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The one thing I always stress abt the 19th c is that we still don’t have a sufficient understanding of just how DRUNK & HIGH a significant proportion of Americans (of all classes) were on the daily...

Laudanum, baby!
Okay since this has taken off here's a thread on the prevalence of alcoholism among poor whites in the antebellum South (based on my book #MasterlessMen):

Drinking to excess became such a problem in antebellum America that temperance societies began forming in the 1820s & 30s.
Leaders of this movement were quick to point out the connection between poverty & intemperance. Alcohol was central to the vast majority of southern fights & affrays, just as it was to prostitution & gambling.

More importantly: Alcohol was central to interactions bw races...
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New thread that I will add to over the coming days as I re-watch Ken Burns' The Civil War.

I'm gonna call this #WhyWeNeedaNewCivilWarDocumentary. πŸ€“

(@netflix listen up!)
1. Starting with Episode 1, "The Cause," the doc does not mention #slavery until a full 6 minutes in, erroneously stating that #RobertELee "disapproved" of slavery.πŸ™„…

Direct quote: β€œwhat began as a bitter dispute over union and states’ rights..."

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#TuesdayThoughts: I wasn't able to be as productive as I wanted to be this year given an (often-ass-kicking) autoimmune disorder, but here's a thread of a few highlights.

As always, I remain so grateful to you all for your continued support.❀️
First, I am very proud of co-editing, with @m_hild, Reconsidering Southern Labor History: Race, Class, and Power. We had perceptive, brilliant scholars contributing essays on a wide variety of topics. Look for the paperback release in 2019!…
Second, was absolutely honored to be asked to write a piece commemorating the life and legacy of #MartinLutherKing #MLK for the National Civil Rights Museum. I chose to write about #poverty and the #PoorPeoplesCampaign:…
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Taking a big batch of books to the post office this morning and then heading into the studio to start recording the #audiobook version of #MasterlessMen!!! Excited!πŸ€“
Generally I'm incredibly hard on myself - embedded patriarchy, perfectionism, & a 😱 childhood are a bad combo. But today, as I was recording the audiobook, reading my own words aloud for the first time, I thought, "Damn. I'm actually a GOOD writer."

Cathartic & gratifying.πŸ’…
Allow yourselves these moments, folks (this is especially for the women!).

Allow yourself to appreciate the things that others see in you, but you constantly diminish.

Celebrate your successes - no matter how seemingly small.❀️
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Just got a new shipment of #MasterlessMen from @cambUP_History.πŸ”₯

If you want a signed copy for the holidays just DM me and we will make it happen!!!
P.S. Thanks also to all who weighed in on the #audiobook version.

I've talked to several professionals about my voice, and I've recently done some TV work (airing in January on @ScienceChannel!), so I'm gonna do it!!!

So excited. Hit the studio for the first time tomorrow.😊
Oh, yes - this arrived yesterday, too.

I am so very grateful to the Social Science History Association. #SSHA18

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Literally working on talking points today - for #Progressives to use as rebuttals against racist Southern politicians.

And yes, the #MoynihanReport is decimated.πŸ”₯
Exactly what I hoped to show w #MasterlessMen -that female-headed households result from extreme poverty, a harsh criminal justice system, & a labor system so bad that men are constantly on the move in search of work...
All the tired racist stereotypes white supremacists are currently spouting off about are stereotypes that used to be (and still are!) associated with poor whites (or Latinos, Native Americans, immigrants, etc.).

The problems aren't endemic to race.

They're endemic to class.
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#2018SHA @HilaryGreen77 with a fantastic paper on Black Richmonders & the 1915 Emancipation Exposition.
#2018SHA @HilaryGreen77 - building on the spirit of the Exposition, Carter Woodson created the Journal of Negro History, Black History Month, etc. = breaking up the narrative of the #Confederate #LostCause w REAL Black History.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
#2018SHA now up: @AdamHDomby on #Confederate pension fraud.
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Prepacking for #2018SHA! Lemme know if you want a signed copy of #MasterlessMen, & we'll have a #giveaway of Reconsidering Southern Labor History at the Duke/UNC/@SouthernLaborSA reception!
Y'all please come join us for a @SouthernLaborSA reception, co-sponsored with Duke & UNC, Friday Nov. 9 at 5 pm. We'll have a Reconsidering Southern Labor History book #giveaway!

Please #RT - everyone welcome!🌟🌟🌟

#2018SHA #twitterstorians #blktwitterstorians #labor #South
Just got a new shipment of business cards - right in time for #2018SHA.πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

And yessss, that *is* hot pink.πŸ’…
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Headed out to see the #Breeders before heading back to #Toronto for a #MasterlessMen #booktalk tomorrow. Given my age, the #Breeders led me to both the #Pixies & #FrankBlack.😻…
There's a woman in front of me dancing something bw #Peanuts on acid & #ElaineBennis & it's giving me life, lol.
And: the Deal sisters look (and sound) amazing. 😻
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Well, finally read the American Historical Review of #MasterlessMen. Bizzare - says he likes at the beginning & end of revw, but the middle is just a lament that I'm not writing about a subject *he* likes (Appalachia).

Yes: the book is about SLAVE SOCIETIES. That was the point.
P.S. I'm also not paying lip service to the man the reviewer mentioned...a man who - through complete sexism in an overwhelming Good Ol' Boy department - tried to destroy my career before it even began.
Yep. If you ever link my work to my "biological clock," you ain't getting a mention in my book.😹
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After seeing my research completely "misrepresented" (& I'm being overly-kind here) last night, I stumbled across a review of #MasterlessMen by the wonderful historian @mduffelman. I'm gonna go ahead & admit it damn near brought me to (happy) tears.

Thank you, Minoa. Thank you.
And thank you to Ohio Valley History!
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