autofocusing on my balls.

And yes. I did display those to multiple officers while they gagglefucked me into cells. None of their accounts of events quite match though, nor do they match the breeze I felt on the boys!

Ask 'em about my 1st mugshot!🤘
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Fun fact? I've spent 46 more days incarcerated than @chrissaccoccia1 has. I was arrested for messing with his hateful ilk in #Fredericton 14 March...after they'd been harassing a peaceful protest, hurling racist slurs, and toting racist shit about china on boards...
I squawked my #EctoOne siren (#GhostBusters nerd & #Feniex installer, on the way to being certified) and put on my hazards.
THEN, the hateful little #Chuddies started hitting my vehicle, multiple times, one woman had a weird fascination with talking about my penis (I 𝙝𝙤𝙥𝙚 my spouse is satisfied - she was still home when I got released ✌️😉).

My demo unit? Purchased here:…
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